What if... 4

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Havok (as Fred), Mirage (as Daphne), Shadowcat (as Velma), Nightcrawler (as Shaggy), Wolfsbane (as Scooby)

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Creepy old hotel off route 34

What if X-Factor and their pet dog, drove around the country in a Technicolor van solving mysteries?

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Greetings True Believers. I am Uatu, also known as the Watcher. Welcome to this excerpt of What if. Today's obscure question brings attention to an obscure corner of the multiverse where fiction is just as quirky as reality. It's here, we find answers to, 'What if X-Factor and their pet dog, drove around the country in a Technicolor van solving mysteries?'.


The X-Factor Gang is a group of college students who travel around the country in their psychedelic van solving mysteries and foiling would-be evildoers. The gang consists of; Alexander Fred Summers, Danielle Daphne Moonstar, Katherine Velma Pryde, Kurt 'Shaggy' Wagner, and their trusty companion Rahne Scooby Sinclair (a real life werewolf found on one of their many adventures who serves faithfully as their pet and who loves drug dog biscuits).

Today we find the X-Factor Gang answering the call of a local hotel owner, Mr McGaffy, who claims that the very old hotel is haunted and wants the gang to solve the mystery of the ghost and see what can be done. For the ghost is frightening away all the guests and if the hotel does not have guests, it cannot stay open and Mr McGaffy will have to default on his (second) mortgage and the bank will claim it for their own.

The hotel has been in the McGaffy family for generations and it's quite old. It's located just outside of town atop a desolate hilltop near to the main highway, but not actually close enough to be seen. So the gang had to follow old road signs and finally find themselves pulling up to the creepy old hotel just after sunset.

Alex says, "Here we are gang, another mystery to be solved.", as he jumps out of the van and straightens his ascot.

Kitty straightens her glasses and steps out of the sliding door grumbling about having to study for finals.

Kurt notes, "Zoiks, this place is creepy looking." After exiting the van and noticing the creepy looking hotel.

Rahne, in wolf form, leaps from the van, looks up a the hotel in question and says, "Aru" in a concerned tone. She starts to move back toward the van and Kurt grabs her collar, "Oh no you don't girl, if I gotta go in there, so do you. Here, have two Scooby snacks, they'll make us feel better about how creepy the place is." Reaching into a pocket, Kurt pulls out four Scooby snacks; two for him, two for Rahne and they chomp.

Exiting from the front, passenger side of the van, Dani stares up at the creepy hotel then back at the others "So much for room service." obvious disappointment in her voice at the lack of ameneties that the creepy place has to offer. "I hope the place looks better on the inside than it does on the outside." she smoothes down the travel wrinkles in her purple dress with a hand before heading toward the building.

Leading the way, Alex guides the gang to the front entrance, opens and enters where they all find a run-down hotel in a state of minor disrepair. Still quite functional, but in need of some serious updating.

Behind the counter, an older man (perhaps in his 60s) is seen wearing 1970s hotel attire of maroon polyester slacks and jacket with gold buttons. He smiles and says, "Welcome to the Hotel McGaffy. I am Bernard McGaffy, your host. How many nights will you be staying?"

Alex steps forward and says, "I'm Alex and we're the X-Factor Gang, we're here to solve your ghost mystery."

Meanwhile, taking up the rear are Kurt and Rahne (still in wolf form and remains so throughout the adventure). Kurt looks around and mutters something to Rahne, "Scoob, I really have a bad feeling about this place."

Rahne answers in wolf-talk, "Muhe Twoou!" agreeing with Kurt.

Walking to an ancient potted plant found in the corner of the room, Katherine fingers a leaf and knocks dust off of it, "Oh this place is going to be bad for my allergies?" <aaaaaachoo>

Upon entering the run down hotel, Danielle looks around, not able to fully disguise her moue of distaste at the state of the lobby. It is gone quickly though when the owner addresses them, "You have quite the place here Mr. McGaffy, it's very, uhm, retro." and the way she looks at his clothing she probably things the same of him. This after Alex tells the man who they are, "Do you run this place by yourself?

Mr McGaffy is all too pleased to have the X-Factor Gang finally within his hotel. He shows this excitement in his moving from behind the counter and taking Alex's hand in greeting and answers Danielle, "I had help, last week?. But please, allow me to Welcome you all! Please, let me take your bags and I'll show you to your rooms. Then you can get started on your mystery solving!"

