Warnings of X-23

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Wolverine and Mirage

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Garage - Xavier's Mansion

Wolverine comes back with dire warnings

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==[ Garage Port - Xavier Estate ]==

This structure is quite massive as it can contain up to 10 vehicles on the surface and another 20 beneath in an underground parking structure. In addition to the garage area, there are two mechanic and service areas as well as a fuel pump that maintains its own fuel reserve for the use of the occupants of the estate.

Within the garage are a large variety of vehicles. Move of which are owned by the adults and others are loaners. There are also large SUVs for transport of groups for field trips. As well as a few motorcycles. All keys are locked in a series of computer accessed terminals that admin control.

The access point to the garage is through a secure elevator that is (like the rest of the grounds) constantly monitored).


With it being late in the afternoon the students are free from classes and roaming around teh grounds and mansion proper. Thankfully there are certain areas they tend to avoid, the garage being one of them. That is probably why Dani has retreated to the area...or else she is going somewhere. With a stuffed backpack over her shoulder and a set of keys in her hand, it seems doubtless that it is the second. With all she has been through lately though you can blame her.

And in most normal circumstances she'd have gotten away scot-free without any interference. But today might just not be her lucky day. The first hint of the interruption to her plans comes as a dull roar off in the distance, the sound of a heavy motorcycle climbing up the driveway as its rider brings it in. The double doors of the garage start to lift upwards, metallic clanks sounding as the mechanism activates letting the sunshine gleam into the darkened interior of the garage.

The engine roars again just outisde the garage, then suddenly it dies as the man astride it swings a leg over and gets to his feet. The X-Man known as Logan starts to walk the vehicle into the garage, only then catching sight of Dani. He lifts a hand in faint greeting, his features grim and haggard in expression.

Dani ignores the rumbling in the distance, thinking that it is just some joy rider out for a spin. Crossing the garage toward Alex's jeep, she pauses in flinging her pack in the back as the garage door starts to lift and the rumbling of an engine is heard on the other side. She already knows who it is, only one person has a motorcycle that loud. She gestures a greeting in return and drops her pack into the back seat and turns fully toward the man "Made it back in one peice.

"Kinda," Logan's gruff voice responds with that too easy scowl slipping into his voice. He picks up the saddle bag slung over the back of the bike and throws it onto his shoulder. He's grimy, smells like oil and dust from the road. Then again he doesn't seem to care.

Blue eyes meet her gaze as he says levelly, "Jean inside? I need Cerebro ta do some work." He starts to walk past the former New Mutant, adjusting the hang of his jacket with the sweep of one hand. "An if you get the chance, make sure nonea the kids make contact with X-23. She's all sorts of messed up."

"I think so." Dani lifts a shoulder "She was in her office earlier today, not sure if she is still there though." eyebrows quirck upward "X-23? Jean posted something about her recently. I don't know how you expect me to stop the kids. I can't be with them 24/7. What's her deal anyway?

That grimace darkens as the stocky man moves towards the side door that leads to the walkway. The door to the garage begins its whirring and humming descent even as he holds the door open for her, assuming she's going ot be coming through as well. "She was dealt a crappy hand." Probably meaning her genetics, or how life's kicked her in the ass repeatedly since she was born.

A rough hand gnarls slightly and then slashes to the side, as if Logan were tossing things aside. "You just make sure the ones that're always sneakin' out don't go lookin' for her. I ain't messin' with you on this, Moonstar. She'll kill 'em."

Her trip forgotten for the moment Dani begins to follow him in, curious and concerned about this new threat against the students she has been charged to keep safe. The Jeep keys are stuck in her jacket pocket for the moment. "I guess I am going to have to put an around the clock guard on Ruth. She is the one most likely to go against the warning.

"Mebbe so," The Canadian mutant starts walking up the path, his hands sliding into his pockets. "Prolly best not ta tell em why, since if they don't know they can't go lookin' for whatever it is they ain't supposed ta do."

Logan looks around the mansion even as the students around them are going about their business, getting set for the next class, or hunkering down for their studies. His expression sours a bit as if imagining what could happen if X in her current state got let loose amongst them. He scowls more. "I just need time. Got my own angle on things. Gonna take care of it."

"Teenagers have a tendancy to do the opposite of whatever they are told." Dani proabably included in that when she was a teenager at the Mansion. She falls into easy step beside him, paying little attention to the students who may be in the area, or at least it seems that way, "I agree it's probably best that they don't have all the information. The best I can do is keep my New Mutants away from her, the rest of the student body though will have to be dealt with by Jean and Scott.

"A'right," Logan seems to let it go at that. He moves up to the side door that leads into the school proper. He stands there with one hand on the handle then scrunches one eye as he looks sidelong at her. "Did I miss anythin' important while I was away?" He spares a glance around for the school, as if to make sure it's still standing.

Dani gives a bit of a stressed chuckle, there is no amusement behind it "Alex got himself blown up, the native american gods tried to take over and Genosha is back and people are getting switched with there alternate dimension counterparts." it is said with the same rapidity one would use to rip off a bandaid. Say it fast so it won't hurt as much. "Just the usual.

There's a scrunch-eyed glance sidelong towards Dani as he heads towards the nearest stairwell that leads up to the quarters of the faculty. He grimaces and asks, "Havoc alright or we got one less Summers ta worry about?" He asks this as he starts to ascend, perhaps finding the rest of it easier to take in stride.

A frown comes to Dani's face at the callous remark. "It's one less Summers /you/ have to worry about." she doesn't follow him up the stairwell and she digs the keys from her jacket pocket. Apparently a nerve was hit and she turns on her heel to stalk back the way they had came.

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