We All Scream For Ice Cream

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We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ms. Marvel, Ultragirl, American Dream, Captain America, Beta Ray Bill, Mockingbird, Wanda, Seth, Blindfold, Scarlet Witch, Sandman

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08/15/12 20:30

Patio, Avengers Mansion

Carol and Shannon's planned celebration brings in plenty of help.

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-----==[ Patio - Avengers Mansion ]==-----------------------------------------

This is a huge wooden and concrete patio area that descends down to a grassy expanse and adjacent swimming pool. There are reclining, patio, lounge chairs located in various spots - some around the pool, others on the patio, others around umbrella covered tables. A huge outdoor kitchen setup is available along the far side of the patio with an oversized grill for the larger appetites of the Avengers.

Bordering the area is a wall and the mansion proper. Just beyond the wall is 70th street. In addition, there is a 3 car garage and a nearby garden.

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[KI] - Kitchen - Avengers Mansion

The large wooden-framed patio of the Avenger's Mansion is festooned with bright and colorful decorations, including balloons, some streamers, and bright umbrellas. In addition, citronella candles are in evidence, encouraging the insect life to be somewhere else, in a non-harmful fasion. (That's important, given who some of the Avengers are.) A wide array of seating is arranged around the patio, at various tables both low and higher, bar-height for standing. Dominating one large bench are three large chests brimming with ice, with colorful containers contained within. In front of them is a large table with a stack of bowls, plasticware, napkins, and a wide assortment of ice cream condiments including whipped cream dispensers, crushed nuts, crushed oreos, malted milk, chocolate and colored sprinkles, fresh and warm brownies, fresh sliced strawberries and peaces, cherries and more.

Dressed in her very relaxed civvies, Carol Danvers floats up several feet so as to be easy to see above everyone's heads. "Good evening, one and all. Thank you for coming. Tonight is not about some crisis. Tonight is about celebrating life. Celebrating our victory, and the wonder of friends and allies. We have brought in a wide array of different gourmet ice creams from the store down the street. So let's form up, make ourselves some ice cream bowls, enjoy the sweet goodness, and come good company. Thanks." With that, she floats back down to the deck and steps out of the way to let the first folks move in.

Ultragirl showed up just a few minutes before Carol kicked things off with her little speech. She's in her orange 'hero' costume, and standing off to one side of the room - as if trying to be 'out of the way'.

The teen-aged heroine is a little wide-eyed at all the 'big names' who're here, both the faces she recognizes /and/ those she doesn't... like that big guy who dresses like Thor but looks like... a horse! Yes, Bill's look made the girl's eyes go even wider, for a little bit, when she first saw him; she stared for about a full minute, with the wide-eyed stare ending when the kick-off announcement was made.

When the announcement ends, Ultragirl pretty well stays where she is, hands behind herself, while so many others start forming queues to get to the ice cream.

Interesting fact. The famous shield of Captain America and, by extension, of American Dream (and to a lesser extent, USAgent) can be worn as something of a backpack. Which is how Shannon Carter's carrying it around today. American Dream, in full field uniform (but minus the cool leather jacket all Avengers are allowed), pops right up for food. Tomorrow, she'll add an extra two hours to her normal six hour morning routine. Today, she's grabbing three scoops. One of strawberry, one vanilla, one blueberry. It all gets topped with sprinkles and whipped cream.

A team event. Social yes, but Beta Ray Bill thought it best to arrive in his 'work outfit' so-to-speak. He reasoned it might help the others get more used to it than his admittedly less-striking-but-still-notable native form. That and he has grown comfortable enough with it, especially with how the youths at the Xavier Mansion had responded with such wonder to it, and yes, that's apparently happening again.

One doesn't live among the gods of Asgard without learning a -lot- about how to celebrate. If the girl is curious, so be it, and putting on the friendliest face his looks allow for (which is surprisingly pretty friendly), he walks over towards Ultragirl, who he notices is being a bit of a wallflower. "Greetings. I am Beta Ray Bill. I do not know you, but if you are here, then you must be counted among the friends of this notable group. You need not feel distanced - gatherings such as this are for enjoyment and the sharing of stories...and ice cream." Oh he knows that, apparently.

