What Would You Like Your Tombstone To Say

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Seth has the bright idea to taunt the God of Mischief

Seth, Armand, Rogue, Rex, Beta Ray Bill, Loki, Mike

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06/02/12 16:30

Gramercy Park

Taunting a god is a bad idea, taunting an unstable god is an even worse idea.

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Gramercy Park, mid afternoon. Sitting on a bench, Seth is gazing off into space. A book of sheet music from Breaking Benjamin lies next to him, pages opening and closing before the slight breeze passing. His sunglasses fail to cover his ever-glowing eyes, from each a single stream from tears is visible.

An unusual young man is right before you, who is clearly different than the average passer-by. His face has angular features, and his skin bears a natural tan that give away his origin from a warm, if not torrid climate. But what makes him so distinctive, is the fact his eyes are glowing a bright white, like two led flashlights. His hair, wavy and unkempt, falls down to his shoulder line, white and with a silvery hue to it.

He's dressed in a casual, for-the-season kind of style, but also one suited for dressing in a hurry: white t-shirt with a black hooded overcoat stretching all the way past his knees. His t-shirt fits his frame, which is lean and slightly muscular, hanging untucked. On his feet are a pair of brown hiking boots.

The God of Mischief has returned to all his former glory, complete with a new outfit. He strolls down the sidewalk with a sense of purpose, garnering strange looks from the citizens, even though they should be used to seeing people in strange clothing by now. He can't help as a bit of a cocky smile crosses his features, emerald eyes positively gleaming with mischief. He passes behind the bench on which Seth is lounging and snatches up his music book when the breeze lifts it within grabbing range and pauses a minute to flip through it, shaking his head. "Why you mortals enjoy this, I will never know."
While she did not live in the area, Rex was permitted into this park at this time, as a potential buyer of property nearby. She was currently walking along out of costume along, the real estate agent taking a break as the woman relaxed now, pondering the choices given to her, a few papers in her own hands. She rustles them, then cries out as one gets away, starting to flutter across the ground towards the other two. With an irritated sigh, the musician starts after it, pacing quickly.

Book snatched, but in Seth's mind something has snapped to call his attention, like a shadow passing by. His mind snaps back into reality, where he notices the God of Mischeif saying that last sentence. "I guess we 'mortals' like to cling to what small joys in life we can find. Some go for music, others go for money, others go for women..." He thinks for a mmoment, "Others go for money /and/ women..." He then adds, "When you're finished with that, I'd like to have it back, please."

Loki drops the book back onto the bench and shrugs, making his armor clink just slightly. "You are more than welcome to it." the flying paper belonging to Rex is caught in mid-air as he seems to be in the mood for snatching documents. "What do you go for, then? Money and women? I prefer power, myself. Power will get you much further than slips of paper with numbers on them."

Rex Gregson slows again, noting that the man who caught her paper was dressed... well, uniquely to say the least. She brushes some dark hair from her eyes as she slowed. "Thank you for catching it. " her accent was slightly british, hearing the conversation as she looks to Seth, then back once more, hand out to retake the paper.

"I go for surviving in this mess of a world I'm in", Seth replies. He looks at the immortal's armor. "Nice attire. Is the New York Comic Con up already?" He notices the arriving Rex, and gives her a silent greet with a nod of his head.

So the Human believes he's just going to hand it over? He takes the paper and looks at it, then just crumples it up and tosses it over his shoulder, having no use for it. "A mess of a world? My child, you have no idea what kind of mess you are really in, now, do you?" his accent sounds British but he is clearly either crazy or from elsewhere. "You are all just ants under the magnifying glass."

Rex Gregson gapes a little as the paper is tossed away. Her jaw sets a little bit, and she drops the hand, eyes glancing to the crumpled ball sitting under the bench, then back once more to the armored figure. "Everyone is in the grand scheme of things. We're just all space dust" she remarks cooly.

With the currently pleasant weather, although at some risk to be something worse later on. Mike is making the most out of the good sun as is. Instead of staying at the Daily Grind to read from his book, he's called and made some arrangements with an owner of a certain townhome before adjusting his route to instead go show up at Gramercy Park. In one hand he holds a disposable coffee cup he's obtained from one of his more frequent hangout spots, the Daily Grind while the other sports a very worn, hardcover edition of the collected works of Edgar Alan Poe with a raven displayed upon the dustjacket. Complimenting the dark material within the pages of that book, Mike's attire also drifts towards that end of the color spectrum with some slightly better than usual dark clothing and - Oh hey, he is without the knit cap today but his hair is pulled back. Someone must be abusing their celebrity status to get in the park. HMM. Not really paying attention to who is already in the park, Mike pauses at the gate to do some coffee/book juggling as he works on opening the gate. There's a bit of a squeak as he lets himself in.

