Wolf Meets Ant

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Wolf Meets Ant

Wolfsbane, Ant-Man II

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08/17/12 12:00

Harlem - Manhattan

Harpoon finds a target, is foiled

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Midday, NYC, business as usual. Morning Heights as well is operating under normal conditions for this time of day. A few soft clouds hang lazily in the sky as cool winds fortell the coming of autumn. Scott Lang, aka Ant Man (II), finds himself here on a present patrol in 1/2" form riding the back of a flying ant. He's been more busy as a hero of late following the hand offered to active roster of the Avengers. Though he is personally looking for spiders, not alone, but a specific pack of spiders that have been terrorizing the insect world.

As well, Rahne Sinclair may find herself in the area, but for her and her heightened senses, she may have picked up a tail. Not her tail, but someone following her - the problem perhaps being several. There are pedestrians present as well as the fact that whoever is tailing can be as elusive as her when they want to - for as good as she is at tracking, the follower seems to be just as good at hidding. A proverbial game of cat and mouse.

Though she's unaware of Ant Man nearby - no different than it must be for most people in the area - Wolfsbane's attention has been taken up by something else. In the area for the day, she's dressed casually with her costume 'hidden' thanks to its special properties. However, there's enough of the wolf in her to allow senses to pick up on what they will with only a minimal visual side of it showing. Ears are slightly more pointed and a second glance might make someone think she just looks a bit odd for a young woman. It's allowed her to figure out someone's following her and, without knowing why, the best she can do so far is just make her way toward a less densely-populated area.

Perhaps what the tail wanted, for when Rahne moves more away from the people is when things really start to happen. As she turns and sense the something still following, before she has time to turn and look over her shoulder, a blue'ish harpoon whips by her. A narrow miss perhaps, the arrow lands into the wall and fizzles away to nothing. Not unlike Remy when he transforms objects into energy. The energy collides with the wall and makes a small thump enough to alert people in the area that something is up and probably to either clear out or back up and get cell phones out.
Enough to alert several ants just the same and send signals towards Ant Man, but he will need some time to fly over and investigate. This leaves Rahne on her own for the moment, and she can finish turning to see Harpoon, the inuit mutant Maruader, on a shallow (low story) rooftop following her. He is readying another harpoon and charging it with energy.

Harpoon? Rahne would wonder how the man even knew where she was, let alone recognizing her while looking mostly human, but where a Marauder is concerned you can never be too sure. Think about it too long and you might be dead or captured first. The weapon passes by so closely she can feel the energy in it, instinctively ducking away when it thunks into the wall and fades. Immediately she waves a hand at anyone nearby. "Run! Quickly!" Hopefully if she looks like she's in a panic and scared, others will get the hint. Truthfully, she more or less is. Into an alley she ducks, knowing that the best way to prevent getting speared is to put things between the two. Hopefully he's the only one there.

Harpoon notes the direction Rahne has gone and pursuses along rooftops, heading for that alley. Ant Man gets closer to the area, but not quite there. If she takes a moment to test the air and her senses, they will indicate the follower was indeed Harpoon who seems to be working alone. She might induce that whatever lead Harpoon here, it probably was with purpose as a Marauder and, as she is alone, he is probably working alone. This could well translate into, someone wants a mutant dead and Harpoon took the contract - even if ordered by Mr. Sinister. That's another bag of worms to even think about, however, because right now the concern should focus on Harpoon. There is an ally overhead, Rahne will soon hear his boots clanging on the metal as he comes over the rail enough to try and spot her, where he will proceed to hold the top of the metal later with his left hand while pulling out a harpoon with his right, getting ready to throw again.

On the surface, Wolfsbane could be more at a disadvantage given the fact Harpoon has the ability to follow from above and try to cut off escape routes. Getting closer to him is the only way she's going to be able to fight, but the getting there is the hard part. If someone /does/ have a contract out for her it'd be news to her, but not all that surprising. She's got history with various people. Rather than stopping to declare anything to him, she listens for his pursuit as she drops all pretenses and shifts further to her midform, costume partially visible beneath the regular clothes. Just as he's charging up that harpoon, she ducks around a corner.

Before he can release the harpoon, his target is gone. The time to get to the escape left plenty of time for her to come up with ideas. Holding the one charged harpoon, he climbs a few rungs up to the rooftop and makes his way along the edge towards that one corner. About this moment, Ant Man is arriving on the scene. He takes a moment to search the area both for activity and fellow insects. If Rahne is fast enough, she might be able to get a lead on the pursuer with some distance and join him on the rooftops.