A somewhat late, rather silent young man arrives, showing an invitation at the reception. He's wearing a pair of rather dark sunglasses. He moves in, taking a deep breath - and grimacing a little from it -, and takes a look at who's assembled here. Beta Ray Bill, he knows already, though his imposing figure is always reason for awe. Ultragirl, he may've seen her once, at some innauguration, but that's it. The rest of the people, he only knows by name. He takes a couple minutes to feel the mood of the place...

Ultragirl's eyes widen right back up when the horse-Thor guy walks right up to her, and almost seem to get wider yet when he /speaks/ to her. It seems to take her a few moments to mentally 'process' what he just said, and what he said seems to break her out of her little bit of shock as she stares up at the face of Beta Ray Bill.

"Uhm.. hi. I'm Suzy... Ultragirl! Most people call me Ultragirl, but my friends call me Suzy!", she says rapidly, and in what's probably a high-pitched tone of voice, even for her. She even lifts one hand from behind herself and waves it at him, in a 'quick and nervous' manner, even though he's standing right in front of her.

And from the mansion, Scarlet Witch emerges, dressed in her somewhat new costume... decidedly not much like her old one at all. She glances around, giving a smile to those that she knows, as well as those she hasn't met just yet, though she does single Carol out with a wry expression, "I think I should be glad you are doing this /after/ my physical..." She then looks over at Suzy and Bill, giving them both a friendly wave.

Carol waits for several others to move into line before she herself slides in, taking her turn to scoop up just two scoops of rich Godiva chocolate. She drizzles some caramel sauce over that, a bit of malted milk, and then a good dollop of whipped cream. Yum! "Relax and have fun, folks. That's what this is all about." she offers, loud enough to be heard.

Mockingbird wanders in from the Mansion, wearing jeans and a tanktop herself. Bobbi is fairly quiet compared to some, especially when not wearing bright colors or spandex. Not that she wears either one. Pulling up short in the line behind the gawking Suzy and Bill, she raises up onto tiptoe to peek around the pair. "Um, one side, kids. Lady comin' through in need of a MAJOR chocolate fix..." And with that, she deftly steps between them in search of decadent calories.

"Yummy yum yum yum yum!" American Dream says to herself as she walks away from the counter. She has her bowl in one hand. Her spoon in the other. She drifts towards Suzy and Beta Ray Bill. "I love this world. Everything is familiar enough to be comforting but interesting enough to be different. Like, in my world, there never was an Ultragirl. Which means here everything you do will be a surprise!"

The large alien definitely notices the 'this world' comment Shannon makes, well, obviously, but before he can ask, and after to the excitable young girl he notes, "You may call me simply 'Bill'. How do-" and notices the arrival of the quiet young man. He brightens notably and calls out in a resonant voice "Seth! You yet live! The others, they are aware? The little seer did -not- forsee this!"

Ultragirl /totally/ misses the wave Scarlet Witch aims her way; Beta Ray Bill's /totally/ dominating all her attention, at that moment. Then Mockingbird comes up behind her and tries to hurry her along - not that she's even realized she /was/ in line. Startled, it seems, she starts and yelps loudly when spoken to from behind, that way.

This is when American Dream shows up, with her bowl of ice cream. "Ohmygosh! There's so many Avengers here!", she says as she moves over to stand close to the flag-costumed woman, putting the taller woman between her and Bill when he's distracted by Seth's arrival, of course oblivious to that it's obvious that there /should/ be 'so many' Avengers present. Clearly, she's in 'fan girl' shock, or something... and Beta Ray Bill's physical appearance probably also tripped her personal 'wierdness meter', when stacked atop everything else.

Then, again as if it took a bit to process what she just heard, she steps around to look up at the taller woman's face. "Wait... your aura's /blue/. You're not an alien. Whattya mean 'your world'...?", she asks, putting her hands on her hips.

Wanda looks curiously at American Dream, "Wait, you're not from here?" She tilts her head, not in quite that big of a hurry to get the ice cream as she plays the sociable part first, "You mean, an alternate earth?" She then gives Seth a curious look, tilting her head towards him.

