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Firebrand, USAgent, Spiral, Psylocke

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12/11/12 23:01

Hell's Kitchen to some Chinese Restaurant

Walker lectures Broxel about being mean. Spiral shows, insanity ensues.

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John Walker has been lurking in the shadows of the infamous Bar with No Name and caught the action. From what he's read, this place sees scenes like Daredevil or Spider-Man roughing up some petty crook for information, not super-powered brawls. It seems to have sent most of the other patrons running for cover. With fire (and sand) flying like that, who wouldn't? But John now steps forward. "I think that's enough for one day, don't you Broxtel?" John pitches his voice low enough that only Firebrand can hear when Walker says the name. And Sandman if he's in condition to hear anything.

Turning in mid air, the super suit of Firebrand flames to life once again as he looks for the new target. "He had it comin, and I totally warned him."

John Walker eyes the flames, then reaches up to unzip his windbreaker, parting it slightly to reveal a few utility-belt type pouches that were previously out of sight. "I'm sure you did." Walker replies grimly. "But the fact is, that is a member of the Avengers you just toasted." John winces slightly at his own unintentional pun and then looks at Sandman's form quickly. Can't tell how bad a crazy sand-being is at a glance. But he does know that Sandman is tough.

Descending some to get within normal talking distance (20 feet), yet still remaining off the ground by 3 feet. "And I gave him an out cause of it. Now what can I do for ya?"

"You can stop using your battlesuit's destructive abilities in public locations, for a start." Walker replies, then glances around. "Speaking of public, we're way too exposed out here. Don't want news of a super-power sighting in this neighboorhood drawing the Avengers or some other hero. I don't think we're ready for that kind of exposure yet." He taps a tiny earpiece. "Spiral, are you online?"

Dampening the flames, albeit still aloft, Firebrand eyes Walker. "I coulda takin him out just as easily in private. But ya know, he wrote a check his ass couldn't cash."

John Walker grimaces slightly. "I'll say it one more time, Broxtel - that man is an Avenger. You don't 'take out' heros." His grimace deepens. "No matter how much they're asking for it." Then he shakes his head, waving a hand in an off-hand gesture. "Nevermind that. For now. Where have you been? In this last week I've met all of the others except for you. But you and I seem to keep missing each other." His voice makes it clear he suspects it to be more than a coincidence.

"Simple, avoiding you. Ares kept me on a short leash, the moment he's out I was too. Not out of the program, but out of the cage. Got so sick of his attitude and keeping me caged up like an animal. I joined this outfit to get out of prison, not stay in." responds Firebrand as his feet touch the ground.

John Walker's lips quirk his a smug smirk. "Didn't you read the release forms all the way through? This isn't a pardon, it's a work-release program." All traces of amusement fade from his expression. "And it's time to get back to work." He taps his ear again. "Spiral? Spiral!" John's expression darkens even more, but then he takes a deep breath, releases it slowly and continues in a resonably calm voice. "Spiral, please respond."

His own smirk faded, Firebrand notes, "Sounds like our pretty psycho pcyborg <misspelled intentionally for alliteration purposes> is ignoring you." He moves to a wall, leans against it and crosses his arms. He's not discounting the work release, but he's moving on with the conversation and knows he's still on a chain.

John Walker hmphs softly. "Spiral hasn't been on any -real- teams, she doesn't know the importance of communicating - and of staying IN communication - at all times." Well she's been on that Freedom Force team, but as far as Walker is concerned, that whole thing was a farce bordering on the absurd. "That goes for most of you," he adds. "Which is why Arachne and I are planning some mandatary training and --" his mouth twists slightly as he adds the next words, "-- team-building excersises."

"You saw how I handled Sandman... you think I need training?" asks an over confident Firebrand who feels on top of the world after beating down an Avenger that turned against his own kind (villany).

"Sandman?" John repeats. Then he makes a brushing-off gesture, his tone of voice matching. "He has a crippling vulnerability to fire. All I 'saw' was that it took you about three times as long as it should have." There's that trademark smugness again. "Besides, there's more to being on a team like this than just fighting."

"Yeah, fightin and keepin the hot chicks in front so you can look at their asses." suggests Firebrand as he chuckles at his own joke.

