What the hell are you doing here

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Havok & Emma Frost

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01/30/13 09:00

Sitting Room - Xavier Mansion

Alex confronts Emma as to her part in the school.

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Late morning at the Xavier mansion, sunlit but with a highly noticeable chill in the air, to say the least. Although the walks and driveways have long since been cleared, there is still snow everywhere else from the most recent batch of winter weather, and anyone going outside dresses for the cold.

Emma Frost is just stepping inside, setting aside her briefcase to shed her earmuffs, embroidered white scarf, and elegant white trench coat. Her usual pumps have been replaced with fashionable white leather knee boots with her trademark four-inch heels, just in case she has to step off the beaten path for anything. Snow and expensive hosiery aren't known to mix well, after all.

Havok (Alex) is never within the mansion; though he has a room and an office, he does not generally grace its halls. He chooses to live at X-Factor HQ in mutant down where he can be a first responder to any mutant threats on a local, national or global level. So to see him at Xaviers is unique. For him to speak to anyone is even moreso since whenever he does come, it's only to speak with Scott or Jean.

Today is special. Today he looks for the White Queen with intent in his mind. The intention of confronting her about her recent presence within the hallowed walls. When she comes inside, he's just off the foyer within the sitting room's archway with a clear view of her, as her to him. He calls in a direct, yet low voice, "Emma." - a greeting if anything, perhaps to call attention - even though she's probably very well aware.

Presently Havok is wearing his costume of basic black with gold affectations (belt/bracers). http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/77/298644-174324-havok.jpg

Emma glances over from her outermost disrobing, a hint of a smile coming to her lips. "Mr. Summers. I certainly didn't expect to see /you/ here today. Not that I expect to most days, really," she says.

"Is something on your mind? I don't even have to read your mind to get the idea that you were waiting for someone. Me, perhaps?" She smirks. "Or am I only a pleasant distraction until your quarry arrives?"

"Yeah." which answers most all of her questions before addressing the final. Alex states, "If things were different, you'd be more than just a pleasant distraction and my quarry. Though things aren't, and we need to talk. Got a moment?".

It was more of a rhetorical question as he is already turning and moving into the sitting room, sure that she will follow him.

"Very well. I've an hour or so before my first class. I was hoping to use it making final preparations, but... I can make time, and probably still get things squared away in the end." Emma shrugs, and, tossing her coat and winter garb over one arm and catching up her briefcase with her free hand, follows him without further comment.

Alex moves across the room, intent on standing near one of the windows (with his back to it) so he'll have a clear view of Emma and somewhere he can leap from if she gets hostile (which is a joke in his mind).

"Listen, I really don't mean to come across as hostile or crass considering the privileges you have likely received; but what the hell are you doing here?

Emma arcs an eyebrow, a hint of a smirk on her lips. "Awfully direct, aren't you? So much like your brother... though you got the better hair, in my opinion." She sets her things down on a convenient chair and fluffs her own blonde coiffure as she speaks, as if to demonstrate just what about his hair is better than Scott's. "Don't worry, I'll keep my blonde jokes to myself."

Leaning against the chair, she crosses her legs at the ankle and her arms across her chest, fully aware of what such a pose does for her already-exquisite figure. "If I were in a more flippant mood, I'd say it was pretty obvious that I was teaching... but I'm not, and I have no desire to prolong a near-pointless conversation. I am here because I think I can help you and yours... and that you and yours can help me."

There's little expression upon his face as she delivers her reasoning. Just a slight hint of his brow being furrowed above eyes that resemble a query-full gaze. Then the question comes, "Seriously? I mean come on. You and yours have been trying to take down Xavier's since before we even knew you existed. Now you want to show up in those 4 inch heels and claim that you're here to /help/?"

"In a word, yes. Quite seriously. You see, Mister Summers, things change. Moreover, people change," Emma replies, softly, meeting his gaze unblinkingly. "But we've already discussed this, several months ago. You seemed much more amenable then. I wonder... why the sudden second thoughts? Or /are/ they so sudden?" She smirks again, just slightly. "You'll notice I'm not /telling/ you what they are... because I'm not peeking into your head for the answers, and you know quite well how easily I could. I've made something of a habit of it for the last week or so. If /that/ doesn't make an impression on you, nothing will."

