Why can't we all just get along

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Dagger, Spider-Woman, Chimera, Shriek, Dansen Macabre / Emitted by Black Panther

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01/31/13 23:50

Lower West Side

Dagger gets herself into a pickle

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10:22 AM
Logfile from Sniktbub - Black Panther.

Dagger finds herself without Cloak and moving through the back alleyways in costume looking for trouble. And trouble is what she finds.

At the end of a blind alleyway, she stumbles upon a completely nude woman with black (darkforce) strips moving about her body (to cover her naughty bits as per comics code authority). The woman is dancing before a man who seems mesmerized by her appearance and has her back to the arriving Dagger. Dagger recognizes the woman as Dansen Macabre (a member of the villain group, Night Shift). Dansen Macabre says to the man in a melodic voice, "You will submit and give me the access numbers to your security system."

The man replies, "I will submit and give you the access numbers to my security system..."

[OOC] Black Panther says, "http://www.comicvine.com/dansen-macabre/29-32257/"

Dagger throws a light ball(flare) over their heads "Don't listen to her, leave and call it in. Back to your tricks Dansen?"

The man is clearly going to snap out of the hyptnotism in a round or two and the disturbance pisses off Dansen Macabre. She turns sharply and eyes Dagger, "You bitch!" she screams and then calls to her hidden companion. "Chimera, please dispense with our unwelcome guest!"

Another woman steps from around a brick corner of the alleyway. Suddenly she's surrounded by two etherial snakes of green energy. She says, "It would be my pleasure."

The large snakes are then shunt toward Dagger, lashing out at the heroine over the score of yards that are between Dagger and Chimera. One of the snakes intends to wrap around Dagger, and the other intends to bite her throat.

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Dagger frowns "So you people keep telling me. I hope someday you can understand though....this wrong to do to people." growing daggers of light from her fingers she throws one handful toward dansen and the other toward chimera

The darkforce ribbons absorb the light daggers into the pocket dimension. The other dagger is swallowed by one of the snakes of Chimera while the other snake will begin it's coiling about Dagger, with the goal of restraining her.

Dagger mutters under her breath before a sword of light appears in her hand and she starts hacking at the snake trying to coil her trying to behead the serpent and free herself from the coils...talk about revenge of the anaconda

The coiling snake is beheaded, it begins to dissipate, however that only serves as a distraction while the other great snake comes down on the back of Dagger's neck with the intent to bite and mentally subdue Dagger.

Meanwhile, Dansen Macabre kicks the man in the nads and drops him like a rock - just to get him out of the picture until they can resolve the Dagger issue.

Maybe it was all her time hanging with cloak or maybe their lifestyle, whatever it was Dagger got that feeling on the back of get neck like someone following you down a dark street. Tucking into a roll Dagger narrowly dodged the snake but now what? she had no backup, she was alone on this one...maan cloak wad going to give her an earful for doing this.

Speaking of earfulls. With a scream, and behind Chimera, a familiar female voice calls loudly, "GET OFF HER YOU BITCH!" and blasts Chimera across the alleyway into the side of a dumpster. Stepping into the light, Shriek makes herself visible to the dodging Dagger who recognizes her as a psychopathic villain that she and Cloak have encountered on many ocassions. Such that Cloak drove her insane keeping her within his darkness for too long. Shriek has eyes on Dagger, filled with deadly intent.

[OOC] Black Panther says, "http://www.comicvine.com/shriek/29-15232/all-images/108-214908/77153-shriek/105-85184/"

From frying pan into the fire "Thank you Shriek for the assistance but please...can't wet be friends? Cloak and I can get you help" What was with the villains today? did they all send each other texts where to meet to attack a lone person such as her?

Dansen Macabre ducks and flees realizing that her compatriot is down and she doesn't stand a chance against Shriek. Her only words are muttered along the lines of 'fuck this shit'.

Chimera is down, but not out, around her two dragons form and she stands, "I don't think so, bitch." she rebukes the challenge of Shriek. But does not act just yet.

Shriek eyes Chimera and answers Dagger while moving into the alleyway (it's noted that she's flying/hovering a few feet above the ground), "I do." and then blasts Chimera again from a ball of energy that turns into a beam from her hand. Chimera's dragons absorb the blow and deflect it in many directions, one being toward Dagger.

Dagger was beginning to feel like a steak between two junkyard dogs. spreading a shield of light out on her arm Dagger crouched blocking the deflected attack with her light shield.

Chimera returns the attack but has two chinese like dragons. One lashes out at Dagger, the other at Shriek. Both seek to bite. Shriek holds up her powered hand and the dragon bites it. The dragon's head begins to glow...

Raising get light shield Dagger tried to shield bash the Dragon. what wad that horror flick about killer fish that were the result of breeding pandas with flying fish? the fish even flapped their fins to fly and were huge. theses dragons must have been a ancestor of such creations! Not something Dagger wanted to get bit by, you had to but her finger first! Sides dagger would make a horrible horseman

Smacking the dragon's head only serves to delay it's attack. It moves with the shield bash and circles around behind Dagger.

Then suddenly Chimera is struck from above by a venom blast from Spider-Woman. It strikes Chimera in the shoulder and causes her to fall to one knee. The dragons fade.

Shriek takes advantage of the distraction and blasts at Dagger and Chimera at the same time. Chimera is struck and knocked into the wall.

Dagger lets out a soft cry add she's hit, flying into the side of a dumpster and getting knocked out, masonry or steel it hit back hard.

Spider-Woman dispenses with Shriek and takes Dagger to a safe place.

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