After those couple of minutes pass, Seth proceeds to the counter to get some ice cream. He passes by Bill and Suzy, nodding to her, and giving the Korbinite a friendlier greet. "Hiya there, Bill." He nods, "Yes, I'm very much alive..." And he instinctively steps back a pace, remembering that squeeze Blindfold gave him that reminded him of the pain he felt. "Please, restrain any need you have for hugs. I felt the pain once, then twice when Ruth hugged me. It felt like she wanted to finish the job, and I got a whole life ahead of me."

Mockingbird works her way up and fills her bowl. Chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and then chocolate sprinkles as a garnish. She wasn't kidding when she said she needed a fix. Carefully making her way away from the table with the toxic monstrosity, Bobbi deftly attacks it with a spoon as she begins to mingle.

"Right." American Dream explains. "See, that's one of the greatest things of the Avengers. Our members have come from a wide variety of sources. We've had mutants, gods, kings, synthezoids, spies, cosmic messiahs, models, wild west cowboys, aliens, Atlanteans, Eternals, cosmic protectors, and ordinary men. And me. Like Ms. Maximoff guessed, I'm from an alternate Earth. A world like this one but a little different."

Carol nibbles lightly at her own rich, creamy chocolatey goodness, the Godiva gourmet chocolate ice cream a truly sinful treat. "Honestly have to say, this is really going well." And as an added benefit? No villains attacking! They're all still too busy figuring out which side is up after Ultron. Yay! So they can all just relax and enjoy one another's company. "Go, Bobbi!" she teases her teammate at the wealth of chocolate. Like minds, indeed.

From the Kitchen comes the civvies clad Steve Rogers. He makes his way through the crowd, nodding politely and smiling to those he slides by and is careful as well as polite to not bump someone as he begins to assemble his own ice-creamic concoction.

"... an alternate Earth?", asks Ultragirl of American Dream, while she glances at the Scarlet Witch - for the moment not reacting to the presence of an in-costume Avenger she hasn't actually, yet, met, thanks to the interest she has in this topic of conversation. "Wait... like on Star Trek, with the alternate realities and stuff? That's for /real/?! Holy wow...!", she says. "How'd you end up /here/?", she goes on, curiosity and excitement mixed in her tone of voice. Then, eyes narrowing, she adds, "... it wasn't, like, /right/ outta Star Trek, with some wierd transporter accident, was it?"

Mockingbird raises her spoon towards Carol in informal salute before carefully picking out another mouthful of the sweet, gooey stuff. Licking the spoon clean between bites, she calls back. "A girl's got her needs, Carol." Squinting, she peers more closely at Carol's bowl. "Hey, is that Godiva? Who hid the -designer- ice cream?" And back she goes towards the table again. Dodging around Steve, she flashes a smile and offers. "Hey, Cap."

Wanda gets an interesting mix, managing to find the Godiva... must be special Avengers training, or something, and putting in some strawberry ice cream and peaches for good measure. That done, she grins at Mockingbird, "I thought you would definitely have sniffed that out..." And then she sees Cap, giving him a smile, "Hey, Steve!"

Through the vent, a small wisp of dust from sand starts to spew forth and then sand spills onto the floor and begins taking a humanoid shape. "Party didn't start without me, did it?" A disembodied voice rings out as Bill Baker, aka Sandman, arrives, "So who brought the alcoh. . ." He quickly stops speaking when he sees Captain America. An audible sigh is heard as the Avenger formed is fully human now. Dressed in his familiar green and black stripped shirt and black trousers.

Steve fills a dish with some vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup and caramel, seeming content with it as he turns to look over the assembled group of people. He flashes a smile to Wanda, "Doin alright tonight?" he asks simply before his attention is drawn to the forming of Sandman amidst the group. He narrows his eyes slightly, studying the man for a long moment before shifting his weight from from leg to the other and deciding to start digging in to his ice-cream.

Mockingbird noses around shamelessly for the Godiva, not really caring that there's not much room left in her bowl for it anyway. "I must've been distracted or something." she offers to Wanda. "Ah-ha!" Used spoon is stabbed into the pile in her bowl, while she adds a half-scoop (not room for more!) of Godiva. "Good to have you back, Wanda." she offers. Catching Steve's reaction to Sandy's arrival, she adds. "So how was your, um, sabbatical, Steve?"

Bill holds up a hand to Seth and assures, "You needn't worry. I am only recently back to full working order myself, after all." He does half-listen to the conversations about alternate realities and adds as an aside to the two young women, "I have myself seen and traveled to such alternate futures. There is e'en a wielder of Mjolnir in one, a fine young man by the name of Dargo."