Alex says, "That would be great; in the meantime, can you tell us what's been going on? You listed on the rotary phone that you have a ghost problem and it's been scaring off all your guests?"

Mr McGaffy starts to walk after gathering a few bags and moves to toward the elevators. He starts to describe the recent events, "Over the past few weeks guests have been complaining of hearing noises behind the walls and above their rooms. I thought it would be rats, called the pest control guy and he set out traps and found nothing. The sounds continued. I called the plumber, he found nothing either. It wasn't until last week that guests started seeing things, ghostly things. Then last Saturday, during my busiest night, there was a ghost that scared off all my guests at midnight. Since then, the Milford Daily paper wrote an article about the haunting and I've not had any visitors, nor have I had employees." He pushes the button on the elevator, it begins to creak downward.

Katherine moves back to the gang and walks with them toward the elevator says, "Golly, that's horrible news."

Kurt and Rahne take up the rear (as par for the story). Kurt states, "Hey look at that really old guy in the picture over there, it's like his eyes move when we walk by."

Rahne looks over, makes a curious grunt and then yelps when she thinks she sees what Kurt sees."

Katherine looks over and is too late to see what they think they see and states, "It's nothing to worry about Kurt, it's a special way to paint that allows the viewer to see what the artist wanted."

Paying more attention to the hotel owner and his story, Danielle doesn't notice the paintings oddness either. She does give the elevator a dubious look however "Was that the last time the ghost was sighted?" she crosses her arms over her chest, though the right one lifts and she puts a finger and thumb to check and chin, taking on a speculative pose as they wait for the elevator to creak its way down to the ground floor. "And where was that at?

Mr McGaffy answers Danielle's question just before the elevator doors open, "Yes, and up on the third floor - chased them all down to the bottom floor and disappeared into the stairwell over there.". He indicates a nearby stair access point in case the elevators go down.

The elevator doors open with the sound of a ding.

Alex states, "Once we get settled in, we'll need to check all around. If no one else is here, can we have a master key - or three?"

Mr McGaffy, as he lets everyone step into the elevator, answers, "Of course, I have them here." and as he steps in, he'll push the 3rd floor (top floor of hotel) and then fidget with the keyring while the elevator rises.

Katherine asks, "You mentioned a second mortgage?"

Kurt and Rahne stand around looking at cobwebs in the upper corners of the elevators and imagine giant spiders in the ductwork.

Mr McGaffy nods as he frees the keys, "Yes, I had to take one out based on the deed of the hotel so I could exact needed repairs. I hoped to modernize the hotel and was in the process of updating areas when the ghost troubles began."

Into the elevator Danielle goes, does her best to avoid touching the walls in case they are dusty too. Standing beside Kurt and Katherine she gives the former a look "Relax you two, its just a little spider." her attention is then pulled back to the others at the mention of a mortgage "Which areas would those be?" her tone his a mingling of disbelief and curiously since she hasn't seen any sign that anything is in the process of repair.

The elevator rises. Mr McGaffy answers as he hands the keys to Alex, "I had to start with the foundation. It was giving way. The repair man said that the ground had shifted and I needed to do something about it before the hotel collapsed. But don't you worry, the foundation was fixed. At a hefty price, I might add."

Alex asks, "Then you were out of money and unable to continue repairs?"

Mr McGaffy nods, sadly. "But it's the travel season and I was already making a decent profit. I would have been able to pay back the bank and then take out another mortgage and continue renovations."

Katherine says, "That's too bad."

Kurt says, "I'll bet there's an Indian burial ground beneath the hotel and the graves were disturbed." He starts working himself into a fear frenzy, "Soon we'll have chairs stacked on tables, giant trees coming to life, holes in space time, and scary clowns that will pull us under our beds."

Rahne yelps and leaps into Kurt's arms muttering something in her wolf voice, "Muh wahnna gou hooom!"

The elevator then dings and the doors open to the third floor. Mr McGaffy leads them down the hallway.

Danielle gives a nod of sympathy as McGaffey continues his story, "It sounds to me like someone or something..." she starts to ask when she is derailed by Kurt's typical fear tangent. She isn't sure if she should find what he says humerus of offensive, either way she knows they need some type of distraction. A box of scooby snacks is pulled out from her bottomless purse and gives the box a tantalizing shake and she tosses a few to the trembling pair then the box disappears. Her question is then continued "someone or something is trying doesn't want this place fixed up." as they step off the elevator she looks up and down the hallway "But I can't imagine why." she mutters under her breath.

