Willing Sacrifice

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Willing Sacrifice

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Haircuts for a good cause!

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[Sybils' Room - X-Mansion]

Since getting Sybil back to the Mansion, much of what everyone has had to deal with is organizational. Where do paychecks come from? Who pays the bills? Do we still answer to the government? Are we still a team? Do we still want to work together? But some of what needs to be dealt with is exceptionally personal, even private. As a doctor, Leyu Yashida has to help patients deal with that sort of thing frequently, especially since coming to Xavier's. But none of that has quite prepared her for dealing with being there with Sybil as the one so wounded, so marred by what she has experienced. Leyu has been excluded from the professional side of Sybil's care by Doctor McCoy, which has been a bone of verbal contention between the two medical professionals. Leyu has grudgingly admitted that he is right: she is too close to Leyu to serve as her doctor. But she still longs - needs - to help take /care/ of her.

One part of this has been Leyu organizing the members of X-Factor, and others in the Mansion who are willing, to be around Sybil Dvorak, so that she need not ever be alone if she does not wish it. And another part of that has been preparing to deal with potentially one of the most self-image-damaging parts of what Sybil suffered. Leyu had her own thoughts on this, and discovered that her teammate Danielle Moonstar shared many of those thoughts. The two young women have now acted together, in concert. And it's time to reveal what they've done to Sybil.

Leyu glances to Dani, trying to offer a mutual support smile, and then knocks gently on the door to Sybil's room. "Sybil? It's Leyu and Dani. May we come in?" she queries, hopefully.

Despite the fact that she hasn't commited to anything regarding her status as a member of XF, Dani is still teaching classes so obviously she is staying around in the capacity.
After an extensive session searching the internet, she has gathered all the supplies that will be needed in this endevour, and carries them in a shopping bag. She just hopes that Sybil takes the gesture as intended and not as a blow to her pride. "I hope you are right on this." she whispers as the little dog that has taken to following her around everywhere sniffs at the door.

"Come in." calls Sybil's voice. Inside, the room remains barren. Sybil's luggage has been brought back to the mansion but she has yet to decorate. Instead, she sits by the window in a rocking chair and reads a novel. Fifty Shades of Grey from the look at it. "This is really drivel." Sybil murmurs as Leyu and Dani enter the room. "I cannot believe people honestly think this is erotic or even daring."

Leyu glances at Dani and nods, tensely. She's hoping she's right, too. The look of Sybil, so subdued, so washed-out seeming, bald and marked, sitting quietly in the rocking chair is a blow to her heart, but she holds up. She must. She cannot expect Sybil to be strong for her. It must be the other way around. "Good morning, Sybil." Leyu offers, nodding. "I am quite sure you are right." she answers the other woman, though she herself would have no clue, and has made that clear with her answer.

Once Dani and the dog are inside, Leyu closes the door and approaches, sitting at the edge of her friend's bed, hands folded in her lap to keep from nervous wringing or flopping. "Sybil, Dani and I want to do something for you. Something I hope you will accept." She lifts her gaze, looking imploringly at the woman she missed so much. The woman she nearly lost, before she ever even had a chance for them to try to be together. So many feelings, all tangled up in a Gordian knot, and no Solomon to cut through them to the core. Leyu breaks that gaze and glances at Dani. They should do this together, since both had the idea. She won't say it all. Dani deserves her say, her credit, too.

Crossing the room with Leyu, Dani's attention stays on the woman in the chair, though she nods to support what Leyu has said so far "We realize that you went through things that no human should ever have to deal with. And it can't be any easier to deal with having the reminder staring back at you whenever you look in a mirror." she glances at Leyu for a moment then back to Sybil "A lot of that will take time, and unfortunatly that is something no one here can make go faster." she reaches into the bag in her hands and pulls out a large pair of scissors and then sets the bag on Sybil's lap. She then looks to Leyu so she can finish the explanation as she goes about binding her hair halfway down her back with an elastic/ponytail holder band.

Sybil glances at the two women. Dani and then Leyu. Then down at her lap. "I realize that my current look makes me seem older than I am, girls, but I'm not quite ready to be the old crone in a strange reenactment of the three fates..."

Leyu snorts and shakes her head. "We've no intention of playing the Fates, Sybil. But they took away your hair. Your long, beautiful hair." Awww. Leyu is all snuffled up. "We can't just wave a magic wand and undo that. But ... we both have more than enough hair. And we both care about you. So we would like to sacrifice some of our hair, so that you can use your talents to make yourself a wig. The same thing is done for patients undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments. That way, we two can try to give you back a little bit of yourself that those vile bastards took away." Now somebody say something, before she actually starts crying.

"Everything you need is in the bag." Dani gestures to what was set on her bag "All you needs is the hair, and ours," another glance goes to Leyu and she reaches over to put a hand on her shoulder "is the closest match colorwise. Plus you know where it is coming from and that it is high quality." thankfully she doesn't have the same feelings for Sybil that Leyu does so she can talk about this without getting emotional, "If you aren't interested, just tell us to go away and we will and never bring it up again.

Sybil breathes in a deep breath and then breathes it out again. "I... don't know what to say. Truly. That you undertake such a sacrifice for me is..." She smiles, sadly. "You should not have to. And I am much too selfish and vain to say no. Thank you, both. Of course." She holds up the scissors. "Well, then. Who first?"

