World War Hulk

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Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey and Juggernaut NPC: Hulk

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Midtown - New York

The Hulk is on a rampage and finds obstacles in Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey, and Juggernaut

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New York is completely devastated. The Hulk has declared war on the world. Heroes try their best to protect the citizens and defeat the Hulk. One of those heroes is the street vigilante, Cloak. Unfortunately even the wielder of darkforce finds himself no match for the green monstrosity.

The Hulk roars as he holds Tyrone Johnson by the edges of his cloak. The African-American youth is unconscious having spent most of his energy uselessly trying to teleport people away. The Hulk in full intelligence, “I said I want the Avengers here! Instead you take people away! Cloak, let’s see what underneath.” He stretches the garb of the hero out ready to rip it apart and by extension, rip apart Cloak.

Some people are battling the Hulk to stop his rampage and protect civilliasns. Some, especially a
certain group that sent him off the planet to bgin with, are battling to avoid being beat senseless.
Then there's the occasional person who just has a grudge against the Jade Giant. For example, Cain
Marko. And so enters the Juggernaut.

After the scuffle at the X-Mansion, Juggs has been looking for Hulk. Somebody like him isn't hard
to find. Turning the corner a block or so up the street, he spots him in the midst of trying to rend
Cloak, and his lips twist into an angry grimace. Glancing around, he stomps over to a parked
delivery truck, the driver watching the fight with a gape-mouthed expression. Then he notices the
approach of ANOTHER huge engine of destruction, and fumbles for the kegs. It doesn' happen fast
enough though, since Cain reaches out wih those huge hands to grip the vehicle and heft it off the

Maybe he's still soft from his time with the X-Men, because he taes the time to shake the driver
out of the window before heaving back, then throwing it as hard as he can towards Hulk. "Hey! Hulk!
We're not finished yet. I still need to beat the green off of you." Then he's moving towards his
opponent, careful after the last encounter to not just give him the momentum to send him flying
during the approach.

Phoenix flies in, clad in the White Phoenix costume that she's been wearing since joining Cap's side
on the Civil War... and leaving the X-Men for the Avengers. She pulls up and hovers in the air, not
that close to Hulk, "You want an Avenger, you've got one. Now let him /go/." Her eyes blink in
surprise at the arrival of the Juggernaut, then she looks back at Hulk, arching a brow, "I think you
left something unfinished at the Institute."

Hercules has declared his support for the Hulk already. He's never claimed to be above vengence. And
he knows something of the Hulks pain. But he does look at the Hulk as he looks ready to tear Cloak
apart. "Hulk, tearing Cloak apart won't get you what you're after." His tone's confident. He's not
afraid of the Hulk, apparently not even the new and far more powerful version. He does however turn
his attention to the new arrivals. "It would seem we have more important things to attend to anyway.
" He reaches for his mace, studying Jean. "I don't intend to fight the Avengers, but the Hulk does
have his right to vengence against those who wronged him." Ah three thousand year old morality, not
always helpful.

The Hulk hears Jean’s arrival and then hears Hercules’ words. He spares Cloak’s life, “Looks like an Avenger arrived. . .lucky you!” Hulk discards the unconscious hero to the side. Cloak is out for the count at the moment. As Hulk turns, a car is flung towards him. Distracted by Jean and Hercules’ chatter. The Hulk is caught completely unaware. While Juggernaut may have been holding back, the car hits the Hulk sending it and him flying into the rubble of a destroyed building.

A loud roar shows that the Hulk has been hit, humiliated, and is now angry. . .very angry. The monster leaps out from the building with fists out to pound on Cain.

Jean's aura surrounds her, a raptor, ready to strike, as she regards Hercules, "How, exactly, did
the people of New York wrong him? How did the students at the Institute wrong him? If he wanted
justice for what happened, I would understand that... but that is not what he's seeking. He wants
retribution and doesn't care who stands in his way." With that, she gestures to the unconscious

Hercules studies Jean, his expression for once deadly serious. "An entire city was destroyed.
Everything the Hulk cared for." He pauses as he studies Jean, his tone just as firm and confident as
when he spoke to the Hulk earlier "He seeks his vengence. He has made his grievance know. And so far
he's killed no one." Hercules shrugs a shoulder. "Those responsible for the crimes against him
should stand before him and accept his judgement." To Hercules this makes perfect sense.

Hulk punches Juggernaut who simply takes the blow as he is invulnerable at the moment. The Hulk growls loudly as anger builds up, picking up a large car. He shouts to Cain, “I beat you already. . .but that Avenger has it coming towards her as Hulk flings the car towards her.

Jean was talking with Hercules, and continues, "I understand, but these people did not do anything
to him. And..." She blinks in surprise, taken off guard by the incoming car. She tries to catch it
with her telekinesis, but she still gets hit, knocked back to the ground as the car bounces to the
side, glaring at Hercules, as the aura around her starts to look more like actual flames. "I would
not have sent Hulk away, but I will NOT allow any more innocents to be endangered. PERIOD." With
that, she lashes out with her telepathy, forming a link with Hulk... but unlike Strange, she's not
looking to be nice, she's looking to stop the rampage.

"No. I have stood with you because I believe you are right to seek your retribution. But I will not
stand by while you attack those who have done nothing to you." With that he's charging the Hulk,
brining his mace up in a wide and powerful arc towards the Hulk, his plan to knock some sense into

Sneering, Cain replies to the Hulk, "Beat? You pushed me into a lake and ran. That's not winning."
He notices something that had fallen fom the back of the truck he threw earlier. Stooping down, he
grabs the somewhat larger than life bronze statue by the ankles, then charges at Hulk while he hauls
back for a swing, somewhat like a golfer if they had a running start first. He snarls to the
Avengers as he goes, "Back off! He's mine! You can throw what's left of him in jail, or the sun, or
wherever when I'm done." And then he swings. Fore!

As the three attacks come at the Hulk, Jean is able to establish a psychic link putting her directly
in contact with Bruce Banner, whose astral form is weak and tired buried under the might of the Hulk.
The psychic damage becomes emotional damage enraging the monster. As Hercules rushes the Hulk, the
monster moves away from the Olympian but unfortunately right into the bronze statues that he is
smacked with. Once again, Juggernaut has caused the Hulk to go flying away, but he quickly rebounds.
With all three attacking him, the starting to be weary Hulk claps his hands together releasing a
loud thunder clap backed by his godlike strength.

Phoenix mutes her aura, looking like she's actually been knocked out by the blow. In reality,
Phoenix rises shakily to her feet, sending out a telepathic call to the other Avengers in the city...
even the Mighty ones as she takes to the skies, unseen by most thanks to her telepathic talents as
she sends out the call, >> AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! <<

Hercules falls unconscious taking the brunt of the attack. The clap knocks him over and he hits his head on his golden mace knocking him out.

Juggernaut just grunts when hit by the thunderclap, continueing to come at the Hulk. He swings the
statue again, connecting with his side, and this time totally runis it. Dropping the deformed lump
of brass, he swings a fist. This will probably go on a while after the others are out of sight.

Having taken out Hercules and Jean, Hulk laughs, “I beat you already. You are nothing, Cain.” He turns his back on Cain which allows the now villain. This makes it easy for Cain to lay the smack down on the Hulk. The Hulk is flung away and by the now awakening Cloak. Hulk grabs the hero and squeezes his throat, “Port me out of here! I have bigger people to fight! To Madison Square Garden!” Cloak teleports the Hulk away to continue to the conclusion of the World War Hulk.

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