Working Out Workouts

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Captain America and Scarlet Witch

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New York City

Cap and Wanda work some things out, first in the gym, then over dinner. (No mind roofies!)

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-----==[ Den - Second Floor - Avengers Mansion ]==----------------------------

If any room had a 'kick back and relax' feel, the den would be it. A large rectangular room, the den provides enough room for every member to stretch out after a hard day of whatever they did. Also, another aspect of this room is that it's not as kept and tidy as the others are, with a slight trashed look to it couches, recliners, and seats of all sorts and shapes are strewn throughout this area. Also a table sits in the far corner where members can get together for a friendly, and sometimes not so friendly, game of cards.
In the very front of the room, a large home entertainment centre sits with all the attachments and extras anyone could ask for. From a 80 inch projection television to a 15 disc, CD changer and surround sound stereo system, this is the ultimate in home entertainment where members are known to sit hours on end glued to the TV. A small refrigerator has been placed in the far corner to house drinks and small snacks.


It's a Sunday morning, and right now, Wanda is doing what a lot of divorced New York women do on Sundays... that is, she's actually doing pilates with the help of an video instructor who seems to have learned her techniques from Kree Interrogation Experts. Wearing a simple leotard with a headband keeping her hair out of her face, the heroine works on her relatively human physique, while muttering faint epithets about Carol not needing to do this under her breath.

From the hallway comes an unsuspecting man. He's got a plate of food on top of a laptop, Rogers likely planning to do some work of some kind. He stops in the doorway however, looking at Wanda and her digital instructor. He watches her for a minute with an arched eyebrow, "What on earth are you doing?" he asks after a bit, making his way over towards one of the couches with a coffee table in front of it as he gets his stuff positioned infront of him.

Wanda glances over her shoulder, and actually blushes a bit, "Oh, Steve! I... um, well..." She looks like she's /really/ hoping he didn't hear what she was saying about Carol as she reaches over for the remote, hitting pause, "I was just doing some pilates. Bobbi suggested it, actually, just as an additional way to work out that didn't involve explosives." She hmms, "Did you need to use the television, I was just about finished."

Rogers shakes his head, "I've got my computer with me. I had some stuff to look over, don't let me interrupt you." he says, not letting on one way or another if he heard the remark about Carol. He opens the laptop, letting it get started up and connect to the network while he munches on what looks like leftover meatloaf, scalloped potatos, corn and bread - Not a bad lunch indeed.
"Pilates? Why not just go down to the gym and hit the bag or lift some weights? That's worked out pretty well for... well ever y'know?" he adds teasingly.

Wanda still has a bit of a blush on her cheeks, hitting play again as she goes back to finish it, "Well, it's hard when you don't have a partner... and most of the people I'd partner up with tend to be benchpressing tanks instead of weights." She laughs a bit, "And I thought I'd try some aerobics, build up endurance... noticed some of my magic takes a bit out of me, so maybe by improving my stamina, it would improve that as well." And it does keep her looking good, regardless, as she works out in front of Cap.

Rogers takes another few bites of his food before putting the plate on the table and taking up the laptop, "Well, I can't bench a tank." he muses as he starts tapping away at the computer, pausing to read over information. He tries to be sly about it, but his eyes drift up to Wanda as she works out but just as quickly dart back down to his work, "Could always go jogging." he adds.

If Wanda notices the quick glances, she doesn't say anything, instead working on some stretching exercises, "Jogging... well, that's an idea." She glances over at Steve, "I know it'd be boring for you, but did you want to go together? I mean, it isn't like you need it, but..." She trails off a bit, then inexplicably starts blushing again, turning quickly to look back at her video instructor before Cap can see it.

Rogers looks back up, half smiling, "Hey, I'm still human. I gotta work out just like everyone else." he points out, putting the laptop on the table and trading it out for the plate of food as he starts eating a bit more - no telling how many calories he's woofing down right now - as he reads over some more information on the screen, "But you're right, I don't jog a lot. I like the gym though." he adds.

