With Crushing Force

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Lyra, Bulldozer, & Havok

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11/05/12 14:16


Lyra and Havok meet, they talk about her.

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-----==[ Chelsea - New York ]==-----------------------------------------------

The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.

Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.


What may have started with a chance encounter on the streets of Chelsea. An encounter that quite turned ugly really quick when the endearing name of 'sweet cheeks' could have been used by an offensive male calling himself Bulldozer. And though the name was meant as a compliment, one to garner favorable attention; it didn't end up that way.

Now we find Bulldozer pleading his case as he's pinned beneath the muscular form of Lyra who has him in a solid arm lock. "Oh come on baby, I didn't mean nothin by it. I was only trying to get some face time with ya. I mean it's not every day when a guy gets a chance to hit on a girl such as yerself without being wailed upon before he gets a word in edgewise."

All around the spectacle are onlookers; persons who are quite accustomed to the day in, day out activities of super heroes/villains trouncing upon one another on a nearly daily basis. One such onlooker is Havok of X-Factor (in costume) who stands at the ready, but realizes that there's really nothing pressing he needs to do. She has Bulldozer contained, and instead of rushing forward and offering the typical 'law enforcement type assistance', he's enjoying the show just as everyone else is.

[OOC] Havok says, "http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/ca/HenryCampBulldozer.jpg"

Hoping she's kidding, Havok takes a step forward to be on the inner edge of the crowd encircling the combatants. He doesn't say anything, but when he's noticed by those next to him they back up a little (except for a little male child who wants his autograph - "excuse me, mr havok, can I have your autograph?")

Bulldozer says, "Ow ow ow, yeah, Sorry babe. I mean, sorry miss... geez, if you're not She-Hulk, who are ya anyway?"

Lyra smiles and then nods. He did appologize, "Her cousin. Can call me Teen Hulk I guess." she says softly. She shakes her head a bit, if anything though unlike what most might have come to expect from the hulks and their type, she appears utterly calm. "Lyra also works, but not anyone's babe, sweet cheeks, or anything like that." she says as she steps back from the one who caused the offense. She does glance over towards Havok, she heard that, her senses heightened that she hears a lot.

There's a brief autograph given by Havok to the young boy and as he stands straight, he meets Lyra's gaze and 'heads up' a greeting.

When Bulldozer is released, he looks to see Havok as well and says, "I ain't done nuthin, just passin thru and you ain't got nuthin on me..." he then starts backing away and will head out as quickly as possible.

Lyra watches Bulldozer go and then just shakes her head, "At least I know enough that it would not have went well if I hurt him for that." she shakes her head and then turns to look at Havok, "I think I should know you." she says as she steps over, after all he is in constume. She sort of is, but since its her natural skin color not much of a costume.

A wry smile crosses Havok's face as he translates what she says differently than what she may mean. Either way, he offers his hand, "I'm Havok."

Lyra eyes the hand for a moment and then reaches and takes the hand and shakes gently. She looks to be focusing at the moment, she doesn't let the shake linger though. She is still just a little wary. "Lyra, or TeenHulk, either really works." she says and then smiles a bit.

"Lyra.", Havok states with a smile and then after glancing around to note a nearby diner, "Let's get off the street and talk, you're stopping traffic. How about that place." and nods over to the diner in question.

Lyra chuckles, "Well I suppose they don't see many women of my height." she says she doesn't comment that it is green too. She nods her head, "Good enough, just don't get...what is the word. Fresh with me."

"Nah, I saw what happened to the last guy who did."

Moving into the diner, the two heroes are given looks, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. They take a seat at a booth and Havok starts, "So you're not from around here..." letting her give her story.

Lyra chuckles. "You can say that, from quite a distance from here." she says and then sighs a little, "staying with the Avengers at the moment as a guest, because my father and his cousin are inactive members." she shrugs just a little.

The waitress comes, orders are taken.

"Father and cousin?" Havok asks, leading her to open up with the story while he leans back in the booth to give her space.

Lyra nods, "The Hulk and She-Hulk of course." she says and shakes her head a bit. She shrugs and then smiles as she orders enough for two people. She looks at him, "I came here for a reason and that reason fell apart, so am kind of just kind of learning aobut this world."

There's little he can say with her answer. Havok's jaw becomes slack and he scratches his temple before running his fingers back over his scalp. "Seriously?" is about all he can say regarding the Hulk as her father and nevermind how that would work.

Lyra cocks her head to the side just a little and looks confused, "Why would I not be serious?" she asks, she just doesn't understand for a moment.

