Welcome to Xavier's Ultragirl

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Ms. Marvel; Ultragirl, Mirage

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Ultragirl gets a tour of the Mansion

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Carol Danvers met Suzy at the agreed-upon address at the agreed-upon hour, relatively early in the morning without being the crack of dawn. She's dressed in a crisp black woman's pantsuit with a white poplin blouse and black sunglasses, her long blonde hair pulled back and gathered by a metallic clip into a ponytail. She looks more like a Federal Marshall than a superheroine, and that's entirely intentional.

As soon as Suzy showed up in her civvies, Carol let Suzy into the basement of the building where they met, and showed her how to use her 'school ID badge' to key open the doorway to the 'train station' hidden away down there. Of course, this is a train unlike any other: instead of a seat in an open car, or standing like a subway, this one requires Suzy to lay down in the capsule-like single person car. As soon as she's in and closes the hatch, it seals up tight - a hiss of pressure - as the inner shell molds against her body quite conformingly. Then it's off like a shot, moving at incredible speeds. Suzy has comms access from inside, and can even chat with Carol, behind her in another capsule.

Within minutes they will both emerge in another 'station'. Following the same process in reverse, they can key themselves out to a hallway near an elevator, which will take them to the ground level and present them to the grounds of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

"Welcome to the school." Carol offers as they emerge from the elevator, sure that they will soon be met by one of the staff. They are expected, after all. "Told you that you wouldn't miss not being able to fly in. From what I know of your flight speed, I don't think you could get here this quickly if you /did/ fly. And we would prefer that you wear your civilian clothes whenever possible while outdoors here. Inside, especially for training sessions, you'll wear your costume. I'd also suggest civilian attire when going to and from any of the 'train stations' in the City. We don't want to draw attention to them."

Suzy showed up in her civvies, just as requested... and with a backpack, empty but for some pens, pencils, and a spiral notebook... and her costume, over one shoulder. When the capsule ride ends, Suzy's all smiles. "Wow! That was kinda /fun/! I'll get to ride that every day?", she comments as she follows Carol up and follows the given instructions to open the 'station' door. She nods at the additional cautions about civilian clothing, too.

Then she follows Carol out onto the Estate grounds and stops. "Whoa....!", she says, looking about herself for a while, with her mouth open. Then, when she finally closes her mouth... she opens it again to say, "/This/ is the school? It looks like a mansion! ... wait... is this some ritzy 'private school' kinda place? I dunno if I'll fit in with a buncha rich kids..."

Right on cue the dean of students, Danielle Moonstar comes down the stairs, wearing her own professional outfit, though in her case it is more in the form of a white uniform then a business suit. She looks between the older and younger woman, offering them both a welcoming smile "Good morning, Ms. Danvers." she offers a hand in greeting "And to you to." she offers to the younger girl before introductions are made.

"In answer to your questions: Yes, you'll get to rid that every day. Yes, there's a good reason why this looks like a mansion. Yes, it's a private school. I don't know how 'ritzy' that makes it, given some students here are formerly homeless. You would be well served, Suzy, to set aside your assumptions, about everyone and about everything, and observe before you presume." It's the closest to an admonishment Carol's going to bother with right now.

Carol extends her hand to grasp Dani's firmly, nodding. "Good to see you. Please, call me Carol. If I recall correctly, you prefer 'Dani'?" Carol has a history here, and knows most of the 'players', as it were. "Suzanna 'Suzy' Sherman, this is Ms. Danielle Moonstar, the Dean of Students here at the school." Carol offers by way of introductions before they get too far ahead of themselves.

"Hi", Suzy says as she's introduced, and accepts Dani's offered hand. "If you haven't seen TV lately, I'm Ultragirl", she adds, apparently not at all shy about identifying herself. "My friends call me 'Suzy', though", she adds.

Danielle nods at Carol "That is preferred yes." she then addresses Suzy "Nice to meet you. Out there I'm known as Mirage, I'm on the news quite frequently myself." she then indicates that they can all head into the school, as she continues to speak, "A person's social class is of little consequence here. The only thing that matters is that you keep an open mind and try to get a long with your fellow students. We are all about teaching the students how to control the gifts they were given as well as how get along in a world that looks at them with fear and suspicion." she gestures to the school "It hasn't always been like this. When I was a student here it wasn't quite so grand.

"But it was still a mansion." Carol offers in response to Danielle, with a smile. She remembers how it was then, quite fondly. She has good memories of her time with the X-Men, despite anything else that may have happened before or since. "All of the students here, and most of the faculty and staff, have powers. Most right now are those who were born with them, either to lay dormant until they entered their teens, or manifesting at birth. You and those in the program with you, Suzy, will be amongst the first to join this school who were not, necessarily, born with their powers." Though, of course, Suzy was apparently born with hers. Carol doesn't know that, and neither does Suzy. So they act on what they 'know' to be true. "You will have a room here at the school. You can study, there, even spend the night. It is a residential school, after all. But I also know you have things you will need to do in the City. You'll use the 'train' to get back and forth, so that no one can track Ultragirl to this school, to endanger you, the school, other students, or the staff."

