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Nightcrawler and Mirage

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Harry's Hideway --> Deep Woods

Kurt runs into Dani at the local bar and volunteers to help her

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[ Harry's Hideaway - Salem Center ]

Harry's Bar can best be described as comfortable. The furnishings, mostly darkly stained wood, are old and scratched. The leather seats are worn and cracking in places. Despite the worn appearance, the proprietor keeps the place relatively clean. The back corner is devoted to a dart board and pool table, while booths spread along the other walls. Tables take up the middle of the room, while a long bar stretches along the left wall. Bar stools cozy up next to it, while the traditional array of bottles and mirrors take up the wall behind the bar. An old jukebox is squeezed in between two booths by the bar.

Dani sightings have been few and far between since the blowup in medbay between the male members of X-Factor. There have probably been more Bigfoot sightings out west than Dani sightings at the mansion. Since then she has been holding up the bar at Harry's. Even now she is leaning against the bar, nursing a bottle of beer that she has pulled the label off of.

Despite more public appearances lately as himself, following Kurt's mug being put up on all the PSA stuff for X-Factor, he arrives in Errol Flynn thanks to the Stark Image Inducer. Not so much to hide his face after any falling out so much as its Harry's and there is still the identity of the school to protect. Regardless, he comes in and moves to the bar, picks up a stool and moves it to sitting range of Dani. "Ja," he begins, "So Alex doesn't agree with the quiet approach, he'll probably do something, which will draw attention to me and earn me the attention of the Hellfire Club, I'll take the blame, who knows what will come of it. Seen any hot girls I can meet before it all goes to hell." Then he pretends to be surprised, "Oh, wait, you're not Logan." As if mocking surprise that its not Logan at the stool next to him, but Dani. If he catches her look at all, a slow grin will spread on his face, that, if not for the mustache of Errol Flynn would generally highlight his canines.

Taking another drink from the bottle, Dani casts her gaze to the disguised Kurt, "I'd just as well torch the place and have done with it myself." on that part she does agree with Alex "But then they would just turn up someplace else and I'd rather know where they were." she looks around the room at the mention of hot ladies, there may be some, but they are locals most likely, and probably off limits per rules or something "Did you want a drink?" she beckons the bartender over. The whole time her expression remaining one of neutral passisivity.

A long nod, he turns a hand to the bartender who at least recognizes Kurt in the Mr. Flynn image enough to get his regulard. Good think an name brand american company like Michelob offers a bock, even if its only 'amber' bock. They have those in bottle and he moves to get one. With another nod to Dani, he says, "I'd rather know where they are too, and as much as he's right to just want to take the students right out of there, that's going to bring a lot of attention our way." Then a shrug, "Or, as I'm the one who showed up, it'll bring a lot of attention my way. I can attest, there's been no mind tampering black outs Dani, but if something moves too fast here ... well, I'm happy to have been on the team with you." When the beer comes, he takes a pull of it and leans two elbows on the bar top.

"You are assuming you would have blank spots, Kurt. Just because there aren't any doesn't mean you haven't been or aren't being tampered with." Dani gestures for another bottle when the bartender delivers Kurt's drink, "I wouldn't be willing to bet anyone's life on it, I don't think you would either.

Trying to smile, Kurt instead sighs a moment, "To the point of putting anyone's life on it, no. Good news is that I really have nothing of value for them to take that they don't already know if they've been fishing around in my brain. Except a few things on Excalibur, but Brian is most likely changing things already after the falling out we had." Holding his bottle neck with one finger and a thumb, he takes a swig. "This is definitely going to put the trip to Fiji on hold you know."

The mention of Fiji gets at least an upturn of the lips "For you maybe. I cold walk out that door right now," Dani gestures to the door, "summon Brightwind and be there in less than two hours. I'm pretty sure Alex has put you on the terrorist no-fly list so you are screwed." that last bit may have been a joke, but she said it drolly enough that it is hard to tell.

"I sense a great deal of support from you today," grins Kurt as he listens to the fairly accurate summation. "I knew the inherent danger in what I was doing, which is why I approached Charles first. The debate being over keeping an eye on Hellfire Club activities opposed to drawing their attention or simply being in the dark. Its in the Summers brother hands now." Rolling the bottom edge of his bottle on the bar top, he ponders, "A trip away with brightwind might indeed be a good idea, but I think I'd rather have you around with those fancy arrows of yours. Is that new or something you've never shown." He's referring to the recent trip to Mutant Town.

Taking sip from the new bottle of beer, Dani tries to determine if Kurt was being facetious about her being supportive, so just lifts one shoulder in a shrug. "New. They were a thank you gift from the shaman of the Fallen People before we left the Savage Land. We went on stroll through the spirit world.