Alex adds to Danielle's speculation, "Something smells fishy."

Kurt and Rahne love their Scooby snacks and chomp - feeling much better afterwards.

The gang is lead down the hallway: There are three rooms offered (divided by Alex, Danielle/Katherine, and Kurt/Rahne (who normally sleeps on the floor at the foot of the bed).) Keys are given and everyone gets settled in after Mr McGaffy says, "I'll be downstairs if you need me." And meanders off, somewhat down about his current state of affairs.

Once everyone is settled in, they gather in Alex's room and he hands out the master keys and assigns groups, "Ok gang, we're going to split up and look for clues. Danielle, you're with me. We're going to start upstairs and work our way down. Katherine, you work on the first floor and lobby area. Kurt, Scoob, you two search the kitchen and dining areas. Then head outside when you're done. Scoob, use that legendary nose of yours and sniff out some clues.

After a short conversation with Katherine about their room having no personality followed by a comment about how she hopes the 'ghost' doesn't disturb her beauty sleep later, she is gathered with the others as they begin to plan. She lets Alex hold onto their key as her dress doesn't come equipped with pockets.

With the group broken up into groups she gets up from where she has sat perched on the edge of the room's bed, "Great, let's go find out who is behind this hotel ghost." as usual she is skeptical about it being a real ghost, especially since in the gang's experience it usually someone in disguise.

The gang splits up. Alex and Danielle start looking through the upper floor (3rd). There are 10 rooms on the 3rd floor, one elevator, and service stairs. It takes about an hour to get through those rooms. Also on the third floor is a janitor's closet. Within, they find a sheet with two holes (cut for eyes) is found tossed into a laundry hamper. Which is suspicious as Alex points out, "This seems very suspicious."

As the pair have gone room to room to search the third floor, Danielle has paid close attention so as not to miss any potential clues. When the two squeeze into the closet and find their first clue a smile comes to her face.

Shaking the sheet out she holds it up briefly than rubs the fabric between her fingers, "And a horrible waste of egyptian cotton." folding it several times she drapes it over her arm, "A real ghost wouldn't need a sheet.

"Definitely fishy..." Alex says before adjusting his ascot once again and departing the janitor closet. "Let's go down to the second floor and search for more clues."

"Hopefully the others have found something by now." Danielle follows Alex out of the closet "Maybe we should take the stairs, Alex." she points to the stairway. "Mr. McGaffey did mention the ghost chased everyone down them. Maybe we can find something there." she begins to head in that direction.

It's pushing midnight (when the ghost normally emerges) and the gang is all about the creepy old hotel searching for clues.

Alex and Danielle search through the third to second floor stairwell and finding nothing resembling a clue, begin searching the second floor bedrooms, also 10 of them, janitors closet, and access to stairs and the elevator.


Katherine is found in the vast kitchen area being short enough to not hit her head on the hanging pots as she rummages through cupboards.

Kurt and Rahne are wandering around aimlessly wishing they had some Scooby snacks. They turn a corner from the grand ballroom into the parlor and suddenly find a very horrific figure; a ghost, hovering just above the mantel, it's ethereal voice calls out, "BEEEE GOOONNNNNNEEEE!" and after a shake, it dives down toward Kurt and Rahne.

Rahne yelps and in her fur covered form leaps up into Kurt's arms.

Kurt yells, "ZOIKS, it's a GHOST!". He frantically ducks as the ghost flies over the heads of the two kids and then leaps up and starts running out of the room, back the way they came. The ghost gives chase. They dash through the ballroom, into the dining room, and then clamber into the kitchen. When seeing Katherine, Kurt yells, "Run for your life! The GHOST is chasing us!"

By this time, Rahne is no longer in Kurt's arms and bursts into the kitchen immediately behind Kurt. In her wolf speech, she calls, "Wun fur wour wife! Bhe GOOOST ies shashing us!"

Katherine leaps, eyes wide.

The three collide and her glasses are knocked from her face.

Panicked, Kurt and Rahne leave the room just as fast as they enter leaving Katherine behind.

Katherine is unable to see clearly, and she's on her hands and knees trying to find the glasses as quickly as possible. That's when she hears the ghost, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" terribly close. So close that it hovers over her head, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHO!" Though she cannot flee, for fear she'll cram into something. Then whammo, the lights go out (for Katherine).


