What the Hell Is Going on

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X Spider-Slayers…

Astraea, Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, and X-Men, SHIELD, and Spider-Slayers (Marks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 14, 20)

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07/18/12 20:00

Graymalkin Lane - Westchester County

Spider-Slayers attack the X-Mansion, trapping some inside and leaving Cyclops and two students to fight them with the aid of Astraea and Beta Ray Bill

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A quiet evening as the sun begins to die down over the peaceful hamlet that is Salem Center. The last bit of the sun’s rays begin to diminish as Scott Summers, dressed comfortably for the wummer weather. A brown T-Shirt and jeans, his signature ruby quartz lenses adorn his face hiding his eyes and containing the power within them. He lets out a sigh as dusk starts. It has been a rather tough time at Xaviers, between students, the Danger Room, and X-Factor, many things plague the leader who carries the weight of the mutant world on his shoulders, self-imposed as it may be.

Leaning against the fence that separates the outside world from the mutant sanctuary, he lets out an exhale of relaxation, but as is the world of the X-Men, alarms suddenly blare loudly. Dropping from seemingly nowhere a bevy of unfamiliar robots lands directly outside the perimeter, Cyclops staring out is quick to action mentally reaching out to his home’s telepaths and one thought, while the alarms blare why haven’t the defenses kicked in. The lead robot, a spider-like contraption with the visage of a grumpy old man on its monitor screams out, “Spider-Man is a menace! Kill the spider!” Confused, Cyclops takes note, seven robots of various size and shapes, but with a spider theme. Cyclops curses the webslinger loudly as he looks about to see if Spider-Man is somewhere.

Back on the streets of mutant town, Elene was chatting with Beta Ray Bill... well, chatting isn't really a strong enough word for it. She was too busy being stunned by his transformation and.. the explanation. "Who?" She asks, "The All What?" IT's not that she doesn't know something about mythology... she's just a bit brainfried from being point blank for a very dramatic transformation. Of course, Bill might be getting a call from a very hungry Asgardian warrior soon, and she shakes her head like a punch drunk boxer, trying to get her brain working again. "Uh, my costume's in the trunk of the car." she says, gesturing to the late 60's muscle car she's leaning on.

"I have often noticed that the champions of Earth wear-" the alien, cyborg, thunder god begins, then pauses as a small device kept in a small compartment in his armour chirps, "-a moment." Bill says as he extracts a small, rounded ovoid like nothing on Earth, lights pulsing beneath its surface. He raises it to his head, "Who is- Volstagg? My friend! It's - what vexes you? What?! Where is this? A moment, Thor is unavailable? Of -course- not, I shall be there in but a moment!"

Bill is a man of action, and this comes to the fore as he gestures to Elene, "A dear friend of mine, and others beside, are in danger. If you be a defender of not just this city's people, but all such, then don your costume and prepare for battle. Rogue robots are attacking in a place called 'Westchester'."

Shaking her head, Elene snorts, "No time to change." She remarks, "Costume is less important than serving and protecting." She just instinctively reaches to check her police issue sidearm, drawing it and making sure the magazine is fully loaded before she nods and says, "Ready."
Blindfold came out tapping her cane, and escorted by David, wearing blue jeans and her purple and blue layered shirt and hoodie "Not good, I'm sorry, please.

Grateful that the gates are still closed separating those robots from the campus, Scott’s jaw drop and his mouth goes agape when the gates, electronically tied into the school defense’s open on their own. Suddenly the seven robots begin to march in. A quick adjustment to his shades, and an optic blast is fired and instantly strikes a ufo-looking spider-slayer causing it to literally explode apart, but now the six remaining robots begin to make their way towards the gates. “Kids, get back! Don’t engage them!” He orders, but as with most students they may just go against his command.

Anyone else inside the mansion will find themselves unable to leave as all exits, windows, etc are suddenly activated to keep them trapped inside. Looking back to the mansion, Scott sighs, “Looks like I have to do this one on my own.” The robots loom forward. One fires off a ‘destructo-blast’ towards Cyclops, while two other shoot-out net like webbing towards Blindfold and Manifold.

David doubles, one of them jumping forward to take the shot, and the other pushing Blindfold down to avoid the net. Both look disoriented, but the free one is still movin

Stormbreaker is held aloft by Bill as he speaks again to Elene, "Then prepare yourself, Detective. For there are those in need." He begins to whirl the hammer about by the leather thong at its base. Blue-white energy pours outward as the hammer becomes a golden blur, snaking downwards through the air about both him and Elene. With a resounding crash they vanish from the streets of Manhattan...

