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Hope You Survive the Experience

Cyclops, Vaughn, some thugs

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07/19/12 18:56

Central Park - New York

Vaughn saves a mutant and accepts Xavier Institute Membership

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The oppressive heat of the day has only somewhat faded with the disappearance of the sun. For the most part the park's lights have flickered on. Walking along one of the many paths that form a spider web across the park, Vaughn has his hands shoved in the front pockets of the light weight hoodie. The teenager opted to cut through the park on the way back from scoping out a possible location for a rave. So as he is not on delivery from his "normal" job, the slightest memory of Ruth's cryptic warning is nowhere in his head. As he is walking through one of the less savory parts of the park, he is being extra careful - not from her warning, but just because it's the smart thing to do. As he walks, something catches his eye. It's nothing that he can see, but the distorted pattern of a muffled cry. Sometimes, logic isn't the louder voice in your head, and this is one of those times. Like Little Red Riding Hood, the stupid teenager leaves the path. He follows the soft sounds until he sees three guys and a young green skinned woman.

One of the men is holding her, while the other two are circling like wolves. One of them is holding a small switchblade, which has the young woman positively terrorized. "Looks like we gots us a muty... What's we gonna do with it?"

Vaughn clears his throat to get their attention, "How about you just let her go and call it all good." At that time the young woman bites on the hand over her mouth, giving her to opportunity to scream for help.

Having been informed of the vision from Blindfold, Cyclops has been keeping his own eye on Vaughn considering the teen knows his identity and that of the school. Blindfold had also had a vision of his time as a student. With recent events being what they are for mutants and in particular those associated with the world of Charles Xavier. Cyclops finds himself in Central Park as well. Though dressed like a normal citizen, blue stripped button down shirt and black trousers, his eyes are hidden behind ruby quartz lenses. Near enough to the situation that is currently going, but remaining distant enough. Scott waits, years of X-Men training, has him prepared to act, but first he watches and waits.

"Who the hell are you?" The obvious leader of the trio - also the one with the knife - points at Vaughn.
"This ain't none of your business. Now get loss before I make it your business." Meanwhile, the one who had been hodling the young woman throws her to the ground, clutching his fist. The third thug is perhaps the one that is the most intimidating of the three, because he is the one that doing anything overtly obvious but moving into an almost flanking position.

Vaughn looks back to the thugs. "Ah.. now, you're committing assault and battery with an audience..." He takes a deep breath, "Still isn't too late for there not to be trouble."

“Trouble's what we gots." With that the leader gives a nod, and the quiet one charges at Vaughn, swinging with a makeshift club, and the one who had been holding the girl charges after the new arrival, while the boss just stands back - brave that he is.

Cyclops remains hidden and watches for the moment.

The guy with the club, made out of a broken political sign stake, swings at Vaughn repeatedly. Quite to his and Vaughn's surprise, Vaughn's instincts kicks in, and he reacts before over thinking the situation, blocking the blows with forearm blocks that indicates some noticable degree of martial arts training. The high arched crescent kick that Vaughn followed through would suggest possibly TaeKwonDo or a similiar style.

Adjusting the shades he wear, Scott Summers is ready to fire onto the thugs, when he sees Vaughn handle himself. He smiles as the boy can take care of himself. Placing the lenses back to keep his power in check, Scott remains hidden and continues to watch.

The quiet guy looks at Vaughn and reaches up to look at the blood from his busted lip. He screams in rage and charges at Vaughn. The teen grabs his arm and rolls the man over his shoulder and throws. Meanwhile, the boss seems to have mustered up his own courage. "If you love mutants so much, then I'll treat you just like I would treat one of them freaks." He steps into Vaughn, as he buries his clenched fist into the teenager's stomach. But Vaughn doesn't react like someone who had just been punched, he stiffens and steps back, clutching his stomach.

Finally standing up from where he was hidden, Scott Summers reveals himself and holding onto the brim of his sunglasses, he commands, “I suggest you leave. . .now!” He turns and faces a tree and releases an optic blast that pulverizes the tree into bits of wood and leaves, “Please don’t make me do that to you!”

"Freakin' mutant freaks... they're everywhere." The boss gestures with the knife in his hand. "That's what's wrong with these freaks... they make it not safe for people." Well, if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black. The man who just stabbed a teenager for helping someone making that comment. But regardless of their opinions of mutants, their opinion of being blown up pretty much has them running.

Vaughn takes another step backwards, but his footing is not that stable. Still both hands are clutching his stomach.

With the idiot thugs gone, Scott Summers steps forward and instantly rushes to Vaughn and applies some amateur first aid. Scott grabs onto Vaughn’s shirt and literally rips it off the teen to use as a make-shift bandage to wrap around the wound. Once it is set, he attempts to help Vaughn up, “We’re close enough to Mutant Town. We get can you to the clinic.”