Wanda grins a little, "Then... did you want to hit the gym? I have to admit, I'm finding myself getting a bit more physical when we get into situations, as a team that is." She whews and finishes the routine, grabbing a nearby handtowel and wiping her forehead. "We do have a pretty good gym downstairs, if I recall. Or did you want to get out of the mansion?"

"We could hit the gym downstairs, give you a chance to show me what you got." says Rogers with a grin as he leans forward, closing the laptop and finishing off his lunch and leaving the plate on the table, "Just go easy on me, I'm an old man." he adds jokingly as he stands up.

Wanda grins wryly, "Only if I get to look that good when I'm in my eighties." She drapes the towel over her shoulders, putting the pilates disc away as she then gives Steve a curious look, "Though, you know, professional trainers are expensive... I hope my Avengers stipend can cover this bill." A bit of teasing, as she walks ahead of Cap to go down to the basement gym.

Rogers makes his way down in to the gym, stopping in the door to make sure Wanda is caught up. He points around at some of the equipment, "So what do you wanna do first? Weights, treadmill, heavy-bag?" he asks as he looks around, eyes drifting to the sparring matts idly but quickly move past them.

Wanda catches Steve's look at the sparring mats, and quickly shakes her head, "Well, not /those/... you'd wipe the floor with me." She smiles, "I'm already warmed up from the pilates, maybe some weights? I know I need to get the blood pumping first, before working on weights or the bags."

Rogers grins, "Nah, that'd make the training kind of pointless." he remarks about the sparring matts as he moves towards one of the weight machines, "So what ya wanna start out at? 300? 350? Y'know - for a little more warmup." he asks, probably joking but he hides it well as he waits for Wanda to join him, "I figured you'd be in a room study or playing with your magic instead of working on your body." he says, his tone and demeanor fairly easy to read that he likes the mindset.

Wanda says with a rather straight face, "Well, honestly, I ran out of toad legs and Strange refuses to do business on Sundays..." She then smiles at Steve, "But seriously, it's all connected. Magic relies on your body's strength and endurance. If you're out of shape physically, you'll be out of shape magically as well." She sits down at the weight machine, looking wryly at Steve, "Well, as far as the weight goes, you tell me... I trust you." She then murmurs under her breath, "always have..." Whether or not Steve can hear that, is a bit ambiguous, though she did say it quietly.

Rogers smiles and nods, "Well, I'm just glad to see everyone doin' what they can to stay ready." he says, adjusting the weights and getting them set up, "We'll start out light, I don't think you wanna bulk up. Let's try 70 pounds for starters." he says, moving the pieces into the right position, "You lifted weights before? Know the form and all that?" he asks, moving around to behind the machine -- It doesn't need a spotter, but he's still gonna do his best as a good 'Fitness Coach'.

Wanda smiles, "I'm familiar with the basics..." She puts her arms in, "Like so, right?" Then, she flexes her arms, not having any serious issues with the weights, but she's definitely typical for a regular human anyway, straining a bit as she keeps going with the weights. And, let's be honest, it's a pretty good view of the Witch in her workout attire as she says, "Not bulking up... even to punch HYDRA agents in the face... just... building the endurance, more than anything else."

Rogers nods, "You can leave the punching to me." he teases as she lifts the weights. If he's noticing his physique, he's a gentleman about it and appears to be trying to stay focused on her, "Inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up - It helps with the 'push'" he coaches as she lifts, "We'll do a rep of these and then move on to something else, no need to burn out your muscles doing one thing. Variety is a good thing." he adds.

Wanda nods, "Alright." She breathes in and out deeply with the down and up, and smiles again, "Just... lost my temper there." Wanda continues with the motions, definitely working for it, though it's easier after she follows Cap's instructions.

As Wanda finishes up the rep on the weight machine Rogers reaches down and lifts up the bar like he was picking up a sack of groceries before securing it in place. He moves around and offers a hand down to her, "Hey, we all get mad. Better than sittin around and bein apathetic." he points out with a smile, "What'dya wanna do next?" he asks, motioning outwards with his hand at all the different equipment available.

Wanda takes the hand, pulling herself to her feet as she glances around, "Maybe work on the legs, then we can try the bag?" She laughs a little, "Consider me a complete rookie at this... I mean, really, my workouts have always been aerobics of some kind to this point."