As the Sandman forms up after entering, he moves off, towards the table of ice cream actually, it's been a while since he's eaten, not that he needs to but purely to indulge. "I am glad to see you are well." he says to the psaamic Avengers, "I again apologize for the roughness afore."

Having heard Wanda was back, Sandman bow shis head and makes his way towards the witch, "Hello, Wanda. I don't think we've met officially. Bill Baker. . .aka Sandman.b He bows and shoots Cap another look, "Welcome back, Captain." He mutters before he turns and smiles back to Wanda though he looks for some ice cream. Eyeing everyone he recognizes, he waves and offers nods all around. When the other Bill approaches, "No problem, Beta Ray Bill. . .good to have you on the team. Welcome. . .Remind me to talk to you about the hazing." He jokes.

"Nothing as mundane as Star Trek." American Dream explains. "It was one of the X-Men. Her codename os Magik and she's both a sorceress and a teleporter. She brought me here to help her fight a demon overlord and I stayed. I mean, I get a chance to fight alongside the Avengers in their prime! Look who is here! Ms. Marvel. Scarlet Witch. Mockingbird. Beta Ray Bill. Captain America! Amazing!"

Ultragirl oh's softly as American Dream explains, but from the way she does it, she certainly doesn't know who Magik is. Then the (slightly) older heroine starts naming other Avengers... and then she names one of the more famous ones, and this makes the teenager look about. "I don't see Cap anywhere...", she comments, clearly having expected him to show up in red, white, and blue, rather than in civvies. She does glance over at Beta Ray Bill in the process of looking about, too, but doesn't seem to react as strongly as she previously did to his definitely non-human appearance.

Wanda smiles back at Cap, "Doing well enough... I think I can probably have seconds after the physical I had to do this morning." She then laughs a little as American Dream gushes, and looks over towards her, "I'm sorry I missed your arrival, then... American Dream? But I'm glad you decided to stay." Her eyes then flicker to Sandman, and she gives him a warm smile, "Glad you decided to join us... Sandman? Or do you prefer Bill?"

Steve glances to Ultragirl as she comments on him, trying to duck by to take up a spot near Wanda, "Ah, surely it wasn't that bad. You should have seen what they did to me after the serum." he says, that boyish smile shining through as he takes another bite of his ice cream.

Catching Shannon's excitement over the Avengers and himself not getting mentioned, Bill simply sighs and forms a clearly fake smile on his face before nswering Wanda, "For you, Wanda. You can call me whatever you like. But everyone calls me , Bill." The smile becomes more genuine. "Excuse me." He moves away from the group he had been speaking with and moves to Ultragirl. "Hi, I don't think I know you. Sandman." He extends his hand to the blond in greeting. And turns to American Dream, "Hey, Dreamy."

"Hello, Mr. Baker." American Dream says brightly to Sandman. "I haven't had a chance to say it, but fantastic job in Paris. I read your mission report and you worked well in a difficult circumstance. You stood up tall and took charge, just like an Avenger should." She smiles. "You're a true asset to the team. Thank you."

"You're lucky to heal that fast. I still have a couple months till I'm back to my full", Seth notes. "Besides, I doubt you'd only feel some pain to your ribs unless Thor himself gave you a squeeze." He looks at Sandman, eyes narrowing some, his expression tensing. Then, again to Bill. "I need to go get some ice cream, before it all fades away. Back in a minute." And he goes to the stand, helping himself to some flavors and toppings. Of course, in the course to the stand, he waves and greets the unmasked faces.

Ceasing to look around for the Cap she expected to see, the teenager looks up at Sandman. Once American Dream's finished speaking to the man, she adds, "I'm Ultragirl. I'm not an Avenger, though... I'm just a guest, here", offering her hand to him as she also offers her self-introduction. "I... guess I never heard of you before, I think", she says to him, also.

Mockingbird steadily scoops up chocolate and ice cream, the latter dominating her bowl. Without her costume, Bobbi is pretty unobtrusive and drifts around towards some of the new people.