"Given the circumstances of my life... Oh boy, do I know", Seth remarks. "So what? Our troubles all seem small potatoes to one another, and we're all too busy to care since we have our own share. And yet, if the Sun were to explode, the whole Milky Way would still keep on spinning, other civilizations elsewhere in the Universe would still be going about their own business." He has a point to say here, to which he concludes, "And to the perceptions of a 'god', he'd just go about by saying 'meh, shit happens!'." He shrugs, mildly annoyed at Loki. "Do you have a point to make?"

Loki looks back at Seth and says, "Oh, I'm sorry. I stopped paying attention about five minutes ago." he taps his chin with one finger and says, "Oh, yes. If Midgard was destroyed tomorrow, the other eight realms would be perfectly intact." he waves a hand over the bench on which Seth resides, causing it to start wobbling back and forth as if trying to pick up its feet and start walking away. That mortal has bored him, so he turns to the next subject...Rex! "Who are you?"

Rogue is out of for a stroll, enjoying the quiet, when she noticed the mutant she "met" the other day talking to a weirdly-dressed man in the park, and starts to head over, having a bad feeling about who the weirdo is.

Rex Gregson had, while Loki was watching Seth, crouched to pick up the paper, stuffing it into her pocket without uncrumpling it. She blinks and looks back to Loki, considering her choices... Smartass, arrogant-and-put-downing, or normal? "... I'm Rex Gregson. " a deliberate pause as she looks him up and down again "... Sir. And yourself?"

"It is final...oui, I am to flunk out of school before I even am taking a class.." Armand mutters to himself as he walks along holding his special...rainbow sheer clipboard and he has his golden backpack and his messenger bag as well as a couple of shopping bags hanging from one arm and a couple of take-out place bags hanging from the other so he more...waddle/struggles along, his hair sporting green streaks today and just pulled out of his face as he scans his clipboard, pausing to use it to catch the darn gate with his foot and the side of the clipboard before he shuts.

Finishing with the gate, Mike steps in and slips the key into his pocket before juggling the book and coffee to their respective hands as he allows for the locking gate to swing shut. Attention to the items in his hands, his pace is a bit slow at first. But upon a few strides in, Mike pauses in his walk, feeling as if someone's behind him. He turns, seeing the other long haired mutant, "Armand?"

"Midgard...?", Seth is confused; he knows he heard something similar before. "Yes, I'm sure the immortal's attention span is..." He frowns as the bench seems to move and rattle. "Whoa, what...?" And he jumps out of there by taking flight a few feet off the ground. And he's now looking at Loki with a more serious face. "And I suppose you think that's very clever."

Rogue reachs the gate of the park, comes in just after Armand, but notices the man believes to be Loki, has moved on and makes her way over to Seth.

Loki grins wickedly, laughing as Seth reacts. "Oh, that was just a bit of fun." another wave of the hand sends the bench walking back to its original spot. Rex is given a sideways glance. "Loki Laufeyson of Asgard, at your service. Well, no, not really but that does sound like the proper thing to say, doesn't it?" Seth is addressed again, spreading his hands as if to indicate the entire park. "You live on Midgard, one of the nine realms. You call it Earth. Such a boring name."

Eyes widening a little bit, Rex offers a respectful bow of the head. Always kiss up to the king after all. "An honor, sir. As for Earth... I do agree. I like the term 'Gaia' myself." she remarks on that note. "Midgard sounds good too admittedly. " hearing the squeak of the gate, she looks over that way, spotting Mike. A wave to him of greeting, then back to the other two "Nine realms? Planets?" she asks, her specialty being music, not astronomy.

"Monsieur Mike, oui." Armand sighs softly as he looks around with some concern before looking back to Mike, jumping a bit as he looks over his shoulder and sees Rogue, eyebrows raising and he closes his eyes. "...I went shopping because I am getting paid you see." He looks a bit sheepish before looking around and he blinks several times. "...life has been...hard...lately..."