Rogers smiles and nods, glancing around and picking out a pair of inclined leg-press machines. He nods and makes his way over, getting the two set up, one with what looks to be the weight of a mid-size car, the other not-so-much, "I'll join you on this one." he points at, swinging his arms and rolling his shoulders as he loosen's up and gets in the machine so Wanda can see how it's done.

Wanda nods and sits down, looking at Steve intently as he demonstrates the leg-press. She gives him a smile, "Okay, I think I see how this works. When you're ready?" Apparently she's a bit more comfortable in the human-scaled one, as opposed to the Carolinator.

Rogers nods, "Alright, lets get to work then." he says with a smile as he starts the first rep on the oversized weight machine. He makes it look pretty easy, but he is kind of super after all. His breathing is steady, in and out with the down and up motion of the machine, "Workout aside, how've you been? Keeping busy and out of trouble?" he asks with a smile.

Wanda laughs a bit, lifting her legs in time with Cap on her own machine, "Pretty much, yes. Had that incident with the HYDRA agents trying to take the kids... and been meeting some of the X-Kids when I can, getting to know them a bit better." She smiles at Cap, then loses the smile a bit as she sounds a bit concerned, "You've been a bit scarce the past little while, Steve. Is everything alright?"

"You know me" says Rogers, still smiling as he lifts the weights, "I try to stay busy and there's no shortage of threats." he says vaguely and it's definitely true, when he is around the Mansion he's normally reading up on something and he's out a fair bit doing who knows what at all hours.

Wanda oofs a bit, as she keeps pace with Steve. Granted, it's scaled down for her, but he has a lot better endurance than she does. She does, however, give Steve a bit of a concerned look, "Steve... just..." She pauses, and sighs a little, "Well, just be careful not to burn out, okay?"

Rogers doesn't faulter, "I didn't know you cared." he says, easing his pace back as he finishes up the second rep before bringing the machine back to its resting position and climbing out of it, "I'll be fine. It feels good to be working again." he admits as he moves closer to Wanda and offers his hand again.

Wanda arches a brow at Steve, "Well... I do." She reaches out and takes Steve's hand again, slowly easing herself out of the machine, though she pauses, as if not exactly sure what else to say.

Rogers doesn't let go of her hand immediately, still smiling, "I know, and it feels good to have someone looking out for you." he says simply before turning away, "We've all got a job to do." he says as he walks, "But for now I've got all the free time I want to give myself. When it comes to HYDRA they can't be ignored." he adds, stopping at one of the heavy bags and moving to position himself behind it to face Wanda again.

Wanda looks after Cap for a moment as he walks, then follows after him, "Uh... yes, definitely. Especially if they're doing things to children." She frowns at that thought, then shakes her head as if to clear it, "Okay, so... just punch the bag?" She looks around, "Or do I need some sort of gloves first?"

Rogers motions towards the bench, "There is some cloth and tape. C'mon, I'll teach you how to wrap your hands so you don't bust up those pretty little hands of yours." he says, sitting on the bench and taking up the roll of tape in his hands.

Wanda smiles wryly, "Well, I would hope not, it would be a bit difficult to do magic without them." She sits next to Steve on the bench, holding out her (admittedly, they are very pretty and well-manicured) hands for his inspection.

Rogers grins and nods, taking Wanda's hand and rests it on top of his while he starts to entwine the tape around her hands and knuckles, "Gloves can be cumbersome and take away from the training I think. But it's not smart to go bare knuckled against a heavy bag." he explains as he finishes up the one hand and takes the other one to do the same.
As he finishes them up he wraps his own the same way and stands up, going back over to the heavy bag, "Get a feel for it." Rogers adds with a smile as he leans forward a little to brace the bag.

Wanda looks at the bag, "Admittedly, I'm used to holds, not punches, but..." She throws a couple punches, and she's not /bad/... but it isn't definitely something she's used to. And really, would Steve even feel the bag move at all, as she tosses a flurry of punches at the bag.