... to appear outside Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Bill using his enchanted hammer to home in on Volstagg's call through his own communicator - the blue-white light disperses with a thunderous *KRAKABOOM*! and the figures of Bill and Detective Tampambulos stand upon the lawn...surrounded by the chaos of a Spider-Slayer assault!

A detective who is trying not to vomit. After all, it was her first teleport, spacefold, jump, whatever. One moment she was by her car, and the next moment, miles away. "Oh god.." she mutters, not about the robots. She literally hasn't even noticed them yet. She's muttering curses about her stomach fluttering and lurching. It's only when she wraps her arms about her midsection and mutters something about it being almost as bad as her cramps that she looks up and sees the robots, "Um... please tell me they're the defenders, and that we're not surrounded by the bad guys?"

Blindfold uses Manifold's push to tuck and roll out of the way "Manifold, if you would, please release, do your thing, then zig zag, make a distraction of yourself hopefully with the zig zagging they will fire and hit each other." then turns her head toward Scott "Cyclops, please, thank you incoming 3 o'clock. Detective please thank you to your left 10 o'clock"

The blast curses not having the visor, but his optic blast meets the destructo beam. The two powerful energy blasts meet with enough force to send the mutant flying back onto the grassy ground rather hard. The spider-slayer (Mark 2) simply pivots back, but then continues forward.
The net that was fired out grasps the David duplicate and then robot (Mark 3) uses it strength to pull the net and David duplicate towards it. A long sharp blade sticks out as the robot begins making a chopping motion to cut the mutant teen apart.

To greet the new arrivals, a three-faced, six-handed Spider-Slayer (Mark 14) leaps out over the mutants in an attempt to crash down on the alien and the cop. Doing so, it fires out six twin beams form each of its hands. And as Blindfold informs the others of what is about to happen, the attacks follow as another spider-slayer (Mark 5) fires at the non-ensnared David. A smaller Mark 9 slayer leaps out at Cyclops and smaller flying Mark 11 comes at Elene from her left. The ground near Blindfold begins to shake a bit as something is coming up for her as well.

David the double in the net disappears, and David dives and rolls(badly I might add), to avoid the shot. He gets to his feet quickly, though, doubles again, and the two Davids run off in opposite directions, in a zig zag motion, hoping to draw the Spider slayers into attacking eachother in the crossfire.

Beta Ray Bill's reply to Elene is somewhat flat, "I am...afraid so. I had little time for great precision." he explains. "But do not fear, I'm sure that-" his words cut off as the gigantic Mark 14 barrels in to attack, blazing away. Without thinking, he interposes himself between the mechanical behemoth and the detective, raising his warhammer to intercept only a few of the frankly ridiculous number of incoming energy beams, the rest strike him across his body, causing him to take a step back to steady himself.

"Unf! Detective!" he shouts, "Protect the-" and he is cut off -again- as the multi-ton robot lands atop him, smashing a small crater into the lawn, spraying sod in every direction.

Blindfold runs to her right to dodge the attack from below "Everyone please, if you would. This is just to wear down, a warm up if you will. They'll fall back soon, then a true fight will begin, these are just knats, a very large one will soon appear. Detective please, if you would trust me, focus on the robots they are the threat"

Well, the detective recovers her wits rather quickly. She shakes her head once more and strips off her heavy insulated gloves to drop them on the ground. As she does so, sparks crackle along her hands and her face and hair. "In a second, if we can make ourselves priority targets, would that do the trick?" And she sees the intention of Bill's movement, turning her back to the guy and facing the smaller Mark 11. She hears the thud, and out of the corner of her eye she sees Bill barreled to the ground and she gets an idea. She tries to step forward where her plan is to move closer to the Mark 11 before it was ready for her and grab it before using all of her strength to whip it about and into the one pinning Bill to the ground. Of course, that will be followed up with a highly illuminating, and energetic stream of lightning from her fingertips as she seeks to short out everything electronic within the robots... she's just hoping that Bill is as resistant to such damage as she believes he is.

Mark 5 and Mark 3 find themselves shooting beams of energy as the David split apart. The robots fire off striking each other and exploding apart. Mark 3 and Mark 5 explode KABOOM!

Mark 14 presses its attack on Beta Ray Bill ignoring Elene for now. Some beams are reflected back onto it by the warhammer, but harmlessly bound back off. With Bill imbedded into the ground, two arms are raised up to smash into the alien while the four other hands fire off steel cables hopping to ensnare Bill.

