Welcome to the Hellions, Hellion

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Empath, Hellion, and Sebastian Shaw

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12/12/12 17:38

Grand Ballroom - Hellfire Club - New York

Empath returns and Hellion joins the Hellions. Shaw watches all.

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Quite a fuss can be heard outside the Grand Ballroom, as a few manservants and maids from the club have gathered outside and are making their way in. Each seems to carry a large almost obscene amount of luggage. They seem annoyed, at least their facial expressions reveal that, but those are quickly erased when the Black Rook enters having returned from his months away in Spain. Dressed in a more modern looking Club attire, Manuel de la Rocha has arrived. The typically youthful looking Empath seems to have aged a bit, not physically, but those who know the Spaniard well may sense that perhaps his usually perfect life has not been so perfect, as of late.

Here to meet him, perhaps a bit uncharacteristically in his genuine concern, no-doubt sensed by the younger man, is the Black King, Sebastian Shaw. Also dressed for modern business, he got the word and made sure he was here to greet Manuel upon his arrival. Of course, he doesn't offer to help with the luggage, of course...that's what servants are -for-. But he does seem vaguely amused by the amount of baggage coming along with the Black Rook...and he's sure there's more 'baggage' than what he sees.

"Welcome 'home', Manuel." he says, with again, a slightly atypical familiarity. Strength is one thing, he -expects- that from his associates, but this is a fine time to cement some genuine -loyalty- as well. One can use the 'brighter' emotions for concrete purposes, after all.

Standing a bit behind and to the side of Shaw, Julian Keller is watching silently at the new arrival. He doesn't even look at the servants, they're beneath him. Manuel gets a polite nod, but he waits for Shaw to make introductions. For now he looks the man over, unsure what to make of him. Shaw seems to know him. Another Club member? Business associate? Emotionally he's indifferent to the man.

Exhaling deeply, Manuel has no need to look up at his liege immediately. He simply points up the stairs towards his chambers. The servants make their way up, simply and obediently. Almost too obediently. And Shaw has correctly surmised there are more and more servants carrying large suitcases and pieces of luggage. Finally acknowledging the Black King, “Thank you, Se. . .Shaw.” There is an expression of surprise on the Spaniard’s face at the familiarity Shaw used and a surprise from the emotions he can sense. He hmmns slightly as he looks past Shaw towards Julian and then back to Shaw. “Yes. . .‘home’ indeed.” He thinks perhaps he should have went to the Massachusetts Academy instead.

"Now, now...the unexpected can often help keep one's mind of...unpleasantness." Shaw notes, his voice somewhere between jovial and a tiny hint of concerned, but only a hint, "I presume the disposition of the estate has all been sorted out?" He actually hadn't bothered to check, no need really, he can safely assume it has been. He gestures to Julian, "Young Mr. Keller here is just being introduced to a much wider world than he was recently aware of. He is...'talented', but requires guidance and purpose, which we are quite capable of providing."

He then adds the formalities, "Julian Keller, this is Manuel de la Rocha, one of the associates I told you of earlier." he says not one word about any special abilities. That all comes in time, he hasn't even told Julian he himself is a mutant.

Julian looks at Shaw and his introduction. He's highly curious as to whether or not Shaw knows Emma is a mutant. Quite likely.. being that he uses the Cyberiad and she built it.. os so she says. Turning his gaze on Manuel, his curiosity extends to him. Being that the academy teaches mutants.. would it be safe to say that all it's members are mutants? Hiding in plain sight in high society and upper echelons of business? Something think about.

But right now he'd better be nice to Manuel before Shaw thinks him slow. "Pleasure Mr. Rocha." He says, nodding politely.

Quickly corrects Julian, “It is Mr. de la Rocha.” It is said with accentuated Spanish. Manuel eyes the boy and as he does so, his stare is so keen as he as if he looks right through the boy. “A young hellion, are you, Mr Keller?” A grin forms on his face. “Well, I see with my prompt return it is right to business then. Tell me about yourself, Mr. Keller and why you are deserving of our guidance.”

Shaw remains quiet for a moment, wanting to see how Julian handles Manuel. Manuel is a -master- of social manipulation, even -without- his powers. It's time to throw Keller into the deep end and see if he can even dog-paddle, let alone swim.

Julian glances at Shaw, but as Shaw remains silent it seems he's on his own. So he opts for the course of action he knows best as of yet. Blunt force trauma. " Your name is Mr. Of the Rock?" He fires back, meeting Manual's gaze and refusing to be the first to back down. A smile creases his lips and he replies. "No I'm not a hellion, I'm THE hellion." He replies, not reffering to the team, or a codename either, as he doesn't have one. "I'm here because I choose to be. No reason other than that. Mr. Shaw here and Ms. Frost have seen that I have what to takes to take the world by storm and they want to help me do that. What about you Mr...." He pauses, unable to decide if he should translate the mans name again. But he decides against it. "Mr. De la Rocha."

“Spunk. . .sass. . .You are not quite sarcastic and definitely not sarcastic. You are much more sardonic than anything else, Julie.” Manuel grins and peers over to Shaw, “It clearly has a mouth, but does it have the talent to back it up?” He looks to Julian, “Mr. Keller, I will help you as Shaw and Frost helped me.” The smile on his face is one purely sinister and sincere simultaneously. “Help from them requires a sense of discipline, a sense of inner strength, and a sense of fear. Tell me, boy. . .do you have that? Do you really have what it takes?”