Steve watches Wanda's form and listens to her, "We'll get to that, don't worry." he says, free of innuendo, as he moves around to the other side of the bag and gets behind Wanda, "Not bad, but try this." he says as he shadows behind her, putting his much longer arms around her and crouching down to use his body to help guide her form, "You wanna hit with your first two knuckles. And don't try to hit the front of the bag, or the person, or whatever you're fighting. If you're gonna punch something, you wanna punch /through/ it." he explains, twisting his body and helping to guide Wanda's in a punch.

Wanda leans back a bit, "Okay, so like..." She throws a punch as instructed, shadowing Cap's motions, and it does look a lot better. "This?" She does another set of punches, glancing over her shoulder at Cap, noticing Steve's proximity and not saying anything about that. Though, she does have a bit more of a smile than she might otherwise.

Rogers smiles and nods, "Much better. But that's not your set-up punch. Instead of just throwing haymakers you wanna mix it up." he explains, his body all but pressed up against hers while he does another set of motions, using his left hand to guide hers in a pair of slow jabs without as much follow through before finishing with a slow right with good follow through, "Just like that." he explains, still smiling.

Wanda nods, "Okay, so..." She does a pair of jabs, then the right, biting her lip a bit as she does really listen, truthfully, despite the distraction... and still trying to let Steve not know how distracted she is. Then she repeats it with a pair of jabs, then a harder left, following through quite well as she says, "Like that?"

Rogers nods, "Just like that, good job." he says, sliding his hands off of her and taking a step back, "You're a natural. You'll be knocking skulls with the best of 'em in now time." he says, moving to the side of her and opening up his hands, "Now for a smaller target." he says with a grin.

Wanda takes a deep breath, then turns to face Steve with a smile, "You sure?" She laughs a little, "Just aim for your hands... or through your hands, rather?" Reaching back behind her head, she adjusts her headband a bit, which is fairly well soaked at this point.

Rogers nods, "You've got it." he says with a smile, not looking worried about things at all, "I trust you. Don't worry about." he says simply as he slides back his foot and drops down a little bit to make the 'targets' a little more reasonable for Wanda, "After this, we'll take a little break." he points out.

Wanda ahs, "Sounds good to me." She then, swings out, going in the pattern of jab-jab-Punch as previously shown. And she's got a feel for it, though as she said, boxing isn't her thing... but she's a quick learner, as she smiles, "Like so, yes? And a break would be nice."

Rogers nods firmly with a smile, "Good job." he says, relaxing and working his way back to the bench and offering a bottle of water and towel to Wanda, "I forget that not everyone can keep going like me and some of the others I've met. Sorry if I pushed a little too hard." he says, taking a drink of water himself, though he doesn't need a towel as he hasn't broken a sweat yet.

Wanda is definitely sweating a bit, considering she did a full set of pilates and /then/ came down for weights and the punching bag. Still, though, she looks a bit fresher than most people would, "Oh, it's not a problem Steve. Working with magic is an endurance trial, too. But," She takes the offered water and the towel, wiping off her forehead and taking a long swig of the water. Finishing the gulp of water, she finishes the sentence, "You definitely have the advantage of me there." Her lips are quirked in a small smile as she looks at Cap.

Steve nods, "Maybe just a little bit." he says modestly as he takes another drink of the water and stands up, "Take a breather for a few." he instructs as he goes up to the heavy-bag and starts in on it himself. He starts of 'easy' but it still sounds like a middleweight boxer beating the holy crap out of the bag. His intensity slowly builds and his stance is mostly just stationary, not moving his feet for any extra power as the bag starts to jar and lift up to each side as he slams it in the 'midsection'.

Wanda leans against the wall, watching Steve with a smile as she works on the bottle of water. She pauses, taking off her sweatband and ruffling her hair and head with the towel. Her eyes really don't leave Steve, though, as she watches him abuse and destroy the punching bag, the smile quirking her lips growing a little as he continues.

Rogers continues, getting more into it as his punches get stronger and faster with resounding and rythmic *thud thud thud* and any normal heavybag would have split under the thunderous power behind the punches. Before this one reaches its tolerance though Rogers backs off and takes a few breaths, that apparently having been a good warm up round for him as he looks back over his shoulder at Wanda, smilin.

