Weaving Friendship II

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Thimble Showstopper

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Dormitories - Xaviers

Conclusion of Weaving Friendship I

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Thimble nods only relucantly "A long... time ago." she eventually admits, not taking the blouse, but neither does she resist the grip to her shoulders. 11 long years ago. A Teddy. One she did lose junst months later.

Chenda's eyes widen at she thinks about that. "How long ago?" she has to ask. "You can tell me, Janie. I won't speak of it outside this room, if you don't want me to."

Thimble carefully eyes Richenda not saying a word for awkward seconds before she mutters "6... I was 6."

Chenda stares for a long moment. "Six... so long ago? Was that before..." She has to stop and think. The smaller girl hasn't spoken much about her past. "... before you went to the home you spoke of?" From what little she's heard, she can't believe it was much of a home.

Thimble shakes the head slowly "Far before Westport." she muttered, her teeth bit together sharply. In that year her parents were lost for her. Never to be seen again. Alongside with all that mattered for her. Never. Again.

Chenda's mouth drops open as she thinks about that. Then she looks into Janie's eyes. "Janie... I know you aren't much on generosity, but I promise, I would never give you anything I didn't mean from the bottom of my heart. There aren't any ulterior motives. I just... I want to be your friend. I just don't know how," she finishes. "I look into your eyes, and all I see is my own reflection. I don't see /you/."

Janie's eyes are not really like mirrors, more like a deep well, and at the barely visible end of them something seemed to reflect a bit of light - or it was a small source of light itself. But in any case, it more lurked down there, like a dragon in its lair. "Me... Why? I... I don't want to lose everything again."

"Everything? As in..." Chenda swallows, blinking hard. "Home, family, friends... that kind of everything?" For a long moment, concern mingles with pain on her face, and she looks down, avoiding Janie's eyes.

Janie turned to look the ceiling, her face hard. "Everything," she confirmed. She had lost really everything she had had that year. and by now, she realized that the only thing she had gained since then was her power. Her /gift/. Someone should suggest her to sue the state for placing her in a home where she was mistreated. She would end up with quite an amount.

Chenda is silent, then slowly draws Janie into a hug, if the other girl doesn't resist. "I know how you feel, Janie. It's been been just over a year since that happened to me," she whispers.

Janie does not resist the hug, but she really doesn't know how to react to it. The situation was a bit awkward for both of them likely. "You," she mutters, but does not conclude the sentence. Was she really right?

"You... what?" Chenda asks softly, just hugging Janie. "It's okay if you hug me back, ya know. I won't mind," she adds, trying to recover her good humor with a joke. A weak joke.

Janie shudders slightly, as she tries. To her it is not really a joke. "You... I don't know." she mutters, a bit lost. She does not want to risk gaining something that she could not bear to to lose. Still she was slightly feeling attached to her.

Chenda loosens the hug, looking into Janie's face again. "You don't want to risk losing someone else, do you?" she asks softly. "That really isn't a good idea, hon. Believe me, I tried that. It just made me miserable. You never get hurt, no. But you're never loved, either. You're always lonely. It's no way to live."

Janie eyed Richenda carefully "Don't dig in my thoughts. Or my future." She hated that. But she was right with the assumption. Or stolen thought. "But..."

"I /can't/ dig into your thoughts," Cheda replies reasonably. "I'm not Miss Grey, or Miss Frost." Then she goes quiet again, but for a single question. "But... what? You know, this is kinda becoming a habit."

"I... I don'T know how to phrase it." Janie mutters, leaning a bit against the hugging Richenda. "I don'twant to lose someone, but..."

Chenda lets her, smiling a little. "You don't, but... you don't like being lonely? You like someone? You have an annoying itch you can't reach? There's a cookie jar with your name on it on a high shelf, and you need a boost? Am I getting warm?"

Janie sighs somewhat as she eventually answers "I think... I feel attatched to someone," she mutters, leaning her head onto Richenda's Shoulder.

"Attached to someone?" Chenda doesn't ask more immediately, just soothingly strokes Janie's hair in long, smooth motions. She does have to speak eventually, though. "But who are you attached to?"

Janie Seems a bit uncomfortable about the later question, just leaning against Richenda. "Someone who is... closest to being a friend I have." she mutters eventually, not giveing a clear answer, but specifying it a bit.

"Have they tried to give you presents?" Chenda asks, looking over at the blouse and pullover she's yet to give to Janie. "'Cuz friends are known to do that. Sometimes not-friends, too, but mostly friends."
She glances down and shakes her head, smiling ruefully. "I'm wrinkling my new jeans. 'Scuse me, I need to get out of these." She gives Janie a quick squeeze, then stands, stretching tautly, and begins unfastening those jeans. "Wonderful fit, though. You do nice work, Janie."

Janie looks down - and blushes. Something noone jere might have believed her to be able to. "t...thanks." she mutters on the praise, eventually looking up to Richenda. "I mean..." she almost whispers, falling silent for long awkward seconds. Eventually her lips form a word, but it is not audiable.

"You're welcome, but I'm just being honest," Chenda replies, skinning out of the jeans and holding them up to fold them. She glances back over her shoulder and smiles at the younger girl. "You really do nice work!"
Then she sees Janie's face. "Aw... sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you," she murmurs, laying the jeans on the other bed. She's just turning to sit down when she sees Janie mouth something. And then her eyes widen, and she looks at Janie in surprise. "Me..?"

Janie stays silent, nodding once more. This whole situation was awkward...

- - - Fade To black - - -

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