"So you're acting as a personal shopper to get money?" Mike replies, giving a bit of a slight smirk to that, maybe a bit of approval to the idea of Armand getting that type of job, "Well, beats convenience store work." There's a bit of movement to the side of Mike's peripheral vision to which his head turns, spotting Rex at first. He lifts up his coffee holding hand in a mock toasting gesture as it's the best thing he can do to return the wave at the moment but upon his seeing who is next to her, the cup pauses while raised as he looks to Loki, and then back to Armand. No, couldn't be. But, just to be sure. "It's... not for him, is it?" He asks of Armand.

Seth ahs, "I knew I had heard something of the like before... Asgard!" Seth replies, then lowers down to the ground. He looks around at the 'plane' that is Earth. "Well, it's not much, but it's home." He tends to see things a little bleaker than they really are. "Okay, as for previous introductions, I got to say I am convinced, there's more to you than I originally gave you credit for. But, as for pulling that stunt... Man, you talk about power, but you use it to animate objects like that...? A friendly advice, you better watch it, someone might pull a Skyrim on you for doing that." He looks around, and spots Rogue. He nods politely at her, a slight hint of a smile. A few more faces in the area, now, to whom he nods as well.

Rex Gregson smiles again at all of them, then uhms, suddenly growing nervous as the bench starts to move on its own, looking a little weirded out "Uh, I should get going though. I think I left the bathtub on uh, fire." she remarks and with a quick nod to Loki, turns to walk quickly on her way to the far side of the park. "... Did I really just say that??"

Rogue nods to Seth, and waves at him to try to get to come back down to the ground, trying to be the responible mutant here.

Loki laughs, taking a few steps backward as he clasps his hands together. "Had you said that a week ago, I may have simply shrugged you off as a mewling child with no idea what ignorance it is spewing." The area seems to become shrouded in some sort of dark fog, making the lamps turn on as it becomes more difficult to see. Loki laughs and passes his hands palms down in front of him, and the ground seems to ripple as if made of water, the roots of the trees pulling from the ground and reaching for Seth like tentacles. He doesn't actually touch him, he's just messing with him...and anyone else around who may doubt him.

Armand sighs softly as he shakes his head at Mike. "Non...this is mostly for me. Except for all of the Eggos. I have purchased lots of Eggos for him, oui but do not judge me! He likes the sweet disks." He hmphs and stomps his foot before he looks back over towards Loki and Seth and his eyes widen a fraction as his mouth opens and closes and opens and...closes. "LORD LOKI!" He finally calls out, letting his shopping bags slide off of his arms and hit the ground before he takes a deep breath. "Why is always stupid stuff...gods, curse you Thor for that fugging hammer..."

As Rex heads off, the cup lowers and Mike looks to the departing musician, then to the the view of the trees uprooting and then back to Arm-wait-wha? Mike's head turns back again to the tree and then to Seth. Could he PLEASE enjoy his time in the park without it getting destroyed?! When Armand calls out to Loki, the musician blinks, looking back to Armand. "...You're still hanging out with him, huh?" God, hanging out with Ben and Sandman has really skewed Mike's sense of impending danger. He's not exactly approaching Loki and the guy who has apparently pissed him off, so at least he hasn't lost some sense of self preservation, but he's not running away either.

And again, Seth takes flight. "Are all Asgardians like you? Because, from what I heard about Thor, he's nothing of the like." Poor Seth, how he has no idea. "Who's the real child here? Me, the ant under the magnifying glass, or the immortal who's bullying the ant?" He shakes his head some. "Well, I do recognize you have abilities. They are impressive. But that changes nothing what I just said, really."

Loki growls when Seth mentions Thor, hitting a raw nerve. The roots are now actively trying to grab his legs, and more roots begin trying to grab anyone else in range. Loki lifts himself into the air using his telekinetic ability. "That's right, you are the ant under the magnifying glass. If you taunt the one holding the glass, you are going to feel the burn!" he waves his hands, palms down, and it /looks/ like everything in the area is bathed in green fire. It's not actual fire, but illusory, just for effect.

Rogue stops when the tree roots start coming out of the ground and says to Seth after he finished speaking "Nah, most Asgardians are decent buch like Thor, they just have a few losers like Loki here." This from a woman that was been to Asgard and probably stand a better chance in taking Loki head on.