"Fear." Shaw begins casually, "Is what he's currently lacking. I've told him as much. The specter of consequence has yet to alight on him. But I believe he can learn. He's no sociopath-" a pause to consider, "I -liked- that word, pity it's now in the diagnostic manuals as 'psychopath'. I so enjoyed calling Selene a 'sociopathic crone'."

Manuel’s power would likely feed him a spark of rage coming from Julian. "It's name... Is Julian. Not Julie.... Not Jules.. and most definately not It. I am asking nicely.. that you respect at least that much. Otherwise I can show you the talents Shaw saw so much potential in, and you really won't like it. " He says. Not a threat. A promise. Manuel would feel no fear from Julian, he's not affraid in the least, of him or Shaw or the situation.

“It is indeed missing fear.” Manuel can sense everything that Julian is emoting and decides to switch things within Julian. For a millisecond’s worth of time, there is an attempt at a sudden switch within Julian on the part of Manuel to create fear within the youth. Complete and utter dread as Empath attempts to make the boy helpless with fear.

Shaw watches the contest of wills with detached interest and amusement, ah...the young, so vital and full of fire! "Like watching two young tigers brawl over territory." he notes quietly, though he's fairly sure he knows who's going to come out on top here.

Unfortunately for Manuel, Julian long ago learned to conquer his fear with rage. To be angry is to beat back the fear, conquer it.. make it his bitch. He does indeed feel that millisecond of crippling dread, cringing back and flinching away from Manuel. But once it's gone, his mind fills with raw and almost unthinking rage. His eyes blaze with an emerald fire from within, as do his hands. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" He shouts, his hands stab out and gesture violently up and out at Manuel. Not a subtle attack by any means, the very floor just in front of and beneath Manuel feet tears itself up and throws itself in his face, very likely taking him from his feet as well.

As the floor comes undone, Empath is tossed to the side by the sheer awe of the telekinetic response to his powers. “A powerful. . .one. . .TK user. . fun.” On the floor, the Spaniard slowly rises clearly affected by the attack. “Shaw, Julian has the talent, but I see what you mean with regards to his needing to learn a few lessons. Consider him, my project. . .with your permission of course.”

Tsk...the floor? Ah well. Shaw shakes his head slightly, a small nuisance, really, "Of course, my Black Rook. Permission granted. A wild reaction, but at least semi-constructive." The older man in no way seems at all concerned, shocked, or really much of anything at the display of power. "You see, Mr. Keller...as adapt as you are, you are lacking control in some respects, and you are about to learn one of them. Don't take it personally, hm?" He seems so -sure- this is going to do Empath's way. And why shouldn't he?

Julian is breathing heavily, watching Empath is more than a little contempt in his eyes, in his mind, and in his emotions. "Ms. Frost already put me in the Academy.. I'm going to be one of the Hellions." He says, not because she told him that.. but because she mentioned they are the honors class. The best of the best and brightest. And Julian will settle for nothing less. His gaze drops to the devestation of the floor, the marble and tile ripped up to the subfloor in a conical swath. "Sorry about the floor." He says offhandedly.

“Perfect then, Julian. I am the head of the Hellions. Now. I am among those that will mold you to become the man you wish to be.” Manuel cannot help but grin as all he sees in Julian is what Emma saw in Manuel. A play thing. But there is a pause. Once again, Empath is reminded of the death he has seen of his original peers in the Hellions. He lets out a moan and then looks to the floor. “Simple mistake, Julian. You are allowed one.”

"You surprise me, Mr. de la Rocha." Shaw says simply, walking idly over to the rent in the floor. "Restraint?" he says to Julian, "He could have -easily- kept you from doing -anything-, if he'd wished. But it seems he's decided to extend the hand of comraderie. I highly suggest you take it. He is -most- formidable." he says with total confidence in the other man.

As he is complimented by Shaw. Empath takes it for what it is, “Well, Julian. I expect you to be moved in and ready at the Academy at the beginning of the new year and we will work with the other Hellions and begin with your studies immediately.” He seems genuinely friendly at this point. The power display a distant thought.

Julian clenches his jaw at the 'orders' he's given, not ten minutes after he meets this man. He doesn't bother looking at Shaw. The man is all but useless now.. he's been passed off.. Black King to Black Rook.. which would make Julian a pawn. As his mind works through his logic, he can feel his temper rising despite his efforts to calm himself. "yeah.. Fine.." He finally manages, his gaze on the floor to keep him from looking at either of them.

A smirk crosses his face as he senses all that in Julian. Empath makes no effort at emotional manipulation. Reality has set in on Julian and that is all that is needed to please Manuel. He then looks up, “Well, this has been exhaustive. I shall head to my chambers now.” He looks to Julian, “Welcome to the Hellions, Hellion.” He then starts to walk away, “I hope you survive the experience.” Truer words have never been spoken. He makes his way to the stairs and looks to Shaw, “It is nice to be home, indeed” and he is gone.

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