Kurt wasn't being facetious at all, even though he is image induced, his emotions still come across his face. "A gift or some awakening of your latent talent? Its close to what you do anyways right? More control perhaps by using the bow?" This is a moment of curiousity and a way to focus away from present X-Factor issues as they enjoy the cold ones perhaps.

"I'm not quite sure, I think it is just an extension of my other powers. Spike is the only human I have used it on so far and I really didn't have a chance to question him about it." Dani arches a brow at Kurt in an inquisitive fashion "Are you volunteering to be my guinea pig?

There is serious consideration there. A drink and then a blowing across the top of his bottle for a whistling effect. "You can choose whether it was like good or bad," ponders Kurt then, "I mean, you decide if its bliss or nightmare right? If you think you can choose, I think I would give it a try. I don't know if I could volunteer for nightmares?" He seems confvinced he might like to try it, then "And there's no physical pain, its all psychic right?"

Dani shrugs as she takes a long swig from her beer "Like I said, I don't know. Though you saw Spike, there was no physical damage done to him, so I assume there is no physical pain that goes along with it. I would like to have a better understanding of the power so any help you can give would be appreciated.

Taking another swig, Kurt nods his head, "Ja, I'll do it then. In the name of science, or whatever it is that we're doing." With another grin, he looks over at Dani, still resting both elbows on the bar top. "Just no sharpie markers to my forehead or anything. I'm already getting enough cold shoulder around the mansion, I don't need all the embarassement." Though, he'd still probably sharpie someone if they were out after being psychic arrowed, his own face showing that same mirth as he asks not to be treated that way.

Dani finally grins, "But I have a really nice metallic silver sharpie that won't clash with your..."shirt." and of course by shirt, she means fur. "When did you want the experimentation to commence? Today, tomorrow, that's probably all the time you are going to get...considering.

There is a nod, Kurt responds "Very true, I don't know what all is going to be put into the works. I don't even know if Alex is calling meetings anymore, I'm off X-Factor comsys. Today would be better, it'll give me time not to think about what might go down here." With that he lifts his bottle and finishes his drink, to the last drop.

"For at least a few minutes." Dani finishes her drink as well and pushes herself off the bar, "You're driving." she pulls out some cash and tosses it on the bar to cover her tab and Kurt's drink, she's been her awhile so has probably had a couple prior to Kurt showing up. Despite that she doesn't have to much trouble walking to the door.
Kurt is quickly following and for him driving, he hopes she means bamf'ing because that is his intention for getting to the Mansion. When safely outside, he grins, "What's our destination, public display of crazyness or off to the woods to the students don't get any bad ideas to test powers on each other?" That being said, he's ready to bamf.

Teleporting buzzed up Dani might not be the best of ideas, but who knows, maybe the booze will have the opposite affect and make it easier on the stomach. "It'll be better not to be a bad influence on the students. First though I need to grab a bow. My room for that, then the woods. There are several clear areas that gives clear lines of sight and soft places for you to fall.

"Woods it is," says Kurt, "I'll go slowly, tell me when you need a rest. I won't go the full distance, all things considered." With that, he'll proceed into a series of bamf's making sure both parties handle the teleporting well enough, with a stop near the female faculty wing and then into the woods.

[ Deep Forest - Xavier Estate ]

No, being drunk doesn't help with the teleportation at all, so at the end of it all Dani is looking quite pale. Though she does have her bow now. "I think I'm going to need a minute." she holds up a finger and then goes to lean her forehead against a tree as she waits for her stomach to calm down.

With a nod of his head again, Kurt grins, "Take the time that you need, I'd rather it be a good shot in clear thought and not something with you wanting revenge for the teleporting it took to get us here." That said he finds a place to catch his own breath, not that he so much needs it, but perhaps to clear his thoughts as he prepares for the worst.

Taking a few deep breathes Dani composes herself, her color quickly returning as her stomach settles "Okay I'm ready." she moves from the tree and away from Kurt, after five steps, nothing, ten steps, still nothing, she must be getting into a good range, even though she is fully capable of shooting at near point blank. Suddenly though she is spinning around, bow up and flaming arrow flying toward Kurt with no warming what so ever. She is nice enough though to pull back on the power, this is Kurt, it doesn't need to be a full power to work

With a nod of his head when she says ready and starts to move away, he turns his back, "Ok then, I'll just go next to a tree. Should I put an apple on my hea....." Thus says Kurt as the arrow strikes him in the back of the head. He was turning around and almsot saw it coming even. It was a good clean shot even. He falls over, his eyes roll back and, be it dream or nightmare, he's out for the count. Whenever he gets up, experience can be shared and learning can be had.

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