Warning of Elektra

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Warning of Elektra

Cloak, Dagger, Spider-man

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Northern Manhattan-Rooftops-NewYork

Spiderman warns Dagger about Elektra in the area

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It's just the beginning of nightfall in the great city of New York. The sky is darkening, the lights of the city are coming to life, and the city seems to awaken fully as the day's business is over and the night's festivities begin. It's as night falls that so many of the city's denizens come out to play, and one such an individual just so happens to be the Spectacular Spider-Man.
Darting across the skyline, little more than a blue and red silhouette, he's invisible to most save the keenest of eye. So high up, his lithe form darting nimbly across the many many mirrored windows of a standing tall skyscraper, he's a veritable image of utter grace as he moves. Turning smoothly, dropping from the side of the building, he falls as gravity reasserts its dominion over him. But then as he falls he twists, a webline darting out with a quick /thwip!/ and arresting his descent. That fall shifts smoothly into a wide arc that sends him hurtling through the air and across the city.
Once he reaches the edge of the city he lands upon a water tower, perched precisely upon the lip of it and resting his elbows upon his knees. He's crouched, almost like some primary-colored gargoyle, casting his mirrored-lensed gaze out across the city and heaving a small sigh to himself as he says simply.
"I hate mondays."

Dagger came along roof jumping almost as good as any hero. Cloak was off doing his own thing, which left her to own devices. A soft glow like bouncing ball to a song from an old cartoon, thru the night. Tumbling thru the air she landed with a pirouette before casting her blue eyed gaze around.

Catching sight of her from afar, Spidey makes his way across the distance. Doesn't take long. He leaps off the water tower, fires off twin weblines and pulls himself forward. Hurtling through the air he fires another web, catches a flagpole and whirls around it and then leaps across the distance.
Landing with barely a sound upon the front of a billboard that proudly proclaims 'AXE BODY SPRAY!' and has the picture of a half-nude fella, Spidey lifts his voice as he makes his presence known.
"Heyas, Dagger. Where's tall dark and gloomy?"

Dagger turns with a smile toward Spidey "Heya Spidey. I'm not sure where he is, said he had some snitches to talk to. Hopefully he'll be nice this time or the snitches will be more afraid of us then the bad guys"

"Surprised he lets you out all by your lonesome," Spider-Man crawls forward out onto one of the support bars of the billboard, perching upside down there above her and considering her from afar. "I should probably let you know to be careful, there's been an abundance of grumpy ninjas running around. Well, Elektra really, but where there's one ninja there are often like a million of them."
A breath is taken as he cocks his head at her, mirrored-lenses reflecting her image back at her, "How's tricks?"

Dagger chuckles "He's not my keeper just my partner" stepping forward to look up at him, the C on her face glowing like moonlight "I been alright. How've things been with you? I know it's been a while since we hung out" tilting her head as she adjusted her footing for a more comfortable stance "What's the deal with Elektra?"

Lifting a webbed hand, Spidey gestures to the side and says lightly, "Who ever really knows with her? She's extra special crazy, which is a bit beyond the whole normal crazy that goes along with the whole ninja thing."
A casual flip and he lands light upon the rooftop beside her, crouching for a moment and then rising to his regular and not really that considerable height. Cocking his head to the side curiously at her, "Anything been up?" He starts to walk across the roof, gravel crunching under his footsteps. "Haven't seen much of anything tonight. Just a runaway car, not much else."

Dagger shakes her head lightly "Not really, just the same old same old" walking across the gravel to the roof ledge and hopping up to dance and twirl idly "Even Cloak is getting antsy, too much quiet for him. You know how gets, he always thinks something wrong is happening. He's probably checking with our snitches for any hint of something going down, who knows though right?"

Crouching on the edge of the rooftop, Spider-Man casts his gaze down, down down upon the city. He tilts his head just enough, as if trying to get a feeling for that subtle tell-tale tingle of his spider-sense, but nothing doing. There's no tingle, no tangle, just him and Dagger on the rooftop.
Over his shoulder he tells her lightly, "Well I plan to make another lap of the city and if nothing's still up I may call it an early night, you?"

Dagger does a handstand split she turns around on her hands before slowly flipping to her feet "May I come with? Bit boring all by myself" sure cloak wasn't always big on conversation but least there was someone to talk to most times. Tonight though he was off on his own.

A smirk flickers over his features, though it's impossible to tell what with the mask and all. He looks over at her as she gets to her feet and he makes a show of rubbing his chin with two fingers. "Well, I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm up to babysitting tonight, and really Cloak probably'll get all mad." As he says this he casually hops over the side of the building, holding himself there with just one foot and the tips of his fingers. It's just enough of a maneuver to make sure he's out of arm's reach should she wish to reach out and pop him one. As would be her right, really.

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