Suzy nods. "I was getting kinda... shunned... at my old school, this year. My powers woke up in the summertime, so when school started, again, everything was different", she comments to Dani, shifting the strap of her backpack, probably just for comfort more than that it weighs anything to her.

Then, as she follows along after Danielle, she nods a little as she listens to Carol speaking. "I don't hafta stay here if I don't wanna, right?", Suzy asks after the mention of the residential nature of the school.

"It's a common story with a lot of the students here." Danielle leads the way up the stairs to the main entrance "For some though shunning would have been a nice change to the torture they were but through." she gestures to the wings at the front of the building "Those are the administraive living quarters. The students quarters are on the other side." she glances at Carol, not sure how the living arrangements were settled on their end "All of our students reside here during the school year but are free to go home for vacations and holidays if the choose. Special considerations are made on a case by case basis should a student want to make other living arrangements.

"I patrol in New York a lot... and my contract with my sponsor says that I have to make myself visible as much as I can. If I hafta /live/ here, I'm kinda... not gonna be able to hold up my end of the contract", Suzy says, with vague random-ish sorta hand gestures as she speaks in reply to what Dani's said about living at the school. "I also, sometimes, hafta go do photoshoots or commercials on weekends... part of the contract, too", she adds.

Dani listens attentively to the explanation, "I don't see there being complications with you living off campus. While most of the students don't have similar commitments, a lot of the staff does." she leads the way through the foyer and entrance hall "Any of us can be called away at a moments notice to deal with a crisis, including myself. I am on call 24/7 with X-Factor. As long as your commitments don't interfer with your lessons or training sessions you will get plenty of leeway to deal with those things."

Carol doesn't interrupt, but lets the 'Dean of Students' handle some of the questions and draw more out of Suzy, since Suzy is going to have to learn to share these things with the staff here at some point anyway. "My suggestion, Suzy, would be that you try to stay here two to three nights a week, allowing yourself the chance to socialize outside of class with your fellow students. The other evenings, you can head into the City for patrolling, and spend those nights with your parents, or catch the train back here when you're done for the night. That, and time on your weekends, would be a good faith effort to live up to your bargain and contract, while also allowing yourself to be a kid, and live your life." Carol offers as means of a compromise. She agrees that Suzy should be able to leave when and as she feels the need; that was rather the point of the bullet-capsule 'trains' in the first place. But she wants to try to encourage Suzy to embrace /all/ of the opportunities at the school, not just the academic and training ones. "Think about it, OK?"

"Cap also said he was going to have me start working as part of his 'help line' thingie... so I gotta be able to get out to the city to do that, when he calls", Suzy says, mostly to Carol. "I don't do any of my patrolling and stuff til /after/ school, and after homework too, anyway. Even in my contract, it's pretty clear that I'm still in school and that I need to do that", she goes on, without directing the comments specifically to either of the other women. To Carol, again, she adds, "I'll hang around sometime, of course... but it's more that I /wanna/ be out there, helping people as much as I can... I don't even hafta sleep as much as I used to, nowadays. I've gone a couple days without and then taken a couple hours' nap and...", with a shrug at the end, to show that the lack didn't affect her.

The knowledge that the young girl has a patrol causes Dani some concern, "Please try to keep talk about your patrols to a minimum. We have a quite a few impressionable students that would love nothing more to accompany you on them. That of course cannot be allowed. Not only it is a huge liability, but a lot of the students still have power control issues and could end up causing more damage then they are trying to prevent.

Suzy nods her head at Dani's words of caution. "Sure. It's just something I do on my own, anyway... so that I can get seen and hold up my end of the contract", she says. "... and I wanna learn how to use my powers better. I use 'em okay already, but I honestly dunno how /strong/ I really am. I don't wanna accidentally punch someone /too/ hard, someday... that's worse than if I knock down a wall or something, if I accidentally killed someone."

"And that is part of why you are here, Suzy. This school has the facilities to not only help you measure what you're capable of, but also to train you in how to control it, to use only the force you /intend/ to use, even when fighting for your life." Carol offers.

"Plus we have the facilities to contain any power mishaps should they happen." Dani adds to what Carol has said, "Usually we assign students to one training group and they stay with that group for the school year. I think though, since you have some real world expereince that it would be best if we rotate you into a different training group on a montly basis. Not only will the students benefit, but it will also help you in learning about the wide range of abilties that you may encounter and ways to deal with them should you encounter an enemy with a similar ability. How does that sound to you?

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