Leyu smiles, misty-eyed. "Maybe we should not have to. But you should not have had to go through what you did. This, we do for you, not because we must, but because we wish to help." Leyu steps forward, taking Sybil's hand briefly. "Thank you, for accepting." Leyu nods, releasing Sybil's hand, and turns to Dani. "I think, as Dani is ready, perhaps she would consent to go first? I will help her to cut, so that it will be even." Rather than sawing at it herself, of course. Leyu helps, and then gives the hair to Dani to give to Sybil as she wishes. Then she sets about pulling her own hair out of her ponytails. A quick brushing to get everything together, and then she gathers hers up and ties it off, now just past her collar in length. She'll be giving the same length Dani has, to help everything go better.

"And ours will grow back a lot faster then yours will...relatively." Dani kneels down next to Sybil's chair, back to her, making last minute adjustments to the binding in her hair so that a good foot and a half will the cut off when it is cut about an inch above the band "Anytime you two are ready." she is being very trusting here, going first and assuming that Leyu is not going to back out at the last minute. Of course she knows Leyu's feelings for the woman so she is counting on that to keep her from chickening out..

It takes mere moments. A second here. A second there. And then, years of growing hair is lost for both Leyu and Dani. Sybil smiles softly, though there's hesitation in her eyes. "My powers aren't quite working as well as I would like. Doctor McCoy says it is a result of burnout. Apparently, most powers aren't designed to be used for twenty hours a day for days on end." Still, her fingers twitch and the cut hair rises into the air. It begins to weave itself together.

"Take your time, Sybil. There is no rush, for any of us. But we all know you would rather do this, than have someone else do it." Leyu offers, sacrificing her hair without a thought. She smiles to Dani, taking the other woman's hand in hers, a gentle squeeze. They have done this together, because they both know what it can mean to Sybil. Their feelings for the Romani mutant may be different, but they are feelings nonetheless. She is, at the least, a teammate, someone both hope can be a friend. And both recognize what it would mean to either of them, to be treated like Sybil was.

"I also thought perhaps a little housewarming day might be nice? We can help you to put up some of your things, your decorations. It will take us longer than it would if you were back to full strength. But it would be done with warmth in our hearts, a gift to you. And might make this place less of a cell and more of a home. You deserve that." Leyu offers. Enough of cells, damnit!

Putting a hand to the back of her head she runs her fingers through her shorn locks. It will be awhile before she will be able to have braids, but it was a price she was willing to pay, no regrets. "I can't remember a time when my hair was this short." she jumps up to run to look in a mirror, the poddle nearly tripping her up as it chases after her across the room.

After a few long moments of staring at herself in the mirror and turning this way and that to check out the various angles "I like it. It makes my face look a bit fuller." she then turns back and drops onto the edge of the bed to watch Sybil assemble her wig.

Sybil closes her eyes to better focus on her task. The hair doesn't just weave together, it bonds. Fibers growing into other fibers. Leyu's more subtle Japanese black is used to add volume and shine to Dani's stronger Native American black. A silk handkerchief is used on the interior, to help the hair set better on the head. Finally, after about five minutes of work, Sybil is sweating but the wig is complete. Sybil sets it on her scalp and adjusts it.

Leyu hops up as Sybil finishes, walking over to the vanity to pick up the small hand-held mirror there. She walks back, kneeling in front of Sybil, and holds the mirror up so that the Romani woman can see herself in her new wig. "I know it's not as good as having your own hair back. But hopefully it's enough, for now." she offers. No comment is made from her about what she will look like with shorter hair. It is a sacrifice willingly made, and worth it all if it gives Sybil some of her peace and self-identity back that was stolen from her.

"There is also double stick tape in the bag." the kind used to keep strapless dresses in place "In case you need it." she isn't overly familiar with Sybil's impressive powers so wasn't sure if that would help keep the thing on "You certainly don't want it to get knocked off in your next scuffle with some bad guy." she graps the dog before it can make a snack of the bed comforter and puts him in her lap.

"I don't need the tape. Thank you, though." Sybil says, sounding very tired after that use of her powers. Already, though, she looks better. She has wisps of eyebrows and the wig in place. Her body is already putting on weight with proper nourishment. "Thank you both. I... do not know what to say about your generousity."

Leyu reaches out, resting a hand on Sybil's knee. "There is nothing you need to do or say. Your thanks is more than enough. Just know that you are quite welcome to whatever we can do to help." It is true for both women, even if their emotional investments are different. Leyu glances at the dog, smiling. "What is his name, again?" she inquires of Dani. Hey, he's kind of cute, if it weren't for the property-destructive aspects. Of course, Sybil hasn't answered about the room-warming, but it can wait. They'll move at Sybil's speed, that's all that matters.

Dani absently pets the dog in her lap and lets Leyu do all that talking, in this instance it is probably better that way. With her luck lately she would probably just put her foot in her mouth or worse "Peanut." at his name the dog looks up at her and whines "And he needs to go out." she stands up, dog in arms "I'll see you two later." with that she leaves the room letting the two women decide what to do with the rest of thier day.

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