War's Portents of Doom

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War's Portents of Doom

Ms. Marvel, Ares, Sif, Sandman

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06/12/12 14:00

Foyer, Avengers' Mansion

Ares stops by and delivers a warning to Carol. Sif drops by with a stein. Sandman sifts through.

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When the Mansion's sensors and scanners pick up Ares approaching the front gates without a prior appointment or notice, an internal alert is sounded, notifying Avengers still in the Mansion and available to respond that a 'guest' is arriving without fully established clearance, thusly requiring an escort. The Chairwoman of the Avengers is arguably a bit high on the organizational totem pole for escort duty, but a godling is worth a few jumps in the hierarchy. Ms. Marvel sails down the hallway - flying being so much easier and faster than running - and lands in time to open the door, standing in the doorway to watch Ares approach down the path.

Moving down that exquistely landscaped walk, the God of War looks entirely out of place. This lawn has seen colorful characters aplenty, of all shades and hues, the wild, the rich, the alien. All of them seem to surpass the image of the Olympian as he advances. For today he looks every inch simply the construction worker that he had been a handful of years back. Blue jeans, t-shirt, yellow construction hat held casually under one arm while there's a backpack slung over his shoulder. He pauses at the doorway and tilts his head to consider Ms. Marvel.

"Danvers, you are the one still chosen to lead these Avengers." He states clearly, letting her tell him if it is not so.

"I am. I'm also the woman on door duty, it would seem. Come on in." The black-clad heroine steps back from the door to let Ares in, taking in the 'joe humble' attire and the very /not/ joe humble attitude. "You want anything to drink, Ares? Jarvis has tea, coffee, water, a few different kinds of juices, and milk, if you prefer." Sure, calling her by just her last name is kind of rude. But blasting his ass isn't going to fix anything. He's just like that. Too bad Bobbi isn't here to keep him on his best behavior.

Climbing the few steps up to the door, Ares moves into the foyer and pauses at the entrance to give the room a brief once over. Perhaps assured that there is no trap awaiting him, no ninjas dropping from the rafters, no invisible android looking to phase into him, he looks back upon Ms. Marvel and answers her words with his own.

"I am fine, unless there is aught stronger." His footsteps are quiet as he moves down the hall next to the leader of the Avengers. "I bring words of warning, I will grant them to you and you may take them as you will." He is so very magnanimous to offer her that.

Sif hasn't been back to the manor is some time. Not since they started building their own home. Well... Not until yesterday and even then she headed straight 'home' so it may shock those gathered when the protal opens in the middle of the room and shows Sif walking through it, a stein holding who knows what kind of drink in her hand. She's even forgone her battle wear in favor of a pair of white cut-offs and a rather snug fitting red Avengers tee that has been paired with her red boots. One of these days she's she'll remember not to portal in.

Ms. Marvel is walking beside Ares when he delivers his edict - as usual - and then the portal forms behind her, setting off the security alarms. "Whatever." she snarks at Ares and spins to see what is ... oh. She reaches to her waist and pulls out her Avengers ID, tapping it to shut down the alert. "Hi, Sif. Welcome back. Are you doing alright? You had to leave so suddenly last night, I just wanted to be sure." Yeah. Mister Doom Proclamation can wait half a tick, as far as she is concerned. "Allow me to introduce 'Ares'. Greek Pantheon. Pretty sure you've at least heard of him?"

A few more paces carry the God of War down the hall beside Ms. Marvel. There's that flicker flash of reality shifting when the portal opens and the tall man pauses in mid-step.

He looks to Ms. Marvel, then back to Sif's arrival. He lifts his chin as the leader of the Avengers speaks then he says simply. "We have met," Ares steps to the side and meets Sif's gaze. There's a nod given and he ever so casually reaches to the stein she carries, "Here, let me help you." Spoken so gallantly he regally moves to accept the hefty drink from the goddess and if he's successful he imbibes with a good series of swallows.

Sif nods her head at Carol. "Sorry about that. There was a problem with the construction, apparently." She gives a slight shrug. "Mortal construction is somewhat slow... I have been tempted to gather those I know can handle it and have it up in just a few days."

She blinks as she's suddenly relieved of her drink. Her eyes roll and she actually moves to elbow his ribs. "Ass." And then she laughs. "We might have run into each other once or twice." A brow arches as she watches Ares drink the meade. "Uhm... Stop by some time. I'll give you a barrell. I might have made a trip to Asgard and.... liberated a little."

"She's right. You're being an ass." Carol admonishes, but she nods to Sif. "Glad to know nothing major is wrong." Though she still knows Sif needs to talk about what was actually wrong /before/ she had to leave the session last night. "Now. About that doom and gloom proclamation of yours, Ares? Spit it out."

After those gulps, Ares hands the mug back over to Sif and smiles his thanks openly before his attention shifts back over towards Ms. Marvel. He does look a little better than before at the least, something rosey around his cheeks as that Asgardian meade is quite the nice thing to drink. "Ms. Danvers, if my behaviour offends it is far from the intention, for those are as you would consider good."

He folds his arms over his chest and peers at the leader of the Avengers, his brow furrowing. "I would ask of you to leave a strong contingent of your team in the city near the end of the month. Do not go traipsing off to another dimension, do not rush across the world to save some local despot or another. Remain here. Am I understood?"

Sif smirks at Ares and nods her head, looking into the mug before tossing the rest of it back. Well... That drink was finished in a hurry! "Good to see you again, Greek." A playful jab before her brow arches at the next words from his mouth directed at Carol. "Does that mean I can't go back to Asgard?" Now that he has her in a completely serious state of mind, she frowns. "Ares...?" Her tone is holds the question that she hasn't verbally asked, 'what the hell is going on?'.

