Welcome to Xaviers, David! Hope You Survive the Experience!

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David is recruited to Xaviers

Cyclops and Manifold & Franky and Arlane

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06/21/12 11:32

Salem Center Mall - Westchester County

Scott recruits David to Xaviers School

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With things being chaotic in New York City, various X-Men and X-Factor, and even a student or two have got to New York City to assist with the attack of ‘shadows’ in the city. For his part, Cyclops has decided to remain in Salem Center to maintain a semblance of order at the Xavier Institute. Being concerned over the young mutant he encountered. Cyclops asked Frnaky and Arlane to leave the city when the shadows starts appearing. Franky and Arlane are staying at a motel in Salem Center with their child and have brought David with them. The two older mutants have opted to bring the younger ones to the mall, to give them some entertainment. Cyclops has opted to meet with them to check on their well-being. Dressed comfortably in jeans and a black t-shirt with ruby quartz shades, Scott Summer sits in the food court waiting for them. He spots them and smiles as he gestures for them to join him.

David spots Scott gesturing and waves back in greeting, and hurries over to join him. "Oh, man. Things have been crazy for me. Even BEFORE the monsters," he says, flopping down on the bench, "and I tell you, getting stabbed HURTS."

Franky and Arlane wave to Scott with their child, but opt to take their child to a store for shopping leaving Scott with David. The X-Men leader blinks a moment, “I have heard the city has gotten crazy. But you got stabbed?” Scott looks rather annoyed, but not necessarily direct at David.

"Yeah," David replies. "This was before all the trouble with the shadow monster things. I stopped a mugging. Turns out I saved a rock star."

“A rock star? Wow. Well, I guess that is pretty good. What were the specifics of the stabbing? Did the culprit get arrested?” Scott asks as he is genuinely concerned for the neophyte mutant.

David shakes his head. "They were afraid of me 'cause I was a mutant. Ran off. Didn't think it would be smart to chase after 'em. I left the girl once I knew the police were near."

“Ok, good job. You did enough to clear the situation without putting yourself in danger and yet you were clear to wait for the authorities. Good job, David.” Scott smiles, “You know, with the proper training, you could make a pretty good superhero. But superhero or not, you have a good heart to step in, placing yourself in danger. With training, you could potentially avoid that, I mean the stabbing itself.”

"Yeah. No permanent damage, though. One advantage of my ability; Only one body gets damaged if one is injured," David explains. "And since I can choose which body stays when I stop duplicating, I just chose the body that wasn't injured. It /was/ a little unnerving to see the dagger just drop from midair, though. Not even any blood left behind." He shudders,
"Yeah. I've been thinking of that a bit myself. I think I met a friend of yours. At least she said she was a friend of yours. Her name was Anna, and she said she was going to ask around about me getting training."

“Yes, I am very good friends with Anna. And I know a bit about training young mutants. Would you be interested? You may have heard rumors of a school for mutants in Mutant Town. Well it is true. There is, indeed, a school for mutants where they are trained. . .and I know about it. What do you think of a school, where the students are all mutants? You know a regular high school, but in addition to regular high school courses, you work with older mutants on your powers? What would you think of that?” Scott eyes the teen to see how he responds.

David nods enthusiastically. "Sounds like it would be a good move. Right now, I'm not really getting very far on my own," he replies. "Kinda hard to train on your own. I mean, how do I even exercise something like this?"

“Good point.” Scott smirks, “Well, What I told you was I the headmaster of that school. What I told you, I was Cyclops of the X-Men.” Scott again watches the young mutant. Unfortunately not all mutants like the X-Men. They are considered terrorists by some, but are considered heroes by others.

"I hear mixed things about you.." David admits, "But you know, everything I've seen from you and your friends tends to make me believe the good more than the bad."

Nodding his head, Scott continues, “Well, you should make the opinion for yourself. I am leader of the X-Men and we also run the school for mutants. Thankfully, Franky brought you up here. Admittedly when I first saw you in Mutant Town. I had to be sure you were a right fit for the school and that the school would be a right fit for you. Thankfully, Franky says good things about you and from what I see and from what I have heard you say. Including saving a rock star. Risking your own life for someone else. Well, I think you will do well. It is a regular school. You will be graded and having math and English courses. But in addition to that, you work directly with the X-Men and other mutants on your powers. Training and whatnot. We have facilities designed to specifically work with the mutants. If you are willing to take the risk, I think it will be a good fit.”

David nods again, a bit too enthusiastically and he cricks his neck. "Ah!" he says, rubbing the back of his head, "But yeah, I'd like to join. Finish my schooling too.. I guess I get a diploma out of this? Kinda important, since I dropped out of school when I ran away.""

“Yes. You get a diploma.” Scott notes David’s enthusiasm. He is partly excited himself, but wonders if David grasps,
“David, this is not easy. You will train. Training is tough. We will work you. . .HARD!’ Scott stresses the final word for David to realize just how this will be.

David looks a little taken aback. "Well, yeah," he replies after a moment. "I think even that one guy, Captain America, has to practice to be a real hero.."

“Well, Yes. He does. We all do.” Scott grins and stands up just as Franky and Arlane arrive. Scott hands David a card with his contact information and then goes to greet Franky, Arlane, and their kid. Scott then looks to David, “Bring your stuff and pass by the school. Be ready for your training to begin on Monday.”

David blinks, a little taken aback again, "Oh. Right. Umm.. What's the best way to get there? I don't exactly have a car."

Grinning Scott smirks, “Well, Franky, can you bring him by the school or we can send someone to pick you up, David.” Franky nods and says that he can bring David by. Scott nods, “Well, perfect. Then.” With that, he bows his head, “I will see you on Monday.”

David nods. "See you," he says, then grins widely to Franky. "I'm going to be a super hero!" he says.

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