Why is the Blind Girl leading the way

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Why is the Blind Girl leading the way

Blindfold, Keith, Seth, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Jessica Drew, Ultragirl, Phantasm (Cameo), Iceman (NPC Chaperone)

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07/23/12 20:00

Homeless Shelter - Chelsea - NYC

A group from Xavier's ends up at a homeless shelter, where they meet up with Keith and also Jessica Drew, who is investigating a missing teen.

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Mid-evening just after dinner and Blindfold was out tapping her cane on the sidewalk, with Seth and Vaughn and a teacher from Xavier's. "Let's see what do we need again? I know I need a hairbrush and comb but Keith wll be here as well. Yes, sorry, trouble is my worst BF, keep on your toes please?"

It's just a typical evening at the homeless shelter... or so most we have thought. It's reaching dusk and the place is a bit more crowded than might be typical on a Monday night. People are lining up at the door seeming to be awaiting entry to the less than equipped shelter. Keith is standing in line wearing a pair of tan cargo short, a plain gray t-shirt, and what look to be a pair of old blue Old Navy flip-flops. It's almost like he's trying to look like some normal bum. Which is odd for anyone that has actually met Keith outside of tonight...

Seth is carrying a number of bags with supplies for all those starving, wounded people at the mansion. His mutation is hidden behind hyper-polarized sunglasses, covering what would otherwise be a pair of eyes glowing like two led flashlights. His hair, silvery white, hangs loose covering his features until he happens to raise his head. He's mostly quiet, actually kinda gloomy. Yes, he doesn't want to talk much since the Mansion got wrecked by Sentinels.

Vaughn stops almost mid-step as he walks just slightly behind Ruth. He looks at the blind girl. "Ruth, this is not a store... this is a shelter.. for people in need. Worse need than us." He pauses, "Keith? Wait, Mister Drooly? Is that why we are here?" Then any sign of a smile fades from his lips. "Are you leading us into the middle of more trouble?"

Flying over the city, with a map in her one hand and an envelope in the other, Ultragirl pauses... so that the map'll stop folding under the 'breeze' created by her flying. Looking at the map, she looks down at the 'lay of the land' below her, as if trying to figure out where she is based on what she sees on the map and of the city itself.

Strolling down the sidewalk, Jess is clad in casual attire, white top and faded jeans. She lowers her cell phone from her ear, thumbing at the device for a moment and eyeing a photo before slipping it into her back pocket as she crosses the street towards the homeless shelter. She lifts a hand brush back her hair as she glances around, green eyes flicking from face to face of any nearby people.

Not far away is Richenda Gray, hurrying to catch up with the small group. Her gait is a touch stiff, as if she's been off her feet for a little while, but otherwise there's little sign of her injuries of the days before. There's no faculty chaperone, oddly. Maybe they trust her as far as they can throw her, now that she's nearly been killed by giant robots?
"Ruth?" she calls, once she gets in hailing distance. "Wait up! They had a few things to add to the shopping list." She pulls out a piece of paper with a hasty scrawl across it, nodding casually to Seth and Vaughn. "Don't mind me. Just the delivery girl... unless you need help with shopping?"

Blindfold stops in her steps "Uh oh...No, I'm sorry Vaughn, was not my intent, I'm blind, I can not tell where I am going, I just like wandering to explore, but more pressing matters...someone is going to be giving a check as charity to
this shelter...worse we just might be in for trouble yes, my apologies. Why were you letting me lead anyway, so silly, but it's alright. Sides, Keith is not yet going to our school but he will" there was that yet again.

Keith is waiting in line like any other until someone catches his attention by saying his name. It's only when he finally registers who it is that he instantly ducks his head and looks ashamed. "Damn it, why does this happen to me now?!" It's clear Keith is ashamed and his voice indicates it's clearly not because he HAS to be here. "Damn, I knew I should have rented that hotel room... why did I insist on storing my stuff at that storage place just out of the city?!"

As the evening settles in, there's a purplish black avian form in the sky, graceful and quiet as it glides upon its wings. It flies past the shelter before diving down towards an alley elsewhere.

Seth looks at Blindfold. "Uhm... What school? Is that the Heaping Pile of Rubble High School, or the Collapsed Hope for Special Children School?" Yeah. Dark humor. Or not. Seth is, to say the least, angry. He looks at Richenda with another list and sighs, "Okay, question... One, how did you get here without a supervisor?"