Wanda gives Sandman a parting wave, then looks over at Steve, "Yes, well, I would think the serum would help... I didn't exactly /have/ that, Steve." She gives Steve a dirty look, "And I think the chili fries last night didn't help either... I can't /believe/ you talked me into that." Still, she doesn't sound that upset about it.

"You'll need to excuse me for a moment." American Dream says. "Nice seeing you again, Ultragirl." She nods to Sandman and then slips away to walk over towards Wanda and Steve Rogers. "Captain, I'm very pleased to see you back in the mansion. I've been practicing the shield manuevers you showed me. I was hoping we could move onto the next set of shield katta now that you've returned, please?"

Steve is caught off-guard and half-leaning over with a spoon-full of ice-cream in his mouth when Dream approaches. He quickly slides the spoon out of his mouth and puts it into the bowl he holds, nodding to Dream, "Ofcourse. I could probably use the practice myself, didn't have much use for my shield while I was on the road -- But I still kept it close." he admits, rubbing the back of his head a little bit.

Blindfold walks around onto the patio tapping her cane in a sweeping motion, new flare leg jeans that were a bit snugger then her usual and her hair tied back in a pony tail but otherwise rockin her same old cute raggamuffin look. Voices, so many voices and footsteps all at the same time.

Ultragirl's not /that/ far away, when American Dream goes over to greet Steve, and Dream's also one of the teenager's 'fan girl' favorites. So it is that she overhears what the elder teen says to the blonde man in the civilian clothes. Her eyes widen, but not in the same way they did when she first saw Bill, earlier. "OHMYGAWD!", she says. "I didn't recognize you without your costume and shield!", she gushes, brushing around Sandman to get over to the man she now knows is Captain America. Then she does the classic fan-girl squeal, hands balled up in fists up under her chin as she bounces up and down on her toes.

Mockingbird watches the 'fan girl' reaction and smiles wryly, working her way through the ice cream. Bobbi manages not to roll her eyes before turning, and that's when the tapping cane catches her attention. Making her way over, she offers. "Hey there. You here for the ice cream, I can show you the way. I'm Bobbi, by the way."

Beta Ray Bill does say, almost as an aside at Seth's comment about ribs, "Ship-mounted railgun, actually." and joins the young man by the ice cream finally...so many flavours, including a few he's actually never even heard of. If one isn't born on a world, it seems like there's an infinte number of tiny details one never gets to quite catch up on. Not that it seems to stop him.

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, he knows those. Peach? Smells sweet and light. Mint? Familiar. Sif liked that one. Cherry? Interesting, reminds him of something from home. As do the nuts for topping. Oh, and more of those cherries in some sort of liquour. Caramel? Sweet again. Oh, and he's forgotten to sample some of the others...by the time he has finished, the alien holds a truly monumental ice cream sundae, with two bananas sticking haphazardly out of the top and side - he can be forgiven for not knowing how those are supposed to work here.

As he begins to dig in with gusto, he does look to American Dream's back...the same legendary weapon? Or an alternate twin? Now -that- thought intrigues him.

And yet another familiar young face has entered. His sometimes serious demeanor has been put mostly aside for now as he calls out, "Ah, the little seer! I have found you did not forsee Seth's survival. But glad I am for it. Come, indulge in this panoply of delights!" he obviously doesn't coddle the girl.

Scarlet Witch murmurs, as an aside to Steve, "You should have worn the costume." Then she smiles and gives Ultragirl a friendly wave, though Wanda looks more amused than anything as she absently glances to the latest arrival.

Steve's eyes widen at Ultragirl as she rushes him. His expression is that of a deer caught in the headlights of an 18-wheeler, and it sticks as he tries to find his words, stammering a bit, "Oh. er. Hi? Nice to Meet you?" he offers meekly, taking a half-step back and extending his hand towards her. His eyes dart from one side to the other the way that a soldier would look around for backup in a firefight.

American Dream can't help but smile, either. "Captain America, this is Ultragirl. She's a new heroine on the scene. Like Ms. Marvel, she's got a merged human and Kree genetic structure. Similar powers, though with some differences. Ultragirl, meet Captain America. The soul of the Avengers."

Ultragirl happily, two-handedly, grabs the one Steve offers to her, pumping it up and down exictely. "Ohmygawd!", she repeats. "It's so /awesome/ to meet you, sir!", she says, somehow managing to say it clearly despite that she's so clearly excited. "I wish I were, like, HALF the hero you are!", she adds. "I'll never be /that/ good, though!"

