Welcoming Committee

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Cyclops, Kisha, and Richenda Gray

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07/09/12 13:35

Scott's Office - Xavier Mansion

Scott makes Kisha and Richenda part of the welcoming committee for the school

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Monday afternoon and Cyclops has been rather busy with business related to the X-Men, the mansion, and the Institute. Finally finding some time, Scott has used the school’s comsystem to summon two of the students to his office. Seated behind his computer, Scott and dressed in his X-Men uniform, awaits the arrival of Nemo and Showstopper to his office.

Whatever else is in Chenda's permanent record, tardiness is only rarely recorded. Clad in her usual denims and longsleeved tee, she's at the office door within a couple minutes. She pauses in the doorway to knock politely. "You called, sir?"

Having spent a fruitfull morning correcting the nameplate on the dorm room door so it reads 'Kisha' and not 'Nemo' there is something in the way of an industrial solvent smell about the eccentric scientist. Of course that's not much of a change from her usual Monday perfume and she has at least left the angle grinder behind in favor of an ebook reader filled with exotic lore. And while her new room-mate maybe punctual Kisha is considerably less so, sauntering in a few minutes later and stifling a yawn.

Smiling when Chenda enters, Cyclops gestures for her to enter and points to one of the leather chairs for her to sit at. “Thank you for coming. And you are not in trouble. I’m just waiting for your roommate, Kisha to join us. I have a request for both of you.” As Kisha enters, Scott furrows his brow a bit, “Thank you for joining us, Kisha.” He gestures for her to sit next to Chenda.

Chenda's pensive expression lightens immediately when Cyclops mentions that she's not in trouble. This /is/ technically a principal's office, after all! She slips into one of the chairs in front of his desk.

Kisha's footsteps arrive before her solvent reek, but not by much. Chenda glances up and frowns faintly as her yawning roomie comes in. "Wow. You look like you could use a nap, Kish."

"Oh no I'm fine. I just missed my morning coffee is all," Kisha assures, settling down in the chair and flicking through a few pages of her ebook. "You're looking well Sir. I'd have thought you'd still be in the medbay after the incident. Any ideas yet about what caused the mishap?"

Noting Kisha’s tired expression, Scott gestures to a table in the office as he stands up and goes to pour himself some coffee, “Would either of you like some coffee?” Scott works on his as he answers Kisha’s question, “I am still injured, but the med bay has top notch facilities, so I have been bandaged up, As for what happens, scans show nothing out of the ordinary, but the X-Men have been primarily working as guinea pigs to we ascertain specifically what happened. But I did get some new information that I am working on.”

"I'm good, sir." Chenda looks at Kisha in concern for a moment, then returns her attention to Scott. "Is there any way we can help? I mean, Kisha's quite the tech-wiz, and I'm... willing," she adds, blushing when she can't think of anything else to add.

Kisha brightens at the offer of coffee. "Don't mind if I do," she replies already making to pour a very large cup of black coffee. "Fun fact. The guinea pig has been used for scientific testing since the seventeenth century. I do hope the topic of guinea pigs and isn't linked to us being called here? I'm not really fond of personally testing the bugs in a giant death trap."

Making the coffee for Kisha, Scott chuckles at the history of the guinea pig as a scientific experiment and then shakes his head, “Milk or sugar?” He asks Kisha and then turns to Chenda and smiles, “This is not about the Danger Room. This is about both of you as students here. We have had a recent influx of newer students and since you have both been here nearly a year, I wanted to make a request of you.”

"O-... kay..." Chenda frowns thoughtfully. "So no helping with the Danger Room." She doesn't sound too put out about that. "What sort of request?"

Kisha pouts when it becomes apparant she isn't allowed to make her own coffee. "Black, no sugar and ideally enough coffee so it's darker than a HP Lovecraft novel. Are you asking us to spy on them? Gather intel and ensure no-one is an infiltrator of some kind?"

Returning to his desk, Scott passes Kisha a dark cup of coffee sans sweetness. “Well, not necessarily spying or gaining intel on them. But I was wondering if you two could take the lead to getting to them. Introduce yourselves, let them know the student perspective of things here. Befriend them.”

