Welcome to Our Parlor, Black Widow

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Welcome to Our Parlor, Black Widow

Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Black Widow

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06/17/12 21:30

Dining Hall, Avengers Mansion

American Dream comes in from patrol, and Black Widow returns to the Mansion, as Carol is going over intel reports on the MGH Investigation.

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Carol Danvers sits at one of the large tables in the dining hall of Avenger's Mansion - what once would have been the 'formal dining room' of the mansion when it was in service to the Stark family - brow furrowed in concentration as she leans over an array of documents and photos spread out, nibbling at a sandwich neatly placed on a small plate at her side and sipping from what must be a steaming mug of coffee. She is dressed, at the moment, not in her usual sweats and other casualwear, or in her Ms. Marvel costume. Instead, she is wearing a charcoal grey woman's pantsuit with some sort of ID pouch over the breast pocket. Her lips are pursed, and she doesn't look happy.

"Patrol's done!" American Dream, dressed in uniform and spotting the shield Captain America made famous, pops her head into the dining hall. "I just did a loop around the city. Stopped four muggings, two kidnappings, a convenience story robbery, and a carjacking. Also rescued a kitten from a tree." She pauses, as she notices the intense look of unhappy on Carol's face. "Something the matter?"

Black Widow makes her into the mansion, as she still a recongized member of the Avengers, even though she has been gone a while, and notices Carol sitting in the dining room and goes to approach when a blonde in Captain America's goes in as well. "Ah Carol, I was hoping you were around." and before looks at AD and looks her up and down, studying her before speaking "And you must Shannon Carter, I have heard a lot about you, a pleasure to finally meet you."

Danvers glances up as American Dream begins her litany of accomplishments. "Hi, Shannon. Sorry. Just ... staring at this data." She makes a face, which she wipes away the second she notices the redhead coming up behind Dream through the door. Natasha Romanoff. Danvers eyes the redhead, and then nods. "Natasha. Good to see you." Her tone is not exactly bubbly, but there is /some/ warmth there. They are, at the least, allies. She'd like to say friends, but she's not sure that Natasha ever really classifies anyone as a friend. "You back for a while, 'Tash? I'll get your status updated as soon as your physical clears." Does Natasha keep up enough to know that Carol is now the Chairwoman? Probably.

"Wow. The Black Widow. It is an honor, ma'am." American Dream says, growing downright fangirlish. "I've read all about your exploits. Well, not your exploits. I mean, it was you but you from my Earth... annnnyway. Your fighting styles was one of the first ones that Master Barton taught me. Not that I fight like you as well as you do... oh, gosh, I'm babbling..."

Black Widow actually does have a few people she calls friends friends, unfortunely Carol is not one of one right now "Well thats shouldn't take too long and yes I am back for the ." knowing that physical has already cleared, and its winding its way to the chairwoman as we speak as she starts to make her way towards the seat before hearing AD speaking, and stops to turn and look at her, because there a few that regard the Black Widow as somebody favorable "Its quite intersting to meet you too, and I would guess if anybody knows how I fight, it would Clint or Steve. So was else have you heard about me?"

Carol suppresses the urge to smile as American Dream switches again into full-on fangirlish gushing mode. It's cute, and she comes by it honestly, so Carol doesn't want to exacerbate the problem. "When you get a chance, 'Tash, I could use some help looking through some of this intel and backchecking some of it with your sources. A lot of lives are at stake, so I don't want to make unnecessary mistakes." Both women have worked in the intel game, and understand how important that kind of thing can be, when one has the time to do it. "Have a seat, ladies. I'll call Jarvis and having him bring in more snacks."

"Oh, no. I'm not in long. I have at least ten miles to run before I go to sleep." American Dream demures Carol's offer. "I spent too much time on the back of my bike tonight and only did five miles on my morning run." As if that explains it all. She turns to Black Widow. "I've read all the mission logs. I mean, the ones here. Back home, I knew all the public stuff. I know you're an Avenger, though, and that means you're one of the world's greatest heroes."

Black Widow nods to Carol "Of course I would happy to help you" Of Natasha read all the data and was working on leads, but she tries to charitable for a change as she turns to AD "Very impressive, her commintent to fitness is quite remarkable and a very good example to set for others, but tell me what have you heard about me before I joined the Avengers?" She says is quite intrigued by her, even after everything she has read about AD.

Carol chooses not to interrupt the other two in their discussion, letting American Dream answer Natasha's question.

"Oh, well, I know you were part of a program that trained young women as espionage agents." American Dream says, "My aunt Sharon's diaries gave some details there. The Red Room. That you were given a variation of the super soldier formula... one that enhanced you AND expanded your life span. Sort of like the serum Nick Fury took. And that you spent years as a Soviet agent. That you were on the wrong side against some heroes before you turned good. Hawkeye. Daredevil. The Avengers."