Vaughn looks at Blindfold, shrugging slightly, "Well, you were walking like you knew where you were going... and considering that you have been out to get supplies and I haven't... I thought you knew where you where going. Besides... " He pauses, "Never mind... Guess it's just a case of the blind leading the blind..." Oh, Vaughn doesn't have to see Keith, his voice - especially his accent - is rather distinctive. He shakes his head slightly, then quirking a brow at Keith's comment to himself.

Ultragirl studies her map, not really minding some blackbird flying around - you see birds flying about, aplenty, when you fly over a city, after all. Still, she seems to have found where she was looking to go, by the way she folds the map up and tucks it up under her belt, on one hip, as she slowly descends out of the sky, to land on the sidewalk in front of the homeless shelter, the prim white legal-sized envelope in one hand.

Jess continues along at her rather leisurely pace, moving towards the shelter. She pauses once she's within sight of the line of people waiting to be fed and shakes her head slightly before heading towards the back of the line and pulling her phone out again. Jessica begins to speak with a few of the people waiting, showing them a picture of a teenage boy on the device.

"The school. You know, /our/ school. Doesn't take a building to have a school," Chenda reminds Seth. Reading history is boring to the gypsy girl, but /talking/ to people who lived history? You can really learn some fascinating stuff that way! "It does help, though." She hands Ruth the list. "It's not much, but some of it's urgent."
She glances up as the girl in bright orange comes in for a landing, blinking in surprise. "Oh, cool! Flying bicycle messenger! I guess with all the damaged roads in this city, it must really come in handy."

Blindfold smiles toward vaughn "I was just walking" then smiles to Richenda "We can always use an extra pair of hands Richenda, yes thank you" taking the list and handing it to the teacher that escorted the now quartett she put a hand on Seth's shoulder "I know..alot has happened, but it's not the end, just one hurddle Seth, things will be ok and get back to normal" then turns her head "Hmm noo, I'm sorry, I don't think so. What do they look like if you don't mind please?" then grins toward Keith's direction and waves to mr. drooly

Keith looks around slowly, but finally falls out of line hanging his head in shame. "Hey Ruth... I, uh, was looking to see if I could help at the shelter and got shoved in line?" His accent is thick Irish and clearly his comment comes out more like a question than an actual statement. Like he's totally not hiding a big pink elephant right in plain sight with that lie. He then slowly looks up and around at Ruth's group. "What brings you out here?"

Seth looks at Keith, and greets the guy with a nod. "Shopping", he says plainly to him. Then, he looks slightly around, to see Jessica Drew holding up the device with a picture of a teenage boy. He looks at the teenager on the picture...

Vaughn grins at Blindfold. "Well, you do have a tendency of just being in the right place at the right time... " The area above his nose scrunches up slightly, "Though that is generally the wrong place and the wrong time for me..." He sounds joking, well mostly joking, well somewhat joking. As he was at the school for less than twelve hours before it was reduced to rubble, he decides to stay out of that particular discussion. At Keith's remark about getting pushed into the line, he nods, "uh-huh.... Yeah..."

Ultragirl walks in and up to one of the servers. "Where can I find Father Mackenzie?", she asks... and is directed to the church-part of the shelter, given directions to his office, at which point she heads off that way to deliver the envelope - which, as it'll turn out, is a donation to the shelter. Not too long later, she flies back up into the air from outside the shelter, and away.

Blindfold smrks at Keith not buying it a bit "trying to pull the wool over my eyes Keith?" ya busted. Then chuckles at Vaughn's words "Not my fault it usually works out that way." then turns toward Keith again "I took a wrong turn, I'm blind..it was bound to happen eventually"

Keith looks between Seth and Vaughn seeming to take what they say in with a nod. "Oh, shopping... that's always an interesting task." He then grows a touch red in the face at Vaughn's clear disregard for his lie. "Alright, I'm
attempting to cut down on finances and cheat my parents out a bit of cash..." He then chuckles at Blindfold's comments about taking a wrong turn. "Wow, sometimes I wonder why I just don't follow you around for the pure fun of it."

Jessica Drew turns her attention from person to person, moving slowly along the line with her phone and asking if anyone has seen the boy in question. She shifts her gaze to Seth as he looks at the picture on her phone, "Seen him?"

"Most people shove you /out/ of line for stuff," Chenda observes, frowning studiously at the kid with the Irish accent.
Trouble is, she can't do severe. It always comes out cutely irritated instead. "Ruth? Do you know this guy?"
She glances up as someone puts a phone in Seth's face. Call for... wait, that's a picture. "Who is he?" she asks.

