Welcome to the X-Men, Shatterstar

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Shatter joins the X-Men

Blindfold, Cyclops, and Shatterstar

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09/21/12 22:00

Circular Drive and Main Parking - Xavier Estate

Cyclops recruits Shatterstar for the X-Men and Blindfold reveals secrets about Finesse

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It is late and Scott Summers returns to the Xavier Institute stepping off a bus with a bunch of students. Scott lets all the students step off and the last is Ruth Aldine. He offers his assistance to help the blind teen off the bus and as the other students rush into the Institute he remains behind. “Ruth, your were integral in the defeat of Gorgeous George. Once again, you prove yourself to the school and who knows when you are older. . .maybe a spot on the X-Men.” Scott is dressed in grey jeans and a black polo short with his ruby quartz lenses.

Blindfold smiles gratefully toward Scott as she accepts the help and steps down out of the bus. That smiles brightens as she unwittingly blushes "Thank you, yes I would like that very much but I only did what I could to help. To stand by and stay silent.." she shakes her head "I'm sorry, forgive me, it would have been something that I can't quite fathom. I just follow my visions. Although it's a good thing perhaps that you're offering maybe when I get older by then I hope to be able to fight so that others' full attention can be focused on things rather then divided with protecting me. I still have alot to learn and I hope to continue to do the school proud, yes thank you"

Shatterstar is standing on the other edge of the drive, watching the bus leave and then glancing over the people who just disembarked. When he spots Blindfold and Cyclops recognition flashes across his face and he walks quickly over to speaking distance. "Hello, Cyclops. Blindfold." He inclines his head slightly to Scott when greeting him.

Smiling at his student’s humble nature, Scott cannot help but think of himself when he was a student and how he was somewhat similar. Not quite startled by Shatterstar, the mojoverse native, warrants a look of surprise, but then a smile from Cyclops who walks over and extends a hand to shake, “Shatterstar, I am glad you could visit.” He then looks back at Blindfold, “So you two have met?” He asks with a quirked eyebrow.

Blindfold turns her head toward the new voice "Yes, thank you, we met once at a dojo. Gaveedra stopped me from making a horrible blunder as I'm afraid I didn't realize what the building was and was going to wear my shoes in, Vaughn was there as well" She was wearing her casual street clothes "It's nice to meet you again Mr. Seven and where we are freer to talk. I apologize for dancing around some issues before, please forgive me" such as how she knew him right off the bat and about x-force

"It was a martial arts training facility," Shatterstar supplies helpfully while accepting the handshake with careful, slightly mechanical precision. "One that specialied in two-handed sword style called 'Kendo'. And then later we met again during a failed assassination attempt involving the Black King."

Listening and seeing no problem with the encounter, but ‘assassination attempt’ and ‘Black King’ catch his attention. Scott does a double take, “Assassination attempt involving the Black King?" Sighing loudly, "'Star, I know you are not one of the X-Men, but since you are here. When you get the chance, just file a report on it. I'll read it over and address it appropriately." Scott blinks a moment and then an idea crosses his mind and a small smile forms on his face.

Blindfold nods agreeing with Shatterstar "I saw things about Levins and the Crime Master. I'm afraid those two are quite twisted people, if you'll excuse my saying I'm sorry. Jeanne may think she can handle her problem alone but...she'll need help, she just doesn't realize it yet"

Shatterstar pauses and then turns to Blindfold. "Who is Jeanne? And what is her problem?

Scott would ask as well, “Jeanne is one of our students. Actually she is our first non-mutant student. She is a polymath, but seems to have warranted attention from someone. She had received some sort of odd package at the school before it was destroyed. I had hoped it was over, but. . .” He sighs, “. . .which leads me to think, we could use some more security around here.” He looks to Shatterstar and makes an offer, “Shatterstar, what would you say to joining the X-Men and the Institute. . .as security for the school and as a member of my X-Men squad?”

Blindfold turns her head from to the other "Jeanne, otherwise known as Finesse. She asked me about confronting Task Master in combat I couldn't see that far to give her an answer. Yes, you are right, it is not over by a long shot I'm afraid. she's been relentless in her persuit of a resolution to the matter. Levins is the Jack o Lantern, Jeanne sais she'd received a jack o lantern. He is more tightly connected to Crime Master then most are aware, though Levins did die once he came back with some bonuses. Levins may or may not be responsible for the package, I'm not sure...things involving the situation are uniquely convoluted and complicated, I'm afraid sorry"

Shatterstar is taken aback, but the flashes a rare smile. "Join the X-Men? I would be honored!" It seems like so long ago, but that is more or less the reason Shatterstar came to this planet and time in the first place. "But -- I must discuss this with Sam Guthrie first. He is the leader of X-Force at the moment...."

“Of course, I understand, but I am sure Sam will be ok with it.” Scott thinks Shatterstar would make a fine addition, but having someone from X-Force could also lead to something more that Scott keeps to himself. He looks to Blindfold, “Taskmaster, huh? Well the X-Men have never personally encountered him. He tends to fall more into the Avengers rogue gallery and Jack O Lantern and Crime Master is more Spider-Man’s alley. Might be something to involve them, but with Avengers helping out with the school, I’ll reach out to Ms. Marvel.”

Blindfold smiles with a nod "I'm sorry I'm afraid if Jeanne continues her nightly excursions to stalk whoever sent her the pumpkin that I see her getting into a situation she won't be able to get out of herself"

Shatterstar nods in agreement, still basking in the feeling of being an X-Man. Then he tilts his head slightly to one side, looking at Blindfold. "How do you know? Whoever sent it - when confronted they likely won't be a threat. Otherwise they would never have resorted to such subterfuge. They would have challenged your friend directly to personal combat."

“Well unfortunately, ‘Star. If you haven’t learned by now, many of Earth’s villains are not as honorable and rely on subterfuge and sneaking around to take on their enemies. So, we had best keep an eye on Finesse and put an end to her little nightly excursions. Thank you for informing me, Blindfold.” Scott grins and will be careful in how he approaches Finesse to discuss this. “When Sam gives the go-ahead, ‘Star. Feel free to move into the mansion. We have many rooms now.” He pauses a moment, “How is Rictor doing? I’ve been so busy, I feel I neglected him completely.”

Blindfold smiles with a shrug toward Shatterstar "When you go looking for trouble you can usually bet you'll find it. The reason for the pumpkin isn't clear unfortunately I'm sorry. It could have been to lure her out doing just what she's doing, trying to put an end to it herself, might be misdirection by someone or it might be a tactic to scare her off rather then looking for a fight. No, I'm sorry Scott, sir, I haven't seen her get into trouble. Yes, thank you shatterstar, I just see things, from the past and future. that's how I know your real name and how I knew you were from X-force. How I know that Levins killed his parents and that Crime Master raised him. How I know that Levins turns the heads of everyone he kills into jack o lanterns and that he killed every person who wore his mask before him. Shaw is interested in the connection between Levins and Crime Master, why I don't know I'm sorry" then nods to Scott "You're welcome thank you" knowing full well scott won't let it be known she said anything. then turns her head back toward Star with a grin, seemed whatever info Ruth had gotten about x-force was a little off but quickly being corrected.

Shatterstar nods in understanding. Though he tilts his head curiously at the mention of a room. Then when Cyclops asks about Rictor, Shatterstar shakes his head. "Rictor and Cable clash often. Verbally," he clarifies. "They have many arguments. But otherwise he seems fine."

“Well at least, he is ok.” Scott nods and notes the time, “Alright, I need to check on the other students. “Shatterstar, let me know what Sam says and we will work on integrating you into the school and the X-Men.” WIth that Scott leaves.

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