Warning of Things to Come

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Ambrose & The Phantasm and (emitted) Calumet and Hotamintanio

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01/23/13 22:58

Gramercy Park - New York

Calumet warns of things to come…

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It late evening in New York City, and the weather is well below freezing. The actual park in Gramery Park is completely empty aside from a few homeless people who huddle on some benches. A long figure sits crossed-legged on the snowy ground, dressed in Native American garb and not dressed for the weather. The ‘man’ smokes a long old style peace pipe and wisps of colored smoke emit from it. He seems utterly in a serene place as his eyes are closed and he appears to be meditating. Dressed in jeans and a sleeveless brown vest, the man is unaffected by the cold and unhindered by his surroundings.

Worn shoes crunch on the snow. Despite having come into a bit of money recenlty due to some generousity, Ambrose was still wearing his old shoes. Why? only he knew. He didnt seem to notice the man at all, shivering and muttering to himself. Then he looks up abruptly, stilling as he stared at the figure. A blink. A shake of head, and he looked again "... Only in New York as they like to say." he remarks.

Yep! It's cold and a perfect time to be in bed. Which is where Mike is. Tucked away all comfy and toasty, leaving his widdle raven to freeze his feathery ass outside. If the bird could feel anything. Fortunately he can't so he's just flying around. But as he glances down, he spots the odd sight below and well, with the past sitings of weird shit, the raven's flight adjusts, moving towards the Native American decked guy. The hell?

For the moment, the god, Calumet, Native American god of peace, remains in a meditative pose. Still inhaling and exhaling the mystical smoke coming from the pipe which comes out as various colors. He ignores Ambrose for the moment confusing him for the other homeless characters in the park. The raven though does spark his interest and as the raven changes its path towards the god. Calumet speaks though his eyes are still closed, “You are no raven, spirit. Tell me what brings one such as yourself here this fine evening?”

The raven catches Ambroses' eyes as well, even if it was just a shadow by shadows. He blinks once more, and turns to move a little closer... but not too close. He stared across the park a moment, then back once more, examining every minute detail of the americans' face and body, his mind going off on a paleontological sideways as he focuses on the gods' skull structure now, going still once more, hands deep in his pockets.

The bird lands, placing himself across from the man with the peace pipe as he nods his head in greeting before fluffing up his appearance, still looking like a raven in the cold weather. The large bird tilts his head curiously. "Curiousity," Phantasm replies, "Do you know anything about what happened in Central Park a few nights ago?"

Unaffected by the weather, Calumet takes another drag from the pipe and then opens his eyes which glow black as night with a mystical energy. “Be careful, spirit. As you may have heard what happened to the cat when it became curious.” Calumet smiles and chuckles a bit in a boisterous unhuman manner. “I am aware of the occurrence that transpired in what you call Central also the island you refer to as Liberty Island the prior day.”

Curiosity indeed could be dangerous, and Ambrose moves a bit closer now to the figure. He sniffs a few times, then abruptly and loudly sneezes, puffing out a huge cloud of frosted air from the action "Oh. Excuse me." he mutters at his attention-getting action, pulling out a carefully folded hanky to wipe at his nose and then refold it and put it back away, still eyeing the god, and then the bird "You know you're talking to a Corvid arent you?"

“But it's also the nature of the raven." Phantasm replies unapologetically to his curiousity, "What was the reason for it?" The sneeze causes for the bird's head to turn, seeing Ambrose nearby. "I'm sure he's aware of it being he's addressed me as Raven a few times."

“At least you quote more than nevermore.” Calumet chuckles again, “I, unlike my ilk, have studied the works and art outside of our supplicants.” He looks to Ambrose, “Be careful, white man, the smoke of the pipe has been known to have wondrous yet alternating effects. The corvid is simply a shape to something greater than you. My brethren are not pleased with how things have transpired. We have given time and yet some of your kind continue the abuses to my worshippers but to the environment as well.” He looks about, “I loved this land when it was Mannahatta and Lenape roamed freely.”

"Oh it does? Well." Ambrose couldnt help but sniff again, and he rubs at his nose quite a bit then. Then he narrows his eyes "Do not blame ME for the sins of people quite possibly not even related to me. Blaming the son for the sins of the father is hardly befitting." he states, though his irritation was vanishing quickly. He shifted uneasily from leg to leg, then shrugged again, wiping his nose once more "It was beautiful then, wasnt it? I've seen reconstructs of it." he remarks, now a little awkward at his earlier anger.