Vaughn shakes his head at Keith's comment of following Ruth around. "Nah, man, you really don't want to do that... You're brain would probably explode with that much contact." He lightly elbows Blindfold with a smirk. "Besides, half the time, it seems like she just happened to be where ever you are going to show up if " and he does air quotes "it is meant to be." He cocks his head, "Cheat your parents out of cash, by taking food and a safe bed from someone who can't get it anywhere else? Dude, that's just not cool." Not that long ago, Vaughn stood in that very same line because he had no
other option.

Seth looks at Jessica from top to bottom before he's really looking at the picture. "You're an investigator, lady?" Right now, his attention has blocked the conversation between his teen friends.

Jessica Drew arches a dark brow in response to the queries from the little group of teens, she nods, "Private investigator, yes. And I'm trying to help find this boy for his parents. He's been missing for three days. Does he look
familiar to any of you?"

Blindfold was wearing a blindfold over hr 'eyes' so..yeah no way she could see anyone "My apologies Miss, I'm sorry, I haven't seen anyone my entire life" then turns toward Chenda and nods "Yes, this is Keith. Keith, please, meet Vaughn, Seth and Richenda. Why not come shopping with us Keith? I'm sure Smart-Mart would have everything we're looking for and food for dinner?"

Keith looks even more guilty as the girl he doesn't even know commenting in him practically freeloading. "Yeah... yeah..." He then looks stunned as Vaughn speak of his brain exploding. "I... uh... sure." He then looks fully ashamed of
himself before looking back at the shelter. "Damn, you're totally right. I'm going to donate most of my earnings this week to the shelter. Maybe I can slowly make up for using it with such ill intent." He then looks up with hope in his eyes. "You'd still let me tag along even though I'm clearly not the best apple in the orchard?"

"Or just Chenda. Nice to meet you," Chenda says politely, though her face is still dubious. She steps a little closer to Ruth, looking at that list. "Wait, you're going to Smart-Mart? I know a couple places where you can get half this stuff cheaper than they sell it, Ruth. Do we have time for a couple extra stops?" Vaughn, defender of the weak and downtrodden, gets a smile. It seems someone here thinks like she does!
She looks over at the private investigator again, frowning thoughtfully. "Um... no, I'm sorry. He doesn't ring any bells. Do you have a contact number? We're doing some shopping, and we might see him."

Vaughn looks over at the picture of the kid. He chews on his lower lip slightly, as he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "Not really sure... Looks like someone I saw about a week ago at a rave in Hell's Kitchen... but I was a bit
focused on other things... " He shrugs slightly, "Like I said, I'm not even positive... " He glances at Blindfold as she offers and just shakes his head just slightly. There's no point arguing with Little Miss It's Your Destiny.

Seth looks at the picture, "Nope. Sorry, never seen him in my life." He looks at the others, to see if they give a positive reply, but it looks like it's not helping. He shrugs, "Once again, sorry. I hope you find him." He then
remembers, "You know... You could have a talk with this guy down at a precinct... he knows a guy who knows a few guys..."

Blindfold nods with a smile "Hopefully your brain doesn't explode" smirking in vaughn's direction and then turns toward the P.I. "I do hope you find him soon safe and sound, I'm sorry, I apologize we couldn't be of more help"

Jess nods at the little group, pursing her lips as she glances to Blindfold before commenting in her faint British accent, "Yes, of course..sorry, miss." She looks back to the others, hmm'ing at Vaughn and Seth's responses, "Thank you both. And..I know a number of people myself, but I'm taking any help I can get. What precinct might this guy be at?"

Off to the distance, far away from the shelter, there is sound of metal clanging plus the faint cry of surprise, soon followed by cursing. "That bird's @#$ing crazy!"

Keith nods at the new girl saying, "Nice to meet you! I'm Keith." He then looks curiously at the picture of the boy before saying, "He looks vaguely familiar. Though that doesn't mean much since most faces are mushing together like...
well memory goo."

Vaughn looks apologetic to Jess, "I'm sorry that I couldn't be anymore help... " He lets Seth give the investigator his contact at the police, as he turns his attention back to Ruth, Chenda, and Keith. His golden brown eyes, still hued with a bit of irritation, focuses on Keith, "So, what are you doing in New York all by yourself, other than scamming your parents out of money?"

"Well...", and Seth gives Jess the precinct number. Heck, he's even giving directions. "Just ask to speak with Captain George Huntington. He's kinda new at the job, but he's a good man; he's likely to fall on your side if you play a
sentimental chord."

Blindfold smiles to the P.I. "It's alright, yes, thank you, happens alot" sounding quite understanding before turning back to her group but turns her head at the shouting and cursing with a slight blush as the language "Hmm" then turns back to her friends "Keith is looking for a new boarding school to attend" and turns to richenda "How bout it Richenda? Please, join us?"

