What Might Have Been

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Firestar, White Queen

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03/26/13 12:47

Outside Hellfire Club, NYC

The White Queen gets a glimpse of what things might have been like if she succeeded with Firestar, but keeps to the lessons she has learned

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Firestar is flying on a direct course towards the Hellfire Club, and she is kind of hard to miss with the streak of flame she leaves in her wake. Usually she moves about on foot, and only dresses in costume for the purpose of running a New Warriors mission or patrol. But now she looks to be fully set on travel mode.

Emma Frost, on the other hand, is just leaving the Club, her familiar white Mercedes roadster gliding through the gates. Given the tastes of the rich clientele, it may be the only non-black car around the Club. She's barely cleared the gates when her cell phone rings. Frowning a little, she pulls to the shoulder, digging into the briefcase in the vehicle's only passenger seat for the phone. "Last time I leave it on a bulky portable charger," she growls to herself.

Just as she gets the phone out, a glimmer of yellow-orange flame becomes visible out of the corner of her eye. Blinking, she rolls down the window and leans a little ways out to look up. "Angelica... here?" she murmurs, spying the human-shaped silhouette at the head of the long comet-tail. Just then the phone stops ringing. "Oh, fudge... this day's just /full/ of inconveniences," the blonde grumbles.

Firestar looks like she might have continue to descend directly towards the club, when she spots Emma's vehcile heading out, and alters her course to land right infront of the white Mercedes, forcing the chauffer to stop, as she suffocates her flames and the fiery aura engulfing her dies down. There's something about her visage, if Emma gets a look, there's a lack of that tender innocence that is usually set on her face. She looks, somewhat hardened. Pointing at the Chauffer, Firestar gestures for him not to move as she heads towards the door on Emma's side.

Firestar looks like she might have continue to descend directly towards the club, when she spots Emma's vehcile heading out, and alters her course to land right infront of the white Mercedes, forcing Emma to stop, as she suffocates her flames and the fiery aura engulfing her dies down. There's something about her visage, if Emma gets a look, there's a lack of that tender innocence that is usually set on her face. She looks, somewhat hardened. "My Queen, I wanted to inform you it is done."

Emma stares at Angelica, slowly opening her door and stepping out of the Mercedes, leaving the engine running. "Angelica?" she replies, astonished. "What do you mean? What is done?" The muted slam of the car door punctuates her question.

Firestar looks at Emma with the kind of reverence she may not have seen since Angelica attended the Snow Valley Academy and looked up to Emma as the most wonderful person she ever met. Before things went downhill when the truth started to unravel. "Donald Pierce will not be a nuisance anymore," Firestar says outright in a manner that makes it rather clear what she intends. Now the question is whether something is wrong with Firestar, or everything else. "I am glad I caught you before you left, I know you wanted this done in an expediated manner."

Emma is left momentarily speechless for the first time in a very long time as she struggles to take in the change in Angelica and her news. "Good," she says at last, softly, keeping a hint of horror to herself. Not that Pierce didn't deserve it, given their past history, but Angelica is definitely the last person she would have expected to kill him, given /their/ past history. She steps closer to Firestar. "As usual, you have surpassed my expectations." 'In many more ways than you know,' she adds to herself.

Firestar seems pleased enough to be commended for her fast, efficent work, and then asks, "is there anyone else who should be disposed of? Otherwise I think I'll g in for a drink." Whether Emma has already found out some of the oddities of the time fluctuations since Genosha or not, Angelica is clearly not quite herself, as she seems to think of Emma as her boss, and the Hellfire Club as her home. Of course, if she were to try and set foot inside, she might find it to not quite be the case.

Emma hurriedly steps forward another pace, placing her hands on Firestar's shoulders. "Wait... we need to talk. Urgently," she says, softly. "Step into my office?" she asks, indicating the idling Mercedes.

"If we must talk, I always have time for you, my Queen," Firestar replies with a slight bowing of her head as she moves to step into the passanger seat of the car, looking over at Emma, "is this one going to be a challenge?" Seems like her mind is set on eliminating people and little else.