Rogue stops when the tree roots start coming out of the ground and says to Seth after he finished speaking "Nah, most Asgardians are decent buch like Thor, they just have a few losers like Loki here." This from a woman that was been to Asgard and probably stand a better chance in taking Loki head on. As she finishes speaking, She start smacking away any roots that come near her, and watching to see if they attack anybody else.

Armand takes a deep breath and shakes his head as he moves forward a few steps, and he looks to Mike. "...hanging out? Eh...not really just...happen to run into, will you excuse me..." He rummages around in a dropped bag to pull out a yellow box of Eggos and he runs forward towards where Loki and Seth are, looking up. "...my lord! You cannot give the little ant more power by giving in to the taunts!" He waves the box in the air. "Come down please Lord Loki." Then he looks over to Rogue and arches an eyebrow. "...yes, merci for that not helpful statement..." Then he points to Seth. "And /you/, as cute as you may having been monsieur stranger, will you /please shut up/?!"

With the roots trying to grab the legs of anyone near Seth, it makes Mike somewhat glad he did not walk over there to begin with. "Oh you've-", Mike mutters, turning his body to look towards Rogue and Seth, about ready to speak when Armand scoots over to quell the situation, oh well. Best add on to this, he shakes his head, "Not just him." He corrects, gesturing towards Rogue and then back to Seth in indication, "Could the BOTH of you just learn to SHUT UP?! We got a nic-" Mike pauses, "HAD a nice place here and there's going to be a lot of pissed off people with you just baiting the guy like that!"
Seth tsk tsks after what Rogue replies, "Truly an apple that fell far from the tree..." And the 'little ant' starts reacting by firing away at the tentacles. "Except ants don't talk, but they do react to any tresspasser into their territory. So give humans a little more credit, will ya?" He then looks at Armand through the corner of his eye. "And you should stop feeding into his ego..." And looks at Mike, "I'm sorry, /WHO/ pulled the tree roots from the ground??"

Loki growls, the faux green flames surging as his body disappears in a swirl of dark green smoke and reforms as a very large raven, swooping down to try and grab Seth with its talons. The roots snap at Mike and Rogue like whips, some breaking off when Rogue hits them, others taking their place. "Then let me introduce you to MY BOOT, little ant!" the beak snaps at Seth. "Do not speak to Armand that way."

Rogue flies up over the roots and looks at Mike "Yeah, we ain't antagonzing the Asgardian, he is doing fine all on his lonesome." and turns to bird-Loki "Ah think its time for ya to go, unless ya want to me to introduce ya to mah FIST." She knows he isn't going to back away, but at least she can say he gave him a chance.

There is a sharp, snapping *KRACK*, and a burst of white-gold light from the northwest of the park, followed by a warm wind carrying the scent of ozone wafting across the park. Loki can sense it, he knows those magics, feels them fold into themselves and lie, quiescent for now, contained, improbably, within the wooden walking stick carried in the clenched, four-fingered hand of the figure which comes striding quickly, from that direction.

"WHAT is this?!" the figure calls out, in a tone like an annoyed drill sergeant (or babysitter) at the chaos reigning about the formerly bucolic setting. Beta Ray Bill, it seems, had started to reach the limit of even his great patience...although still, he has yet to confront the errant Jotun-spawn with the raw power of his god-form.

"But that doesn't mean that you should keep adding goddamn kindling to the fire." Mike snaps, shaking his head, gesturing over to Loki. As the roots snap in his direction, although the distance from him and the affected tree being more than adequate enough to pose a risk, it does cause for Mike to pause in his response to raise a brow at Loki. Really? The Raven form Loki turns into makes Mike's brow raise a bit larger. "copycat..." he mutters before looking over to the other long haired mutant and raising his voice, "Armand? You going to be okay here?"

With a confirming action from Armand, Mike nods and starts to head for the exit, eyeing the newcomer, "I, wouldn't come in here if I were you." That's all he says as he heads out.

Armand ducks a bit and he does nod to Mike to confirm he'll be okay but this is getting waaaayyy out of his 'pay grade'. Flying people and giant birds and snappy comeback and the little Frenchman just stares blankly towards Seth and he very clearly just tilts his head to the side. When he sees BRB show up he just throws his hands up. "Oh yes, come, lets have a picnic!" He points a finger to Rogue. "You are not needing to interfere Mademoiselle." Then he takes a deep breath and looks up to Seth once more. "Come down here, would you like to /talk/ about this insanity?"