Keith looks ashamed as Vaughn as he focuses his attention back on him. "I'm... I... I'm looking for a boarding school for this next semester." He then looks at Ruth nodding slowly at her with his answer.

Jessica Drew inclines her head to the group, entering the Captain's name into her phone when Seth offers it, "Thank you." And with that, she turns to continue down along the line.

"Contact number?" Chenda asks again, politely, slipping her phone from her pocket and flipping it open. "Seriously, we might see him, and it never hurts to know an investigator. We might need one, sooner or later. Or somebody we know might."
She looks back to Blindfold, a little puzzled. "Um, I'm already here," she replies. "I'm with you. Just, don't go to Smart-Mart first. We can find half this stuff cheaper at a couple places I know of, then double back to Smart for the
groceries." Her attention slides over to Keith. "Boarding school... let me get back to you on that? I'm pretty sure I know of one, but I'll need to check in with them and see if they're taking applications." Or going to be standing in
time; always a concern.

Seth nods to Jessica, then returns his attention to the conversation the teens his age are having. And just in time to hear about Blindfold's bit on boarding school. "I dunno if they won't take a while to start getting applications, Ruth. Can't hurt to ask, though." He looks to Richenda, and sighs. "You know, we got a deadline here...?" he looks at the group. "Maybe we should split up to cover more ground, whaddya say?"

Vaughn reaches up and pinches the bridge of his nose. "Of course you are..." He looks to Richenda, then glances at Blindfold then to Keith then back to Blindfold with a slight nod as if to say 'yeah, she's already given her Cassandra routine and stated that he will be at the school. He nods, "Or skip the Smart-mart all together..."

Blindfold grins sheepishly at richenda "Sorry, my apologies Richenda" sometimes time liked to play tricks on her "I've told him he should meet a friend of ours. Question is, Scott or Jean?" simply reaching out to pat Vaughn on the shoulder, least she hopes it's his shoulder, yeah she knows vaughn is grumbling inside.

Keith nods slowly at the group seeming to be unsure what they mean about the boarding school they're all talking about. "Oh? Did something drastic happen to the boarding school? I thought it had some small accident to one of the buildings..." He pauses and looks around the group. "Oh my god! Your dorm all was the school?!" He then looks along with what Ruth is doing as a jealous expression crosses his expression.

"I was about to suggest that, actually," Chenda replies to Seth. "Though I hadn't known about the schedule." What, pay attention to curfews? Her? Surely someone jests! "It's okay, Ruth. I'd say Jean. Scott's been so busy lately that he might not make it to the meeting."
She looks to the stressed-looking Vaughn, then Keith. "Wait, who said anything happened to the school? Or was this..." Her eyes go back to Vaughn and Ruth, frowning thoughtfully.

Vaughn looks over at Richenda, "The space debris hitting the school was on the news... It was a good thing that it was empty the time... between out of standard sessions and the fields trip..." Yeah, that's the official cover story. He pauses then looks to Ruth. "I don't think I have met Jean yet, have I? " He shakes his head, "We probably should get to picking up the supplies."

Blindfold looks innocently at richenda, genuinely "It was on the news, space debri from a russian satelite, we were all away from the school when it hit" turning her head this way and that from one to the next as they spoke "Sooo what's the plan please? thank you"

"Lead the way dear new friends. I'll be glad to assist in grabbing stuff and helping transport it back to your school if needed." Keith says looking at the other with a grin on his face. Looks as though he has some plans for assisting in hauling things.

"Oh, right..." Nothing like a good cover story, right? Chenda manages a smile for Keith. "We could definitely use the help, Keith. Thank you." She looks back to Ruth and Vaughn. "Probably not. She's been busy the last few days. I was
thinking hit Dollar-Stretcher first, then Essentials First for what we can't get at Dollar-Stretcher. Anything left over we can probably get at Smart-Mart, if Seth and Ice don't beat us there."

Vaughn pauses, "Um... actually, with Richenda here, I am not sure if we have room for a sixth person in the car... " He grins, "Unless someone rides in the trunk, which would be likely filled up with supplies." He looks to Ruth and Richenda, "Right?"

Blindfold smiles and nods to Richenda, it was a good plan, always good to save money where you could. Then turned to Keith and Vaughn "Actually we can do our errands and give Keith a lift, then drop him off where he's staying before heading back to meet our deadline, yes, I'm sorry"

Vaughn glanes at Ruth's last 'I'm sorry'. He focuses his thoughts at her, as he thinks 'Not as sorry as you're gonna be'. It is a joking threat with no malice behind the thought. He sighs and heads to catch up with Seth and Ice Man.

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