Why We Wear Masks

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Why We Wear Masks

Sombre Tyrannosaur, Ant-Man, Ringer

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11/12/12 09:30


While chasing Ringer, misadventure ensues for Ant Man and bystander Rex Gregson

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The sun has risen in the east, casting light amongst the shadows of the street in Harlem. It is a quiet morning presently, those no-do-gooders having retired from their business, which seems more appropriate at night, school children are out. Some even going to school, others milling about and ditching from classes. Some shops here and there are opening up for business, most already open and business underway. All in all, a normal day in Harlem.
However, it seems the normal routine is broken as there is a minor explosion in one of the 'closed' shops, the front window shattered from the inside and a man in a green costume, lined with bands and rings of copper or orange, jumps out to start running down the street. Turning over his shoulder he shouts, "Leave me be pest," and summons a ring between thumb and forefinger that he chucks behind him. It explodes against a brick wall. Unseen to most perhaps at this point, Scott Lang, the current Ant Man, is in pursuit of this would be villian, mounted atop a flying ant, currently standing about a 1/2" in height.

Breakfast: Tea and egg muffin. Delicious and just what a rock star needs in the morning. But then she hears an explosion from inside a shop, Rex's eyes widen as her tea spilled. She stood quickly, moving to exit the building with an anxious look, wondering what was going on now...
And abruptly stepped right out into the path of the escaping mutant. Turning her head at the last moment, the rock star gave a squeal of surprises and flung her arms up, not expecting him to be able to stop in time at all.

Indeed, the Ringer can't stop and, in part looking over his shoulder, he is definitely in for a surprise. Stumbling over the woman, the next ring that manifests is more unexpectedly lost from his grip as it spirals oddly through the air. Unfortunately for Ant Man, its wildly coming straight for him and the ant, with the curious spiral and the wind, it seems he can't really escape its path. At the last minute, he start to transform back to full size Ant Man, but he ring catches and explodes. Sort of like a stun bomb, just meant to startle. However, this comes with the unfortunate side effect of severing one of the tubes and nozzles running from the side of Ant Man's mask to the tank on his back. Which really means, there is a sudden uncontrolled spray of Pym Particles into the vicinity of the three person pile up. Which means, everyone else, including Scott, is going to be shrinking down in size. With the loose of direct control through the mask itself, there is no telling how much of a dose everyone is about to receive either.
Lucky for Ant Man, he still has his flying ant, and in the instant of going for the shrinking Ringer or the shrinking bystander, he flies down in the hopes of scooping up the innocent woman caught in this case of mixing peanut butter with chocolate - but instead of peanut butter and chocolate, its pym particles designed to shrink people.

Rex Gregson cries out in pain as she was knocked to the ground. Startled, dizzy, she lay there as the man ends up halfway over her. Blinking a few times, she stared at the road. She must have a concussion. Its all getting bigger! Then as the realization that she hadnt hit her head comes in, she yelps again "I'm getting smaller! What the hell..." she stammered, glancing up and about, seeing the mist, the ant-man nearby too, and paused "... Uhm... Ant Man?" she guessed.

"Something like that," said Ant Man through his PA system, controlling the volume to appropriate scale least he heart anyone's ear drums. "Well no, I am Ant Man, but first things first, taking care of you," he says simply enough, as shrunking Ringer is running amok and trying to escape, he'll worry about shrinking problems later it would seem. Even as Ant Man is coming to help, most people realize the hero and villain have disappeared and are coming to trample the area to look at what damages have been done. As he is adept to this size, he easily guides his ant out of the way of oncoming feet. Extending a hand down, he offers it to her, along with some words, "Come with me, we'll get this figured out ... in a safer place than this."

Nearly trampled down, Rex yelps and jumps to one side, near the edge of the curb for now. She blinked at Ant man and nodded again "I trust you. Let's get out of here first. It would be a terrible way to die." She agrees, grabbing his hand and swinging up, her body tense and nervous "Rex Gregson by the way."

The ant is nimble and easily carries both of them. It begins to circle up and out of the way, as if it knows where to go. "Rex Gregson," repeats Ant Man as if half focusing on the journey. "Should I know that name," he ponders curiously for a moment. Even as they ride, its evident his line is still severed and a light mist is flooding out of the tank. Even as its trailing freely away from them, he further adds. "I have to repair the tank first. Normal, uncontrolled dosing wears off after 10 minutes, but I don't know how much we all received in that initial blast of Pym Particles." He pauses there as if dropping the matter, then suddenly tacks on, "I'm really sorry about this Rex."

"It'll come to you." she replies, holding on tightly from behind as they fly. She yelps a bit more and holds on almost stranglingly tight "Sounds like a good plan. We wouldnt want to shrink to nothing. And uhm... its okay... I've had worse mondays." she admits awkwardly. "And it wasnt really your fault."