John Walker's face turns stony, but he chooses not to respond to that. Instead he comments, "There's also the question of accounting for your time. Part of your membership agreement stipulates that you report in regularly with your location and current activities." Walker manages to keep his stony expression as he says that. The truth is, not a single member of the Thunderbolts (except maybe Arachne) has been paying more than lip service to this.

"Yeah, I got her lip service..." Firebrand mutters before noting a little more loudly, "I figured I diserved a break. I didn't leave tha tri-state area and the government goons have a tracker on me. So I'm always tagged in."

And then... *ping*. Spiral is just there, standing in front of them, one hand on her chin. Presumably, given she supposedly travels through time, she's being fashionably late entirely deliberately. "Good afternoon." she says, all placid and calm.

John Walker jerks slightly, hand going for his utility belt before he stops himself. "About time," he grouses. Then he casts a quick look at the doorway. "The idea was for a quick extraction, but I think 'quick' is pretty much a lost cause." He shoots Spiral a look. "Just get us out of here."

Pushing himself from the wall, Firebrand eyes the new arrival, sure to catch her curves. He'll comment, "Heya doll-face." in greeting of Spiral and offer his approach to 'suave' with the hint of a smile and a subtle wink.

Spiral draws out a commlink thingy from one pocket, and holds it up with one hand. "I do not think these things work across dimensional or temporal boundaries. Perhaps I can obtain some item of technology which would do that, which everybody could use." she offers innocently. "In any case, I am ready now.".

Heh heh.

Spiral begins to dance, the vortex slowly forming in the air around her. "Gather around, then." she mutters crossly while continuing to dance, the mini whirlwind building.

John Walker steps closer to Spiral, giving Firebrand a look that he hopes will serve as a warning (and a reminder about the kind of harrassment rules in affect for a government-sactioned team).

Firebrand wishes he had pockets to carry singles, cause Spiral's dance deserves a tip. However, without pockets, the fiery villain turned merc steps into the parameter and awaits the ping.

Spiral does one last twirl, hands waving through the air in a strange pattern - and then the vortex abruptly vanishes, taking the terrible trio with it.

And..they appear in the middle of a small, dimly-lit sushi restaurant. The dim lighting is more an aspect of the setting of the place and not because it's shady or anything of the sort. They just so happen to appear almost directly next to a purple-haired Japanese woman who is seated at a table by herself and wearing a casual gray dress with a coat on her chair. At the loud, almost familiar PING, Betsy's head jerks up from looking at her dinner to twist towards her familiar sound.

John Walker looks about quickly, expression going from stony to outright glowery. "This does NOT look like the receiving room at headquarters," he hisses. Just then a plate goes by filled with sushi. Walker shoots a baleful look at Spiral.

Glancing around, Firebrand in his fiery costume of flame, takes note of the very attractive purple haired girl and will slide into the seat opposite her. "Well hello there Asian persuasion. I'm Firebrand, your date for the evening."

No, he does not have mental defense. In fact, his mind is all about Psylocke and is quite an open book as to his intentions, interests, and desires. He's an obnoxious, overbearing, letch.

Spiral looks momentarily chastened. Or does she? She's smirking a little, as well. "Oh. My mistake. I must still have been locked on to my old friend here.". And Spiral ambles over to where Psylocke sits, to smile pleasantly down at her. "I made Psylocke the woman she is today!" she declares.

"Oh well, my mistake. Terribly sorry to interfere with all the saving of the free world and protecting innocent civilians that we do.". Now she really is smirking.

Betsy's eyes widen for a brief second before she schools her feature. This is a public place and she isn't trying to start a fight in the middle of it. Especially not when it's one she'd inevitably lose. She reaches out telepathically once she recovers from her brief shock, mostly trying to determine who in the seven hells John and Firebrand are and why they're with Spiral.

Eyeing the man who sits across from her she snaps, "I do not have, nor do I want a date. Who are you, and what do you want? Take your six-armed friend and begone." Despite her appearance, her accent is decidedly British and she trails off, tilting her head to left out a soft hiss of breath at Spiral's comment, "Leave!"

John Walker's gaze shifts between Spiral and Psylocke a few times, along with one long-suffering look of exasperation for Firebrand. "My apologies, ma'am." He begins through gritted teeth. "Clearly there's been some kind of mistake," he adds.