Wanda grins, "Well, if I ever accidentally magic that bag to life somehow, I know who I'll call to put it down." Her smile grows a bit as she doesn't hide the fact that she was, in fact, looking at Steve... call it payback for the up-close-coaching earlier. "That was pretty amazing, Steve." Her eyes twinkle a bit, but she doesn't actually wink, thank goodness.

Rogers glances away from Wanda's gaze, still smiling as he speaks and works on unwrapping his hands, "The bags are easy to take down. People can be trickier." he says, taking a step over towards the mat, "You all rested up?" he asks, almost a little underlying devious intent in his voice.

Wanda gets a cautious look, finishing the water bottle as she puts her sweatband back on, tucking her hair back, "Yes... what did you have in mind?" She works on unwrapping her hands as well, giving Steve a suspicious glance.

Rogers grins and centers himself on the mat, "You said you were more familiar with grappling. If you don't use it, ya lose it. Show me what you got." he says playfully, goading at Wanda.

Wanda gives Rogers a wry look, "Oh, dear... this is not going to end well, is it?" She smiles and tries a feint at first, then actually goes for an armlock, which might not be the best idea, but it's what she has for the moment.

Rogers smiles, "Never know until you try." he says, letting her maneuver in for an armlock. He lets her work at it for a moment before reversing it on her. He's delicate with her, not putting any real force into the motions, "Now what." he says grinning. He's a skilled martial artist, but he's purposefully toning it down and allowing for gaps and openings for Wanda to do something about it.

Wanda yelps a bit at the reversal, then brings her free hand around to chop at Steve's wrist, freeing her arm from the lock as she gives Steve a cautious look, narrowing her eyes as she hrms to herself, then swings her legs out in a sweep to try and catch Steve by surprise.

For a man his size, Steve is really nimble as he does a quick diveroll over the attempted sweep from Wanda. Rolling back up to a crouched position he pivots to re-engage Wanda.
The whole time he is smiling, like he's enjoying the friendly competition, before attempting to catch Wanda's midsection with a shoulder-charge -- Brutish but effective -- and leave her open to be pinned by him.

Wanda almost looks tempted to take the charge and get pinned, but she's too much her Father's daughter for /that/, despite how much fun it could be. She sidesteps the charge, sticking her leg out to try and trip Cap instead.

Rogers slides his foot out, taking the trip to shift his momentum as he spins to one knee and grabs Wanda from behind, on his knees as he starts to wrestle her in a play to off-balance her, "You've got some moves." he remarks playfully.

Wanda laughs, "Learned from the best!" She suddenly shifts her weight /into/ Cap, trying to off-balance him so that she ends up on top of him instead of the other way around, "You think I forgot those lessons when I first joined the Avengers?"

Rogers laughs a bit, "I'd hope not." he says, letting himself fall back but he maintains his grip on her waist and rolls over to straddle her -- not putting any weight on her since she is kind of tiny and he doesn't want to break her.

Wanda is decent, but pretty much out of Cap's league at this point as she's pinned. She does give him a wry expression, "Well, I suppose you have me. This time." She looks at Steve, a brow arching just a bit as there is definitely a little bit of subtext in her words.

Rogers' face flushes just a little bit as he looks down at Wanda, caught a little offguard by the subtext and idea behind her words. He ahems slightly and clenches his lips together a bit, "So, uh... Come here often?" he asks, trying to relax with a notoriously bad joke.

Wanda blinks, then laughs, "Oh... oh my." She giggles, she really doesn't /want/ to, but she can't help it. Then she sees the blushing, and she giggles again, "Steve, I..." She tries, really hard, blushing herself as she looks at Steve, her voice fading a bit as she looks suddenly, a bit nervous, the giggling fading as she gives him a rather serious expression, "Well..."

Rogers looks back at Wanda and pauses, he almost leans in but stops and stands back up, offering a hand down to Wanda. He clears his throat, "I didn't go to hard on you did I?" he asks making his way back to his water and taking the towel up to hide his remaining blush until it fades.

