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Hope You Survive the Experience

Cyclops and Wolfsbane

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09/06/12 13:26

Cyclops' Office - Xavier Mansion

Wolfsbane accepts Cyclops' offer to join the X-Men

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As the afternoon starts to come to a close and students have ended their classwork, Scott Summers, dressed officially in his costume, sits behind a desk and looks over paperwork that addresses the upcoming Avengers/X-Men unification for the school. He hmmmns loudly as he has some music playing in the background on a low hum. It is currently set to Mumford and Sons.

A knock at the door leads to Wolfsbane entering the office of the X-Men leader. In that newer costume of hers, a white towel is in her right hand along with a bottle of water. Judging from her slightly increased rate of breath, odds are she's back up from a workout in the gym, perhaps the Danger Room. "Cyclops," she begins.

As the lycanthorpe enters the office, Scott smiles and moves to shut off the music. “Wolfsbane, Come in, please.” He gestures for her to take a seat in front of the desk as he folds his hand and takes the position of someone ready to listen. “I like the new costume,” He offers with another smile.

Wolfsbane looks more human today than not, the other features not the dominant ones at the moment. "Thank ye." The towel is used to dab at her forehead an an ear, then she drinks from the bottle. "Oh..I reached th' point I didna feel like th' old X-Factor one any longer."

Scott nods his head and pauses a moment as he looks it over, “I wonder if the implication is that perhaps you don’t feel like X-Factor, in general?” He asks pointedly, but affectionately. Or as affectionate as someone like him can muster. He once again gestures for her to take a seat, “Sit down and let’s talk. I apologize I have not been as available as when I first asked you to return to here. What with Ultron’s attacks and the rebuilding of the school and now the Avengers merger. . .I have not been as supportive as I should have been with you and the others.”

"Something like tha'," Rahne answers, finally sitting down before setting the mostly empty bottle at the edge of the desk. "An' that's a lot o' what I've been thinking about lately. I've talked tae Dani an' as much as I'd like tae be on th' same team as her, I dinna feel like X-Factor is th' place for me even with th' separation from th' government."

Wolfsbane reutrns a slow nod and glances at a few random things in the room. "A lot's been going on an' ye've had other responsibilities tae focus on. Still, I think I'm ready tae accept yuir offer, if it's still there."

Smiling and then looking off to the side, Scott responds, “The offer is always there. As well as for Dani and the rest of the original New Mutants.” Scott takes a moment to contemplate and then stands up and extends a hand, “Welcome to the X-Men, Rahne Sinclair. You will be on the Blue Team. My group.”

Wolfsbane sniffs. "I'll na give up on whispering in her ear," she states, then that claw-tipped hand of hers moves to meet his, remaining seated for the moment. "Thank ye. I'm eager tae be able tae make a difference with things again as part o' a team instead o' on muh own."

“It should be fine.” With the handshake, he takes a seat, “So. . .while Remy and Hank will meet with you to go over specifics and our training sessions. I know you train hard as it is, but expect it to be hundred times worse with the Blue Team. There will be times when we intermingle team members, but for the most part you are on my squad.” He leans back in his chair, “I work you all hard, as I do myself. We train as a team and I run individual sessions as well. I’ll be honest, Rahne. It will be hard. Logan pushes us all as well.”

"I'm..I guess I'm at yuir disposal then, based on what's needed," Rahne says, and for the time being the prospect of harder training doesn't appear to discourage her. "With some o' th' things I've been through, I think I can handle this. Maybe if I'd had some o' it sooner a few o' those things would have gone differently." Likely not Genosha, though.

Knowing what she is referring too, Scott simply nods, “So can I ask? Since I am not fully aware of everything that has been happening with X-Factor. I know the gist, but the overall details, I am not too familiar with. What happened that you are not feeling them at the moment?”

Wolfsbane shakes her head. "I'm na sure I can explain it easily but I just dinna feel like it's th' right place for me right noo. I'm na sure I'd have gone back even if ye didna offer me th' spot ye did. An' I know Wolverine an' I have some things in common, but I'm sure we can be used in different ways." Hands settle in her lap after redoing the tie for her ponytail.

“Yes, while there are similarities, you both offer different things to the team. you are both more than your powers.” Scott smiles, “On the team, we play specific parts, while we work on our powers. There are personalities and styles that complement each other. We will work to find how that best fits you with us and vice versa.”

Logan can't go running around as a wolf, so that's one thing. Rahne says, "He an' I have talked off an' on about muh own abilities, though na as much lately. I know being able tae fit in an' do muh part is important, an' for ye tae know I can be counted on."

Reaffirming directly and promptly, “I know you can fit in. You have proven that and then some.” Scott offers confidently. “So I never asked you directly, how was your vacation with Dani? You went to Colorado, right?”
The first bit gains a nod and a thin smile from the wolfen woman, but the question of Colorado leaves Rahne looking somewhat..troubled. "Did she na tell ye?" she wonders, sounding surprised.

The first bit gains a nod and a thin smile from the wolfen woman, but the question of Colorado leaves Rahne looking somewhat..troubled. "Did she na tell ye?" she wonders, sounding surprised.

Perhaps he does know, perhaps he doesn’t. Clearly Scott wants to hear it from Rahne. He folds his hands together, “I would like to hear from you, what occurred in Colorado.”

It's with a deepening frown that Wolfsbane simply says, "We were in th' midst o' tracking doon a person tha' had gone missing like others, an' when we went tae th' hospital later everything changed for a moment an' th' demon bear tha' haunted Dani a few years ago showed up again. It seemed tae be in a dream o' hers just in th' past couple weeks back here, one tha' left some real, physical signs, an' she left tae camp for th' weekend. Tha' was when I went with her."

Listening, Scott nods his head and then scratches his chin, “The Demon Bear is back again. How was it resolved or has it been seen since? By you, personally?” Scott asks as if already strategizing a plan of attack and defense for the students, staff, and Dani, in particular.

"I saw it in Colorado, an' I saw th' tears in her sheets an' things here," Wolfsbane explains, shaking her head. "She needed tae get away from th' place after tha', she felt, an' I went with her just in case. I know she's worried for th' safety o' others. When we were in Colorado it seemed tae flee when it realized what she was. Th' Valkyrie thing."

Nodding his head, Scott exhales and prepares to have a chat with Dani. While he is sure, the Demon Bear can be handled. He wonders how she has handled it personally and how X-Factor will be helping her with it. “Yes, it seems her dual nature is helpful in more than one way.”

Wolfsbane wonders, "Did she speak with ye about it?" Likely, she just assumed Dani would have already done such a thing.

“No, actually she didn’t. Unfortunately that occurred right when Ultron attacked the school. Other than her promotion, we haven’t had much of a chance to talk. I will follow up with her on it. Though I presume she has spoken with Alex about it. And there is some sort of preparation being made to address it.

"Maybe so, but..that's th' kind o' thing ye need tae know about because o' th' students an' how it might affect everyone else," Wolfsbane answers. She'll go to great lengths to defend her best friend, but this does result in her frowning further. Then she moves to rise from the chair, adding, "I'd best get some food in me, though. I'm hungry after muh workoot."

Standing up as well, “Well, once again, welcome to the X-Men, Rahne.” WIth that Scott allows her to exit the office as he resumes his headmaster duties.

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