Welcome to Xavier's Part 2

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Welcome to Xavier's Part 2

David, Logan, Wolfsbane

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Xavier Estate

David arrives at the Estate and receives a less than warm welcome

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David has just arrived. He steps out of a car, saying thanks to the driver, who some might recognize if they frequent the bodega in Mutant Town in New York City, or as recent refugees who fled to Salem Center while the shadow creatures invaded. Regardless, David is here now, with all his belongings(which amounts to a backback with some clothing). He has a faintly annoyed expression on his face for some reason though, and Franky drives off in his car, after saying his goodbyes to David. David looks around. "Hmm. Now what?" he muses. "Do I just walk i-" He freezes as he spots turrets training on him.

Luckily for David, Logan must have arrived only a few minutes ago. The motorcycle he was riding has already been stored in the garage, and through those large double garage doors he emerges with an expression of annoyance as well as a tinge of anger.
At first glance it's clear Logan's seen better days. His clothing is tattered, blood-stained, grimy. His hands are dirty, his features are haggard, and when he steps out of that garage he lifts his voice calling out across the way to the new student.
"Don't freakin' move, kid." He stalks forward out of the garage, moving towards the new arrival with an intensity that borders on the wild. He squints at the boy, giving him the once over, then growls. "Alright, explain yerself."

"I'm /supposed/ to be here," David explains, still frozen in place. "Mr. Summers invited me to join," he says by way of explanation. He eyes the turrets and the wild-looking relatively short fellow. "I guess I should have called ahead?" he asks, in a somewhat feeble joking tone.

"Hnh," Logan gives David a once over, pausing to stand right in front of him even as the turrets keep him covered. He folds his arms over his chest, expression grim as he measures the young man before him. A grunt slips from the short mutant and he says simply, "Ya accepted already or you just showin' up outta the blue and hopin' everyone bends over backwards for ya?"

David is starting to get a little annoyed, despite the obvious threat in the situation. "Didn't I just say I was /invited/?"

There's a tilt of his head as the X-Man squints at David. "Don't go gettin' uppity, kid." Though, to be fair, he doesn't smell like he's lying, and his heartbeat is elevated but regular. Most likely from the turrets pointing at him.
But then Logan lifts his voice and in a steady tone says simply, "System. Recognize Logan. Temp clearance given to target. Observation level gamma."
And even as he finishes that sentence, the turrets begin to retract back into their housings.

It's been hours since Wolfsbane made it back to the mansion with the others, probably around eight. One of the first things she did, after being reassured that what happened back in Manhattan wasn't her fault, was go off to the woods and brood, and brood, and brood some more. Now she's headed in the direction of the buildings to go back in but she's yet to change out of what she was wearing. That means the new costume. It also means she's not yet healed, a limp visible along with an arm that appears to be sore the way she keeps it at her side. Words from around front reach her ears, leading her in that direction.

"I have a card with Mr. Summers' contact information, if you want proof," David tells Logan. "My name's David, by the way," he adds, hesitantly proffering a hand to shake.

A grunt, "Logan." The grim man steps forward and takes David's hand, giving it a firm shake and holding the young man's eyes. At first glance it's rather hard to believe that Logan would actually be working here. He looks almost like a homeless man had wandered onto the grounds, and smells like one too considering how long he's spent in the city that was under attack up until only a few hours ago. Of course he did know the security commands, so hey.
Then those blue eyes of his slide over towards the side even as he steps back from the young man. "Heya, Rahne." He says to her as she draws closer.

Wolfsbane's nose wrinkles at the way Logan smells, easy to tell it. He could detect a thing or two about her as well, given the way she moves along with her guarded expression. "Mister Logan, an'.." she answers, David getting a long look. Well, there's a mutant in front of him, complete with the costume.

David gawks briefly at the costumed mutant, but then has to shrug. Given what he's been told about the school, he shouldn't be surprised. "You as bad as I did when I got mugged," he observes to the pair of them.