Wanda takes his hand and gets back up, and does follow Steve a bit, but stays a discrete distance back, "Steve, you didn't, no." She coughs a little, and looks at Steve, "Did you..." She pauses, then suddenly steels her gaze, as if resolving something internally, "Did you have any plans, after this? As in, tonight?"

Steve drapes the towel behind his neck and looks back over his shoulder with arched brows, "Plans? No, not really." he says, a little slow on the uptake as he takes a long drink of water to 'cool down'. He puts the water bottle back on the bench and turns around to face Wanda and toss her a towel as well, "Why do you ask?" he asks, inclining his head to one side curiously.

Wanda leans against the wall, catching the towel as she says, "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner." She smiles a bit, taking off her sweatband as she wipes off her hair and forehead again, "Italian, perhaps, since I don't know a place that serves both sushi /and/ chili fries, even in New York." Her lips quirk at that.

Rogers just blinks for a minute, not sure how to respond at first. He gathers his brains up off the flair and tries to put them back together and finally clears his throat, "Sure you want that? I'm an old man, and kinda old-fashioned." he says, trying to joke a little bit as he moves back towards Wanda, "Italian does sound good though, somewhere with some music maybe?" he adds.

Wanda smiles, "A live band? I'm sure New York has /something/." She looks at Steve, and lightly places a hand on his shoulder, "Steve... I don't mind old-fashioned. You're talking to someone raised by gypsies, remember?" Her head tilts a bit, as she gazes into Steve's eyes.

Rogers looks down to the hand on his shoulder and then back to Wanda with a smile of his own, "...Alright then. I'll leave the place up to you." he says, glancing up towards the door, "I'm gonna grab a shower and I'll meet you in the parking garage in an hour? We can take my bike." he says, bringing a hand up to run it through his hair.

Wanda smiles, "Just as well, I need to freshen up myself." She looks over at Steve, and nods, "Parking garage in one hour, it's definitely a date." She gives Steve's shoulder a squeeze, then moves gracefully towards the women's locker room to shower and change into something more appropriate.

Steve nods and moves over to the guys' locker room and gets a shower and some fresh clothes himself. When he comes back out he makes his way down to the parking garage, it not taking too long for him to get ready. He checks his bike out to make sure it's all running good and secures a second helmet -- something he's rarely had to do before. He's satisfied with the bike and lets the helmet rest on the seat behind him.

Wanda comes down to the garage, dressed rather nicely with a black silk shirt and matching skirt. She walks easily in her heels, and smiles over at Steve, "Ready, then?" She takes the helmet left for her on the seat, and looks at Cap. "So, I think I found us a good place."

Steve turns and nods, "Sounds good. Lead the way." he says, putting on his helmet and sitting on the bike. Once Wanda is on behind him he looks over his shoulder slightly, "You like nice." he says simply before turning back forward and getting the bike going -- the rumble echoing throughout the garage as they leave out.

Wanda slips her arms around Steve's waist, hanging on as she rides behind him, "It's just up the road a ways." She gives pretty good directions, actually looking like she was planning something like this for a while. She does add, "You look great too."

-----==[ Romero's Italian Eatery - Upper East Side ]==------------------------

As you enter this restaurant, you are met with the smells of garlic and fresh bread. There is a cash register behind the counter, with an attractive brunette there ready to take your money when you are ready to pay. Near the cash register are a couple padded benches where you can wait till you are seated. There is a large salt-water aquarium by one of the benches filled with many tropical fish.
There are many tables in the main dining area. The tables are covered with a white table cloth and a clear plastic cover on top of the table cloth. Each place setting has a white cloth napkin that is folded fancily. In the back corner of the restaurant is a bar with some tall tables surrounding the bar area. This is where some people go to wait to be seated. Near the bar area is a T-shaped hallway that leads to the kitchen area and restroom area.


Rogers pulls up in front of the little italian eatery, leaning the bike over on its kickstand after killing the engine to offer a hand out to Wanda, "This place looks good. I haven't had italian in a little while." he says with a smile, making some smalltalk before using his other hand to pull off his helmet and tuck it against his side.

