Wolverine and Juggernaut Barfight

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Wolverine Juggernaut

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Random Dive

Logan and Cain meet in a bar. Naturally they fiht.

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After a brief stop over at the mansion, the X-Man known as Logan found himself heading back into the city. The task wasn't finished, and more pavement needed to be stomped on hoping that it'd turn up something or another that might lead the Canadian to his quarry.
So the evening finds him darkening the door of a particular dive. It's one of those places that most passersby wouldn't realize it actually was a bar or some place that people actually go to by choice. The only hint that it's a place of business is a single sign in the soaped over window that proclaims proudly, 'Beer.' Once inside, however, there's that waft of smoke and the low rumble of a crowd. There's a pool table, the steady drone of country music, and a mass of angry men who all seem like they're on the edge of punching one another. So naturally, Logan fits right in.
He's been here for an hour, maybe almost two. Already talked up a few of the fixers in the area, no angles on X-23 yet. But the night is still young.

New York New York. After a good bit of time elsewhere, surprisingly not causing enough havoc to pop on anybody’s radar, Cain Marko, better known as the Juggernaut, is back in town. Wearing civilian clothes that consist of an oversized tee that just barely fits and a pair of jeans the same, plus probably custom ordered boots, he pushes open the door of the bar and steps inside. The at beast average looking redheaded behemoth takes in the angry crowds briefly, a brief hush falling over the crowd. They don't recognize him, but his sheer bulk tends to draw wariness in a lot of folks. Even if, Supervillain or not, they'd be better off being wary of the half-pint Canadian already there and looking for info.
Cain gives the room a faint sneer, and then marches towards the bar, resting against it with one hand once he reaches it. And probably displacing a few others when he bellies up. "Beer. Whatever you have that doesn't taste like piss." The deep, rough voice is familiar to certain X-Types, even if his scent can't be made out in the crowd of poorly washed men.

Slouched in one of the booths partially in the back, Logan doesn't miss the arrival of The Juggernaut. A flicker of a grimace slides over his features as the short man eyes the much taller one. A small shake of his head is given as he finishes up the last of his beer with one long pull, then sets it down with a resonant glassy clink.
Planting his hands flat upon the tabletop, the Canadian X-Man pushes himself to his feet and slides out of his seat. He fits into the crowd, barely noticeable to most. Just another stocky burly hairy guy making his way through the mass of humanity. His path takes him past the jukebox, the pool table, and then right up to the bar.
The low rumble of the X-Man's voice is heard as he growls a few words in earshot of Jugger. "It's Labatt's or nothin' then. Mebbe Molson."

He knows that voice. Cain grimaces, head turning down towards Logan, seemingly perpetually angry blue eyes fixing on the Canadian mutant. "Runt. Course you're in the first bar I walk into." He glances at the bartender. "Labatt's then." The man grunts something in reply, and soon brings an opened bottle to sit in front of the redhead. Picking it up and taking a swig, he finally speaks again, "You botherin me for a reason? Maybe lookin to get your hair hide handed to you or somethin?" For many people, the thought of fighting Wolverine would be something they'd avoid. Cain just sounds vaguely irritated. He wanted to keep a low profile dammit.

"Don't worry yer purty lil head." Logan takes a seat at the bar a few stools down to give Juggernaut room, since... well, he's big. The X-Man looks towards the bartender and gives a nod, getting another bottle for himself. He glances sidelong at Juggernaut's reflection in the bar mirror and tells the man levelly. "I got my own stuff goin' on; don't have time ta take care of ya. You wanna throwdown I'll oblige ya later." He waves a hand to the side dismissively, though then he takes his bottle and casually pops the cap off with a short metallic gleam and flicker of motion.

Cain glances around the room, taking in the general level of class and money of the crowds. Low on both counts. "Your own stuff huh? Mean you ain't just here for the quality of the company? Find it hard to believe you're here on business for Charlie and the rest of your buddies." The bottle is tipped at his lips, and drained soon after. The Juggernaut sets it down and motions to the bartender for another. "I doubt you came over just to say hi, Runt. Does this stuff of yours got something to do with me? I don't remember beating any of your friends lately, so if you're lookin for somebody I didn't take em. And I
"My own business," Logan grimaces at the bottom of his bottle then takes a long pull. He sets it down on the cork coaster and glances down the way as if half expecting someone to come in from the back. He looks back at the huge redheaded guy's reflection in the bar mirror and squints somewhat. "Though Chuck prolly knows what's up." He ponders that for a moment, then glances back. "Anyways, if yer fixin' ta smash the place up, then I'd feel the token obligation ta stop ya. Which'd bug me since things need doin'."

"Uh-huh. Whatever you say Runt. Charlie does have a tendency to stick his nose in everybody’s business." The second beer is brought, cap popped with a thumbnail, and Juggernaut tilts his head back to chug it down in a few moments. "Hmm. Now that you seen me, guess my bein in town ain't gonna be a secret anymore. So I guess a low profile don't matter much." He suddenly lunges at the compactly built mutant, swinging an open backhand at him, with enough force behind it that if there wasn't so many people in the way, if it hits it'll be able to send him right out the front of the bar, without benefit of door or window. "Been a while since I got to smack around any of you X-Types. Might as well enjoy myself."

