What's a Morbius? ... and other questions.

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Night Thrasher, Darklight

Scene Runner/Watcher:

IC Date:
March 15, 2012

Main Room -- Warriors Central

Darklight and Night Thrasher briefly discuss a run in with Morbius

Social or Plot:


Darklight is over at the kitchenette making a snack and muttering to herself. She has forgotten to turn off her aura, so her skin is black and hair all white and the color of things around her distorted a bit.

The Original New Warrior, Night Thrasher, enters the main room dressed in some casual clothing. He wears a button-down shirt and a pair of jeans. Dwayne has his hands stuffed into the pockets of the pair of pants as he strides into this section of the base. Dwayne glances over towards Darklight and gaffaws slightly. He comments loud enough, he hopes, for Darklight to hear, "Sometimes it feels like the coffee does that to me too." a comment on her aura.

Darklight turns and then blinks and flushes a bit causing her cheeks to go white, and then the aura flickers and fades, "I...sorry." she stammers just a little bit and takes a bit of her sandwich.

One hand slips out of his pocket and Dwayne raises it out in front of him in a defensive gesture, "Oh, no. No. I was just kidding, Darklight. I was going to make a joke about using the microwave too much, but that wouldn't make too much sense." He flicks his hand dismissively, "Ah, forget it. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have joked at all."

Darklight shakes her head, "nothing to be sorry for." she says and then looks at him a moment and smiles, "Got a question for you, know a guy named Morbius?" she asks curiously.

Dwayne raises his hand up, now to the back of his head. He rubs at the back of his head idly at the question, "Ah, uh. Personally? No." Dwayne brings his hand back down to his hip and loops a thumb through a belt loop. He asks for clarification, "The Vampire guy, right? I believe there may be some entries in the computer about him. I don't know much of him." He pauses before asking, "Why?"

Darklight nods, "Will have to look at the computer then, if I remember how." she shakes her head and shrugs, "No reason really I guess. Was flying in my old neighborhood and ran across him on a roof.....Vampire guy?" she missed that at first.

Dwayne seems to reconsider what he said, "Right? I thought he was a Vampire or something." He shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders, "Never really ran into him. Only info I've dredged from the news, word of mouth, information I've come across passively." Dwayne then asks, "Just happened to run into him on a rooftop in your old neighborhood? He happen to reside in the old neighborhood, too?"

Darklight shrugs, "Not sure what he was doing there, he didn't really say a lot." she says and shakes her head a bit. "Definitely have to look him up, if he is doing something bad, I need to look into it, that is my neighborhood."

Dwayne purses his lips slightly and moves both of his hands to his hips and rests them there. He asks, "Should I be looking into this guy? Was he being suspicious? What concerns you?" After the short game of twenty questions, Dwayne glances off to the side thoughtfully with the gears in his brain already beginning to grind.

Darklight shrugs, "Not sure, I could probably handle him if he was. My light seemed to irritate him a bit." she shakes her head a bit, "He just looked...scary...guess that explains it a bit, he might just be a vigilante, I was before I was recruited."

Dwayne turns his gaze back towards Darklight and offers her a stiff nod, "Ah, gotcha. That's possible. I don't know much about him. I suppose I may have to remedy that." He humphs and looks down at Darklight's sandwich. He idlly says, "Probably should make myself something before I go out on patrol tonight. Could be a long evening." He smiles slightly, "Always hate doing a stakeout without provisions."

Darklight looks at him, "Stakeout?" sh e asks and raises a brow, finishing off her sandwich and moving to get a seat.

Dwayne moves and grabs one of the dozen or so chairs that are laying around this room. He spins it around and raises a foot to rest on its seating surface. He nods to Darklight, "Yeah. I'm tracking down some gun smugglers. Handguns, mostly. Though they have been able to get their hands on some pretty heavy stuff, but it's been rare. Got a tip that I'm gonna work tonight."

Darklight nods, "Ah, well wish you luck, call if you need help." she says softly, and she means it. She turns and faces him a bit and runs a hand through her hair.

Dwayne humphs with a slight smile on his face, "Yeah, that seems to be an issue I've always tried to overcome. I build a team and then go out of my way to do things on my own." He gives her a nod, "I'll give you a ring if the stakeout turns into something a bit exciting." He takes a step to the side in order to return to his original path, "Good to see you, Darklight." He adds as a departure.

Darklight nods, "Okay, be well and safe." she says and gives a wave as he departs.

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