Chenda frowns. "I'm okay with that, but I think the operative question is whether or not they want to be befriended by somebody like me," she says doubtfully. Her school records would bear out her past problems with making friends, though it would take some deduction to find the reasons. The mere fact that she's been to so many schools in so many states would be a good clue, though. "I'll do my best."

Kisha gulps down the coffee without even waiting for it to cool. "I'm terrible with new people," she notes. "Or generally with any kinds of people. I've worked out a dozen assorted escape plans since I got here. Mostly covering a variety of situations which I've had implied may come up.... Are you sure that's the type of person you want greeting new kids? Last time I spoke to one he almost exploded. It was... quite interesting actually from a scientific point of view."

“I see.” As the roommates explain why they might not be ideal choices, Cyclops counters, “It is for that reason that I want you to befriend them. What you think may make you bad choices as friends, I think will be beneficial. The staff will always give a positive spin on what it is like here. They need to know what it is like from their perspective. A peer review if you will.”

"You almost made some kid explode?" Chenda asks Kisha, blinking in surprise. "Wow. That beats my record. I once got followed by a bunch of guys in a truck throwing empty beer cans at me, but there were never any explosions!"

"I just told him that students here had previously been injured and potentially killed," Kisha explains earnestly. "He got upset and started having some kind of panic attack. Then that woman with the white hair... whatever her name is... turned up and calmed him down. At least I presume she did. Couldn't hear any explosions after all. So long as it doesn't impact on my research then I suppose I could try, but I refuse any blame which may result because of this scheme."

Blinking at Kisha, “Yes, that’s fine, but maybe you should try to not detonate students by telling them things like that.” Scott nods his head slowly and sips his coffee, “So I do not know if you have met the other students yet. You should know Wallflower and Surge, aka Laurie and Noriko. The other newer students are. The explosive boy that Kisha was referring to is Radiance aka Seth. And the other students are Manifold, aka David and Blindflod, aka Ruth. And we have a non-mutant student, Finesse, aka Jeanne.”

"Count on Rogue to cool a situation off," Chenda says approvingly. "I've met Seth. Finesse sounds familiar. I'll have to try and catch the other new folks."

Kisha raises an eyebrow. "I didn't get the impression she was much of a people person," she remarks. "She was quite rude about the whole thing. I simply told the truth and he couldn't handle it... Would you rather I lied? Anyway I briefly saw someone who claimed he was called David... But I was a little busy at the time with the danger room going nuts. Laurie I know and I think Jeanne has been mentioned in passing."

“Well, Ruth just started over the weekend. And Nori started around the same time, you all did.” Scott hmmmns loudly and nods his head. “Well, I am being informed telepathically of another meeting. Do you ladies have any final questions for me?”

"Um, how many of the new people have to try to kill us before we can consider this experiment a failure?" Chenda asks. Yes, she has a bad feeling about it. "I'm not one of those people who has a high tolerance for attempted murder."

"What happens if we talk to them and they leave the school?" Kisha wonders, getting directly to the most likely scenario. "And Richenda I shall impart to you the wisdom of a great great man. Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back."

“Well, they will need to speak to myself or Jean before they leave. But I am sure there would be other factors that just what you say to them.” That is all Scott can offer in response to their questions, “Thank you , ladies. Now I have a meeting, but thank you for coming.”

"See you later, sir," Chenda says, with a plastic smile. She rises from her chair and turns for the door, nodding to Kisha. "'Scuse me. I gotta go pack my bug-out bag." And out she goes.

Kisha gives Richenda a funny look. "You mean you have one and you ever /unpacked it/. That's not very prepared of you. Have you even burried a secondary stash out in the woods on the off chance you can't return to your room?" She shakes her head. "I do worry about you people... Anyway thanks for the coffee and it's good to see you haven't suffered any permenant harm thanks to the make-believe murder machine." And with that she springs to her feet, puts the coffee cup down, and heads off in search of science.

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