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Mirage, Brood-Cannonball, Brood-Thunderbird, Brood-Storm, Brood-Queen-Jean, Brood-Queen-Emma, Brood-Havok, Magik, Magma, Roulette, Cypher & Brightwind

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What if Colorado, Limbo, and NYC

What if the X-Men returned from the Shi'ar as Brood (just post Secret Wars II)

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What if the X-Men returned from the Shi'ar as Brood?

Years ago; Because the New Mutants were traumatized by their deaths and resurrections at the whim of the Beyonder, Magneto surrendered the New Mutants to the hands of Emma Frost. There, they became the Hellions. The original New Mutants that transferred were Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Karma, Cypher, Magik and Magma. They worked alongside Empath, Catseye, Jetstream, Roulette, Tarot, and Thunderbird.

Initially, there was much strife between the two factions. Eventually they began to work alongside one another and formed connections and friendships. Cats and dogs do sleep together

Having left the team before the transfer, Mirage fled to home in Colorado where she chose to remain - wishing to avoid Emma and her nefarious ways. Months would pass before she would hear from anyone from either faction. A long, cold winter set in.

Sunday afternoon, the skies are clear and the snow is heavy on the ground. Dani finds herself outside in the remote wilds of Colorado tracking a deer. Within her hands are bow and arrow. She wears the leathers of a modified Native American garb that not only provides insulation, but also camouflage. She spies the deer nearly 30 yards away, unaware of her presence. She takes aim and is about to release the arrow when it's suddenly spooked and darts away. Dani herself hears the cause of the disturbance, the familiar sound of a rocket engine (aka: Cannonball).

Within the sky, Sam (Cannonball) and James (Thunderbird) circle Dani's location. Thunderbird points and they begin to descend. Both will touch down yards from Dani. Sam is all smiles and James bares no emotion. Sam calls out, "Dani!" with a warm greeting and will start to approach.

As the deer bounds away, the tension on the string is slowly released as the bow is lowered. Dani's gaze turns to the sky at the familiar sound, until they land though she only gets glimpses of them through the snow laden branches of evergreens. She stays put, making them come to her, her expression mostly stoic but perhaps a mild bit of concern may be recognized by those who know her well enough. There has been enough time to school any shock or suprise at the sudden appearance, "Sam. James." she greets her tone mimicing her expression. "Most people call first.

Sam, being the expressive (and awkward) of the bunch is gregarious in nature as he lanks forward to hug Dani, "Iah figured callin woulda put off tha surprise."

James stands in the background, observant and watchful as he glances around at the environment.

With the bow still in one hand the hug returned is one armed and somewhat awkward on Dani's part. "I'm pretty sure that is the point Sam." at this point she isn't much for surprises. Taking a step back, "Were you two sent to bring me back?" she begins to look a bit suspicious as she looks at both young men in turn.

Breaking, though keeping close proximity to Dani (uncomfortably so), Sam smiles, "We sure were... but not by Emma. She has alluded us, but she will soon submit to the Queen's rule.

That's when something will seem very off to Dani. Sam's eyes become more green (even the sclera) and his teeth will appear uncharacteristically sharp. His mouth widens and teeth elongate, his arms turn green and tear away at his sleeves. His chest will become a little larger and his head will flare outward. His hair will fade and Dani will suddenly realize how horribly wrong things have gone.

James has also taken the same appearance to that of Sam, his torso remains mostly human, arms/hands, head become Broodish - even with a tail.

Both say in unison, "We are Brood, and so shall you become!"

It's been quite a while since Dani has had any dealings with the Brood. Her first and last time was when she first joined the New Mutants and one had taken Prof. X. She stumbles back as her former team mate(s) change and panic sets in causing her to loose control of her illusionary powers which lash out at the Brood in front of her as she turns to run.

Dani catches a glimpse of some undescribable horror come into view before running away. The Brood are delayed in their pursuit, giving Dani a good 50 yard head start. Then the screams come signaling their chase. Voices carry in the cold air as they echo throughout the rocky hills, "We're coming for you, Mirage, there's no use in running!"

This is her forest and she knows the lay of the land so after the initial panic wears off and her brain actually kicks in, Dani begins to head to a place she can easily defend. Doubting she will be unable to out run the two brood, she mentally calls out to Brightwind for help. She can't fight both of them on foot, but from the air she stands a chance.

Descending from the sky, Brightwind is seen weaving through the tall trees. The underbrush is somewhat heavy and Brightwind finds a clearing a good 30 yards from Dani to await her arrival. Suddenly, from the Brightwind's side, another Brood creature leaps and attacks the Pegasus.

[OOC] Havok says, "http://spacelandpark.com/art/MARVEL_MILESTONES_STATUE__BROOD_WOLVERINE.jpg"

Dani will then realize the other two Brood are closing fast from behind, one is in front about to filet Brightwind, and she will suspect that unseen others are also near. She knows /death/ is all around.