He'd been making himself ready for it, half-expecting it. Still, that doesn't change a thing. The huge guy is quick. With a resounding /WHAM!/ Juggernaut's backhand slams hard into Logan and sends the short X-Man flying through that soaped up window in the front. The glass shatters, there's a /THWOK!/ as a supporting timber catches and shatters under the impact of the Adamantium laced X-Man sending him spinning out into the street to skid to a stop against the brick wall of the convenience store across the street.
Logan shakes his head, once... twice. His jaw sets and a low growl comes from him as he starts to get to his feet. Blades slice forth from between his knuckles as he slashes his arms out to the sides, the metal ringing forth with a loud snikt. A cough is torn from him and a spatter of blood as he lifts his voice, "Gettin' old, Marko. Been hit harder by Iron Man's butler." Which, crazily enough is true.

"No fun in downing you with one hit. Might as well take my time." The front of the building practically explodes as the Juggernaut emerges, tearing through wood and plaster without any visible effort. He hasn't bothered to don his armor, still wearing his civilian clothes. He grips one huge fist, knuckles cracking with a sound something like small pistol fire. "Maybe if you don't keep me entertained, I'll head on over to Charlie’s and see if anybody there is more fun." And then he's charging. Of course. The unstoppable behemoth hurtles towards Logan, drawing back one arm as he goes for a powerful right-handed swing. When it probably misses his more agile adversary, it ends up hitting the convenience store wall he had landed against, bricks shattering and a sizeable hole left behind.

Like the explosion of a grenade, bits and shards of brick burst outwards peppering and tearing at the fabric of Logan's cloths as he rolls forward, ducking underneath that monster of a swing. There's a flash of silver, barely a flicker of movement as the X-Man might at most tag his opponent in passing as he darts past... behind, then spins to face the much much larger opponent.
A few steps back are taken as Logan buys some time for his healing factor to kick in fully, his features still grim and haggard and that heavy bruise upon his chest purpling already from the simple brush of Juggernaut's punch. His gravelly voice lifts as he throws a few more words the big guy's way. "Last time ya tried didn't go too well for ya, Princess." He tilts his head to the side, causing his neck to crackle with a metallic and cartilaginous pop. "Then again, ya always were kinda stuck in yer ways. Not exactly a free thinker are ya?"

Cain turns, not slow on his feet, but seeming ponderous compared to the nimbly moving X-Man. "That was just luck, Runt. None of you X-Losers can beat me in a straight fight." Noticing the long tear in his shirt along his right side, the Juggernaut fingers it a moment, then gives Logan a glare. "Which you're about to remember!" He breaks into a run at Wolverine again, lowering his head as he goes. Seeing him come barreling at you is a lot like an oncoming train. The size means you don't realize just how face he's approaching until he's almost on you. Something that his opponent has had plenty of time in the past to learn. He ducks down at the last moment, trying to shoulder-check the regenerating mutant and send him hurtling again.

Starting to get some measure of his spring back into his step, Logan's still definitely on the defensive here. The heavy footsteps of the Juggernaut cause the ground to shake as he stomps forward, cars bouncing on their shocks as the giant of a man storms right at the X-Man. But it's true, he's fought this particular guy before. He holds off, times it... tries to wait for just the right moment...
He dives! Rolling to the side and just trying to get out of the way. He doesn't even try to get a hit on the big guy as he trundles past right. Logan plants a hand, gets to his feet and spins just as he gets an angle on Juggernaut. As chance would have it a fire hydrant is at hand. Just enough time to register as Logan abruptly lashes out to the side with a claw. There's a loud /SHING!/ as the blade slices cleanly through part of the hydrant's top causing it to fire a high pressure gout of water straight at the monstrosity of a man.

The Juggernaut roars in anger when he misses Logan again, digging his feet into the ground and coming to an abrupt halt. He's still turning towards his smaller opponent wen he ears the sound of metal shearing metal, and then lets out a louder bellow when the water hits him, rattling the nearby windows, one hand raised to meet the stream with his palm and fend it off. Then abruptly, the liquid is splashing away about a foot from his hand, stopped by the crimson bruisers’ forcefield. "I'm gonna snap you in two for that! Come here you little..." He begins to come at Logan with quick grabs, one after the other, trying to wrap his fingers around his small frame and trap him, steps booming with the rapid movement.

There's only a moment, a single bare moment when Logan gets a small smirk there, just enough for a slight 'heh' to come from him at the sight of the water hitting Juggernaut. If he's going to have a lousy night at least someone else is going to as well. But then he didn't count on that burst of water and the sudden splattering of it to give the villain so much cover.
When Juggernaut bursts out of that cascade of water he's damned close and reaching out for the Canadian X-Man. Logan slashes wildly, a buffet of one giant fist is enough to send him reeling to one side. He growls and comes in at Juggernaut, blades up. If he's reaching for something he'll get some spikiness to deal with. Of course though... Juggs has two hands.

Those impossibly sharp claws hit the broad palm of the mystical criminal, and naturally fail to penetrate. That probably gets frustrating for Logan, when he can even puncture the Hulks hide, for whatever good it does. Then the other hand comes in from the side, gripping him around the waist and squeezeing painfully. If his bones weren't unbreakable, his ribs would have shattered. Raising him up close to his face, Cain growls out, "So you like playing with water, Runt?" Then he hauls back like somebody about to toss a football, and hurls the Canadian X-Man through the air. He goes up... and up... and up some more, with a lot of forward added in to boot. He's soon out of sight, and not long after there's a distant splash, inaudible to him, as he touches down in the middle of the East River. The smell of that is plenty of revenge. Cain stomps off, growling under his breath, heading towards whatever hotel he's holed up in for a dry change of clothes.

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