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Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Ant-Man

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08/13/12 12:00

Avenger's Mansion

Ms. Marvel invites Ant-Man to active roster

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A phone call came into Scott Lang's business. Caller ID was blocked. The number itself didn't even come up. What did come up? Well, that would be the caller's voice: a smokey, familiar mezzo-soprano. "Scott Lang, you electronics genius reprobate. It's Carol. Yes, that Carol. If you're busy with work, I get it. But if you can find time, come by the Mansion. I'd like to talk to you about a gig. Besides, I haven't seen Cassie in ages." Right. Like it has been almost two months! How deplorable! Saving the world is no excuse for ignoring special time with special children. Right?

He doesn't need much more of a call than that. Actually all Scott would need these days is got a gig, come to the mansion. The rest certainly helps though. Before long he'll arrive at the mansion, Cassie in tow and presently no costume. Easier for him to bring Cassie without the silver helmet and better to keep her safe - better that association be made as he has business here and isn't a hero himself. His hands are a little dirty, working on something in the shop for someone or another. "Good people, best manners, you know the drill, don't make me regret proceeding with movie night tonight knowing I let you get away with something that you're mother claims she wouldn't." Everything in order, he rings/knocks, waits for Jarvis and the proceeding wait in the foyer.

Jarvis welcomes both Scott and Cassie warmly and lets them in, then judiciously drags Cassie off to the kitchen for a light snack and visiting out of the way. Within minutes, Carol Danvers comes marching down the stairs, all arrayed ... in a skirtsuit? Seriously? But it's for real. The blonde smiles to Scott as she arrives at ground level and offers her hand. "Good to see you, Scott. Glad you could make a little time to come see us." She cocks her head, and her smile broadens as she catches Cassie's excited squeal when Jarvis' brownies are presented. "And you brought Cassie. That's great. I'm looking forward to seeing her. But maybe we can spend a few minutes and chat, away from young ears? This way." That said, Carol turns and leads the way along the hallway and back to the library, where they can find a table to sit and discuss whatever she has in mind.

"... woah." Shannon says as she walks out into the room, glancing behind her. "Was that Cassie Lang? She's so TINY!" Shannon's dressed in a pair of jeans and a van Dyne original, cashmere sweater. Blue in color. "So strange to see her so..." And then Shannon jerks her mouth shut because there's Scott Lang. WITHOUT the grey in the temples. "... oh, Mr. Lang. Hi." She offers, looking a bit sheepish.

"Certainly," says Scott, with the added benefit of the brownies serving as a distraction for Cassie - well that and the Avengers Mansion. There is no comment on the Cassie Lang of this reality and the one Shannon might know, and vice versa (or lack thereof) as Scott is letting himself be lead to the library. "There's always time unless I'm in the middle of something that important." That being can't remove hands from the project without danger important. "It turns out to be a good break point today though. A few clients asking for security system updates with the recent nana bots, looking into sub harmonics, a few insects had an interesting go with them so looking at very low frequency signals, but its baffling me at the moment. I'm stuck somewhere in the sub harmonics of elephants after a few articles in Science lately." A shrug, he really could use the break from all that. "Hello," he offers to the sheepish looking Shannon just the same.

Carol motions Scott to a seat and then takes her own, then motions for Shannon to join her at yet another seat if she wishes. "To be honest, I'm good, but you almost lost me on that one. But if you want to pick the brains of anyone here while you're in the house, you're welcome to do so." she offers magnanimously. "And I'm glad that you were able to make time, not just to see me, but a chance to see Cassie." The young girl really does have a special place in th hearts of those in this Mansion, crusty Carol Danvers included.
"I'll be up front, Scott." Carol begins. "As you likely are aware, we're running pretty lean around here, after having swollen our active ranks to larger than has ever been done in our history. Had we not, we would never have been prepared for what Ultron threw at the world. But in the aftermath of that, it's not exactly high on the hog time around here. Vision is, thankfully, back with us, but not yet on full active duty until Hank clears him. Hank is remaining on reserve status, as is Black Panther. Right now, my active roster is myself, Dream, Sandy, Beta Ray Bill, Arachne and Mockingbird. Hawkeye and Widow are back with SHIELD in the aftermath. Iron Man is out of commission, with no idea right now when he'll be conscious again, let alone when he'll be in any state to rejoin us. Cap is still on walkabout, though I hope he'll be back soon." She pauses. "The honest truth, Scott, is that I need people I can depend on. I need bodies. And I'd really like to bring you back on duty. Not just reserve status, but active." It's a lot to ask, and she knows it. But it's her /job/ to ask. So she has. The choice remains his.