"Sorry, you're right." Alex states in a regretful tone, "But I've been getting an earful since I've been back and it's implied that you just showed up one day without going through channels. I don't know. I'm hearing this from one side and it's not the best of sides." He gives pause and breathes with a shallow sigh.

"Channels... interesting choice of words, that. Care to tell me who is giving you that earful?" Something very subtle hardens in Emma's expression, and her prior levity vanishes as if someone had thrown a switch. "Because I can guarantee you it's not Headmistress Gray. I spoke with her at length, more than once, before I ever set foot on the property again, and she was quite amenable to the idea... even supportive. I was also under the impression that the other Mister Summers, touchingly ever at her side, fully supported her decision. Frankly, if being hired on by the headmistress isn't going through channels, then the Xavier Institute has an extremely odd definition of 'channels'... certainly one I've never heard before."

She smirks, just a little. "Not that I didn't expect some intensely negative claptrap over my hiring... not given our collective history. Nor did I expect to not have to prove my good intentions, immediately and over time. The luxuries of cynicism include foresight, after all. I'm not even all that upset that someone is questioning my integrity... but that said someone lacked the wherewithal to do so to my /face/... that, my dear Mister Summers, is another matter."

"Figured." as Alex realizes things, "Rumors are just that, rumors and my absence over these past few weeks didn't help much for me to have a firm footing on the reality of the situation. I'm sure, you being who you are, did go through proper channels to get where you are today, even if those channels could have been prompted by certain stimulii. I'm not saying that's what you did here, but you realize we have to be careful. From what I understand, you're the most powerful mutant telepath on the planet presently, not including the Shadow King since he's dead - or he better be."

"You're right, I /could/... again, you know how easily. But you're right not to say so, because I didn't. Not to belabor the point, but... it seems to bear repeating, since you brought it up." Emma shrugs, taking a slow step closer, her smirk returning, something subtly feral in it now. "But... why start small? If I wanted to go /that/ route, I could /own/ this school..." she continues, stepping slowly closer, poking a forefinger in his general direction for emphasis. "...every leaf... every tree... every... blade... of grass. Even the parts nobody knows exists... believe me, I'd be /sure/ of what I was buying, right down to the last bit of rebar and the last chip in the concrete. All perfectly legally... and what law could even begin to govern whether a perfectly normal sale of property was influenced by something so legally and scientifically preposterous as /mind control/?" She laughs softly, and just subtly derisively. "Really, Mister Summers... I still don't know who is making all the noise, but they have /deeply/ disappointed me."

She turns and starts back toward the chair, then pauses and glances back at him over her shoulder. "Tell me... have you noticed any changes in the staff? Besides the obvious one, I mean? Please, do think about that."

Alex swallows. He's really got nothing more to suggest, speculate, question, or postulate. His voice is weak initially as he says in an agreeable tone, 'yeah'. Which is brought to more clarity as he realizes he's playing the sheep, "Yeah, you're right. I just wanted to make sure..." <perhaps pee on the fire hydrant to mark his territory>

"And are you sure yet?" she asks, still over her shoulder.

Alex is sure he is enjoying the view, but it will take a while for him to get over the whole Hellfire Club and X-Men conflicts. Though he will no longer pursue this line of questioning for it's not fair to her and in his head she sees him as the one going out on a limb. He answers, "Yeah, I'm sure." and has multiple intents to that answer, but he's keeping the view aspect to himself - as much as he can.

"Sure enough for now, anyway. And that's good enough for me. Please, don't take any of this personally, as you're no doubt aware you aren't the target. Sure as I was of having to deal with opposition to my hiring, I find I'm taking this particular bit of it more personally than I had expected." Emma regards a window thoughtfully. "Perhaps it's the /cowardice/ of it... that, and putting you in the line of fire over objections that aren't even yours. Oh, by the way... do tell them I said that. Preferably with a camera to hand... /that/ reaction will certainly be a Kodak moment. And possibly a Maalox moment, too."

There's reticence in Alex's tone as he considers the source. "I'm sure it'll be another point of contention. Anyway, thanks for your time, Emma. And I'm sorry to rub a sore subject."

With that, he's already moving away from the window. Initially he was going to move toward her, but chooses otherwise thinking that being in her space may annoy her further.

Emma watches him leave, that smirk lingering on her lips, and widening just a fraction as she notes the wide berth he's giving her. Sure, she's intent on turning over a new leaf, but it's still amusing. Old habits die hard indeed.

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