Warnings from the Future

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Mean Cloak

Cloak, Firestar, and Night Thrasher

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04/21/13 14:31

Hangar Level - Warriors Central

An alternate reality Cloak from the future warns Firestar and Dwayne of things to come in a not so nice manner

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The hanger level is dark and dank right now, except for a single area of the large room. Attached to a pair of wenches is a black speedboat washed in the light of the overhead spotlight. Near the rear of the craft, on floor of the hangar, is a rolling toolchest and movable workbench with other tools on them. Working on some mechanical section on the rear of the boat is Dwayne. The Leader of the New Warriors is wearing his armor, the visor of his helmet flipped up to allow Dwayne unencumbered view of what he is doing. He's back from Madripoor and also back to work.

Firestar walks into the Hangar after having seen that Night Thrasher was there, and as she approaches him she calls out, "glad everything worked out ok in Madripoor, Dwayne, I was really worried about Namorita. Sorry I wasn't able to be of more help, it kinda sucks being a superhero and having to attend school at the same time."

A bright light emits from the hallway into the hangar. One would think it is Dagger, but when the person emitting the light steps forward, it is Tyrone Johnson, but instead of his black cloak emitting darkforce, he is draped in a white cloak emitting bright light. Almost appearing angelic, he makes his way in and looks to Firestar, but stares pointedly at Night Thrasher. His mouth agape.

Thrash reaches towards the workbench and pulls a welding tool to him. He turns his head when Firestar arrives and speaks. He nods and flips down the visor of his helmet, which quickly becomes opaque, "Yeah; Glad it worked out myself. Wish we could have gotten to her sooner." He lights the welding torch and before touching it to what he's working on, "I'm still working on taking care of the artifacts we recovered." He touches the welding torch to the piece of the boat he is working on. After a moment of welding, he stops as bright light starts to illuminate the point he is working on. He calls out without looking, "Thanks for the flashlight there, Dagger." Then goes back to welding.

"You know, if you need to work with heat, I can land a hand," Firestar says as she can see him reach for the welder. Then the room is showered with light and she turns around, "hello...," she was about to say Dagger but as she turns, she sees it's not quite her, and falls to silence. Night Thrasher still gets to make the mistake on her behalf though. "What's up? A switcharo?"

The angelic cloak he wears opens slightly and a light dagger is expelled from it and towards Night Thrasher, “I knew it was too good to be true. Clearly some demon wears the disguise of Dwayne Taylor. Firestar, quickly destroy it.” Tyrone commands.

A couple of crackles and pops mixed with sparks and light are the immediate, tangible results of Dwayne's work with the welding torch. He pulls it back, cuts the element and flips the visor of his helmet back up. Thrash asks Firestar, "Have you ever used your abilities to spot weld?" He sounds genuinely interested in that offer. He, too, turns as he puts the welding torch back on the workbench. His eyes falls upon Bizarro-Cloak, "Wha-" Dwayne is interrupted by he flung dagger of light. Sharp reflexes allow the off-guard New Warrior to jerk himself to the side to avoid the flung weapon of light.

"Huh? Demon?" Firestar looks quite confused as she peers at Cloak, slowly shifting her gaze back at Dwayne, "I'm pretty sure that's Dwayne, what are you talking about...C-cloak?" She eyes Cloak a moment longer, making sure he's okay and not about to attack Night Thrasher, before approaching Dwayne. "You read my file from the Hellfire Club's archives, remember? You bet I can do that," and though she keeps coming closer to Dwayne, she still peers back with uncertainty towards Cloak, but when the light dagger is thrown she whirls around and lights up herself. "Hey! Cool it Cloak! What do you think you're doing?"

“You may have his face and agility, but I know Dwayne to be dead. Firestar, quickly. Burn that bitch down.” Tyrone points to Dwayne, firing off another light dagger at him. Shaking his head, “Where is this? I thought I was elsewhere.” He looks around, “Different dimension, Alternate reality?” He sighs loudly, “Where is Tandy?”

Dwayne flips the visor on his helmet back down and various sensory equipment in the helmet start displaying data on Dwayne's HUD as information comes in. Thrash narrows his eyes a bit, "I'm who I appear to be, Cloak." He says carefully. He reaches for the wheeled toolcart. Dwayne continues, "Though you are sporting a different appearance than I'm used to. You and Dagger switch closets for the weekend?" Dwayne yanks the wheeled tool cart around and ducks behind it to avoid the next light dagger. He pokes his head up over the toolcart, "That's enough, Cloak!" Dwayne says in a commanding tone.

"Don't!" Firestar tries to distract Cloak's aim as he prepares to strike again by shooting a stream of flames to just cross past his vision. "I think Cloak's outfit is not revealing enough to suspect they switched closets, but he's definitely borrowing power and color scheme from her!" Firestar calls out, tensing a bit as she fully prepares to attack Cloak if he doesn't calm down, "Cloak, just relax...I think you're having one of those time lapses, that happened to me earlier this week...I almost got myself killed."

“Time lapses.” Tyrone sighs loudly, “My mind is a bit of a haze. I seem to remember some things, but others seems like a fog. I feel like I was a member of the New Warriors, but I was never a member. Tandy was a member for a moment. But Dwayne is dead. The New Warriors caused the Civil War.” The light he emits diminishes a bit. “Where is Tandy now?”