That's what Wolfsbane's attempting to do - use the alleys and small places to her advantage without Harpoon catching up to her first. Presenting an unmoving target is just the recipe for disaster. Fortunately the alley has a somewhat circular design to it with a few ledges and fire escapes to use to her benefit. One of the ladders is quickly scaled as she works to get more on his level before he can catch up.

She'll easily get up, as in the time it takes to scale, quick with her abilities, Ant Man will as well have summoned a swarm of flies form the alley just the same. Harpoon who is on his way to try and get over Rahne is not dealing with a fly cloud. He has the charged harpoon in his hand, which he is swinging around to like a bug zapper really, but the swarm demands attention. Where it came from or why its going for him certainly an unknown, but it gives Wolfsbane that time. Though when he sees her at the roof top level through the cloud, he'll hurl his currently charged Harpoon at her and start closing that distance, still determined on his mark.

Flies? Usually when there's a swarm that thick something's died in the area, but Wolfsbane doesn't smell anything that'd draw them. By the time she's reached the rooftop she's worked out of the more loose clothing to leave the blue and yellow costume beneath, sleek and snug. "Harpoon! I dinna know why ye're here but I can guess. Ye'll na have me today!" It's not slow motion, but she stays on her toes and watches with eyes wide as the energy-laden harpoon sails her way. Just in the nick of time, she rolls to one side and forward, coming out of it to charge him. However, instead of going for an attack of the Marauder himself, she leaps up to flip over him and grab and claw at what's keeping those harpoons in place at his back. If she can throw them out of range, it will give her a better chance.

Like the Red Sea, the swarm parts to let Rahne through. Scott Lang is somewhere in there on his ant, but hard to identify in the black mob. Harpoon readies to fight but is startled that she ignores him and goes for the 'quiver', it doesn't pull completely from his shoulder, but it jostles him and is enough to send the remaining three spears he has scattering across the roof top. Still distracted by the flies, Harpoon swats with one hand, then rolls to the ground and begins to scrabble along the gravel surface to get a Harpoon before Rahne can get the upperhand. He doesn't watch where she lands, instead going for one of his weapons. It seems the flies congregate on the Harpoon he goes for and mutually lift to pull it away from him, leaving the mutant assassin exposed for the moment.

It's that moment Wolfsbane was looking for. Separate the killer from his killing weapons, improve the odds. The flies? Well, they surely help. Scattering the harpoons is good enough, even more when the flies..come together to keep that barbed thing out of the Marauder's reach. She's not quite understanding of how that might be, but she isn't going to waste the opening. A hand lashes out toward the upper body of the other mutant, claws spread wide to hopefully leave a mark he won't forget as she snarls.

The other is marked indeed, flesh rends and droplets of blood indicate where her claws have gone. As Harpoon howls his pain and then tries to back away, Ant Man calls over his loud speaker so that Wolfsbane can hear him. "Subdue him, lets not kill him." Its not chiding or demanding even, just a suggestion. Harpoons away, the swarm goes for the man's face, Ant Man further adding, "Knock him out, we'll get him contained."

"He'll kill me first if he can!" Wolfsbane blurts, the scent of blood fresh now that she's landed a strike on Harpoon. The words give her pause since it's hard to tell exactly where they're from, but she does what's befitting her as a heroine, lashing out again for her opponent. This time it's with a fist, directed toward the jaw of the Inuit.

As she concedes to the punch, despite Harpoon's intentions, the swarm will clear again and she might notice as she went in, so did Ant Man. A man 1/2" tall is standing adjacent to Inuits throwing arm and actually holding back the man's intended counter punch. As if caught or held by an unknown force, his chin button has little to do but eat the punch. His eyes roll back and he gives in to the blow by Wolfsbane. Calling up from his position, Scott Lang agrees "Probably, but I don't think eye for an eye has been the law since Hammurabi," the Akkadian leader of legend. "Besides, you're too cute ... I don't want to figure out away to stop you as well, because, I most likely couldn't."

The fight is over quickly, that extra assistance from the..tiny man..helping give Wolfsbane the opening she needed. With Harpoon now down and out, she looks at him. "How did ye do tha'?" Oh, she's got an accent as well, doesn't she? And too cute? Crouching, she holds out a palm.