"Hello boot, meet sting!", Seth replies as he fires at those talons, one big blast to the talons, the other one to the Jotun-raven's beak! "Less talking, more hitting!", he replies to Rogue. Then, he looks at the new arrival. "And here's..." Then he realizes that's not the God of Thunder. "...a horse-man with a hammer...", his voice trails off as he doesn't recognize the guy at all. He literally snaps at Armand, "Dude... Do something. Do /ANYTHING/! But don't kiss the the Asgardian raven's ass!"

Loki skrees at Rogue and pecks at her, then morphs from the raven into a demonic creature when Seth fires at him, then sneers as Beta Ray Bill enters the scene. "Go away, this doesn't concern you!" he hisses, then lobs an eldritch bolt at Rogue. If they can keep him shapeshifted, they have the slight possibility of running him down on power, otherwise he will keep taunting them, but not actually hurting them, though he may have to up the ante soon if people like Rogue and Seth don't take him seriously. Seth's attack has given Loki the excuse he needs to really show his strength and roars at him, flying straight up and then diving back down at him, intending on grabbing him with his hands or feet, or both. "Insignificant creature, you place yourself in such peril, and for what reason? Are you really foolish enough to take on a god?"

Rogue dodges the bolt and flies at him, fist first, "All right, Loki, ya asked for a beating, so ya are going to get one."

Beta Ray Bill's voice thunders forth, although the true thunder is held in check. Still, he levels the stick at the flying Asgardian, accusingly, "ENOUGH! This is beneath any 'so-called' god! You tease and torment these beings for naught but your own boredom and base self-gratification! Where is proud Loki, God of Cunning, who is Fire and Wit? I see a petulant -child-, striving to impress those he considers beneath his notice! How you have fallen, Loki."
The alien strides closer, holding himself proudly straight, even in the shape he was born into, he carries himself like a god, "Leave off, or show truly how craven you have become! Torment them as a reckless, -ignorant- child and show all beneath the heavens how LOW you have sunk!" he then adds, after only a moment, "Cease these games now, or by Odin himself I will call down the thunder upon you, 'ere I had refrained from love of your brother!"

Armand listens to BRB and he listens to everybody really as his groceries and shopping bags are spilled out everywhere and he moves carefully to the bag with the waffles and bags of mixed chocolates and such and carefully works on packing everything back in. He hears Seth's taunt/statement, he really does. But he just twitches. And twitches once more...and then there's some more twitching. He's just a helpless little boy. Collecting his eggos.

And so Mike returns! Well, not really. But a hoodie wearing figure does walk up to the fence. Either by the cast of the sun's light or through some other means, the face is hidden away under dark shadow, obscuring the features. He pauses at the gate, looking in to the scene going on and then over to the Armand. There's a pause before he steps through the gate which, oddly enough does not throw off any of those walking along the fenceline of the park. Quite possibly because the living tree roots are more distracting. Phantasm pauses by Armand, looking down, "You okay, kid?"

The target of Loki's rage flies off from Loki's reach, in the hopes Beta Ray Bill can do his thing and calm Loki down. He waits, hands glowing with energy. "I don't take on gods. But I do take on bullies." He listens to Beta Ray Bill's conversation, then comments to himself out loud. "See? I like this guy already. Same sort of speech, but I don't think he's gonna listen..." Yes, Seth's lack of expectations show on his face. He looks for a moment at the two just below him, Armand and the newly-arrived Phantasm. But he can't let his guard down...

Loki inwardly wonders how Bill always seems to know when he's up to mischief and shows up like the kid nobody likes at the party that says "i'm telling dad!". He switches back to his real form and is just in time to see Rogue coming up on him, and throws an eldritch bolt at her, the fist one he's dared to use since his re-arrival. Bill has him riled up and he's not really thinking clearly, not that he's been clearly thinking for the past several days. "LEAVE ME ALONE! You no not what your precious humans do when you're not looking. This pathetic child has dared to challenge my power, and who am I to deny him the opportunity to see it in full force? I am simply honoring his request." His eyes widen as he hits Rogue, not having meant to /actually/ hit her. The green flames die down and the roots begin to subside a bit, the ground flattening and returning to normal. He lands on the ground, panting, glaring at Bill with the same sort of pent up fury he's been exhibiting lately. "Why don't you just ride that stick back wherever you came from and stop acting like