"Yeah. I mean like who's your mom then? She's gotta be one tough chick." Havok queries as he puts the pieces together - he's not even to the 'Lyra is from another world' series of questions yet.

Lyra looks at him for a moment and then smiles, "Oh, she is, but I was made from DNA samples of both my parents. My mother came to this world and got dad's dna from a kiss she says and then took it back and it was spliced and I was born." she shakes her head a bit.

There's a shudder that washes through Havok as he puts all the pieces together and then says with a grin, "Oh.... wow. So tell me about your world."

Lyra shrugs, "Like this one but different. We are a world where if things happen this one could become that I think. Something similar. There was a war involving superhumans. After the war, people became infertile, so used genetics to breed in labs. Men and women seperated into tribes, most the female tribes formed the sisterhood and until I came along no one had more than one parent." she says softly. She shakes her ehad.

"Separate tribes? Like men in one and women in another?" Asks Havok as the picture forms in his mind's eye and he's curious about the nature of living.

Lyra nods, "Yeah, and we are trained from when we are born to fight. I was trained from the moment I could walk to fight men." she shakes her head a bit, "There is much to learn about being here."

"Trained to fight men? Well that's actually kinda easy - kick them in the ding-ding and they go down like rocks." - Havok tries to bring humor with a rhetorical statement.

Lyra looks at him for a moment and then smiles, "No, we waged war." she says softly, "I was good at what I was trained for. Can use most any weapon, and of course there are my natural abilities."

"Men vs women. That's just wrong on so many levels. We shouldn't wage war, we should wage love. - No to be too poetic, but seriously. Who dreamed up that division of the species which makes realationships even worse. Heck, it's hard enough to be in a relationship with the opposite sex."

Lyra cocks her head to the side and shrugs, "never really had a relationship, and definitely not one with the opposite sex." she shakes her head a bit, "My world, women and men don't need each other. We are born in labs, women have a single parent, female. Men have a single parent, male. Maybe more like clones." she shakes her head a bit.

"But what about companionship? Fulfillment? Great sex? I mean there's so much more to the word /relationship/ than just making babies." Havok states struggling to understand the world she's from.

Lyra looks at him for a moment, "Some of the sisters had lovers amongst each other." she says and shakes her head a bit, "I was sort of an outcast, cause I had two parents." she shakes her head a bit and then shrugs.

There's a slight pause as Havok reflects, "Well that's kinda hot. But still, no love for men - total shame." and smiles offering more humor to the story.

Lyra shrugs, "Well there might be eventually, but like I said, trying to learn about this world, it is much different from my world."

"I'll say. But hey, welcome to the neighborhood. Now that you're here in paradise you should totally get a lay of the land, hang out with your Avenger buddies and who knows, hang out with guys instead of beating them up."

Lyra shrugs, "I haven't really gotten in any fights since I got here, which is probably good, because I have a good amount of strength." she chuckles just a little bit.

"Except for that guy you were man-handling out there." Havok teases, "Then again, if you don't call that a fight - I'd really hate to see your definition of a fight."

Lyra looks at him, "It wasn't a fight. He couldn't have hurt me, and I was careful not to hurt him. Just trying to teach him a bit of a lesson." she sighs and shakes her head

"Careful not to hurt him. Wow." Remarks Havok as he ponders the troubles she has in dating.

Lyra looks at him for a moment, "Well I believe from my studies, I have as much strength as my father and his cousin, well very close to it." she says and shakes her head, "That kind of thing can be dangerous if I am not careful."

"Dayum." Says Havok with an aweful tone. "You could crush someone without even trying." and then he puts it into perspective - "Like Rogue or Colossus"

Lyra looks down and away for a moment, "Not sure who they are but probably, I know I can benchpress almost 90 tons."

Havok's eyes widen as he tries to conceptualize that number. He smiles and says, "Wow. That's more than I can even imagine. Then again, we know Hercules towed Manhattan Island back through the harbor to it's right place. The Hulk lifted a mountain on the Battle Planet, and the Guardian held aloft the Empire State building with practically one finger... So yeah. wow."

Lyra nods her head, "Yep that's me. Teenhulk." she shakes her head then and smiles a little. She looks at him for a moment, "So at least there is a place I can work out without trying to lift skyscrapers." it is hard to tell if she is teasing or not.

Havok smiles and then gets a double beep on his com badge. He says, "Hey, I gotta go." and starts to slide out of the booth to stand, "It was great meeting you. "

Lyra nods, "Be well, and if you ever need help, can always try to call, no promises though." she says and chuckles a bit.

Havok says, "Cya." and heads out.

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