Approaching the top of the building, the ant crests the ledge and brings them down to the gravel. "You're too kind," says Ant Man, "But I'll take it." Maybe he's grinning as the ant touches down softly, like a helicopter, but without the dangerous blades and all the noise. "Okay, I normally don't do this in the line of duty. The whole secret identity thing and all, but I have to get the helmet off." He'll begin slipping off, if she clings she can come with him, otherwise he'll get off the ant first then help her down, with a kind hand. Of course, once that's taking care of, he removes the helmet, letting his short copper hair furl in the wind. Speaking of which, it would seem a neighborhood robin atop the access shaft is eyeing the small figures on the gravel below. Scott doesn't see it just yet.

She carefully climbed off to, and uncertainly patted the Ant on its' side, before shivering. "I can look away." she offers, then turns to face the other direction, understanding the entire secret identity thing "I dont think most people would believe me anyways, but I know why you wear the masks. So that man was the cause of that explosion? " she eyed the bird back, and reached to her belt for her mace can.

"Nah," he says regarding her turning away, even though she has already, "No telling how long this will take really." As it comes off, he turns off the nozzle, no more free flowing particles for the now at least. As he begins to fidget with the broken hose line, "Ya, he was, the Ringer, its actually a power suit he uses, to make those rings that explode. A curious one, on old reports, he's deceased. Either someone else stole the suit, or the reports were wrong." Scott fiddles away, the bird takes wing, circling once over ahead. "And the mask thing, its sort of a way to protect family. Villains have been known to go to extended measures to get back at a hero that put them behind bars or publically humiliated them." The bird dives, the ant does what comes natural, taking flight and leaving the two small humans as bird bait it would seem.

"An understandable need for hidden identities.... Yikes!" she ducked reflexively as the now giant-robin swooped down over them "Well, THIS keeps getting better and better. About ten minutes you say?" she asked, her mace poised. She looked over her shoulder now, mostly out of habit than anything as he continued to fix the line, then back once more "we may need to find cover somewhere. Rocking Robin there I think is hungry." she points out, her voice nervous, but also calm.

Ducking too, as the shadow gives the bird away, Scott agrees, "Yes, cover is good. Ten minutes, depending on how much we ingested of the particles. Not accounting for instability in the molcules themselves. I mean, luckily, we're not stuck in the Microverse right now, really." As if that is every day stuff and makes complete sense. Moving to take her hand in his, he looks around for covering, indicates the crack beneath the access door as a possibility. Then begins a scrable for the door, "It would be bad for the bird if he ate us, I suppose I should mention, mass bends, we retain our normal strength while reduced in size."

Rex Gregson nods, and turns to follow him quickly, her boots crunching between the now-boulder sized gravel "so I can still say, pick up a glass of water even though its larger than me." she assumes, following his lead towards the door. A glance over her shoulder repeatedly at the door "Microverse sounds like something from Steven Hawking though. Does he know what you can do? I bet he'd be interested." she joked, trying to keep herself from getting scared.

"Exactly," he agrees, rushing as the bird makes another dive. He'll dive for the door, but not until Rex has gone first. "I'm sure a few individuals would be interested in the microverse ... and interesting as it is, it has its own troubles." He grins a little, maybe not feeling inclined to go into details. "If we wanted we could probably open this door together, if we both pulled," he offers going back to topic of strength. "But the bird can't, probably best if we left it where it was." Going back to the helmet, he's attempting to pend the nozzle on one side to fit it into the other. "Exciting Monday, but not your most exciting you say ... I'll bite with curiosity in that one." He looks up inquisitively as he continues to work, now under the door. The inside stair well is rather dark at the moment.

Rex Gregson ducks as well as the bird flies over them, nearly getting them in the process "I usually love birds, but I am glad I prefer bugs!" she remarks anxiously, moving to the door too "Glad its' a swing door and not a latch." she remarks, grunting to pull the door open and climb in as well "Oh well, during that time when those demons were running loose in the city? I was being attacked by some goons, and then accidentally electrocuted by Bill." she explained.

In the safety of darkness, mostly, Scott grins. The tube together for now, could use some duct tape. Bill could be numerous people, but he is looking up, "You mean the shadow demons," he says, recalling being busy himself, "What goons would attack someone in the middle of that." Though rhetorically, he knows lots of people would loot in a time of crisis if the opportunity arose. "And accidently electrocuted, so accident's like this," he holds up the helmet, "They sort of follow you?"

