Walk in the Park

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Walk in the Park

Loki and Mirage

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Battery Park - Manhattan

Mirage questions Loki about Asgard. Violence does Not ensue.

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- Battery Park - Manhattan -

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...and in the rest of Manhattan. The sky is clear and the sun is shining, a great change the the previous days dreary grayness. The lovely weather has brought people to the park this midafternoon. Most are people from the nearby office buildings looking to get out of thier cubicles for a brief hour and either have lunch, soak up some sunshine and fresh air, or both.

Loki has been laying low since he got back to Midgard yesterday, mostly because he's still sore and achy from being slammed by the adaptoid's hammer. He wears a simple outfit, the only visible remnant of his armor being his boots, which are covered by the pantlegs of his black cloth pants. The dark green poet's shirt is a bit refreshing to wear, not hanging heavily on his torso. The god of mischief takes a moment to let the breeze blow through his slicked back black hair, closing his eyes and imagining for a moment that he was not, in fact, hellbent on vengeance and destruction.

It was a nice moment, but not one that would last very long, and Loki resumes his trek through the park, occasionally sweeping a hand out to cause a sprinkler to come on over a couple sitting on a bench or send the frisbee a group of kids plays with sailing off into the distance.

One minute all is peaceful in the world, the next minute though the sound of horse whinning breaks the silence and the site of a valkyrie mouonted pegasus diving out of the sky with meet the Asgardian's eyes.

This is no ordinary valkyrie though, this is the one that was handpicked to be one of the valkyrie sisterhood, better known as Mirage.

She is dressed in her ceremonial valkyrie armor and her glowing staff is in hand, though not held in either offensive or defensive stance.

As the pegasus dives toward the Asgardian god, he backbeats his wings, hovering in midair for a moment before landing in front of Loki.

Loki takes a couple of steps back, raising an arm to shield his eyes against the sun to see who is riding on the back of a pegasus. "Oh, lovely." he mutters sourly, stepping back so the pegasus has enough room to make its landing. "What do YOU want?" is the best greeting she's probably going to get. "If you're upset about the sprinkler, that was just a bit of fun, you know. No need to get all uptight about it..."

Mirage stares down at Loki from her mount "So it is you. I had wondered. Last I heard you were still in Asgard, but Amora isn't always the best source for such information." she glances around at the memtion of sprinklers "I see you have resorted to childish antics. If it is that boring for you here, why stay?

"I have been in Asgard. One of your so-called heroes attacked me with its stolen powers, endangered the lives of many civilians and then left me unconscious for three days in the frozen wastes of Jotunheim. I am not in the very best of moods, so a little fun is exactly what I need right about now." he carefully pulls the side of his shirt aside to show her the livid bruise still healing. "Is this what the city can expect from its heroes? If I had been tormenting mortals, then perhaps I would have deserved it, but to attack without provocation! How very...me."

"A pre-emptive strike no doubt." Mirage retaliates "Your very prescense in Midgard is a provacation. And as for stolen powers, that is subjective, you would probably say mine were stolen were you given the opprotunity." she dismounts and with a gesture the glowing staff disappears "But I did not come here to argue with you Lord Loki." she offers the honorific as a peace token "At this moment I have no quarrel with you. I seek nothing more than information.

Loki looks at her warily. He was about to launch into a tirade about the super adaptoid, but the request for information rises to the top of his list and he tilts his head to the side. "Information about what, may I ask? if you've come to ask me what I'm planning, you are wasting time for the both of us." since she was respectful and not intending to attack him, he straightens his posture a bit and relaxes, the hands that had been tensing at his sides letting his fingers be still. "What do you want to know?"

Running a hand down Brightwind's neck, Mirage whispers to him and he trots off to graze. "Well first, I need assurance that it will be freely given." she gives Loki what could be construted as a suspcious look, "I don't want you to think I owe you any favors that can be called in later.

Loki looks at her for a few long moments, his green eyes scanning her body language.

"You have my word."

Hands are folded behind his back as he looks down upon her, prepared to at least listen to her questions.

It is obvious that Mirage doesn't trust him, but given the history that is no surprise "I guess that is the best I can hope for under the circumstances." she ignores the variety of stares that the three of them get from the park goers "What is the situation in Asgard? You were there most recently, and I know things can be volatile there at the best of times.

Loki drops his hands to his sides, setting his shoulders a bit defensively. "I don't know. I haven't exactly had the opportunity to go exploring. I just came back from the dead recently, you know, after Thor killed me. I also didn't get to see much of it while I was asleep for three days. I awoke buried under the snow and left Jotunheim as soon as I regained enough of my senses to do so. Why? Is there something going on in Asgard?"

A fist clenches at Mirage's side, "There is no need for the attitude, I am hardly the one responsible for your misfortune. There is only one person to blame for that." she doesn't come right out an say it, but her expression pretty much says it for her. "If I knew that do you think I would have asked." she takes a calming breath, "I had dinner with Amora a few weeks ago, and she lead me to beleive everything was fine there. But like I said, that was weeks ago and things change." she lifts one shoulder "I guess since you have been out of the loop, so to speak, you don't know of Hrimhari's situation either.

"I saw Amora only yesterday, and she mentioned no plights befalling Asgard." he spreads his hands in front of him, "I am sorry I cannot provide you with any useful information, but as much as I am hated and mistrusted by the people of Asgard, I do have a protected interest in its well being. Perhaps you could ask Sif or Thor to give you the grand tour."

Mirage nods at him at first, though as he continues her eyebrows go up, "A protected interest? you have a funny way of showing it." she glances over at her pegasus, who lifts his head from grazing and trots back over to her "Sif, yes, I have been meaning to visit her. Thor though, I think we can both agree that he is to long removed to have any helpful information.

Loki nods. "I am an Asgardian, after all. While I may have tried to rule, or destroy it, we can't have anyone ELSE trying those things, can we? Perhaps I will visit Odin myself. I don't think anyone understands the danger that is posed by this Super Adaptoid. He can open portals to Asgard, and has attacked me unprovoked, intent on killing me with no regard to anyone in the area. I tend to take that personally, and see it as a direct threat upon the gods."

"And since when have you been worried about innocent bystanders, particuarly human ones?" she mounts the pegasus with one swift agile movement "Now if you will excuse me Loki, I think it is best for me to leave before I am tempted to try and finish what Adaptoid started." she gives an amused grin "Which would be very bad for one if not both of us.

"Bad for you, anyway." he snorts. "To answer your question, everyone needs their allies, do they not? It would not suit me to have mine obliterated by the so-called heroes. And why does nobody take me seriously when I say that this Adaptoid is a threat?"

Mirage just raises her eyebrows again at him before turning Brightwind and sending him galloping away before he lifts off into the air to fly away.

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