Dwayne nods his head as if confirmation something as information runs across his Heads Up Display. He calls out, "Cloak; Remain calm. Something's off. I'm getting weird data in my scans of you. Things can't be explained through half-cocked aggression." This is rich coming from Dwayne. He raises a hand defensively as he rises up and moves around the toolcart. He keeps his hands up in a non-aggressive manner. He tilts his head slightly to one side as he regards Tyrone, "Angelica; We may be dealing with an alternate-version? Did you just say this happened to you...?"

"Civil War? Us!? But we never do anything for hate...we are the good guys, how is that possible?" Firestar asks, easing a bit when Tyrone seems to relax, causing her to kill the flames dancing about her body. "Must have been a messed up reality...so, are you back with us now, Cloak?" She asks just to be sure, "I haven't seen Tandy for a couple of days, but I'm sure she's okay." Firestar looks at Dwayne in surprise, "I hope we got this bit recorded, because I'm pretty sure I just heard you say aggression wouldn't solve anything, did I hear you correctly?" She grins, before he asks her the question that has her less jovial, "yes, it happened to me...but it passed, luckily Havok was there to help."

“Yes, it must be a time alternate reality thing. In my world, I was never a member of the New Warriors. The New Warriors fought some villains. . .foolishly at that. The battle led to an explosion that killed 650 innocent people in Stamford. Most of the New Warriors died. You weren’t a member at that time, Angelica. It led to a split among the heroes about registering.” Tyrone looks about, “Soon after Tandy and I fought Mister Negative and he switched out powers. . .We fought Scalphunter the other night. He tried killing a kid. We brought the kid to the hospital and I lost Tandy. She is out and about without knowing how to deal with the Predator within.”

"That doesn't sound like us," Firestar says to Cloak, sounding horrified at the very idea. When Dwayne makes his comment, Firestar doesn't feel any better, because the way he said it sounds like he's just waiting for a chance to catch someone doing something that would betray his trust. "Ooo-kay," Firestar murmurs. Trying to ease the mood of the conversation, Firestar turns to look at the boat and offers, "so...welding? Still need my help?"

“Well, yet anyway. I never know how time affects things. But Dwayne, it will be your fault. This stupid reality show. It’s all about money for you. It’ll lead to the deaths of your teammates. Well, you, Nita, and Mircobe. Speedball will survive and well. . Angel, you’re no better. You devastate Vance when you rip his heart out be changing your mind about the wedding.” Tyrone shakes his head, “Either way, both of you should be less of a jerk. And the world should be fine.” He rolls his eyes, “We need to find Tandy. I take it in this reality we’re Warriors too, huh?”

Dwayne glances back to Firestar and grimaces a bit. He gives the boat a glance, "Nah. Just working on this in my spare time." He glances back towards Cloak and says, "Kind of wish you didn't spill the beans on what has happened in your life, Cloak. It's pretty disturbing." He raises a hand to try and make Cloak stop talking about what has happened, "No more. Stop sharing." He looks towards Firestar and then back to Cloak, "Reality Show? No. No more." He waves his hand dismissively. Dwayne, without another word, starts to stalk off towards the main door leading to the Control Room.

Firestar listens to what Cloak has to say and only becomes more horrified, "a reality show? Are you kidding me? We're superheroes, Cloak, and we're young...and we want to be taken seriously. A reality show would never make sense for us!" She's almost offended on account of Dwayne, knowing it's about justice and not money for him. He proved that much. But then it becomes personal with a finger pointed her way, particularly when she wasn't quite ready to admit to Vance that she loved him. This causes her to blush uncomfortably, and she winds up at a loss for words. Unable to even work out any kind of retort, other than a meek whisper of, "I don't know what you're talking about...I'm not even dating, but I'd never change my mind on my wedding day!" Tears start welling in her eyes, and she's glad Dwayne didn't want her help on the welding, because she tries to be surreptious and leave before anyone can spot her crying.

“Fine then I won’t say anything about your boyfriend and kids.” Tyrone looks as Dwayne walks off. From under the cloak, he pulls out a picture of Tandy, “This is what she will look like now. Her costume has changed from what you might remember.” (http://i.newsarama.com/images/ITS_LETHAL_TEASERS2.jpg) Looking at Dwayne, “Oh wait. Do you still have those chips you put inside each of the New Warriors? You were upset. Something about keeping your friends and you had chips implanted in them. You can probably track where Tandy is now.”

Dwayne stops on his way to the Control Center, "Hey, Cloak. I said stop. I'm not interested in hearing anything more of this reality you describe. It is upsetting and I apologize that it is reality to you, but it is not to us." He pauses and looks back towards the door to the Control Room, "I have to run some simulations. Cloak; Make yourself at home. We'll talk again when I'm ready to deal with your... situation." Clearly Dwayne isn't going to treat this like a temporary thing. He adds, "'Till I'm ready to deal with you, chill out in the Crashpad. Eat the food. Just don't leave."

Smiling a bit, “I know it hurts. But the truth needs to be known. To prevent what happens.” Tyrone sighs and makes his way out of the hangar and remains at the Crashpad for now.

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