"Well, its happened twice. I dont know if that's following or just chance." she admits, relaxing as they are now safe from the bird. "The shadow demons yes. And I guess they were hoping to mug some rich person while there was chaos and all that on the streets. " She pushes some hair behind her head and leans against the door now, to catch her breath as they waited there for it to wear off.

"Chance," grins Scott, "But with chances like that, could be worth a trip to Atlantic City." Then he looks more directly at her, "So, rich person, that's you're calling card?" Taking that from the goons trying to rob her. "Are you someone famous I should know about, or maybe my daughter would recognize you? Should I ask her when this situation resolves?" He's still in ponderance over who this woman might be. Picking up part of his helmet, he pulls what could be an ear phone from the inside and holds it up near his temple, focusing just a little, still just as curious.

"Well, I have no real secret identity, but I'm more popularly known as Sombre Tyrannosaur, the rock star." she explains casually, but not without straightening a little proudly, with a warm smile "I wear a mask on stage too, so its a bit easier for me to hide in public.... they broke into the hotel I was staying in - an expensive one. Wont do THAT again." she admits.

There is a nod then, perhaps some realization, from Scott. Uncertain realization but acknowledgement that the woman is famous. "Ya, hiding in public, not quite the purpose of my mask, not like Ant Man is one of the iconographic Avengers." He is grinning as he says this, he doesn't really care, "Not like I get the lunch pail or trading card deal - no need for me to hide in public." A shrug though all the same, "Those thugs, they didn't get away with it right?" He is imagining somewhere between Bill the eletrocutioner and the goons attempting to mug Rex, they were stopped, just not quite seeing it yet.

"Course not. They got electrocuted on purpose." remarks the woman "They're... okay I'm told. They needed some surgery though." she explains "Just that it was in a rainstorm and the thunderbolt got a bit too conductive and nailed me too. no real harm done. Bit of a headache and that's it. I looked like Doc Brown with my hair though." she laughed 'And yeah, the mask is mostly for effect and dramatics... I have no real need to hide my identity. Its just a game really."

"Nothing wrong with Doc Brown, its kinda cute I'd imagine, in its own way and not on Christopher Lloyd," he grins back just the same. "So you do have a normal social life at least, I mean, with my mask I can put the work away, be a normal person for a little bit?" Even as he's waiting, he pulls the small piece away from his temble. "No ants in here, but a couple of crickets? That not too weird right, they can get us to ground level ..."

"Eh, semi normal. I still get recognised and mobbed by fans and stuff, and I'm still in the market for a bodyguard. That's why I got this." she pats the mace on her belt, watching him. "... Crickets jump right? I think I can handle that. No butterflies? " she asked, half hopefully "I'm a butterfly collector - photos only. This is both exciting and yet at the same time scary as hell."

"Tell you what," grins Scott, "We take the crickets down and I'll start checking for butterflies. I'd agree that its scary, but you sort of get used to it. I guess like being on stage, I'd find that scary as hell." Even as he puts the head piece back up to his temple to send out calls for some friends, he says, "Rest assured I won't mob you, maybe that's a sign of how uncool I am, I don't listen to much music."

"If you can find butterflies mid-november in New York, I will be forever in awe at you!" she remarks, quite honestly as well. "And yeah, you get used to that too. I was terrified the first time on Britains' Got Talent." She then giggled at his promise, nodding gratefully "Well, each to our own. Mine's heavy rock/rock and roll, so some folk dont like it at all."

"I don't think I'm so picky with music," grins Scott, "Just don't make time for it like I probably should. Britains' Got Talent, is that something like that American Idle show, judges and such picking competitors they like." He lets his curiousity run, while waiting for the crickets. Before long they are bounding up the stairs towards the current location of the two. "Do I get bonus points if I manage to find some butterflies," he throws in as an afterthought.

"Yes, only its not just singers, but all performers. Dancers, jugglers, and all that. " she explained, then raies an eyebrow, and stares up at the cricket, fixated "... Oh uh... Depends on what you intend to do with those 'bonus points'. I have tickets to my next show..."

Chuckling a little, he shakes his head, "No, no, I wouldn't ask you for tickets. Bonus points, like we'll be on more friendly terms or something when this is all said and done. I mean, as cute as you are, I wouldn't try to turn this into a date night or something weird. I imagine you're somewhere between my age and my daughters." Saying he's on the older side perhap, he starts climbing up on his cricket. "Just so it doesn't seem to weird, the cricket will follow commands I give it, that's what my helmet does, amongst other things."

Rex Gregson laughs a little bit, almost going pink "I'd love to hang out more under better circumstances. Sounds like a good deal to me!" she nods as she climbs on too, and reaches down to hug it. Then shivered at the giant hairs. "Okay, all yours then!"

Fade: Riding Crickets into the Sunset

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