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Leyu comes to Jean for advice

Jean Grey, Leyu Yashida

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07/11/12 19:30

Xavier's Office - Xavier Mansion

Leyu comes to Jean for advice.

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-----==[ Xavier's Office - Xavier Mansion ]==---------------------------------
The room is large enough for a medium-sized meeting of regular-sized humans, or a small meeting of larger individuals. The furniture is reinforced mahogany--a broad desk centered in front of generous windows overlooking the Memorial Garden, a collection of chairs with and without arms arrayed around it, a bench by the door. Mahogany cabinets to one side conceal office supplies and a small guest bar; mahogany bookshelves to the other side contain files and reference books.
The walls are wainscotted mahogany below, cream wallpaper above. Fabrics are crimson and cream, from draperies to upholsteries to rugs. Gold cords tie back the drapes; a gold-tone task lamp with a green shade stands guard over the desk. Mahogany or Cordoban leather accessories are set neatly within easy reach on the desk top; on the right side sit a laptop and phone. Unless someone is actually working here, the desk is clear of paperwork; even the waste basket is empty.

Admittedly not being all that close to very many of the other residents of the Mansion, Leyu Yashida has been rather stumped. She is quite sure she needs help with her idea, given that she is largely a stranger to New York City and has never honestly done anything like this before. She could have gone to Sybil for help - indeed, /would/ have gone to Sybil for help - but this is now /for/ Sybil. The last thing she wants is Sybil helping to plan her own surprise. She might have asked Danielle, who is a helpful and supportive teammate. But Danielle is in the medbay recovering from surgery Leyu herself performed to deal with multiple gunshot wounds. She would have asked Kurt, but Kurt is busy. She's not sure what he's busy with, but there it is.

Wracking her brains, Leyu has come up with a solution. From what little she knows, Ms. Grey is a very intelligent, worldly and knowledgeable woman. She is a native of the area with a lot more experience of New York than Leyu. And most importantly, she is 'in charge', operating as co-head of the school in Doctor Xavier's absence. It most certainly does not hurt in Leyu's mind that Jean is a telepath: it may take a telepath to help her accurately communicate what she really has in mind.

As such, later in the evening - during hours often reserved for after-dinner office hours amongst the staff, assuming the deadly incidents of the world will allow - Leyu changes out of her scrubs and leaves medbay, heading up to the main floor of the Mansion and then into the east hall, heading for Doctor Xavier's office. She knows that Ms. Grey works out of there when she is able, since Xavier himself is away. It is the place of the Headmaster or Headmistress, and the school operates best when someone occupies that spot, both physically and conceptually. She walks to the door, fidgeting nervously, and then knocks firmly, waiting.

Xavier's office is now Scott and Jean's office, although nothing has changed. While the paperwork still finds itself on top of the mahogany desk (a bit messier than Charles once had it) and the waste basket is actually not empty, the decision to redecorate is not on the mindset of the school's new headmistress. In fact, caught up in her thoughts, she peeks out of the window that overlooks the Memorial Garden as the leather chair she sits in finds a firm molding of a charcoal pencil skirt posterior. This is the same position Jean finds herself in, upon realization, when Logan "punished" a student for his involvement in releasing information about the school on accident. A smile creeps onto Jean's features at the thought of Logan, shaking her head at the man's particular decision-making.

Her blouse is white today, quite bland when in contrast to the other colors in her closet, and Jean toys with a platinum necklace around her neck. This far in the evening she merely reflects and attempts to wind down the day, adjusting to the duties of being co-headmaster of a school for gifted youngsters. Her shields are fairly low considering the reflecting time, but they spike up sharply at the firm knock echoing throughout the vast office before her. Rolling the chair back behind the desk, Jean attempts to organize the papers dancing across its surface as she says, "Come in." When the visitor does, a smile and semi-decent desk will await.

The door opens, and Leyu steps in. She is currently dressed in casual and comfortable attire. A pair of dark blue denim jeans with beaded pockets and designs along the outer seams girds her hips and legs, looking so new and crisp they might just squeak when she moves. A bright canary yellow short-sleeved crew-necked top reaches the top of her jeans but isn't tucked in, occasionally slipping as she moves to expose just a hint of her olive-toned skin at her tummy. Her pigtails are tied up with blue-trimmed white ribbons. Tiny gold studs decorate her ears. Brand spanking new white cross-trainers with dark blue trim and yellow laces cover her feet. A smartphone is clipped at her waist. She is of average height, putting her on par with Jean herself, though she bears the visible stamp of her Japanese heritage.