Dani veers off to where Brightwind has landed, crying out a warning as she lifts the bow, pausing just long enough in her flight to nock and arrow and let it fly toward the Brood that is about to go after the pegasus.

Brightwind isn't just your average steed, she is a valkyrie warhorse, trained for battle, and acts accordingly, rearing up onto hindlegs to dodge the attack and when given the chance will bring her front legs down on the Brood.

Wolvie-Brood is shot by the arrow, however he is essentially unharmed as he lunges at the soft underbelly of Brightwind. Wolvie-Brood is short in stature and is able to get beneath the raring front hooves. Much blood is soon to be spilt.

To Dani's left, she feels the wind pick up and will note Storm-Brood hovering 50 yards away and about 30 yards up. She calls out, "Surrender child, we will make your assimilation as glorious as my own!"

[OOC] Havok says, "http://www.uncannyxmen.net/images/alien/brood-change.jpg (the transitional image)"

Then suddenly, to Mirage's right, about 70 yards away, a bright flash of light is seen and three people are standing in clear view (Magik, Magma, and Roulette). They look worse for wear, but it's clear they're not Brood (yet). They look frantically about, see Dani and Magik calls out, "DANI! COME QUICK!" with handwaving gestures.

Magma launches a magma blast toward the approaching Thunderbird/Cannonball deflecting their capture of Mirage.

Dani isn't sure who to trust at this point, Sam and James weren't Brood either when they first showed up. She sticks to her plan put that one requires Brightwind to be in one peice. In order for that to happen WolvieBrood has to be dealt with so she turns her fear power on him, generating his greatest fear away from where Brightwind is, hoping to get him to turn his attack in that direction.

She does realize with Storm up above being in the air isn't the best option. The pegasus is still faster on the ground than she is, and she can fire arrows just as easily mounted as on foot.

Wolvie-Brood is distracted; he turns and lunges at an apparition of the Silver Samurai about to strike Keiko <or whoever his Japanese girlfriend's name is>. This gives Brightwind a chance to leap into the air and escape evisceration.

That however gives Storm-Brood a chance to descend upon Dani. Roulette intervenes and throws a black disk that strikes Storm-Brood in the chest. Which starts a chain reaction of poor luck calling a tree limb to break at that very moment and pin Storm-Brood to the ground, feet from Dani. This will not hold her long.


Well so far the female trio have been a help against the Brood and with Brightwind safe from harm for the time being, Dani turns, readying another arrow. She races toward Magik, though she still isn't sure about the other two. Her thinking that if anyone is going to be free of the Brood it will be the demonic Illyana. If any of the Brood decide to try to come between her and the girls they will find themselves a sudden pincushion.

Once within range of Magik's teleport disk, the four girls are enveloped within the disk's radiant white light and suddenly standing on a field of green-green grass within Limbo. Rolling hills span in all directions and there are various flowers on the ground - of which have tiny little demonic faces.

Roulette says, "oh my god that was close."

Magik asks, "Were you bitten, pierced, scratched, in any way?"

Magma keeps quiet, her flaming self fades. Though she steps away some feet.

After the Brood attack and with the disoreintation from the teleport it takes Dani a few moments of recovery time to be able to deal with questions from her friend, "What?" she asks in a moment of confusion, before she begins to pat herself down and checking for minor scratches or other injuries that can go unnoticed during the adrenaline packed fight or flight response "I don't think so.

Magik says, "Good. Can't have you getting infected."

Magma burns a flower that was getting fresh.

Roulette breathes a sigh of relief at the news from Mirage.

"My thoughts exactly." Dani says immediatly without much input from her internal censor, "What happened?" a frown comes to her face, "When did the Brood show up again? How many have been infected?" she takes a few steps back from the girls "How do I know you haven't been?

Roulette starts, "When the X-Men came back from the Shi'ar they were changed. They didn't waste any time attacking us. Emma was able to warn us of the attack. Which resulted in Magik getting us out of there."

Magma adds, "Us being, Mistress Emma, Magik, Roulette, Jetstream, Cypher and myself."

Magik continues, "We've been on the run ever since. Emma and Cypher are currently at a secret location trying to hack into Beast's lab hoping to gather the cure that was developed during the first Brood attack. We heard they were coming for you, so we got here as soon as possible."

And the pacing begins as Dani takes in the bad news her frown deepening at the mention of Emma "She is still in charge then?" she shakes her head "I guess that is a good thing, at least she could detect the brood and get you guys out of there." the pacing stops and leaves her in front of Magik "Take me to her. I may be able to help, assuming the access codes haven't changed.

