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Nightcrawler & Havok

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08/15/12 16:15

Xavier Mansion

Kurt and Alex talk about the team.

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Turning the corner and finding Kurt in the hallway, Alex will say, "Hey. Shouldn't you be with your new girlfriend pranking someone?"

Currently Alex is dressed in his uniform (surprise) and likely heading to his room for something. It's morning, so students are in classes (maybe) and it's the perfect time for Alex to wander around (avoiding them).

"Shouldn't you be getting punched in the face by your new girlfriend," chuckles Kurt in response, giving it right back. Then a shrug, "I old age is setting in, I don't have the pranking energy of 19 year old ... too much beer consumption. I need to train more."

Approaching, Alex will move toward the nearest wall while commenting, "Don't I know it. So aside from Nair in the shampoo and super gluing appendages together, I'm thinking that there will be retribution coming soon. Before that. We're adding her to the team, right?"

A nod from Kurt, "Aside from the pranks, which are needed, you know she's an asset. Maybe stubborn, a little loose ... but, so is everyone else on the team. Besides, you now you can trust her in a pinch

With a furrowing of his brow, Alex smiles and says, "Dude. I'd take her over you any day." in a teasing tone. "It's Kitteh, I mean she's more useful than most of us - except for Dani - damn, she one-shotted Sabertooth. What the fuck? When did she get so powerful?"

Laughing, Kurt offers, "Savage Lands - while everyone else was oogling the fur bikinies of the natives," including most of the ladies on the team, "She was actually training with the shaman down there."

"Dayum. I want to be able to one-shot Sabertooth. Anyway... I'm glad Kitty will be joining us. We still need a tank and a telepath." Then adds as a jab, "And a long distance teleporter since we're stuck with the blackbird and the murdervan went back to the agency."

"You know, if we all want to die someday, we can go for a long distance teleport," grins Kurt, "I think the issue is with long distance mutant teleporters, its either too slow a process, not stable enough, or most teleports go into the robbing banks line of work cause cash flow is too easy for them."

Alex holds up his right hand separating his index finger and thumb by a half an inch, "I was this close to having Magik on early X-Factor. Back when Karma was hanging out with us. But she flaked. There's always Gateway - if he's still in the Australian desert and that base isn't overrun by Reavers."

Considering that, Kurt ponders, "You mean Piotr's sister Magik, good long range, but its not instantaneous. Though between the two of us, you might of had something like a real strike team on your hands. Gateway, if you find him, same situation. I think we should focus on a real tank. I'm tired of being tossed around like a sack of potatoes."

"You have anyone in mind?" asks Alex as he puts his back to the wall and leans against it thoughtfully. "Last one I had was Guido, and well he's gone back to record producing with Lila and Alison."

Kurt ponders that, crouching more towards the ground to rub his chin freely. "Any free, as opposed to any at all, is the concern. If you didn't chase Jimmy off with threats of capturing all of X-Force," he is being redundant as Cable was indicated as the only person at risk, "We could of used him, his brother was a great asset, I'm sure he would be too."

"John Proudstar..." Alex reflects, "Yeah. He was a good guy." is said quietly. Alex then adds, "I didn't chase James off. It was more like he went back to his clan. From what I hear, Cable is large and back in charge. Damn, I'm gonna miss the intel stream we'd get hourly." - which is probably why he's not in the ready room.

"About that," considers Kurt after its brought up, "Cable and his group aside. Just like we're hunting for a trail to uncover more of what really has been going on. You know we're going to represent a big target for activist teams. Like the mutual enemy you and Cable seem to share .... or other start up groups following the unrest in mutant town after Neverland was uncovered. Is it safe for us to remain here at Xaviers ... I don't mean us personally, nein, I mean for the students and the school's cover in general now."

"That's a hard call. I really don't know what the MLF or Magneto's group thinks. I mean we busted up Neverland. I made it a point in my address that we were unaware of the end result for the mutants - and when we realized, we corrected our mistakes.... so I don't really know if we're a target or seen in a better light."

"Oh, I'm sure little has changed in how we're seen for the most part," agrees Kurt, "But you know, a few people will buy into what we really did, but others will see us as just a step to get whatever they want. For all we now or care, Sabes was in it so he could be an ass and get paid to be an ass. Doesn't even mean he agreed with the ideas or actually knows a trail we could follow. Some people will think we know something. Just a safety precaution."

"So you're suggesting what? We move out, do some investigation, take a poll?" Alex asks curiously. Mostly wanting to know the direction Kurt thinks they should take.

"Investigate at least and be prepared to move out if we think its necessary or it becomes necessary," a shrug from Kurt, "I don't mind the new quarters, I don't have to share the bathroom with anyone. More room, plenty of space here. But, if Sybil is willing to help, maybe talk about it with her. She'll understand the precaution, she has the resources."

Alex grins, "Oh great. I can see it now. Our new secret base is a BDSM dungeon - or worse, the back room of one of her dungeons where we have to share quarters with all her slaves and her toys."

Squaring a look at Alex, then chuckling deeply, Kurt shakes his head. "Wait, you're saying you wouldn't feel comfortable around scantily leather clad women who's job it is to please you?"

He ponders a moment, looking at the floor and finally raising his gaze to the upper right of the hallway, "You know... damn. We totally need to go to a strip club."

Grinning, Kurt says, "A strip club then out to a real club. You're on the market fruend, take advantage of it, plenty of hot ladies out there." A ponderance, "I know a place down in Manhattan, lots of lovely ladies ..."

"Dude, give me a few minutes to shower and change. We'll grab some food then hit the clubs." Alex states as he pushes off the wall and starts moving to his room.

"So be it," laughs Kurt, bamphing to prepare himself and be ready in the five minute time frame, regardless if that was metaphorical or not.

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