Black Widow keeps a neutral expression on her face as she responds to Shannon "I see, you are quite well informed about me my dear girl." and wonders this world's Sharon Carter has a similar diary and whether she should talk to Ms.Carter about it.

"Good intel. But given she's from what amounts to our future, it's to be expected." Carol responds. "You sure you don't want a snack before you go out and exhaust yourself more, Shannon?" She's not going to push, but she offers again. Maybe because Shannon's presence is her one way to hold off going back into the headspace of dealing with the rather nasty intel she's been reviewing.

Shannon's smile is bright. "Oh, well, Carol's right. The year is the same where I come from but you're all older... retired or..." She pauses, then says, "Anyway. A lot of what I know is either public knowledge in my world or something I was told or read in strict confidence. I feel its the same way. Strict confidence. Promise." She pauses, then says, "I'll stop by the kitchen and grab something. Gobble it on the way down to the gym. If I don't get running now the adrenaline from that kitten rescue will wear off and I won't get more than eight miles in."

Black Widow nods still keeping the neutral expression "Well I hold you to that Shannon." as she made many promises during her day and has broken many of them as well "Well I will not keep further from your exercise, and I will see you around Ms. Carter."

"Well, alright, Shannon. Have fun on your run. I'll catch you later." Carol offers, watching the star-spangled woman head off, shaking her head with a smile playing at her lips. Shannon certainly brightens her mood a bit. But once she is gone, Carol is back to staring at these intel reports. "Basic rundown is, Mockingbird and Wolverine have been following the same case from different angles and are now in it together. They need backup and support, and we're going to give it to them. To do that, we need to figure out where these Mutant Growth Hormone subjects came from, and try to piece together what we can of who is supporting these bastards materially. The tech and professionalism they were displaying, without having been detected and reported by the cops, implies some dangerous levels of influence. And lives are at stake."

"Right." Shannon says. "It was a pleasure to meet, you, ma'am." The tall blonde says this to Black Widow. "I hope we get to work together soon." She passes through the room, stopping only briefly to squeeze Carol on the shoulder before she slips into the kitchen.

Black Widow sits down after Shannon leaves and speaks "I have read the reports already Carol, but I am in agreement with your conclusion, these are more than simple thugs trying a buck, this is obviously a set-up with high-end, and most likely international contacts."

"Right. And we really need to find out who is backing them, and prepare to take them down." Carol looks up to Natasha, making a slight grimace. "I know it displays troublesome sentimentality. But I cannot /stand/ people who abuse children, 'Tash. I need your help to crosscheck this data with your contacts, so that we can narrow this down."

Black Widow looks at Carol "Just as long that sentimentality doesn't interfere with what must be done, They are a threat and must be dealt with. And just so we are clear, I do not care for those who abuse children either."

"It shouldn't." Except for the fact that Carol is likely to be rather extreme in her handling of these people if they don't surrender. She has quite the temper, and lots of people know it to be true. "They are indeed a threat. So ... I'll forward you a copy of everything I have so far. If you can start crosschecking it with your contacts, we'll see what we can narrow down and how quickly." There's a lot they can do, but they do have their limits. "I have Vision crosschecking Federal projects and budgets for any line items that can be tracked back to this operation, just in case. He's also helping to narrow down our search through missing children databases based on the medical profile data we now have on the kids. I have the Adaptoid tracking down the purchase of the tech in use at the facility. Is there any avenue you see that we should be pursuing and aren't?"

Black Widow thinks as Carol seems to be remarkably thorough "I would suggest checking with SHIELD and Homeland Security if they has been any chatter from terrorist groups about any big operations coming up and perhaps the database for any upswing of missing indignants."

Carol frowns and nods. "Well, you know how it is. There's an uptick in chatter all of the time. Some days I wonder how it can possibly be an uptick, when it just seems constant." Yes, she's growling. Yes, she's over-stating the fact. But it's her frustration talking. "I haven't found any reports of missing indigents, but I'm still poking and prodding in parallel with the missing children search."

Black Widow listens as Carol doesn't really get it so she explains "Well I think a group of people, pumped up with superpowers, however temporary, and whatever indocrination they recieved a group, tearing up Times Square would be a perfect distraction for the Avengers and others to deal with while the real operation happens without any interference from any of us."

"Possibly so, especially given the aggression inherent in those dosed with this stuff." Carol admits. "But that's why we need to crosscheck as much of this as possible as quickly as possible, to narrow down the suspects and get moving on this." She taps out something on her phone. "HOMER, can you please route a copy of everything in the MGH folder on my account on the server to Natasha's account? Thank you." She looks to the redhead. "Now you'll have a copy of all of this, and I'll make sure to copy you on anything else I get in. If you need anything while you're crosschecking this, let me know."

Black Widow nods "I do, and I will let you know if any need any other intel or resources from you." That is Black Widow being friendly, as probably obtain anything she needed without Carol.

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