Emma climbs into the driver's seat, closing her briefcase and shifting it to the luggage space behind the seats to Angelica can get in without trouble. "It may be a challenge... but it's not a target," she replies. "Buckle up," she cautions, finishing with her own seat belt and dropping the roadster into gear, pulling smoothly but very quickly away from the curb without signaling and accelerating into traffic, ignoring a few subdued blares of horns behind them.

"You may find this hard to believe, Angelica, but... well, there is no easy way to say this. You're different. Or, to you, the world has changed, and you haven't," Emma says, trying to explain. "I don't quite understand what exactly is going on, but I do know this... it's not safe for you to go to the Club. You'd be attacked on sight. One of the crucial differences. So we're going somewhere else for the moment."

Angelica fastens her seat belt, looking quite curious at the prospect that the next challlenge may not necessarily be a target. All she remembers doing of late is eliminating targets, so this could be a refreshing challenge. From the way Emma drives, Angelica can tell it is a very pressing matter. But she doesn't like what she hears when Emma starts to elaborate, "there's nothing different about me, I assure you! I am loyal as ever!" Hearing the rest of Emma's words though, Angelica has to admit that a lot seems different. Well, familiar, but not quite. "Is it the Black Queen? Did she decide to have me removed?" Firestar draws her own conclusions, before musing about the world looking a bit off. "Right...for some reason I can remember as if I still live in New Jersey, but that can't be right..."

"Well... no. You removed yourself, for several reasons, some time ago. It's rather complicated," Emma continues, still softly. "The key points are that the Club considers you an enemy, and a very dangerous one. Just as you consider me an enemy... but I do not think the same of you, Angelica. You are..." She pauses, the words not coming for a moment. "You are my greatest student, my pride... my shining star. That hasn't changed."

She slows for a sharp right turn, heading deeper into Manhattan. "I'll try to help this make sense to you... I just don't know you well enough as you are to know what is different and what isn't."

"I...removed myself?" Angelica asks, as memories clash and she reaches to pinch the bridge of her nose between her eyes. "Why did I...?" She asks before quieting down, fragments of memories interwining to confuse her at Emma's words. "Of course I'm your greatest student, I doubt Empath for all his creepiness, Thunderbird for all his strength, could have achieved the impressive track record of eliminating targets that I have." She then falls silent for a moment, looking over Emma a bit strangely, "why would we be enemies? You took me in when I was lost and gave me purpose..."

"No one could question your achievements here... and I doubt anyone would question the ones you remember, either," Emma muses. "Please don't react too harshly when I tell you more, because it is the truth... I took you in and gave you purpose, but I deceived you, in many ways. When you learned of it, you turned on me. I won't deny I deserved it... I have tried to make up for my mistakes with you, tried to earn back your trust. You were, understandably, reluctant to accept my friendship. Empath helped that along, by pretending to be candid with you, because you were classmates..." She sighs softly. "You should know that he's back to his old tricks, too." A pause. "Does any of this seem familiar, Angelica?"

While Angelica found out everything about Emma's intention for her through a series of unfortunate or perhaps fortunate events, this alternate version seemed to have gone through life none the wiser, and this news coupled with memories Angelica has in this timeline clashing with her own, they are all causing confusion and uncertainty. "Deceived? B-but...but you're the...most noble person I ever met?" Angelica reaches now to press at her temples, shaking her head, yet muttering, "some of it...I, can remember. But it feels alien. I'm not sure I understand...why would you deceive me? I served you well!"

The Mercedes slides into a parking garage next to one of several office towers, rumbling softly into a reserved space. Emma shifts into park, unfastening her seat belt, reaching over to gently clasp Angelica's shoulders. "I deceived you /because/ I knew you would serve me well, Angelica... because you had the potential to be my greatest weapon." Perhaps this Angelica's Emma Frost really was as noble as Angelica believes. Emma can't quite bring herself to believe it at the moment. "Because you were trusting, and vulnerable. I should have nurtured you honestly, gained your trust through honest means, and gained your loyalty through trust and mutual respect... but I didn't. And I paid for it. I'm still paying for it."

She bows her head briefly. "And I'm telling you this because I can't bear to lie to you anymore. Not even if you would serve me well in ignorance. You deserve better."

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