Weaving Friendship I

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Thimble Showstopper

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Girls Dormitory - Xaviers

After a shopping trip on Sunday, Stuff needs to get tested

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Thimble slips back into the dorms, her backpack with the notebooks on her shoulder. She's not thinking too much about the last days events. hanging in the past like that is not helping with the upcoming homework, right?

Just behind her, Chenda is slipping through the door, bound for her own room. She blinks as she sees the back of Janie's head. "Oh, Janie! I was just about to go find you," she says, giving the girl a smile. "Do you want to check over the stuff we bought at The Dig yesterday? We were a bit rushed when we got home..."

Thimble stops to turn to Richenda, giving her a longer look for seconds "oh, I barely made it to Mr. Le Beau's extra class in time. I need those points," she remarks, pointing to the stairs "The clothes are in my room."

As good as she is with an audience, Chenda isn't as strong one-on-one, and she fidgets a little under that direct stare, though her smile remains in place. "We could meet in my room. Noriko's in New York today, so there'll be space and privacy. But I'm good with either one."

Thimble shrugs "not sure where Clarice is. Why is She in New York?" she asks, walking up the stairs to store her bag away. And get the cloths as she asked for. "I'll be there in a minute." she sais then.

"X-Factor. I'll explain when you get back!" Chenda calls after Thimble, turning to find her own room. She steps inside, leaving the door slightly ajar for Janie's return. Setting down her bag, she begins getting out of her school clothes.

Thimble doesn't take too much time to come back, the bag from the Mall yesterday in her hand. Neatly folded the pair of jeans slumber in it, as she knocks the door, waiting to get allowed in, even if the door is slightly open.

"Janie? Come on in!" Chenda calls, glancing up at the door. She's in front of the closet, hanging up her clothes and pulling out her own bag from the mall. The fact that she's doing so in her lavender-and-white striped briefs and athletic bra doesn't seem to bother her. Then again, she's in her own room. "Shut the door, okay?" Okay, maybe it does, a little.

Thimble steps in, closing the door behind her as asked to do. Her half undressed teammate however makes her a bit uneasy. Eying her bag, which just has that pair of jeans and a yellow T-Shirt in it, first, she gazes over to Richenda, who had brought back more than one bag. "what much is there to check?" she asks. they after all had tried the cloth on yesterday.

Chenda steps over to her own bed, setting down her bags and pulling out the jeans she'd liked, as well as an off-the-shoulder top in red that she'd found. She giggles in good-natured amusement at the faintly uneasy look on Janie's face. "Well, we did try 'em on, but nothing fit /perfectly/. I was wondering if you'd help me with that," she replies, beginning to slip on the jeans. "Mine were a little snug. Not awfully, but I wouldn't want to do too much bending over. Plus, I did find a couple tops for you, and I wanted to make sure they'd fit, and that you'd like 'em."

Thimble eyes her carefully "you got me tops?" she asks carefully, then looking at her legs in the snug jeans "and we are not supposed to use our powers. Outside class I mean." she remarks. "and I can't create fabric from nowhere."

"Huh... I've never been told that. Not about not using powers outside of class, I mean," Chenda murmurs, frowning thoughtfully. "How do you practice? And maybe there's a solution that doesn't involve creating fabric. The legs are a bit long. Maybe there's a way to just... relocate fabric to where it's needed? I know you can loosen your shoelaces and pants with a thought, 'cuz I saw you do it yesterday. Maybe this is just doing the same thing, in a slightly different way?" she suggests.

Thimble eyes her closely eventually speaking up "alone and down in the gym. But I can... reveave the fabric, yes. It's easier if I wear the cloth however." she gives in after some.

Chenda nods after a thoughtful pause. "I can see how it might be. But I can talk you through it... when they're loose enough and the like. Would that work?"

Thimble ponders about the proposal some time "not sure how much it will shorten to widen it. But we can try."

"Thank you, Janie," Chenda says, giving the younger girl a smile. She moves to join Thimble in the middle of the floor, where there's plenty of room for both of them. "I guess this'd be easier if I stand. You work by touch, don't you? I saw you tear Blondie's britches yesterday with your hand... I /would/ appreciate it if you didn't do that to me," she adds, just to tease the other girl.

Thimble ponders a second if she should reveal some more, but decides against it. "Mostly. Touch and rearranging is easier than touching any spot and changing an other." that she can even on look and did so with the one girls shoes she does not mention. "You mean I should not try to touch?"

Chenda giggles. "No, I'm fine with you touching me. Do what you must. I'd just rather you didn't tear my pants down," she replies. "I'm kinda partial to these jeans." And she stands still.

Thimble eyes carefully as she goes to her knees, carefully eying the fabric before she does anything. One inch is maybe what she can get from each leg, but there need to be some half of an inch inserted where it is snug. "Where exactly it needs to be set?"

"I'm thinking in the seat, along the back seam, maybe a little along the side seams, high up," Chenda replies. "It doesn't need much. Just tell me what you need me to do."

Thimble takes a deep breath, as working on a piece of clothing not worn is much more needing attention. "Hold still." she just sais, her fingers running up the outer seams of her teammates jeans. Just a few simple shifts of a few strings upwards.

"Holding..." Chenda replies, doing her best to breathe shallowly and not move any more than necessary. "Say when you need something done." She can vaquely feel the fabric shifting as the younger girl works. "I think it's working..."

Thimble pushes up the fabric thread by thread, rearranging the fabric to follow Richendas legs more without cutting into the skin. It'S not too easy to do delicate changes, and it takes its time, but compared to completly molding a piece of clothing it is fast, taking about a minute until she pulls her hands back. "how's that?"

Chenda manages to be patient. More importantly, she manages to be /still/. Finally, she glances down as Thimble speaks and moves a little, flexing her hips and legs carefully. She does a couple knee lifts to check the fit. "Much better! You do good work, Janie," she says with a smile.
Then she reaches for the other bag on the bed. "Now, I've got a couple things for /you/. Hope ya like 'em." What she pulls out are a freshly-washed red silk blouse, about Janie's size, and a sea green round-necked jersey. "Something bright and nice, something casual. Why not see how they look with your new jeans?"

Thimble gets up as Richenda goes to grab the two pieces. "you didn't bought those yesterday, did you?" she asks suspicious, not remembering her picking something like that. And she is absolute not used to gift. The last gift before she entered Xaviers she received did lay 11 years in the past and since then she did only got the issiued suits and the stiped. Which both don'T really qualify as gifts.

"Yes, I did. I had a little time while Security was questioning you, and Valerie thought a present was a great idea," Chenda replies. "She found the blouse. She also hopes you'll come back, by the way. You made a friend by catching those shoplifters."

Thimble eyes the piece of clothing very closely "Present?" she mutters, knowing what the word means, but not knowing what to do or expect of the situation now. It's awkward. "I..." no, the sentence keeps unconcluded.

"Yes. For doing such a nice thing for Valerie." Chenda blinks as something occurs to her. "Have you ever gotten a present, Janie?" she has to ask, reaching over to gently clasp the smaller girl's shoulders.

Thimble nods only relucantly "A long... time ago." she eventually admits, not taking the blouse, but neither does she resist the grip to her shoulders. 11 long years ago. A Teddy. One she did lose junst months later.

Chenda's eyes widen at she thinks about that. "How long ago?" she has to ask. "You can tell me, Janie. I won't speak of it outside this room, if you don't want me to."

Thimble carefully eyes Richenda not saying a word for awkward seconds before she mutters "6... I was 6."

- - - To be Continiued - - -

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