"Good evening, Ms. Grey." Leyu offers, with a slight smile and a bob of her head. Of course, Jean almost has to be aware that this is 'Doctor Leyu Yashida', both a genetics researcher and a medical doctor, and currently in charge of the medbay, as well as a new-ish member of X-Factor. But Leyu rarely seems to look like she's that old, or that serious, at least in her attire. She comes off more like a mature student than anything else. "Pardon me for interrupting, but I was hoping you might have some time to discuss something with me? I'm hoping you can offer me some advice and guidance on a challenge."

As the door opens and Jean recognizes the face, she pushes her hands against the desk to stand in greeting. "Good evening, Leyu," she replies, rounding the massive desk and offering the other woman of hug of salutation. "Please, call me Jean. 'Ms. Grey' makes me feel a lot older than I am." Her smile continues to maintain a presence, and if Leyu returns the hug, it is brief as Jean leans a hand against mahogany. Black stiletto heels can now be seen adorned to the headmistress' feet, as well as silk stockings and firm legs to fit her body type. Crimson hair is in a bun wrapping tightly with only a few strands dancing freely from the day, which Jean approves as a job well done from her extensive morning primping. "You're not interrupting at all. I was just contemplating what the day has afforded us. In fact, I'm glad you've come by to free me from my own mind." She allows a moment to pass before continuing, "A challenge, you say? I'm all ears."

Leyu accepts the hug, if slightly hesitantly - she's not used to hugging women she doesn't know. But she manages, and it is rather reassuring. The act itself, and Jean's demeanor, really carry forward the redhead's mothering aura of comfort. "Very well, Jean." Leyu is aware, having reviewed everyone's medical records, that Jean is in fact younger than she is, but few would ever guess that seeing the two of them together. Of course, Leyu's prefered hairstyle - twin ponytails, or 'pigtails' - certainly contributes.

"I need the advice and assistance of someone much more familiar with the City and the area than I am. I want to arrange a special surprise for a ... friend." The implication in the tone, likely confirmed by Jean's telepathy picking up Leyu's thoughts associated here, is that said 'friend' is more 'potential paramour' than merely 'friend.' "I suppose the truth is, I'd like to arrange a special evening. But I don't exactly know my way about. Would that be something you would be willing to help with?"

Jean notes the slight hesitation silently. Her level of comfort with Leyu is professional and confident, yet honest and realistic, and this expresses itself in her demeanor. The other woman speaks and Jean listens intently, nodding her head in understanding and in showing her that she is truly 'all ears'. Telepathy senses small zephyrs of thought against strengthened shielding, but Jean does not embrace them because of the morality taught to her as a child, respecting others with their own thoughts. The hesitation in her words, now, interests the telepath, her head turning sidelong for a moment with an expressing 'Hmm' for the other woman to hear. Emerald eyes grow bright, nevertheless, and another nod has a bit more fire inside of it. "Most definitely! I know the city like the back of my own hand, having lived there for a bit in between the X-Men," Jean replies, her tone friendly and eager. "Were we talking dinner? A show? Possibly both?"

Leyu notices how bright, engaged and interested Jean becomes, and she cannot help but smile. The other woman's enthusiasm is infectious, and inspires her with confidence that this /can/ and now /will/ work. "I would like to do a show, and dinner, and ... something special. I'm not quite sure what that something special ought to be. Back home, I would know better. The show I would like us to see is a bit of ... I believe it is called an 'in joke'? ... between us. 'The Mikado' by Gilbert and Sullivan?" Rather a bloody interesting choice for a Japanese woman to want to take a date, but she seems serious about the choice. "A fine dinner, somewhere ... I suppose the proper word would be 'intimate'? And I was thinking of us going on a walk together. Somewhere beautiful, and moderately private." Yep. This is definitely a date she has in mind.

"It sounds like you have been thinking about this for quite some time." Jean releases her hold on the desk and steps lightly back around it, her heels radiating numerous 'clicks'. She settles into the chair and pulls to the desk closely, pulling the laptop an arm's length away. "I know of a few places where Scott and I would often go to get alone: a nice dinner and a romantic atmosphere," she reflects. A web browser pulls up after double clicking its icon on the desktop, and Jean begins to type out a web address. "But lets see if we can find something even better for you and your friend." Jean also opens a second browser to search for 'The Mikado', as she is not familiar.