Beta Ray Bill finished walking up to the enraged god, his features tern, but there is a hint of compassion still. The alien warrior is not entirely without sympathy, especially just now...he too is displaced, away from his home, but by his own choice. He speaks again, his voice firm, but without the impatience of before, "I am brother to your brother. As Odin took you into his household, so too did Thor take me into his. Of all the beings in all worlds, Loki...-I- can best understand what that has meant. And I would not see tragedy befall one of Odin's sons, adopted or no, for though he has oft shown you his anger, you -know- there is still love for the squalling infant he took up from the battlefield so long ago, else he would ne'er have done so."

The little French man just stares at this Phantasm and gives a small nod. "Yeah, just...this shouldn't happen its...its wrong and the little gnat with the mouth is very much working on my nerves." Then he's quiet as he watches stuff happen with wide eyes and a wary expression.

In hindsight, challenging an Asgardian who has a great deal of magical ability head on wasn't the best idea Rogue ever had, as she got hit hard by the bolt and got knocked to the ground. She manages to pick herself and spends some time shaking the cobwebs from her head.

Phantasm glances over towards the scene involving the other four and then back to Armand. "Gnat with the mouth?" He asks, although having an idea who the french man is referring to. After watching the skunk haired woman fall to the ground. The hood shakes, before nodding towards the gate. "Maybe you should head home."

Loki, for all the world looks like a boy that just lost his best friend. The rage leaves his face, replaced with an expression of pure emotional pain, green eyes welling up. He tries to hold it back, but despite the tension in his shoulders, he doesn't seem to be doing a very good job and just drops to his knees in front of Beta Ray Bill, his will broken, at least for the moment. Even though Loki is the god of mischief or the god of evil, he still has feelings, and right now they are in turmoil, fighting against each other to decide which side of Loki is going to remain since his emergence from death. The mischevious but reasonably decent side rages against the deceitful and hurtful evil side, clouding his judgement and causing the bi-polar behavior the young mutants have been unfortunate enough to witness lately. "Can't you just send me to Neffleheim and be done with it?"

Seth's chin drops once he finds Rogue being hit by Loki's blast. "ROGUE!!" He flies off to her, to see if she needs help. And yes, he also has no idea how resilient she truly is. There are no quips, no talkbacks. "Are you alright??" He moves to try to get her back on her feet. And of course, he's not aware of her 'no-touching' condition, either...

Bill crouches down, laying his stick across his thighs, resting his arms on its length, and looks at Loki carefully, "I doubt e'en that would hold you, Prince of Cunning." he intones, "And I would not raise hand against Thor's brother if it can be helped. He has spoken to me of his love for you, and yes, his disappoinment. But he told me...from when he was a child, no matter how melancholy he grew, no matter how his mood drew dark like the gathering clouds...you could always make him laugh." He looks down to the grass for a moment, "I could not steal that from him - do not -make- it have to be so. Go now...leave the 'mortals' be. Do not vent your frustrations upon them. You claim godhood..." the warrior stands, slowly, "-Prove- it. Rise above this."

Armand's eyes just fill with tears as he watches everything unfold, breathing hitches as he watches the bi-polar break-down and BRB's lofty speeches of awesomeness and he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath. "No home, no family...Monsieur...my heart /hurts/ now and all I wanting is a big pizza now..."

Rogue's clothes weren't damaged by the attack, so his helping her up doesn't affect him as she looks at him "Ah appreciate the help, but Ah just got the wind knocked out of me."

Phantasm grows quiet, looking to Armand and then to the Asguardian pair. "Pizza..." He replies, hrming for a bit, "I know a place that serves good pizza nearby. Will you go there?" The head tilts, "Give them some privacy?"

Seth blinks, "I guess I'll have to add resilience to the list of things you got, then..." He looks around at everyone present, and their interactions. "It seems moods are shifting to a quieter tone, here..."

Loki's shoulders rise and fall as he tries to catch his breath and hold back his emotions. He looks over his shoulder at the humans, then back at the alien god, fat tears running down his pale cheeks. He can't let those mortals see this, however, and lowers his head, gritting his teeth. He won't apologise, that would be a sign of weakness, so he just snaps his head up at Bill as the man stands and clenches his hands into fists, then relaxes them and slices them through the air, disappearing in a puff of dark green, which is his way of agreeing to Bill's statements without actually admitting to it. The park looks the same as it did before he started messing around, though a trio of roots still stand straight up on the ground.

