When Titans Tussle II

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Titans Tussle II

Namor, Hercules

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Avengers Mansion Gym

Namor and Hercules in another 'friendly' sparring bout

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-----==[ Gymnasium - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion ]==----------------------

The gymnasium located in the basement could easily put most others in the known world to shame. This room is truly vast, but no space is wasted as fitness equipment is lined along the walls and in the floor. A vast Olympic sized pool sits in the far middle of the room as a corridor leads off to the shower and changing rooms as well as a large sauna and steam bath all of which can easily hold the entire team. Lapping completely around and over the pool, a huge black running track is found. Found on the other side of the room, all types of equipment is placed. Several racks of all types of barbells for any strength level, and several benches line the walls. Tread mills, bicycles, as well as a boxing ring and any exercise equipment imaginable is located here. Also a towel rack, refrigerator, as well as one full wall being made up entirely of a mirror is found in here.

As you listen closely, a large over head CD/tape/radio system blasts music in the gym which always plays up tempo music and the music goes no farther than the gym doors giving that jolt of adrenaline while the Avengers work out.

Obvious Exits:
[O] - Sub Basement - Avengers Mansio

Hercules comes in from Sub Basement - Avengers Mansion
Hercules has arrived.

Namor glides through the pool a few times, then emerges, heading straight for one of the giant weightlifting sets. He clutches the bar loaded with 'Hulk Class' weights and struggles to lift it, before finally returning it to the rack where he found it with a collossal CLAAAANG. Snorting, he selects a lower weight and hefts it, still straining but managing.

Hercules walks into the area over and notices Namor lifting weights. He looks down to Namor and greets him with a large smile, "Why hello there Namor do you need some assistance? After all who could be a better spot partner then the god of strength himself?"

Namor gives a start before turning his head to look at Hercules sternly. He sets down the lighter weights as well. "No, I do not need your assistance. I was just...testing myself. To ensure my strength remained intact. You've heard of the malady affecting some of our fellow Avengers? Powers drained, strength lost, and so forth?"

Hercules nods his head, "Indeed I have, the good news is I hear that they are slowly but surely regaining their strength and powers back. From the weight class you were lifting I assume that you have not been effected at all by power drain, this is good to hear." He now rubs his chin then smiles, "You know a true test to make sure we are not effected would be to have a friendly spar against each other." After a small chuckle he says, "Well to be honest it has been a while sense I have had a fight that has lasted more then a few minutes. I know you can last more then a few minutes with me." Then in a friendly tone of voice he adds, "Or can you?"

Namor's brows come together in anger, but then his expression lightens and he tosses his head back to laugh. "Of course - if I go easy on you, that is. Shall we?" Without waiting for a reply he heads off towards the simulation room.

Hercules shakes his head then call out to Namor, "No need for us to travel far at all. There is boxing ring right here." Hercules now makes his way to the boxing ring. He warms up a little by doing several rapid pushups then does some quick jabs motions to the air with first the left hand then the right.

Namor gives the ring a slight frown and then flutters his ankle-wings, lifting him up over the ropes and down to set down inside of the ring. He watches Hercules' preparations with crossed arms, one eyebrow going up regally. Finally he snorts. "Our enemies are not likely to give us time for warm-up in a real fight, Olympian." Shifting into a fighting stance, fists raised and body turned slightly to the side, he begins to inch closer to Hercules. "And neither shall I!"

SYS: Namor rolls initiative: 1d10 (+2) = 11

SYS: Hercules rolls initiative: 1d10 (+0) = 2

Namor lunges forward with a quick jab, trying to catch the Prince of Power off-guard!

SYS: Namor targets Hercules and rolls for HAND-TO-HAND attack. Result: 53 -- Hit Damage: 40

Hercules looks slightly surprised he was only starting to get warmed up. He gets into a fighting stance then says, "Good point, have at th..." Before Hercules can get the thee part out Namor hits him with the first punch.