Wanda takes Steve's hand, giving it a squeeze, "Well, yes. Me neither." She smiles and slides off her helmet with her other hand, "What should I do with this?" Her head tilts towards Steve as she tucks the helmet against her side.

Rogers leads Wanda towards the door, "We'll just sit them by the chairs. Wouldn't want them to walk off." he says simply, letting go of Wanda's hand to open the door and hold it open for her with a smile.

Wanda smiles and steps through, "Thank you Steve. I don't think they'd walk off, but I imagine someone on eBay would get a fine price for them." She then looks over at the maitre d', and says something about a reservation for 2, and then she and Steve are shown to a table near where the live music is playing. But not so near that conversation would be impossible, of course.

Steve looks around as their lead to their table. The band playing mostly soft background music for now, occasionally livening it up enough for some slow dancers to take to the floor after their meal. He smiles at the maitre d', "Thanks Ma'm." he says simply, moving to pull out Wanda's chair for her and letting her sit before taking the seat across from her.
"I've gotta say, this isn't something I'm that used to doing. You'll have to go easy on me." he says a little teasingly as the menu's are set down in front of them. He looks them over and orders a bottle of red wine and some garlic bread with a feta and vinegrette dipping sauce.

Wanda tilts her head, "Which, going out to dinner, or going out on a date?" She smiles a little, "I have to admit, that was something that I noticed, even when I was first on the team and you were leading us... the Kooky Quartet." She laughs softly, seeming to appreciate the old-fashioned manners, and she nods in approval at the choice of wine and appetizer, before she continues, "I definitely noticed you, when it was just the four of us." Her lips quirk in a smile, as she regards Steve.

Steve chuckles a little bit, "Dates, of course." he says smiling. He seems to be genuinely enjoying himself so far as he leans forward slightly to put one of his forearms on the table before continuing, "I'll admit I can be a little... Narrow-sighted. I can get focused on the mission and overlook things around me." he admits. It's then that the wine and appetizers make their way out, a glass poured for both of them and two plates for the bread and spread, "But, it can't last forever and even I can figure things out eventually." he teases.

Wanda leans forward as well, "Well, eventually... and I'm glad." She smiles, "I have to admit, I've dropped a few hints. Not many, but a few." She takes her wineglass, and raises it to Steve, "To figuring things out." A sly wink, at that, as she's apparently been looking forward to this.

Steve continues to smile and offers a nod as he gets his own glass of wine and raises it up to gently *ting* against Scarlet's, "To a good night." he adds to the toast, taking a sip of it before placing it back on the table and testing out the bread and dip, "This is pretty good." he muses after swallowing a bite. He clears his throat, "Well, there's something to be said for persistence and patience - right?" he adds.

Wanda nods, "Yes, there is." She smiles warmly at Steve, "There's quite a bit to be said for that, as that tends to get the best rewards. And, well, I have to admit I've grown up a bit since we first met." After her sip from the toast, she does try a bit of the bread as well, a grin on her lips.

Steve nods, "You're a fine woman, to say the least." he says happily, taking another sip of his wine after the obvious compliment to Wanda, "It may've taken me a little while to take the hint... Or rather, for you to get impatient enough to ask me." he says with a little bit of an ahem, "But either way, I'm glad we're out tonight." he adds simply with his boyish smile.

Wanda laughs, "Not impatient so much as... well, I didn't know if it was something you wanted to. I have to admit, it's been a little while for me, so I was a bit rusty." She smiles back, obviously charmed by the old-fashioned manners, "Some things are worth waiting for, don't you think?"

Steve smiles and nods once again, "Definitely. You've probably got me beat, regardless." he teases about the notion of dating before taking another drink of his wine followed by another bite of the bread and sauce, "I'm glad you asked me too." he adds lowly.

Wanda blinks at the admission, then gently nudges Steve's foot with hers under the table, leaning over and taking his free hand in hers, "I just wish I had done it sooner." She smiles warmly at Cap, "I mean, when I came back that is, when I first saw you return as well... I have to say, that thought was right on my mind."

Steve continues to smile, "Hey, it's almost never too late. Look at me, I was a capcicle for decades. Now I'm back and better." he says, letting Wanda take his hand which he uses to squeeze hers.