Bill stands still for a long moment, stick held transverse in his right hand. Then he turns to survey the park, shining white eyes moving in practiced arcs, taking in the damage (or lack thereof) the injured or downed. Now that, he can address. He pivots neatly on his heel and walks toward where Rogue lays, with Seth nearby, "Are you uninjured?" he asks, automatically assuming command of the situation, out of ingrained habit.
You aren't carrying anything.
You have 899 dollars.

Rogue looks over the sitaution and witness looking Loki leaving "Ah guess it took another Asgardian to talk to Loki down, certainly worked better mah plan." and looks to Bill "Yeah Ah'm fine, Ah ain't no Asgardian or alien, but Ah I can take more than few shots, let me tell ya."

And so Loki is poofing away and Armand is working on gathering his belongings before looking back to Phantasm. "Oui...a good pizza place would be...good, yes." A weak smile before he looks back towards BRB, Seth, and Rogue with a thoughtful/wary expression before looking back to Phantasm. "Lots and lots of cheese...maybe some chicken..."

Phantasm glances down to the bags, peering at the items peeking out of the clear plastic, "Sure your eggos can survive being out of the fridge that long?"

Seth sighs in a bit of relief now that Loki's gone. "Thanks for breaking this fight, friend", he tells Beta Ray Bill. He then turns his attention to the two guys talking about food. Confusion rises to his face, "Huh?"

Loki just watches from a nearby rooftop, sighing as he sabotaged his own plan. He waves a hand idlly from where he sits, and Armand's eggos re-freeze in their package.

Bill shakes his head slightly, "I am no Asgardian...well, not -precisely-. My perspective hovers between those worlds - where you live, and where he does." he explains. "I grow weary of cleaning up these messes of late. It is playing hob with my immigration status. Agent Abigail Brand has been most understanding..."

Rogue looks over at Bill "Playing hob, Ah ain't never heard that word, that one ya people's words?"

Armand just looks back to Phantasm and he eyes the plastic bags and then he arches an eyebrow as the bag against his leg seems to cool down, glancing towards the sky randomly with a small half-smile before clearing his throat and nodding. "They will be...okay for now. Come now. It is the pizza time! Pizza for all!"

Phantasm nods, the faceless figure nods, reaching down to pick up one of the bags for Armand, "Well, let's go then." He turns, but with the bag in hand, he takes the time to actually open the gate first. Which is must easier to open on the inside without a key.

Seth proceeds to gather his things, mainly the sheet music book left at the bench he was sitting on before all this shindig started. "I need to go. Got this thing called 'family' to return to." Once he says 'family', he winces some. "See you around." And he heads off, picking up his pace off into the exit of the park.

Bill seems strangely out-of-sorts now...drained in a way, now that he's managed to stave the conflict off. He sighs, deeply, wearily, this is very much -not- what he had been hoping to find on this world.

Loki looks down directly at Beta Ray Bill from his rooftop perch, projecting <Happy?> at him mentally. He seems to have stabilized at last, and without having to be clubbed upside the head or chased down by flying people. <I am going back to Asgard. If I do not return, please explain to Armand that I have decided to stay, spare him the undoubtedly greusome details of my demise.>

Rogue waves to Seth "Bye, try to ya self out of trouble for a change." and notice his expression with he says 'family' and kinda understands, not having a most stable upbringing herself.

Bill received the projection, <My moods are mine own, Loki.> he notes, but without much malice, <Be proud and regal enough to take responsibility for your actions. But I suppose...justify what you may, but not petulantly. Odin's house is one of dignity, and you are its scion.>

Finally realizing Rogue had said something, he turns to her, "My apologies...but it's one of yours, actually. Or I suppose it -was-. The Asgardians do not advance very rapidly with their languages due to their lifespans.

Armand is going to get...pizza. Yes, he's being led to a special pizza place and his thoughts are troubled but as long as he gets his pizza...he'll be able to put off crying for another hour. Thanks to Phantasm.

A nd so Armand is led to pizza by Phantasm. And upon arriving at the pizza place, Phantasm vanishes, leaving Armand to eat pizza on his own. For now.
But Mike will conveniently swing in for a pizza craving later on. How convenient.

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