Alex comes out of one of the rooms holding a shiny gold nugget. "Daph, er, Danielle, come take a look at this." Danielle is across the hallway searching another room.

Danielle may be neat and orderly in her searching but she is also thorough. Despite that she has turned up nothing. Having thought she heard something from downstairs she pauses a moment, but eventually shrugs it off as the wind outside.

"Yes Alex?" she comes into the corridor, her eyes widen as she sees what is in his hand "Is that what I think it is?" she reaches out to take it from him so she can get a closer look, "It's gold!

A tiny gold nugget smaller than the filling from a tooth, but definitely too rough to be such a find. Danielle will be able to detect the weight, quality, and significance of this find as close inspection indicates that it's recently been mined.

Alex states, "I found it in the corner of the bedroom closet."

Suddenly, from the stairwell, Kurt and Rahne burst in looking as if they've seen a ghost. They run up to Alex and Danielle and hug their long lost companions. They start talking at once, the hipster talk of Kurt overrun with the wolfspeak of Rahne makes no sense to Alex or Danielle.

Alex interrupts, "Both of you hang on. Shaggy, tell us what happened?"

Kurt starts to lay out the details, though he's still frantically speaking, "It was a GHOST! It got Vel, er, Katherine! And it's coming for us!"

This would be a great time for a Scooby snack.

As Danielle is explaining what exactly has been found 'Shaggy' and 'Scooby' make their frantic entrance. After disentangling herself from the two Danielle moves back to the stairwell and looks down it then back at them "Relax, no one is chasing you." she makes a sweeping gesture with an arm down the stairs.

A box of the calming Scooby Snacks appear in her hand, "Have some Scooby snacks to calm yourself." the appearance and disappearance is a mystery the gang never could solve.

The Scooby Snacks do the trick and 'Shaggy' & 'Scooby calm down.

Alex requests, "Kurt, tell us what happened."

Kurt, still somewhat fearful, states, "We were in the parlor when the spooky ghost swooped down and tried to nab us. We ran through the kitchen and that's when it grabbed Velma."

Rahne adds in her wolf voice, "rut roh raggy, writ wuhs wrowr rought."

Kurt notes regretfully, "Oh yeah? man, we're such dimwits, Scoob. We've got to help her!"

Danielle listens as the two tell what happened downstairs, looking suitably horrified in all the right places. "The ghost? Did it look something like this?" she holds up the sheet with the holes cut into it before continuing "We've got to go find where it took Katherine. If we hurry maybe we can catch the 'ghost'" of course she waits for the obligatory "Let's go gang." to come from Alex before she heads to the stairs.

A flash of terror comes over Kurt and Rahne's faces when they see the ghostly sheet. But then they quickly realize that it's nothing more than a sheet with holes cut into it for eyes.

Alex says, Vel, I mean Katherine mentioned the dust on the plant downstairs being very heavy. That combined with that gold nugget gives me an idea." He then adds the obligatory remark, "Let's go gang! Let's go find us a ghost!"

Then entering the stairwell, Alex leads the X-Factor Gang downstairs to the bottom floor. Just outside the stairwell entrance is the dusty plant where he will stop and examine the plant. He'll turn to Rahne and say, "Scoob, use that ole sniffer of yours and tell us where this dust comes from."

"Raw right Ralrex." Rahne responds and then pads over to the plant to sniff it with her keen wolf nose. She sniffs around the floor, in a few circles, and then like a pointer, indicates that there's something behind the plant, perhaps a secret door."

Kurt gives moral support, "That's it Scoob, you can do it? wait, you're not going anywhere. Is there a secret door behind that plant???"

When they get back to where the palnt is Danielle will take a moment to study the area, to see if anything is different or if the plant or anthing has been moved around.

Giving the plant a nudge with her foot, Danielle begins to run her hands along the wall, pushing and prodding at any sconces/lightfixtures that may be on the wall in that area as well "There must be a hidden button or lever around here."

Danielle finds a sconce, that when turned opens the secret door which leads down a dark winding staircase that looks as if it was carved into the stone beneath the hotel.

Kurt exclaims, "Zoiks! It's a creepy dungeon beneath the hotel!"

Rahne whimpers.

Alex notes, "Great find, Danielle! Come on gang, let's save Katherine!" and will then take the lead down the stairs, stealth-fully descending into the darkness.

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