Caught by the question, Ant Man ponders the accent but doesn't want to be rude. Still, stepping onto her palm, he tries to ascertain which thing he did that has her curious. "Its the helmet, there is a wavelength range a friend of mine discovered that allows communication with ants and insects in general. I was able to call the flies from the alley before. Individually one hardly notices them, but there is enough rot down there that its actually a diverse ecosystem." Then he pauses, "You didn't mean that did you?" As if dawning on him.

Wolfsbane brings Ant Man up more to her own level, which is to say the face and eyes. "Oh..that's verra interesting," she confesses, though it sounds too complicated for her. 'Talks to bugs.' Good enough. "I guess tha' was part o' it, but I'm just thankful ye were here tae help. He's bad news, alone or with th' Marauders," she explains.

"Good news being no more bad news," Scott Lang is smiling, under the gas intake of his ant suit. "I just distracted him so you could do the work. But, that being, I have to confess I'm not familiar with who you might be ..." More an indication he's not familiar with this super heroine, not to say many are familiar with him just the same. He stands comfortably in her hand, not the first time he's been picked up and palm is more comfortable than between thumb and forefinger.

Wolfsbane's eyes shift between studying the little man and the downed Marauder, a concern rising. "I wish I had somethin' tae bind him with, or a place tae take him before he wakes up," she murmurs, clearly not wanting to be nearby when Harpoon comes back around. "Wolfsbane," she adds, though for the moment she leaves it at that rather than explaining any further relations to others. "An' ye? How is it ye can be so tiny?"

"Pym particles," explains the man to the last question. Taking a few steps back in her hand, he jumps out and returns to normal size. "I'm Ant-man, I'm with the Avengers. I can put a call into proper authority to deal with him before he comes too." In fact, doing just that, he pulls out his Avengers communi-card to put in the report, they'll send over someone like CodeBlue or another authority to deal with the mutant assassin. Then he sends out the fly swarm, perhaps to look for something to bind with presently until authorities arrive. Taking a moment, Scott Lang removes his gas mask to smile at the younger woman. "Wolfsbane, has a nice ring, when you say it at least." Maybe a compliment on her accent.

Whether or not Wolfsbane's heard of Pym particles, it doesn't seem clear initially as a confused expression shows. When he mentions he's an Avenger it makes more sense, if just in the way that being an Avenger leads to pretty remarkable things. "Ohh, I see," she begins, then her hand lowers back to her side and pauses against her costume as he returns to full size, looking up at him given her short stature. "Well, if he's taken care o', can we a' least go somewhere out o' sight o' him?" She seems not to know how to take his reaction to her name, just smiling briefly as the flies do their thing with Harpoon. It still leaves her staring at that a bit.

Pausing a moment, then a nod, Scott comes to his senses, "Oh, yes, certainly, we don't need to wait here." Then he looks to the fire escape down, "I'm sorry Wolfsbane, I should of asked if you were all right. My insect friends didn't notice if you were hit by the attack of this man, but they don't see everything." Regardless he offers his hand to indicate they can start leaving down the fire espace just the same.

"He didna injure me, thankfully," Wolfsbane says, either ignoring or more likely missing the hand extended her way as she starts for the fire escape on her own. "Na for lack o' trying, though," she adds, a part of her sounding shaken. She knows well what Harpoon has been in the middle of in the past. Steps are nimble as she hops down and out of sight, catching the ladder as she goes.

Following to the escape and then down, Scott ponders at one point moving down the escape. "Some reason that guy was after you," his boots clanking on the metal of the escape itself. Then a few more stops, "Not to pry, I'm just curious really."

Wolfsbane frowns, glancing up on the way down, which is done swiftly as more of a series of hops than keeping to the ladder like most people. "Because he kills mutants," is the simplest way she can put it.

Calling down to her, Scott nods and offers, "I'm sorry to hear that." Then he leaves it open, not explaining if he might even mean sorry to her she is a mutant. Though, as they get closer to the bottom, or she pauses for him to catch up even, "I mean, that he was trying to kill you. People never learn, if you like, I could keep you informed on him. That is, I can let you know how he's processed and when he's behind bars ...."

"I've got ways o' finding oot, but thank ye all th' same," Wolfsbane says, and though she's looking elsewhere right now, it's not too difficult to guess that the wolfen is shaken by the encounter with the Marauder, trying to hide it now. "There's a bit o' history, I guess ye could say." She lands softly in a crouch, bare feet hardly making an impact.