Blindfold turns her head toward Bonni with a smile "Thank you, yes, my name is Ruth, it's nice to meet you Bonni" winces at the shrill 'fangirl' squeal, was enough to pierce anyone's hearing. Then smiles brightly hearing Bill's big voice as she turns her head in his direction and waves "Hello sir, yes, thank you, my apologies for getting that wrong but in this instance I'm glad I was wrong instead of right"

Wanda lightly steps up next to Steve, placing her non-icecream wielding hand on his shoulder, "He definitely is the soul of the Avengers, without question." She smiles at Ultragirl, "I'm certain that you are destined for great and wonderful things, there's no doubt about that." And she says it with a level of certainty, that just makes one want to believe her.

In the midst of the ice cream sorting, Seth looks at Fan/Ultragirl's reaction as she heads to Steve with a surprised expression. A moment later, he's understanding why. "Oh... So that guy's Captain America!" He looks at him in his civvies, and chuckles. "It's kinda funny how we see him without the symbol...", he comments to himself.

Mockingbird chuckles softly at the squeal, rolling her eyes now that her back is turned. "Yeah, it's autograph day here at the Mall..." she offers dryly. "I think there's still some of the -good- chocolate left, Ruth. C'mon and I'll show you around."

Steve nods to Dream, "I see." he says at the explanation of the squeeling one latched on to his hand. After a few moments he withdraws his hand and rubs at the back of his head, "I can't claim to be the soul of the Avengers -- We all are just as important as the next. I just try to do my part." he says, ever the humble one.

At Ultragirl's next remark he just shakes his head and bring the hand from his head to her shoulder, "I'm sure you'll do great things. We're glad to have you around." he adds simply with a smile to the younger girl.

American Dream can't help but smile. She's met the Captain several times now. She's even trained with him a few times. And yet, every time, she can't help but wonder that he's everything she thought he would be. Everything her aunt Sharon's diaries said he would be. Well... not everything... but let's not get into Agent 13's more private musings about just how super a soldier Captain America really is.

Blindfold smiles to Bonni with a nod and holds out her hand to be guided "Thank you, yes, it's appreciated. Crowds sadly, I'm afraid are bit harder to navigate then small groupings"

Ultragirl backs up half a step, all smiles. "Hiya, Scarlet Witch", she adds, as if trying to make a point that she didn't /totally/ space out on that the woman's there, too, and in costume. To Cap's assertion that she'll do great things, she says, "I'll do my best, sir! I promise!"

Finally, too, it seems the girl notices the ice cream -- perhaps thanks to Mockingbird's words. Off she goes to the table, to fill a bowl with a heaping 'mountain' of vanilla... to which she doesn't add a thing, as if it's perfect the way it is. Though she still spends a lot of time 'eyeballing' Steve, the girl's at least quiet for a good while, now, while she leans up against a nearby counter to nom on her snack.

Mockingbird rests the spoon in her bowl, offering chilled fingers to Ruth. "Not at all, Ruth. And I understand. We'll keep to the outer perimeter of the patio, okay?" Giving a light squeeze, Bobbi starts leading the blind girl around the long way to the ice cream.

Blindfold nodding with a smile she walked along with Bobbi "Thank you all for everything that you did, the world owes you a debt that can never be repaid but it is nonetheless greatly appreciated beyond words"

Dream coughs into her hand. She smiles. "Honestly, she reminds me a lot of me at that age. Except I did less squealing and more one handed push-ups." She enjoys a spoonful of ice cream. "Actually, I was lucky to have Master Clint as a teacher. Ultragirl has to learn all this on her own."

Steve excuses himself from the immediate company for a moment, moving towards the table and politely asking some of the guests to realign themselves for Ruth as she approaches, "Thank you, Ma'm." he says, his voice distinctive and kind as he helps make way for the young woman so that she can partake in the goodness that is ice-cream like everyone else, "My name's Steve, what's yours?" he asks politely.

Seth notices Ruth, so he decides to approach her halfway to the stand. "You should try the strawberry and mint, Ruth. They're great."