Vaughn blinks a few times at Scott. "Clinic... why do I need to go to the clinic?" From the expression, he's probably in a mild state of shock. All and all, not that surprising. Then he looks down as Scott it keeping him from bleeding. The blood is bright red and not dark, indicating that there is probably no organ damage from the stab wound. "Why am I bleeding?" He blinks again. "I.. huh.."

“You got stabbed defending a mutant. Some idiot stabbed you.” Scott helps Vaughn up as he speaks. The mutant girl has since fled the scene. Scott starts to move in the direction of Mutant Town as sirens can be heard in the background. Someone must have reported the incident.

"I did that? Really?" He grins slightly, "Nah.. must have been someone else.. I wouldn't have done that... that's dangerous, ya know?" Vaughn hears the sirens and frowns. He shakes his head, "I can't go to the hospital... No one knows about me.. they'd have to report things.. like I'm underage... too many questions that I can't answer."

Scott responds, “Not too worry. I am going with to the clinic. You will be fine.” Finally out of the park and after a few blocks, they are finally in Mutant Town and near the clinic. “You were brave back there,
Vaughn A hero. And you didn’t have to rely on your powers. Despite the battle scar. You did very well.”
Vaughn frowns slightly, "Won't they have to report me too?" He holds onto the ruined hoodie. "I don't use my powers, Scott... well not the way that they would have been useful in that... If I had been thinking I would have made the sound of sirens to scare them off... " He pauses, as he suddenly remembers the girl, "Is that lady okay? They didn't hurt her, did they?"

“Well, you have pretty good control then. And she is fine. She was not hurt.” Scott stops at the clinic, “You will survive, but it is your choice. I can drop you off here or is there somewhere else you would like to go, Vaughn?”

Vaughn looks at Scott. Facing three thugs didn't and getting stabbed didn't scare him as much as the idea of him being reported. "You promise they won't have to report this?

“Well, I can bring you to the school. We have better facilities. But it may take a while to get there while we wait for someone to get us and at the same time, not sure how comfortable treating a non-student there.” Scott seems genuinely concerned for Vaughn, but with the way things have gone at the Institute, it might be best to take Vaughn there. He mulls it over mentally.

Vaughn chews on his lower lip, then looks at Cyclops. "The clinic does good things... I don't want them to get in trouble for me... If they didn't report the incident to the police, they could... " He nods slightly. "You can take me to the school... " Then almost under his breath. "I'm not sure I want to be alone right now anyway...." He pauses, "So... um speaking of schools... did Ruth tell you my idea?"

Pressing a comswitch, Scott signals for someone from the Institute to come get them. He places Vaughn on a bench to rest. “No, Ruth did not tell me your idea. . .and I heard your whisper. I agree you should not be alone right now.”

Vaughn runs his canine over his lower lip. "Well, she was telling me about this other school that's like being run bad this group called the Hellfire Club or something... and that the reason that Seth got mad at me talking to Armand is that he goes there and that he could be a spy... I was thinkin' that I might talk to him about him getting me in, so that I could act as a spy for you guys... since you're like the good guys and they.. well aren't."

“Well, as much as I appreciate the thought. I would never allow a student to act as a spy for us. That is WAY too dangerous.” Scott does not mention already having a spy of sorts there already. Or so he thinks anyway. “That is nice of you to offer though. But things are being worked on with regard to things over there.”

Vaughn shivers slightly as they wait. "Well, I'm not a student until I agree, right? So if I was to not agree, then I wouldn't be a student..." He shakes his head, "But it's probably a stupid idea anyway....I'm probably not a good enough liar to get away with it."

“It’s not about being stupid. It is a dangerous place. The school is run by powerful people, including two major telepaths who would easily read your mind and know what you are up to the minute you are there. At the very least, I would want you to have more training from us, which includes how to form psi-blocks.” Scott, “Again, I appreciate the thought. But it is a bad idea. . .horrible. Come with us. Get training at our school and then see how it goes from there.”

Vaughn nods slightly as he looks up at the sky. He sighs, "I'm going to have to live with my headphones on out there... the quiet is going to drive me crazy." He looks over at Scott, "You can teach someone that kind of stuff?"

“Yes, well. One of the other staffers.” A car pulls up and Bishop steps out. Looking to Vaughn and he helps him up, “So I take it this is a yes as to your becoming a student at Xaviers?” Bishop opens the door to the back seat and helps placing Vaughn in.

Vaughn looks over at him. "I said yes." He blinks, "Wait no I didn't. I meant to. I thought I did." He nods. "Yes... " He gets into the car, but it's obvious that the adrenaline has begun to wear off, as he flinches and softly whimpers when he gets into the car. He looks down at the bloodied shirt. "Man, that was like one of my favorite shirts... " Then he realizes that he is in a pair of jeans and sneakers and that's it. "Um... don't suppose that I can borrow a tee shirt or something when we get there, huh?"

Once Vaughn is in the car, Scott responds, “You will be given a uniform up there.” With that Bishop drives them back to the Institute.

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