Welcome to the Thunderbolts, Sandman!

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Fireband, Sandman, and USAgent & Hydro-Man and the Wizard

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01/31/13 14:00

Motorcycle Repair - Brooklyn

Sandman joins the Thunderbolts and their first mission is to take down his former teammates, Hydro-Man and the Wizard

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The door to Tony's Motorcycle repair crashes open, almost blown off it's hinges, and a heroic figure stands there, hands clenched into fists at his sides. It is none other than the USAgent, although in a different uniform that harkens back to his old 'Super-Patriot' days. He quickly clears the doorway to make room for the others.

Flashback to two hours ago: USAgent gives a quick briefing to Firebrand and the visiting Sandman about how the CSA has 'requested' they bring in Hydro-Man for questioning. Intel suggests he may be working with a few other villains, and they're meeting in Tony's tonight.

Back to the present: USAgent's eyes scan the interior slowly. "Bench? Morris Bench?" he calls out. "If you're in here, I'm giving you one chance to come out peacefully."

Being the gun, Firebrand takes his position a few feet to the right of USAgent. In a place where he can see the room. He's been all smiles since hearing about Sandman being this week's lucky bitch to tag along with the hard hitters and add to that the knowledge of the epic beat-down he gave Sandman a month back - Firebrand's been in a good mood. He mutters something, "Come on water boy, so I can turn ya to steam."

Begrudgingly coming along on this mission Sandman appears at the left of USAgent. He has taken down Hydro-Man on his own numerous times and letting Firebrand win their little battle so he could find out what has been going on. Sandman can see why the Thunderbolts would need him. Feeling this may be a better fit than the Avengers, he joins them on this mission. More to watch than anything else, but knowing him, he will probably engage.

There's a faint glub-glub sound from somewhere in the shadows. USAgent raises a fist in a classic military 'heads up' gesture, without ever looking back at Firebrand and Hydro-Man. He shifts his grip on his shield, positioning it in front of him...and then suddenly hurls it into a corner, where it SPLASHes right through something and then bounces off of a wall, before returning to his outstretched hand.

Hyrdo-Man shifts and reveals himself in the shadows, his hand reforming from where the shield sliced through it a moment ago.

With a particular hatred for Hydro-Man for obvious personal reasons, Sandman opts to disassemble himself forming into smaller duplicates of himself and getting ready to spread apart..

Moving to the right in a semi circular motion around the target, Firebrand becomes engulfed in flame and leaps off the ground to hover approximately 5 feet up. He clasps his hands together and will prepare to fire in the next round.

Hydro-Man opens and closes his hand as the last of the injury from USAgen't shield vanishes. He gives Firebrand a worried look, as the armor suddenly begins emitting fire. Then Hydro's gaze shifts to Sandman. "You!" he shouts...then his mouth falls open as there's suddenly 10 of him. "New trick?...well it ain't gonna help you!" Despite his words he seems to be weary of Sandman, instead transforming his fist into water that then streams at USAgent. But at the last second his gaze and aim wavers, and instead of connecting with the Captain America clone the water flies over his shoulder and latches onto one of the Sandman duplicates. It immediately begins absorbing into the duplicate - and Hydro gets a panicked look on his face. "Aww crap!" It's clear that he can't pull his hand back, one of the curious things that seems to happen when Hydro-Man's water touches Sandman's sand.

USAgent has a smug look on his face. "I knew we brought you along for a reason," he says to Sandman. "Now send some--" whatever he was about to say is cut off, as a beam of energy sizzles by in front of his chest, just nearly missing his star.

USAgent shifts around his shield to ward off further attacks from the Wizard. "You got him, Sandman?" he queries without taking his eyes off of the newer threat. USAgent's unwilling to take his eyes off of the bad guys, but he suddenly flings his shield at the Wizard, this time missing him cleanly. "Blast!" he barks as he has to dive to catch it this time - no doubt he was expecting it to connect and the miss threw off the rebound.

Firebrand has his hands clasped before him. Focused on Hydro-man, he releases the energy of the blast directly into the watery chest of Hydro-man. Firebrand says, "Yeah baby, steam baths for all around."

The Sand Duplication is a useful trick and Sandman, while still feeling some aversion to Hydro-Man being absorbed into one of the duplicates, it is not the ‘true’ Sandman. The duplicates except for the one absorbing Hydro-Man grin, “Yeah, we learn and adapt from our fights.” Looking at Firebrand when he says that. With the appearance of the Wizard, it looks like this will be a reunion, “Hi Bentley!” The duplicates lift up their arms and attempt to fire sand blasts at the technological mage.

Hydro-Man is still trying to free himself from the sand duplicate when he's suddenly incinerated by Firebrand's blast. At least a fifth of his volume is just evaporated...and a steaming, bubbling puddle of water collapses to the floor before partially reforming into the body of one Morris Bench.

Before the Wizard can do much more then sneer at USAgent's errand shield, before he even realizes what happened to his...ally? contact? teamate? Just what WERE Bentley and Morris doing together anyway...?), before he can do anything, streams of sand fly in from multiple directions, overloading his forcefield and pushing him back until he bumps into the opposite wall. His armor provides a tiny bit of protection but it's clear he's had the wind knocked out of him. The Wizard is an old hand at this game and sends out a handful of flying discs that begin to circle around the room, but without a chance to aim they don't hit any of our heroes. Or Firebrand.

USAgent steps cautiously towards the wall where Wizard ended up. One of the flying discs spins directly at his face and he swats at it with his shield in irritation - which is of course a mistake. It attaches to his the curve of his shield and before he can do anything yanks USAgent straight up into the air, shield first. He flies all the way until he slams into the ceiling, making a small splintering sound. He doesn't go through but he dangles there, as if there was a giant magnet holding up his shield. Without missing a beat Agent hauls his legs up and braces his feet against the roof, trying to tug his shield back down. "Someone cover me!" he barks.

Still circling, Firebrand disregards the Wizard since he suspects USAgent can handle him. He launches another blast into Hydro-Man and once again does significant damage. He calls over to Sandman, "What are ya doin over there, Sandman? You need to get into the fight and quit trying to show off to your old girlfriends."

“Flamer, fuck off!” The Sandmen shout in unison as they press their attack on The Wizard, repeating and shooting off sandblasts.

Firebrand finds amusement in Sandman's remark, "Hell no, I'm not getting involved in your masturbating circle jerk with your dupes."

The Wizard's force field flickers back into life, and just as quickly is overwhelmed once more by yet another wave of sand. "This is pointless!" he complains, then taps a series of controls on his glove. At first he struggles to resist the force of the sand, but then begins to have an easier time as carefully applied gravity begins assisting him. His next controls send him scooting towards the air. A quick blast shoots out a window and then he's flying out of the repair shop. "I'll remember this, heroes! Especially you Sandman!"

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