Wanda smiles a little, nudging her foot against Cap still under the table as she squeezes Cap's hand back, "Indeed. And I wouldn't have it any other way." She looks about to say something else, but then the waitress comes by for the order. Not releasing Steve's hand, Wanda smiles at the waitress, ordering the eggplant lasagna.

Steve nudges Wanda's foot back with his playfully as the waitress makes her way over, "I'll have..." he thinks for a minute, "I'll take the extra thick lasagna, double serving with a good side of veggies." he says, the waitress not knowing what to think about someone ordering half a pan of lasagna. She writes it down none the less and heads back off towards the Kitchen.
After another drink of his wine, which with his metabolism is just for the taste and show, he small-talks a bit more, "It's hard to find things to talk about sometimes that aren't work-related. It's all I really did for a long time..." he trails off in thought, "Have you done any traveling? That wasn't work-related at least?" he asks.

Wanda smiles, "As a matter of fact, after the West Coast Avengers folded, I spent some time to myself. Got a little apartment in DC and was making regular visits with Doctor Leonard Samson. I... needed the time." She glances over at the band, then looks back at Cap, "Anyway, I took a month long trip to Europe. Just myself, no Avengers badge, no costume... just Doc Samson's phone number, and occasional emails to my brother and my... my father." A bit of a sore subject there, but she smiles, "It was nice, though. Saw Britain, France, Germany, Italy..."

Steve tilts his head to the side, "Oh? That sounds like fun. I spent some time in Europe, but most of it... well.." he stops and smiles, his time in Europe was mostly during WWII. He shifts away from the subject, "I took some leave recently and drove across the country. Some of the small towns almost felt like they were stuck in the past. It was nice." he says smiling happily.

Wanda nods a bit, "That must have been nice. Just traveling through the country, seeing places that were still untouched by too much civilization." She smiles, "Europe was a lot like that too, particularly France. Just so many little farming areas, it was a real delight to just escape everything for a while."

Steve nods at the notion, "Sounds really nice. I'm glad you got to see it - Who knows when we'll have a break again, right?" he says, eating some more of the bread and sauce while they wait on their food before looking back to the band as a slow-song starts to play and a few people get up to dance, "So? Do you dance?" he asks shyly, nodding towards the open spot on the makeshift dancefloor which was just a cleared out area near the band.

Wanda laughs softly, "A gypsy can /always/ dance, and I'll even be nice and let you keep your wallet." She winks, and rises to her feet, still holding onto Steve's hand as she tilts her head, "After you, monsieur." Her eyes seem to sparkle a bit in the candlelight of the bistro.

"Yes ma'm." says Steve with a smile as he stands with Wanda and leads her out towards the dancefloor. On the outside they probably look a little mismatched -- Rogers towering almost a foot over Wanda, but he's accomodating as he timidly puts one hand around behind Wanda while the other holds her other hand. He leads them slowly, the occasional misstep as it's not telling how long it's been since he's danced, "I'll try not to step on your toes." he adds with a playful wink.

Wanda smiles up at Steve, resting her free hand on his shoulder as she laughs, "I think I'll be alright." She lightly guides Cap, her skill apparent as she twirls with Steve, keeping his steps in tune with hers even as he leads. "Besides, Steve, I don't think there's a place I'd rather be in the world right now."

Steve smiles, almost looking like he wants to blush but he stands firm, "I gotta admit it feels nice." he says as they move to the soft music. There's enough room and he slowly twirls Wanda as they move before guiding her back to him, "You might feel a little differently if I stepped on your feet." he teases as they dance.

Wanda laughs softly, and stands up on her toes, pausing in the dance for a moment as she murmurs, "You aren't nearly as clumsy as you let on, Steve." Her fingers slide up from his shoulder, resting lightly on his cheek, then she leans up, her lips brushing very softly against his as she just doesn't bother denying it anymore.

Steve doesn't fight the kiss, but leans into it and returns a gentle one of his own. The onlookers smile and 'awww' to themselves at the romantic scene of the pair. The music continues, but the pair remain still in the center of the room.

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