"Rahne, I'm dyin' fer a shower. You up to handlin' gettin' this guy settled in?" He turns to look at her and then frowns after a moment. His nostrils flare faintly, then he shakes his head. "And you need ta get to medbay. Have Doc Nemesis look you over." He frowns as he moves towards the front of the mansion, perhaps presuming they'll follow him.

"I'll be fine. I just..tweaked something," Wolfsbane answers, sounding reluctant about it before looking back toward David with a mix of curiosity and uncertainty. She's not the best around strangers. "So ye were told tae come here?"

David nods. "I was invited to join the school, study, and train," David replies. "Not from around here are you?" he says, noting the accent.

Wolfsbane begins to move back toward the mansion Logan's headed in the direction of, trying and failing to hide the limp. "Scotland, an' I came here for th' same reasons once," she answers quietly, a few fingers flexing at her side opposite the leg with the limp. That's the arm that looks like it's not quite right.

David starts following after the young woman. "Umm, if you'd like some support, you can lean on me," he says. "My name's David," he says.

Wolfsbane shakes her head, a stubborn way about her in the sense that she chooses not to take the opportunity given. "I'll be fine. Just a wee bit sore, is all." Her bare feet land silently on the ground with her steps, gritting her teeth a few times along the way. "How'd ye hear o' us?"

"Mr. Summers. Found me begging for food in mutant town. Got me an under the table job there, and later offered to take me in here," David says, "Beyond that, I just hear mixed messages from various media. Had no idea you guys were /here/ though."

"Aye, well..we are," Rahne answers, eyes forward as she keeps moving along, though she adds, "I'm sorry ye had tae resort tae tha'. Muh name's Rahne, but I also go by Wolfsbane." She was once in X-Factor.

David nods. "I don't have any other name besides my given one," he replies. "Didn't exactly intend to start begging for food when I ran away, but.. Well, within hours of running away, I got mugged. they left me with just the clothes I was wearing. That was it."

Wolfsbane glances sidelong toward David when he tells of running away. She rubs at the shoulder and elbow, arms bare to show she does, in fact, have a layer of fur over them. "Was this after yuir powers came oot?"

"Sort of," David replies. "I used to live with my parents. I was forced to register, and eventually outed at school as a mutant. I ran away. Got arrested. I gave them a false name, so they put me in foster care. When I told them the truth, they decided to send me back to my parents. I ran away again instead."

"What did yuir parents think about it all?" Wolfsbane asks, perhaps a required question of a sort. Logan's further along, not out of range of hearing but quiet for his own reasons.

"Ha. They didn't treat me well /before/ they found out I was a mutant. You can imagine how it was after," David says in a decidedly bitter tone.

Wolfsbane mostly just frowns, shaking her head slowly. It may not be too difficult to tell that's not a great subject for her to think about either. "M'sorry it's tha' way," she offers.

David shrugs. "It is the way it is," he admits, "Probably better not to think about it too much." He walks along in silence for a moment, "But you're a super hero! How cool is that?"

"I've found tha' tae be true with some things," Rahne answers as the main building comes more into view. She continues to limp, meaning a visit to the medbay will probably come after all. "Cool?" she asks, as if right now the concept of it is foreign to her.

"Yeah, cool. I mean, sure, sometimes you get hurt, but doesn't it feel good to help people?" David asks.

Silence is the answer David receives for a few long, possibly uncomfortable moments, Rahne very quiet in the wake of what he asks. "Aye, when ye're able tae," she says, eyes turning downcast.

"And I guess the ones you couldn't save are the ones that hurt the most," David suggests, suddenly sober.

Wolfsbane nods once, leaving it at that. He may or may not know why it's not the best time to be talking about that. "Let's get ye tae a guest room. I'll have someone work on getting ye a tour in th' morning." For noo I'd best get looked a'."

David nods, and heads towards one of the rooms.

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