"Well. I asked her out a bit over a month ago." Leyu admits softly. "At the time, she said she could probably find a showing of the show and get tickets. I asked her if she would go with me." Yes. Leyu has been saying that apparently the target of her interest is another woman. Hopefully that won't be too much of a problem for Jean. "She has never quite gotten around to it. I suspect she has simply 'moved on' to other things and forgotten the idea. But I have not. Now ... she is not feeling so well. I want to help cheer her up. And I would like to remind her ... " Leyu doesn't finish the thought, but the answer is obvious: she wants to remind whomever this is that she is still here, and still interested. And she's willing to go to not-inconsiderable lengths to do so in high fashion, as it were. "I've never taken someone /out/ on a date before. If I had tried to do so at home, I would have been disowned. As it is, I have already been disowned. So now I am free to do as I see fit." And so /there/, parents! <re>

Jean looks up from the computer at the mention that Leyu's date would be a woman, and then she returns to the laptop without judgment. Her expression is now one of understanding, and slight confusion as the internet speed does not perform as she thinks it should. Grumbling, Jean parts from the laptop as it loads a page, saying, "Good for you, Leyu! Be happy and never falter from that path, because in our industry, you never know what's going to happen." A finger taps softly against the keyboard as the page slowly begins to form. "I found a really nice restaurant with an European menu. It's called August, located not too far from Greenwich Village. Think she'll be interested?" In European food that is, although the clarity isn't there.

"She is originally European. I expect she wouldn't object at all. Hopefully it will have the right sort of atmosphere." Leyu offers, smiling as she comes over to the desk to take a look at the website, looking for hints of that atmosphere on the page. "You mean because of the danger of doing what we do?" she inquires, thinking back to what Jean said about never knowing what is going to happen. No one ever knows, of course, no matter what they do for a living. But it is probably more likely to be something bad - or deadly - for those who put their lives on the line on a daily basis.

Manicured hands position the laptop to where both women can see the details about the restaurant. Jean is currently getting directions for the restaurant, yet waiting for the page to completely load. "The danger of being who we are, among what we can do," Jean informs the head of the mansion's medical bay. "It's a little harder now that we have students to mold and educate, but you just never know who knows what, or who will do the next big thing that will put everyone at risk." She pauses, turning back to the website as it finally shows the address. Jean writes the information down on a blank index card on the desk, handing it to Leyu. "There you go. The address and the phone number, just in case you want to make a reservation."

Leyu accepts the index card, smiling. "Thank you, Jean. This looks very nice, I would say." She nods, understanding Jean's thoughts about the danger of the work they do. "Were you able, perchance, to find the show I wanted? And what do you think about the idea of the walk? I would have suggested dancing, but I want to go somewhere quiet, with just the two of us. To talk. To actually ... connect and communicate." The dancing would help one thing, but would not be 'quiet' or 'alone'. The walk holds a chance of being better. And if they really want to dance, an iPod can supply enough music for just the two of them together.

The other browser has not been forgotten about, and Jean clicks on it to reveal an already loaded page (thank goodness). The headmistress does not read about the show but merely orders two tickets without question or thought. "Could you get those papers from the printer over there, please?" Jean asks, pointing to the printer across the room. Again, she does not question the distinct organization of the office and adjusts to it. Leyu will find information about a pair of ordered tickets for the show as she obtains the pieces of paper. "Harsimus Cove isn't too far from the restaurant. Maybe it'll be a good idea to go to the show first, dinner, and then a nice walk across the cove. The tickets are Scott and my treat." Jean smiles.

Leyu fetches the papers promptly, and reads them at least briefly, noting that said tickets have been paid for. She blushes a bit as Jean says that she and Scott are making the tickets a gift. "Really, that's not necessary at all. You have already given me a great gift by helping me to arrange all of this. Please, I have plenty of money." She is working as a doctor at the school, a research fellow, /and/ a member of X-Factor. She's not hurting for paychecks. "Your friendship, help, advice and understanding is invaluable to me, Jean, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart." She'll also be arranging for a car as well, but she's pretty sure she can manage that on her own. Leyu looks up to Jean, a twinkle in her dark eyes. "Perhaps I can further repay your kindness by coming by after the date to ... how is it said? 'Dish the details'?" Yes, she's offering to come by and spend however long it takes telling Jean /exactly/ how every aspect of the date went.

"Like I tell the students, it's not about who has what. It's about building bridges for a better tomorrow. I hope you two enjoy the show." Jean's smile is forgivable and immovable at this point, her mind's eye catching sight of the sheer radiance of positive thought surrounding them. A nod goes to the other woman, and Jean lifts herself once more from the chair. "I would like that a lot, actually. With Ororo busy with the school and the X-Men, I haven't had time to even think about girl time. Welcome to the family, Leyu."

"You're very welcome Leyu." There is a knock at the door, and Jean looks around the Japanese woman with clear identification of who it is. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to speak with a student about a term called 'pantsing'," she says, telling Santo Vaccarro that he may enter the office. Jean gives Leyu one last smile before her face turns colder, more professional. Like stone.

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