Carol shrugs a bit, not really willing to argue with Ares over the meade. The point has been made, by Sif's elbow no less, so she can let it go for now. But the rest? "I understand the words that are coming out of your mouth, Ares. But I have to ask why. I mean, I don't send people out willy-nilly, but I do what I have to do. If you're asking me to ignore requests for Avengers assistance in order to keep a sizeable and powerful contingent here in New York, I need to know some of why, what you're expecting. That'll also tell me at least a little something about who to try to keep home, or who to make sure is nowhere near here."

"I do you this favor out of the shared camaraderie that was once had. I am not at liberty to grant more." The elder god looks to Sif and meets her gaze levelly, unwavering as his expression remains. He then looks back to Ms. Marvel and states, "Perhaps if I had arrived with suitable theatrics, garbed in armor of flame and wielding a blade of shadow you would take matters more seriously. But I have my reasons. Trust I mean this with all severity."

The God of War unfolds his arms, letting his hardhat rest upon his hip as he taps his fingers upon it in a short three-step rhythm. He gives a small grunt, "That must serve."

Exiting the elevator as the doors open, one Sandman exits, followed by another, then another. The door closes, but the stops the doors open again and then another Sandman comes out and another. Each duplicates stops short of the heroes. It waves and then it crumbles apart and falls to the ground in a pile. The last duplicate does the same and then they all form together into one Sandman that forms from the pile of sand.

Sif looks over at Carol and then back to Ares, meeting his gaze. She may not understand the why of it but she trusts the God at her side so she simply nods her head. "Alright." And then her eyes go back to Carol and she can't help but smirk. "That's about on you'll get out of him on this. If he says it's what's needed though... I think it would be wise to heed his warning." And then those ice blue eyes go back to Ares and her head tilts a little, leveling her own look on him.

When Sandman enters she spares him a glance, a small wave and a nod of her head before turning a grave expression back to the God of War at her side.

"Ares." Carol admonishes. "If you think I'm not taking you seriously, you're smoking something a Hell of a lot more potent than Sif's meade. I appreciate the warning. But you can't blame me for asking what the Hell is going on. A Hell of a lot more lives than just my own, or just the Avengers' own, depend upon what I do with the management of our resources and our responses to calls of need. You tell me I should ignore those, I /have/ to ask why. If you can't, or won't tell me, then honestly you'll face the consequences along with the rest of us, because I will do what is necessary. And lacking specific actionable intel, I will send my people where I /know/ they are needed. And if that leaves me light-handed here? Well, life sucks, and pain hurts." One must remember, Carol is not just a heroine, she' a soldier. She knows how things happen. And its' what makes her the leader she is for the team.

As Carol speaks Ares looks on, sparing not a glance for Sandman, such is the respect he pays her. When she makes her declaration as to what course she must take then he gives a single nod in response. "That is acceptable, I have fulfilled what small measure of loyalty I have felt. Your future is your own." Having said that, Ares looks back towards Sif and says levelly, "Til another time, Sif." Then in departure he adds, "Mortals."

There's a slight nod as Ares turns around and starts to move back towards the door to the foyer, adjusting the hang of his backpack as he walks and casually flipping his hardhat into the air and catching it right before the door out.

Fully formed, "See ya, Ares." Sandman ponders as his flesh returns to his body and he shakes his head. He is still adjusting to life among gods and goddesses. But he has noticed that some tend to be very haughty. "Lady Sif." He bows his head. "Bosslady." He bows his head again this time to Carol, "So what crawled up Ares' panties?"

Ms. Marvel looks at Sif, then watches the retreating backside of Ares. No more? Oh well, screw him then. "Hey, Sandy. Honestly? No idea. Concrete dust, maybe? He's saying something major is going to go down at the end of the month and that I ought to keep a good number of the heavy hitters of the team back here at the Mansion to handle it. But since he can't tell me what or why, I can't really do that. I have to send people where they can do some good and save some lives." She frowns, and then turns towards the stairs. "I need to check on something."

Sif nods her head at Ares. "You should stop by the house sometime, Ares. Soon." Her own voice is a mirror image of his own really. Steady and level. "I promise to have a good drink ready for you."

She looks back to Carol and Sandman and frowns at Sandman's words. "Ares is a God of War. A wonderful strategist and tactician. If he demeanor is rough around the edges, it is to be expected with all that he has faced and still faces on a daily basis." She, apparently, has a great amount of respect for the God.

After a moment more, she shakes her head. "He did not have to come here and offer warning. It should be taken under serious consideration at the very least." A frown mars her features as she looks in the direction Ares left then cuts her eyes back towards Carol and nods her head.

As Carol goes to attend to some business leaving Sif with Sandman, the pssamic hero offers, "I get that his warning should be taken seriously given who he is and what he has access to, but he cannot simply leave us in a cloud of confusion either. He may be a good, but right now he is in the mortal realm and should react as such. Ominous warnings are not the right approach to take." He looks to SIf, "Do you think if you ask him or ply him with enough mead that he will open up to you or Thor?"

Sif turns her attention from the door Ares walked out of and looks up at Carol, a brow being arched. "I do not know. Only one way to find out..." She bows to them both. "If you excuse me, I will go speak with him. I can make no promises though." And when she straightens, she turns and heads out the same door Ares just left through.

Being the only person left, Sandman shrugs, "Well, that was fun. . ." He shrugs and makes his way towards the kitchen.

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