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Spiral and Exodus

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09/29/12 10:54


Exodus and Sprial discuss their lives.

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The Bronx. One of the rougher parts of the NYC area. It looks suitably dismal and depressing at times, the sort of place that would fit well in black and white.


Unfortunately the locals are not all that tolerant of six armed freaks, and so Spiral is settled on the roof of one of the warehouses, at the edge of an industrial area and looking out over some residential houses. Nobody is really likely to notice her up there, it's not a well travelled area, even with her pompom boots sticking out over the side - as she's settled on the edge of the roof, watching what people there are down below, and thinking.

The mind of Exodus heralds his arrival as he reaches out to that of the six armed woman. In a ethereal whisper, she will hear his voice within her head, "Good day." in a proper and respectful greeting.

The man himself will have touched down on the rooftop several yards behind her, well out of reach. He wears a costume of blue and purple and cloak drawn around him, his body emits a reddish yellow glow that extends only an inch above his skin, and his eyes have a purple tint.

Spiral abruptly gets up and turns around at sensing the announced presence here, glowing eyes staring at Exodus blankly.

"And who are you?" she asks, unrecognising, and apparently a bit miffed that her thinking time has been disturbed so. Four of her arms fold across her body, disapproving, while the upper two remain ready for trouble, loosely held at her sides.

"Some sort of mutant here to stare at my arms again?".

His feet are actually an inch above the ground and Exodus (in a standing posture) begins to hover toward Spiral (still yards away). His lips will part and words are formed in the shape of a compliment, "Your arms are beautiful. Though I am not here to stare upon them. I sensed that you may need someone with which to speak."

"On the contrary, I was thinking about future plans. Though the universe has spared us this moment, so if you want to talk, we can do so.". Spiral's eyes narrow. "I repeat the twisting dance of the present enough as it is without questions going unanswered. Who are you? Beyond a smooth thinking apparition. You are, at least, more civil than most I have encountered on this world.".

With a slight nod of acceptance to her words, he draws within 15 feet and will come to a pause. "I am called Exodus, the Hand of Magneto, leader of the Acolytes and of the chosen few to walk this hallowed Earth with the powers and might of a god. Though my existence is trivial compared to that of one such as yourself. Speak your name so that I may regard the true name of the sun and revel in her radiance."

Well, Spiral may be immune to a few things, but flattery isn't one of them. She grins, as her megalomaniac side is tickled most pleasurably. "I like your flowery language. I am Spiral, dancing through the dimensions, as always. My memory is not what it was, and my path is as twisted as ever, so if you have met me before then unfortunately, that is lost to me. For now.".

She tilts her head. "I have know of Magneto.". From the files Ares gave her, in truth. "What business do you, or he, have with me?" she wonders, a little confused. And wary. She isn't exactly in her finest mettle at the moment.

"And through my dreams you may dance." Comments Exodus passively without need of recourse or reply. His eyes are taken down to the ground reflectively for but a second and then return to her own, "My lord hath no business in the present nor future, lest he may be brought back from the dimension in which he is lost. Same can be said for his nation and those loyal to his govern - as Genosha too has fallen from this realm. Yet, for these things I seek not you, it was only by blind luck and favor of the gods that I stumble upon one with a voice as lovely as her essence."

Just about everybody she meets consciously or unconsciously tells her that she's a freak, so having someone so eloquently butter her up is quite a new experience for her. Spiral is left practically purring.

"Blind luck is one of the most powerful things there is in the multiverse." she agrees. "I am glad that we have met, at least there is someone accepting of me in this place. But I don't know anything about Genosha - and the last time I dealt with Magneto, I think we were opposed.", she says with a frown. Only knowing that from what she has read.

Exodus seems to understand of what she speaks, "Magneto found opposition within many factions during his troubled life. It was his burden to bear. Now that he has passed from this dimension, it is left to me to carry on in his dream of mutant supremacy."

Spiral laughs, despite herself. "Mutant supremacy? That is rather grand. And the mutants themselves don't seem very much interested in it.". She shrugs, and adds, "And in any case, that's nothing to do with me. There is more to the multiverse than mutants. There is more than this planet, even.".

Accepting her words, "Of this we agree, yet my time and place are now and here. The government of this country oppress mutants. Throughout history, those that are oppressed eventually rise up against their oppressors. It is in this stream of thought that we shall rise up and take our places as the rulers of those that oppress us."

Spiral mmms. "Good luck." she offers. "I don't think I can help you...". For starters, she's working for some quite influential people who are representing the government. "Even if I was so inclined, which I am not. I don't know any mutants like me..." she says, looking away from him down at the street below.

Seeing that her tone has changed, Exodus knows that it is time to depart. He begins to rise quietly into the sky. Before becoming too far away, he notes, "I know of one." in regards to her denial of mutants liking her and referring to himself. Then, just as he arrived, Exodus will depart at tremendous speeds.
Spiral glances up at the disappearing Exodus when she realises he's going, seeing not much more than a quick blink of his passing. Perhaps she would help him somehow if she is capable of it... She is certainly capable of acting on a whim, after all. But so rarely is she inclined to /help/ someone on a whim.

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