Mark 11 is struck by Elene’s power display and with her now amped up form, she is indeed able to toss it in the direction of Mark 14, one of the steel cable it was going to use to ensnare Bill is suddenly used as a whip to knock Mark 11 away from it and the now inert 11 is flung in Blindfold’s direction.

Following Blindfold’s warning, Cyclops unleashes a blast towards Mark 9 causing it to explode. The ground rumble beneath anyone and suddenly large spider-legs can be seen coming up as chunks of concrete from just outside the gate are tossed in randomly, one large chunk headed for David and another towards Elene.

The ground beneath the Mark 14 seems to rock back and forth for a moment before erupting upwards, the robot's arms just whiffing past their target as it is flung, bodily, 2 dozen feet into the air. A rather perturbed-looking Beta Ray Bill half-crouches down, his eyes on the machine as it begins to fall directly towards him. He has a moment before it can fire its rockets and stabilize.
"How undignified." he mutters about his recent situation, "No songs will be sung about -that-." he notes wryly, then swings Stormbreaker in a wide arc, impacting the Mark 14 with a resounding CLANG! as it reaches him, sending the robot tumbling towards the gates, sporting a rather large dent in its back.

"Songs?" asks Elene. She's momentarily distracted as she turns towards Bill, "These robots are attacking a -school-, and you're talking about so-." Whatever else she was going to say is cut off as a large chunk of concrete makes her simply vanish. It's large enough that as it strikes her in the flank, she's not immediately visible for the moment. Most normal people might be crushed, or at least end up with a dozen broken bones from that. But when the chunk hits the fence, it falls to pieces and Elene slumps to the ground from that spot on the fence and shakes her head, "Ow.." she mutters as she stands up and eyes the nearest robot. Guess this isn't the time to hold back eh? She points both hands at it and pulls a Palpatine, flickering colors dancing along the glowing arcs of lightning as she pours out the power to blast at the robot with everything she has... granted, she's not pumping out the sort of power Bill or Thor could generate, but it's lightning and looks flashy and cool!

David spots the chunk flying at him and barely starts to duck when it hits him. Hard. It exists long enough to be crushed, then it disappears. the remaining David collapses. twitching on the ground.

Blindfold yelps turning her head toward the mark 11, scrambling to to get out of it's tragected impact spot. Points at the chunk headed for David "Detective, please, if you can, full blast in the center. It's good to have you still with us Dignified gent sir(Beta ray). David! oh no! please oh please oh please..." running for david's body

As instantly Mark 14 joins the other destroyed or inert robots as the massive strike from Stormbreaker. The fact that the robot is did not explode into a rainfall of shrapnel is a credit to Bill’s ability to hold back. The fact the robot does not function is a credit to Bill’s power.
Cyclops immediately runs towards David. His first instinct to get to the student, though watching what is going on around him, ready to blast anything to bits.

As Astraea lets loose a more powerful blast than before, her electrical attack strikes the now inert body of Mark 11 exploding it before it strikes Blindfold.

The only remaining slayer is the Mark 1. With Jonah Jameson’s image continue to spout off negative and slanderous comments about Spider-Man. A quick lifting of his shades allows a rather powerful optic blast to smash through the newsman’s visage.

The robots have seemingly stopped and have either been smashed, rendered inert, or exploding. Graymalkin Lane is littered with robot parts. Littered but quiet. . .

At least for a few milliseconds, the ground rumbles again as more metallic spider legs rise up. It appears more are on the way. As the first of the latest Slayers reveals itself. Heretofore unseen, the first Mark 20 reveals itself coming up from the ground. Destructo-beams and impulse beams are fired en masse towards the gathering of heroes.

Detective, are you alright?" Bill asks. Notably he doesn't say 'unhurt', he's not that insensitive, far from it. He strides up out of the crater just in time to see the Mark 20 raise itself up. He also spies two -children- in the midst of this fray. Thought becomes action as he hurls his hammer, gripping the leather thong and racing to again interpose himself between those weaker than he and the danger. If he can, he will alight between David and Blindfold, and the Mark 20, raising Stormbreaker in a whirling arc to ward off any harm to them.

Well, Elene hasn't really learned about scale or how nasty things can be, and though she can expel energy, she's not got the reactions speed of the energy she generates. "Huh?" she asks as she cuts off the power after the Mark 11 explodes. She looks towards Bill and shrugs, "I'll be al-." Damnit! Interrupted again, this time by a full force Destructo-Beam. She's tough but damn that hurts! When the smoke clears, she's not even visible at all. Until she comes running back in through the nice new hole in the fence, sprinting to try to get close to the Mark 20, and trying to do without being struck again. She can already see the black spots forming at the edges of her vision and knows that unconsciousness isn't too far off....