Magik pauses, eyes widening and look hopeful. She looks at the two other girls and says, "Let's go." People gather tightly together, making almost a defensive posture in case something goes wrong and then the teleport disk engulfs the girls.

The disk descends revealing Emma's office. Which has been trashed. Emma is laying upon her desk undergoing a transformation. Her skin is turning green and becoming lumpy. Her head malforms and takes on a Brood-like appearance and she raises up to greet the new arrivals. Her smile becomes grossly toothy as she states, "Hello children."

In another part of the room, Havok-Brood holds Cypher at bay as Jean-Brood-Queen is about to stab him in the gut with her 'injector'.

A quick look around tells Dani all she needs to know about the situation, and she immediatly falls into leader mode "Magik on Emma, you two," Magma and Roulette

A quick look around tells Dani all she needs to know about the situation, and she immediatly falls into leader mode "Magik on Emma, you two," Magma and Roulette help out Cypher." she already has her bow out so it isn't much effort or time to have an arrow nocked and flying at the Jeanbrood, aiming for the hand that is holding the needle.

Magma tranforms into her magma state and she launches an attack that immolates Jean-Brood-Queen. The arrow strikes true and becomes enflamed. The screams are bone chillingly horrific as Jean-Brood-Queen flails around smashing into walls (igniting them) and then falls to the carpeted floor against a sofa.

Roulette tosses one of her black disks, striking Havok-Brood in the left thigh, he twists to blast the girls, instead he launches his attack out the bank of windows that look out into the city.

Emma-Brood leaps off the desk and lunges for the newly armored Magik who is already in route toward her. Sword and talon lash at one another and the females go at one another in a melee combat style.

Being the only one that can access the files in Beast's computer system, Dani hurries to whatever terminal will best suit her needs and begins to access the files as fast as she is able. "Keep them off my back." she calls out to the fighting girls, as she needs to focus on finding out what is needed to get rid of the Brood infection once and for all.

The terminal is already logged into the Xavier system, it's just a matter of the password.

Magik is grabbed and thrown across the room. She impacts with a partially damaged window and finds herself over the city street - falling.

Magma launches another attack - this time at Emma-Brood (because she knows her attack will not hurt Havok-Brood). Emma-Brood suddenly has a hole burned through her, she collapses.

Havok-Brood is very angered, but not stupid. He leaps out the main door and Roulette gives chase.

Password entered, hopefully it was something short and relatively easy to type. Dani glances over her shoulder, wincing at the effective powers/skills of the girls, "Don't let him get away!" she calls out, they are going to need someone to try the antidote out on, if they can make it.

Roulette rounds the corner into the outer office. Magma leaps into action and will also give chase, "On it."

The password reveals journals of information regarding their initial conflict between the X-Men and the Brood as well as notes the compound which was used to purge the Brood infestation and lists that the compound is already made up with enough supply to innoculate a small town - however it's deep within the bowels of the X-Mansion - which is likely Brood central (nest).

Dani runs a hand through her hair at the information "Magik," she moves away from the terminal to look around and realizes that she is alone in the room with the charred remains of brood, which probably doesn't smell very good. She goes back to the terminal, and powers it down the hard way, by ripping the plug from the wall. Then she will rush out to find the others leaving the way Magma and Roulette did.

Beyond the outer office, Havok-Brood is found trapped with his hands bound to his chest by seering metal rings. He cannot release his plasma for it will only be pushed back into his own body (unharming, but annoying). Magik is standing with Magma and Roulette when Mirage comes within view. Magik states, "Were we able to stop Emma?"

"I don't think Emma will be going to far any time soon with that big hole burned into her chest." Dani seems to be taking the loss remarkably well, which is no surprise considering "Well it looks like we have both a hostage and a guinea pig" she eyes the trussed up Havok then turns to Magik "How long can you keep him like that?" she pulls Magik to the side, not wanting to say anything in front to the captured Brood in case they have a hive mind or something "Dr. McCoy has stock of the antidote, but it is deep in the Brood nest at the mansion." she speaks in a whisper.

Magik's drawn away before she can answer anything else and is confronted with the knowledge of the threat at hand. Her words are also whispered, "Then we teleport there, get the antidote and fix things before Magma destroys everyone we know and love."

A glance toward Magma is thrown over a shoulder followed by a nod "Agreed. The sooner the better." Dani is intent on going now before more of the Brood swoop in to attack them "With the brood queen flambed, hopefully they won't put up much of a fight.

Another stepping disks wisks them away to the horrors of the underground aspects of the Xavier Mansion. There they find unspeakable things that are out to kill/capture/infest. Roulette is killed, Magma injured, and Magik impregnated by Rogue-Brood-Queen. However, Mirage is able to acquire the antidote, disperse it through the mansion, and save the day.

Now we know what would happen if the X-Men returned from space as the Brood.

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