"We really haven't met. I'm Shannon Carter. American Dream." Shannon says as she sits down. "We really could use you, Mr. Lang. Not just your skills as a hero but also your skills as an engineer. Mr. Stark is on medical leave and Doctor Pym isn't out in the field. We need someone with your abilities on the front line."

Taking it all in, he walks around the library looking at the collection of knowledge. With a slight smirk he turns to Shannon first, "A pleasure Shannon, front line being a metaphor so to speak." Considering he won't really be front line at his stature, but he knows where she was going with the intent, just playing up the joke perhaps. A hand comes up to his chin, and he turns to Carol then. "I understand your need ... and hate to do this to you. But, I have Cassie and Pegga to think about too. I have a business that seems to be taking off enough for now. But, what sort of paycheck would come with a jump to active roster? I know, my first concern should be health benefits, but ultimately, it comes down to bread on the table. Cassie's going to be getting active in school activities, I want to give her opportunities. Work's tight out there as it is, with all the shifts in industry. My heart wants to commit willfully, but I have Pegga in my ear telling me I need to think of my daughter first and be there for her."

"Our current charter allows for on-thousand a week, Scott." Carol answers. That's fifty-two thousand a year, a quite respectable salary. "In addition, there's all of the usual: room here, board, food, availability of all of our tech, full medical, and hefty life insurance." Much as Carol would love to not bring that last one up, with a family to support Scott /has/ to think about it, and she knows that. "Current policy is 1.5 million. We can withhold more to cover a higher premium if you need it."

"Arachne's daughter is currently living in the mansion." Shannon adds, "And Jarvis provides babysitting services when we have to go out on mission. She's a little younger than Cassie but I bet they'd enjoy playing together."

The hand at his chin moves around behind his head to the short hairs of his neck. "You had me at room and board," indicating the salary was persuasive enough but that closed the deal, the life insurance being a bigger boon even if he doesn't want to think about it. "I'm in and, if Henry's around, even if not active, I could use some of his insight on projects I've been working on." He walks closer to the women, eyes off the books, and he makes an offer of his hand. "I don't think I could refuse that. Pegga won't like this much. She doesn't want the headache of worrying but, Cassie will be cared for and I don't think she can arque much with that. I think Cassie would like this, I'd have to tell her more about my evening job, but it might make her cool, even if she can't tell anyone about it." A grin to Shannon perhaps as she seems to be enthusiastic about the children being together.

Carol reaches across the table and accepts that hand, shaking firmly. "Alright, Scott. I know it presents some challenges to you, and I respect that. I appreciate that you are willing to do this. If you need something from us to make this work, you let us know. Otherwise, I'll have the papers drawn up as-is, and delivered to your office tomorrow. When you sign and come aboard will be your choice. And if you need character witnesses for court, I'm pretty sure I can scare up some of the most respected names in the world to back your play." Carol is not exactly subtle when it comes to getting what she wants. But she takes care of her own. "I know it's a tad presumptuous. But welcome aboard, Scott. We're pleased to have you. And I know for a fact I speak for the others."

"Absolutely." Shannon agrees completely. "Welcome to the Avengers, Mr. Lang. We're very lucky to have you here." After all, in her world, Scott Lang is one of the most respected and accomplished engineers on the planet. She can only imagine what he can do here, with the resources of the world's mightiest heroes at his disposal.

"This is good, I have some ideas," he leaves it at that, Scott in better spirits than when he arrived. "Its good to be with you Carol, and you as well Shannon. I'm curious about when you came into the foyer, but I think we'll clear that all up in time. I'll look for the paperwork at my office. Presumptuous is good, good news for me. Its like the lottery, you know your family will be cared for, but there is the excitement of it all. Just the field work. Even getting more time to talk with others in the field. Lots to think about." He breaths a content sigh.

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