Wanda smiles after Steve as he goes to introduce himself to Ruth, then looks back at Dream, "Wait, she trained herself? That's rather impressive... but she's not affiliated with the Avengers? Or training with anyone else here?" She looks thoughtful as she absently noms on the ice cream, glancing curiously at Dream as she asks the questions.

"She made her debut a few weeks ago." Dream explains to the Scarlet Witch. "After that, she went corporate. So to speak. She's being sponsored by a company that makes sportswear, I believe. Sort of like Iron Man's work for Stark Enterprises but with more promotional work involved." That's a secret she won't share. The X-babies here might learn that Steve Rogers is Captain American but no way do they find out that Iron Man is really the world famous Tony Stark.

Mockingbird leads Ruth, pausing for the girl to get introduced. "Steve, this is Ruth." she offers. A small smile follows, and she adds. "I'll leave you two to talk, then." And back into the crowd she goes.

Blindfold turns her head with a smile toward the sound of Steve's voice and holds out a hand to him if he wanted to shake "Yes, thank you, it's nice to meet you. I was just telling Bobbi how much the world appreciates what you all did. I'm afraid, I'm sorry that it may never be fully expressed but we all owe you and the other heroes involved a great debt and words are hardly adequate" then smiles squeezing Bobbi's hand with a nod "Yes, thank you, stay safe and well" before smiling brightly at Seth "I have something for you back at school. Hmm Can I have a banana split? with chocolate, strawberry, mint and peach flavor ice cream please, thank you? Caramel, hot fudge and marshamallow on top but no nuts, no, thank you though"

Steve smiles, accepting Ruth's hand and shaking it, "No need for thinks. We know how important our job is, but praise isn't why we stick it out." he says, nodding to Seth as the young woman describes what she wants. He maneuvers himself beside her slowly, "I'll help you to the table, if you like." he offers, letting her make the decision.

Steve smiles, accepting Ruth's hand and shaking it, "No need for thinks. We know how important our job is, but praise isn't why we stick it out." he says, nodding to Seth as the young woman describes what she wants. He maneuvers himself beside her slowly, "I'll help you to the table, if you like." he offers, letting her make the decision.(repose for Wanda)

Seth starts filling up a bowl with Ruth's request, "Really? Do I get to know what it is in advance?" He carries the bowl over to the sitting Ruth. And he sits himself, grimacing as he takes his seat. Those damn muscles moving his ribs is making him tired, so, repose required.

Scarlet Witch talks a bit more with American Dream, then makes her way over towards the table that Ruth and company are at, "I wish I had more of a chance to talk with you all, but I'm sure I'll get the opportunity later." She smiles, "Sadly, the physical is starting to catch up with me, so a long soak before going to bed seems to be in store for me."

Blindfold turns her head to Steve with a nod and a warm smile "Yes, thank you, I know what you mean. It's...just a driving urge to do what you can with what you have, to make things better, not for glory or payback or even recognition but simply..because it's the right thing to do" then chuckles at Seth "It's an apology gift, I made it myself while grounded"

Steve nods and smiles to Ruth, "Here, let's sit at this table." he says, slowly leading towards a pair of empty seats where they can sit, "It's not about the glory, but the actions you take you achieve it." he says simply, full faith in his words evident as he rests his own ice cream on the table and takes another bite, drifting to the background of things.

Seth has remained quiet for the most part, then he replies to Ruth. "I really feel like a goddamn fish out of water..." He eats some of his ice cream.

Blindfold takes a moment to savor a spoon of icecream before tilting her head curiously toward Seth "How come?"

"I mean, look at these guys. They're heroes. I'm just a kid who almost got himself killed." Seth points around, "I don't belong here."

Blindfold chuckles "And Sir Newton was just a young costumed vigilante unheard of til then, who almost made his brain explode in his head. This isn't a celebration for the heroes, it's a stress releif for everyone, we survived and it's over. No Seth, I'm sorry, you belong here as much as anyone. You stepped up to an overwhelming challenge and acted with the same stoic bravery anddetermination as any of these heroes here. You almost died because you took a concentrated zot from one eye what normally came out of two, I'm just sorry I broke you when you were recovering. Me? I hid and screaming like a scared lil girl hiding under the bed from the boogie man. It was chaos and not all of us had comms so you were doing the best you could on limited orders as things changed and you needed to adapt, you did /good/"

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