When he gets down and hears her, Scott reaches a hand for her shoulder, comforting and inquisitive at the same time. "You didn't date him or something did you?" Maybe stereotypical, but he's not sure of the history and worried perhaps more about this being some sort of odd domestic abuse even, more out of her safety really is why he is asking than trying to pry even.

Wolfsbane spins away from the touch, but it comes just as the question is ending. She looks at him with a shocked expression, mouth gaping. "What..nae! Why would ye think I..an' /him?/" If nothing else, it coaxes more of the truth out of her. "He's been part o' a group o' killers called th' Marauders. They've attacked an' killed muh kind in th' past. If ye see any o' them, yuir best bet is tae run."

"My apologies again Wolfsbane ..." says Ant Man, letting that settle a moment. With a hint of a smile, "I don't think I get that option, running. I think it comes with signing the contract and becoming an Avenger." Then he shakes his head, "Too soon? Maybe we should grab a coffee and a comfortable chair and try to put some of this behind us?"

"I dinna get tae run either, honestly," Wolfsbane answers with a murmur, starting to head down the alley. She's apparently lost track of where her other clothes had been, left in just the costume now. "I'm na much for coffee, an' I think th' both o' us just sitting outside at a coffee shop would draw some stares, aye?"

Half a smile just the same, "Sorry, an Avengers thing. Its like an unspoken mandate in NYC, do business, make public appearance, the socialites of Manhattan ignore us or point out to their friends how right they were in showing up at the coffee shop cause they got to see an Avenger. I know, not the same thing for groups like the X-men. I should of been more considerate, would you like to put on regular clothes, go out as ourselves and get some coffee ... with me?"

So he's realized the mutant/X-Men connection. Not that hard to imagine, what with the costume even though there's no insignia on it. "I know th' Avengers are much more public, but I'm more comfortable when I dinna have a bunch o' eyes on me." Wolfsbane's not a socialite, not one who seeks the bright lights and flashes of cameras. "An'..maybe another time. I've got too much on muh mind from Harpoon," she says quietly, still on her way through an alley before pausing. "I should go back an' find muh clothes, though." Without waiting for his answer, she starts back the way she came and it's on him to follow or not.

He begins to follow. Scott calls out, "So, another time," ponderously. Though he respects her sense of decency. She's going to get clothes and even though she has a costume underneath (or presently exposed), if she puts anything on, perhaps its simply that act. "I mean, I could meet you another time?" He purses his lips, maybe its a bit too much, he gives a moment to listen, his back turned out of that respect for her and her clothing situation for the moment.

The path leads both of them back toward the scene of the attack, but they hadn't gone far enough for them to really be noticed by anyone arriving up top. The clothes - just a plain shirt, shorts and sneakers - are still there in a discarded pile on another fire escape ledge, and Wolfsbane easily leaps up to climb her way higher and 'fetch' them before coming back down with the things rolled up and tucked under an arm. "I guess..another time is all right," she admits, initially hesitant.

"I'd like that," grins Scott at the possibly another time. "Really like that, better circumstances than this Harpoon fellow for certain. It's probably shaken you a little considering he was really trying to kill you, I'd offer some comfort but ..." He doesn't want to be too forward. "I'd like your number even, so we could arrange meeting up later, in a less formal environment."

Wolfsbane's not yet sure what to make of the man's attention, but it figures it'd come from someone else already in the heroing side as opposed to a random 'normal.' "I..well, aye. It's a bit hard tae go from fighting for yuir life tae chatting about other things. I just need tae get back home an' let them know what happened." At the request for her number, she visibly chews at her lip - he can see the fangs - and finally nods. "If ye like."

"I would like that yes," offers Scott, "If you don't mind sharing it. I'd give you mine the same, but I feel safer knowing I'd definitely give you a call rather than waiting for my phone to ring." He chuckles lightly at that, he doesn't mean to sound like a stalker, just him being honest. "I'll change over myself, let them know what happened the same, settle down some ... then, who knows, right?"

Just this moment, Wolfsbane appears more interested in getting out of the danger zone and back home, but she doesn't see the harm in giving an Avenger her number or exchanging them. It's done hastily as she puts her outer clothes back on over the costume, and before she leaves he does get the chance to see her without any of the obvious features that mark her for a mutant. The costume somehow seems to disappear in the process. "Look..thanks for th' help. I guess I'll see ye around." A quick wave and she adds as she goes, "Oh..ye can call me Rahne when I'm like this."

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