SYS: Hercules targets Namor and rolls for HAND-TO-HAND attack. Result: 67 -- Slam Damage: 90

SYS: Namor rolls for SLAM. Result: 10 -- 1 area knockback

Namor hits Hercules with a hard blow. "Well struck my friend, that was the second hardest blow I felt all week." Hercules says this to Namor then counter attacks by giving Namor a direct punch to his the rib area, "The hardest punch I felt was... well it was from myself." While this sound cocky Hercules is talking about the time the Super Adaptoid changed into Hercules, then sucker punched him.

Namor is grinning in satisfaction as his punch lands. But the Prince of Power doesn't seem to be phased. The return blow is a shot to the gut that from most would have caused Namor to double over. But backed by Hercules' incalculable strength the Atlantean is sent flying backwards. He bounces off the ropes lining the edge of the boxing ring, and only the special Avengers-ready reinforcement prevents the ropes from snapping altogether. "Generous as ever with your 'gift', I see." Namor admits grudgingly, leaning back against the barrier until he's steadid himself. "Now allow me to return the favor." So saying he springs forward. He's used to a lot more room to operate, but as Namor's on the far edge of the ring he still has enough space to launch into an extremely short-lived flight, rocketing into Hercules fists first.

SYS: Namor targets Hercules and rolls for CHARGE attack. Result: 24 -- Miss

With a smile on his face Hercules wags a single finger, "Not going to catch me off guard this time." He now side steps Namor avoiding to the charge attack, "I am impressed you caught me off guard that first time."

SYS: Namor rolls initiative: 1d10 (+2) = 9

SYS: Hercules rolls initiative: 1d10 (+0) = 4

Namor connects with nothign but air, slamming into the ropes on the other side and narrowly avoiding entangling himself. Barking a frustrated sound that's no doubt a swear word in Atlantis, he turns to face Hercules again. As much as Namor hates to admit it, in a pure physical confrontation, on dry land, Hercules is almost certain to get the better of him. It's time to change his tactics. "Impressed? My friend..." He begins, tone one of warning. Then his eyes begin glowing, and there's a slight buzzing sound. Hair stands up on end as the very air is energized. "You of all Avengers should know never to understimate Namor the Sub-Mariner!"

SYS: Namor targets Hercules and rolls ENERGY attack using AQUATIC ANIMAL MIMICRY/ELECTRICAL GENERATION. Result: 73 -- Bullseye Damage: 0

Hercules is struck by the lightning attack however outside of his hair being frizzled Hercules does not harmed at all. He now rubs his frizzled hair, "Mayhap you missed the part about this being a friendly spar? You do know my father is known for his lightning attacks they tend not do too much damage to me unless you happen to be a god of it. I might have to tell you of the time my father ended a debated that I was going to win by hurling two lightning bolts at me."

SYS: Hercules targets Namor and rolls for HAND-TO-HAND attack. Result: 99 -- Stun Damage: 90

SYS: Namor rolls for STUN. Result: 98 -- Not Stunned

Namor's expression is pure innocence. "A frendly spar is still a spar," he explains, but from his slightly defensive tone it's clear that he knows he's been caught red-handed. But knowing Namor, he's probably more upset at the fact that it didn't work. "Your father hurls lightning at you to end your prattling? Why am I not surprised?" Namor has only a moment to look smug before Hercules is on him again. This time the blow staggers him and Namor has to shake his head a few times to make the ringing stop. He seems ready to go on physically...but his expression shows that he's quickly losing interest in being Hercules' punching bag. He raises one hand, palm out towards his opponent. "Enough. I...concede." Being Namor he can't help one last parting shot. "Perhaps next time we spar we should do so in surroundings where the advantage goes to me."

Now it is Hercules turn, this time he looks to end this spar by giving Namor a direct hit to the face. While it was a hard hit that did connect he is slightly surprised that Namor is still standing upright, "By Zeus's beard! Mayhaps you were not kidding around too much about taking it easy on me." He then nods to Namor, "Agreed you have more then held your own, next time we fight in a swimming pool, or better yet at the beach were the wenches can watch in awe of two great warriors testing their might against each other." He puts his hand out Namor.

Namor reaches out without hesitation, clasping the hand and shaking firmly. "Agreed!"

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