Blindfold stops trying to make it to david, knowing it's futile..sides he has scott "Please everyone, we are dwindling, we must make this quick if we can. Cyclops, please if you would get Manifold behind cover then duck around the cover and shoot the huge robot. Detective, please if you can let loose with electricity directly at the robot, please. Hopefully it will overload, I pray"

A fine display of heroism and physical acumen, Beta Bay Bill places himself between the mutant the impulse blast. The whirling arc of Stormbreaker easily deflecting the blast which ends up striking a tree just at the edge of the campus entrance, knocking it over onto a powerline and setting off a little fire and cutting off power to a small section of the Salem Center hamlet.

As David continues to convulse, Cyclops knows the teen will be alright, but with those in the mansion trapped within, Scott needs David alive, alert, and ready. He grabs at the teen, “David. . .we need you still and ready.” His tone is harsh and authoritative like a general shouting to a soldier, “Get yourself together!” Hearing Blindfold, he then picks up the teen in shock moving to try and find cover.

Mark 20 continues its attack. Pressing forward its spindly legs move at a quick pace charging towards Beta Ray Bill and Blindfold releasing laser blast, from its rear where Astraea is charging towards, it releases a stream of stick web fluid in an attempt to hinder the detective.

Defend? Or attack? For Bill, there is little choice in the matter. The human girl is still in danger and though he could destroy this machine, he cannot until he is sure the girl is safe. Stormbreaker continues to whirl about, like a gleaming, golden shield.

"Child!" he says sharply, though not angrily, "Stay behind me so I may press my attack." his only thought is concern for the others, he has seen to many already hurt here...though the detective is handling herself admirably.

The detective is getting herself beat to hell... admirably. She's going to have bruises on her bruises, in places she didn't know she had... but she's doing her job. It's difficult to hear Blindfold's directives from across the field with everything else going on, but apparently they are of one mind at the moment. Elene sends a blast of power up towards the net to try to melt through it before she leaps to try to get -on- the robot. Her plan is to use her super strong grip (Okay, so she's no Hercules or even Luke Cage, but she's strong!) But she wants to try to peel back at least one piece of the armor, and is even hoping this thing tries the electrified hull trick too!

Blindfold puts a hand on Beta Ray's back "Yes, thank you, I will try, unfortunately I'm afraid it's a bit difficult as I can't see. If you can pickup a leg and stab it into the robot, please thank you" waiting for the right moment...maybe if all three attacked at the same time...

David slowly comes back to consciousness, slowly, shaking his head a bit, but keeping still for the moment. He doesn't want to draw attention to himself until he's sure he's capable of moving.
Another laser blast is deflected and this time into a small abandoned house down the street. The house explodes from the blast as Mark 20 presses forward and backing up on its hind legs attempts to crash down on Bill and Blindfold with his legs, which are incredibly sharpened and strong.

The electrical blasts manages to cut through the webbing allowing for Astraea to completely her daredevil task of bring the fight to the creature. Managing to jump on it’s back, but as she attempts to to get a grip on it, the spider falls to its hind legs and released from the creatures armor are small metallic bolts that shoot out towards Astraea with the strength of cannonballs.

Dropping David behind some cover, Cyclops can tell the kid is ok and goes back to join the fight as he readies to fire a blast but with Astraea mounting the insectoid from behind, he holds off but rushes in the direction of Bill and Blindfold, he screams out, “Blindfold, back and up and join Manifold! The adults have it from here!”

Bill's white eyes dart upwards as the Mark 20 rears up, "This has gone on far past long enough!" he shouts at his foe, knowing full well it's not as if he can intimidate it, but really, it's a bit frustrating, but now that it's focused mostly on him, he can act...at the apex of its upward arc he simply -releases- his warhammer, sending it soaring upwards at the machine, just a bit behind the 'head' - no chance of the hammer hitting some random target, after all, it will return to him soon enough. This frees up both hands to try and intercept the incoming legs, gripping them as they surge downwards if he can.