"And how does ripping up trees and attacking innocents without any explanation help stop these abuses and save the environment?" Phantasm asks, "All I got from the demonstration in the park earlier was that someone likes attacking tourists and trying to attack little girls."

“To each their own, I suppose. I could say something like the way of the gods is beneath the mortals. Their reasons too grand for you to comprehend. . .or I can say. . .that gods, like mortals feel the need for vengeance and when so enraged are not in their proper faculties.” He takes another drag of the pipe, “Tell me, spirit. You are not quite of the world, but still more connected to it than I. What would you do, if your people, if those you love suffered centuries of pain and anguish and disenfranchisement? Would time be a salve to your wounds? Would you heal without retribution?” Calumet looks to Ambrose, “You are correct in your proclamation. I do not necessarily wish to see your kind destroyed. Some of you are not as wicked as the earlier white man. Generations have passed. Things have improved. I have seen it. My brothers, on the otherhand. . .”

"Your brothers are blinded by anger and bitterness. It is something that's leashed heavily into the people of these lands too." remarks Ambrose simply, finishing the sentence as he finallytucks the cloth away "... There is less genetic difference between the races of mankind than between the individual people. If only more would see that. We truly are one race. But many like to just look on the outside. I knew one girl in school, white as a lily, but with a strong native american background. " he fell quiet, now only thinking on the questions posed to the Raven, waiting for his reply."

I would do what I could to protect my people in the best way I could without bringing more pain to them," The raven replies, "Parading around, wreaking havok in their name, is not going to make things better. It can only cause more harm." He gestures a wing to the city, "I did not pick my home. But I learned to live with it."

Nodding his head in agreement with Ambrose, “And yet as spoken in one of your religious texts. . .Am I my brothers’ keeper?” He sighs, “And what is your name, learned white man? I go by different names and appearances, but with this form I am Calumet, the God of the hobowakan.” When he says the last word he gestures with the pipe signifying he is referring to that. He looks to Mike, “And you spirit, what is your name?” He then hmmmns, “Some of my worshippers had their homes taken from them by force and it was not picked for them. Did you end up here because your lands were taken from you?”

"Ambrose Smith. As for that... that book was written a very long time ago as well. It says many things which are very wrong - both geologically, and rules-wise. Ruleologically? Whichever, that book should be dismissed as well. " a shiver went through Ambroses' body "Perhaps we could talk later at another day? A pleasure to meet you, but I'm rather chilled, and I need to depart." he does so as well, after polite excuses.

"Ambrose Smith. As for that... that book was written a very long time ago as well. It says many things which are very wrong - both geologically, and rules-wise. Ruleologically? Whichever, that book should be dismissed as well. " a shiver went through Ambroses' body "Perhaps we could talk later at another day? A pleasure to meet you, but I'm rather chilled, and I need to depart." he does so as well, after polite excuses.

The bird watches as Ambrose makes his departure before looking over towards Calumet. "You're right in assuming I didn't have lands taken away from me that put me here," the bird shakes his head, "It was much more valuable to me than that."

“Ah a universal problem. Regardless of race and culture. There will always be issues with love, family, and home. That is not just the plight if humanity. Even the gods suffer that way.” Calumet sympathizes. “What is your name, spirit?”

"Phantasm." The raven replies, the name not varying too far from the current 'spirit' label given, "Family does come with its complications."

“That it does, Phantasm. You and Ambrose Smith have given me much to think about.” As Calumet looks around and a single tear pours down his cheek, “I will miss this. It is sad what will happen in the coming days. Know this, Phantasm, a great reckoning is coming. But there are those among, my kind, who will try to prevent it. But, things re happening that are beyond even my control.” The smoke from the pipe begins to swirl around him. “I must go see if I can prevent the holocaust that will come.”

"A reckoning?" Phantasm repeats, "What's going to happen?" As the images appear, the bird looks to it curiously.

As the images move and swirl in the mist, when suddenly arrows fly out and strike Calumet as the image of Hotamintanio firing the arrows but it is very real as Calumet falls over.

As the peace god falls over, the bird's head turns to look to Calumet. "Ca-" Not about to get the name right, the attempt to say it is aborted as he moves over to the indian, "You alright?!" It was an illusion, right? Like, funny ha ha, he's being silly?

The god is very pained and the arrows sticking from his body, while having originated from the mist are very real. It is a funny thing to see a god afraid. A peace god at that. “I have spoken too much. Phantasm. I will do what I can, but should I fail. . .be prepared for the reckoning.” His body begins to turn to mist and dissipate into the air with the final words, “I’m sorry.” And Calumet is gone.

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