Glancing up at John, "Mistake? Nah, it's perfect. You got your gal, I got mine. It's a double date. I'm totally gonna see that Spiral gets a big fat bonus for this setup."

"Well, I could leave you behind if you want." Spiral offers to Firebrand. It's just about the first time she ever really deigned to talk to him. And then: "Sorry, Sir." she adds in reply to John Walker, making it two firsts in the same breath practically.

"So irate, do you always talk to heroes like this?" she wonders at Psylocke, shaking her head slightly.

Blinking in surprise, Betsy glances to John, not really expecting an apology from someone who'd keep company with Spiral. She eyes the man, clearly sizing him up, and then doing the same to Fireman with a frown, "I believe our date would involve a sword and soft parts of yourself." Taking a soft breath, she glares at Spiral, "You are a fiend. Nigh just a step away from a demon, if not worse than one."

John Walker looks oh so close to screaming for silence, but then he visibly restrains himself. Instead he steps forward holding one open palm towards Psylocke in an authoritative 'wait' gesture. "Now hold on just a minute. I think you're being a little hard on her. Just because she has six arms, it doesn't make her..." he trails off and then looks at Spiral, suspicious. "Wait a second...do you /know/ her?" He nods his head imperceptibly towards Psylocke.

Seeing that the party is coming to a close, even before it began. Firebrand stands and moves to Spiral. He mutters to the John Walker accosted Psylocke in his departure, "Maybe next time, sweet cheeks." Though next time may come sooner than expected when Walker hauls Psylocke into the lockup. There could be prison action. No he shouldn't think that, but he does.

"A fiend, pfft. If this is torment, you are remarkably easy to torment." Spiral tells Betsy. "I guess the stiff upper lip has been halved.". She just smiles when John Walker makes his intervention, and shrugs, still smiling a little.

"Never mind, an innocent mistake." she lies, and lifts up a couple of arms, ready to dance. "Shall we continue on back home, then?" she asks. "It will not happen again.". Amusing as it is, she's a supervillain, not a child!

Rising from her seat, and knocking it back a bit with the sudden movement, Betsy is looking more agitated by the second with the whole trio. At John's 'wait gesture' she snaps a hand out, pointing at Spiral, "This..this thing deserves death, if not far worse. And I shudder to consider what despicable things people who keep company with her would-" She trails off and snaps at Firebrand, "You pig! Save such things for your six-armed witch!" And then, she's angry enough to start stepping towards Spiral, "An innocent mistake? By all the powers above, you dropping in to scare me half to death, and make sure I live in fear of you is no INNOCENT MISTAKE!"

John Walker now looks like he can barely keep from putting a hand over his eyes. Was it ever this bad with the West Coast Avengers? Knowing Hawkeye, probably. "Look, let's all just take a breath here. Spiral, I think it might be best if we do head back to base. Now." He flashes one more look at Psylocke, not quite apologetic, definately not sympathetic, but maybe more...embarrassed? "Enjoy your dinner, ma'am." He finishes without enthusiasm.

Firebrand moves in behind Spiral, pretty close and intends to shake his booty <for a booty dance> when she begins to shake hers in her magical dance party. He looks on with curiousity as to how the chips are about to fall between the Asian chick and the Fearless leader.

"The first time you mentioned torment when it was only curiosity." she tells Psylocke, Spiral leaving the admission unsaid. "I do not think you will live in fear, though - certainly, you should not. I could give lots of advice on fear though. And hate as well, as I have enough hate to last a lifetime, and once upon a time fear as well." she says candidly. "But there wouldn't be much point, would there.".

She tilts her head and half turns to face USAgent. "I think so, my amusement wears thin." she admits, and begins to dance, studiously ignoring Firebrand once more as she twirls. Back to the normal routine!

The no doubt now familiar vortex begins to appear around the trio, taking a little time to build, but before too long engulfing them all. And when it fades away, all three of them are gone.

"Yes, get out of here!" Betsy snaps at John, lifting a slender hand to wave the trio away with a huff. Looking to Spiral, the tall Japanese woman purses her lips, "I am not here for your amusement, Spiral. It's time you got that in your head. Keep popping in on me, and maybe I will make sure I keep a surprise for you handy."

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