Well, time for some last minute heroics here. Elene's plan hasn't backfired... it's only gotten a bit more... well, daredevilish. When the bolts begin being launched, she fans out her hands and launches every erg of power she has upwards towards the launch ports. She's hoping to arc-seep in enough power to cause the electronics within some problems. She does however, take a fussilade of bolts to the torso and head, one actually cutting her temple as she goes down in a heap by the thing's feet. Hopefully she didn't launch her suicide charge in vain! Like maybe having it focus on her might give Bill an opening or some such... but more like timed to be simultaneous with Bill's attack. As her vision starts to black out, she spies the hammer flying and has one last little trick to try... she's hoping it can pierce the armor, and so she points a shaking hand at Stormbreaker, and sends a bolt of lightning towards it. She doesn't really even need to aim much for... is there a better attractor of electricity than such a mighty hammer? She's trying to give it a charge before it hits so it does more to the innards of the robot, that's all. Then she blacks out... done for now.

Blindfold starts making her way for david as quickly as her cane can find her a way "Yes, sir cyclops!" sure seemed like the adults were sure to win now "Astraea, is out cold!" and the cop thought she was crazy for venturing into central park blind..this was just nuts!

Backed by the lightning bolt from Astraea, Stormbreaker’s aim rings true at is flies striking the Mark 20 right behind the head at the back of the neck. Sending the head flying upward and into the sky, high enough in fact, that Cyclops completely removes his ruby quartz lensed sunglasses to fire up a full optic blast at the head, pulverizing the head into tiny chunks of metallic debris that rain down onto Graymalkin Lane and beyond. Mark 20’s body legs move and scuttle about like a chicken with its head cutoff before it falls onto the ground joining the rest of the now destroyed or inert Spider-Slayers.

In the distance, sirens are heard as authorities are on their way. Also, arriving onto the scene are SHIELD have been contacted by one of the X-Men. Those who were trapped within the mansion finally able to exit as various X-Men and students step out to see what has happened and help out with the clean-up.

David slowly sits up, shakes his head, and rubs his forehead. "Ow... Anyone get the license of that truck?"

Beta Ray Bill extends his hand out to the side, and Stormbreaker turns at the apex of its arc and hurtles downward, it actually -shifts- slightly as it reaches him, the handle settling into his palm with a dull, ringing sound. He walks past the fallen Mark 20, his left hand gripping one of its legs and flinging upwards, rolling it out of his path with startling ease as he makes his way to where the police detective has fallen. He's no physician, but he's seen plenty of battlefield injuries, should she be hurt, he could at least take a guess at how badly.

The detective.. will be sore. But she's not some broken husk out there. She's breathing steadily but is just... well she's never really had a fight where she used her powers before. She's only had'em for like three weeks now. But the charged of body is quite durable it seems. As Bill's shadow is cast over her, she groggily opens her eyes and slides them about, sparkles of power crackling from them. "Shit." she mutters when she looks right up Stormbreaker, "I was hoping that was all a bad dream."

While he should be thanking Beta Ray Bill and checking on Astraea, again his first priority are his students. Scott rushes to Blindfold and David, “Are you both alright?” He asks. As the X-Men begin clearing up the situation and SHIELD does its best to handle the local authorities and put a spin on this to protect the privacy of the school. Beast bounds from the mansion to quickly begin repairs on anything that was destroyed. Dr. Nemesis moves to Astraea to check if she is alright and next to Beta Ray Bill, he begins to do a medical scan of her using his almost other-worldly technology. He does not have to even touch her to note what her injuries are and begin to diagnose a plan to heal her along.

David shakes his head. "I'll be fine," he replies, though he still looks a bit shaken and dazed. "I'm not sure if you know this, but dying hurts like HELL, man."

Turns out, Elene has some sprains and pulled muscles, not to mention severe bruising. But she is quite durable and looks like she'll be fine in a day or two. At least that's what the good doctor will be able to report...

Blindfold nods to Scott "Yes, thank you I am unharmed" smiling and hugging David tight "Why is Shield here though? The robots that atacked at the museum were from Shield, I'm sorry, forgive me, just puzzled"

Bill comes down to one knee by the detective, his cape billowing out behind him. His tone is gentle, but encouraging, "You acquitted yourself quite well, Detective Elene. As a true champion would. It was my honour to have you fight by my side and should you still wish, I will help you learn more of the ways of the lightning."

As the scene fades, SHIELD has cleared the area and taken some of the Spider-Slayers parts, but Beast and Nemesis have finagled a few pieces for themselves. As Beta Ray Bill deals with Astraea, Cyclops offers his thanks. The X-Men work in shifts repairing what they can and trying to get the campus back to shape. Cyclops remains outside alone. His thoughts abuzz and astir as he ponders “What the Hell Is Going on?”

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