Volleyball Training

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Wolfsbane Thimble

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Volleyball Court - Xaviers

Wolfsbane does some sports training

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The weather's not the best, just hitting March, but it's been nice enough that Wolfsbane led a group of students out to the volleyball court. The black sand has been cleaned up and the boundary lines checked, with the furred mutant standing on one side of the net and a handful of others on the opposite side. She's comfortable in just an Xavier's shirt and shorts, barefoot, but the students might opt for long sleeves, sweatpants or whatever suits them. She waits for the group to gather together.

Thimble didn't exactly liked sports, but it was a must-do course. So she came out to the field, clad in the sports uniform - the long version. Swearpants, jacket. And some plastic pieces hidden under the sleeves so the volleyball wouldn't hurt as much when she hit it.

One student's gone with short sleeves, but nobody else is wearing any special protection. Wolfsbane holds a volleyball tucked in against her arm and side, making no effort to hide the fact she's visibly different. A couple of the students have mutations that mark them as being outside the norm as well. After greetings are dealt with she says, "I'm na sure how athletic all o' ye are but part o' being a student here means being in good shape an' learning some teamwork. We're gaunae play a wee bit o' volleyball today but I'm just gaunae hit it over th' net tae ye an' I want each o' ye tae work on hitting it back in th' air an' tae another student before hitting it back over tae me by th' third one. Any questions?"

Thimble shakes the head on the question. Sure, protecting her arms from bruises was not 'fair', but having bruises was not nice when you have to go through danger room. "bring it on." she sais instead, eying the formation on the field. not that she was too good at it. "wait, one question: powers?"

"Nobody needs powers for this, Janie. All ye need tae do is bump it or set it like this," Wolfsbane explains, using her arms together to bump the ball straight up, or her hands to set it more in the place she wants it. "If I was serving th' way ye would in a real game th' bump is th' best way tae keep from a jammed finger, but th' set lets ye put it in th' right spot for yuir teammate." Nobody else has any questions, so she tosses the ball up a couple times and adds, "Oh, an' nae spiking th' ball. I want tae see each o' ye moving before we're done." The first ball she hits over - softly enough - goes to another student, then the second hits it Janie's way so it'll be on her to get it back over the net.

Wolfsbane lets it land, not trying to run after it before picking up the ball once it's come to rest. "Na bad Janie, but when ye can it's better tae hit it over with th' set, with yuir hands. It's easier tae direct it where ye want an I'm trying tae see how close ye can get it tae me. Let's try again." This time she hits it to another student, and two others combine to get it within about three feet of her. "Aye, more like tha'. Noo spread oot a wee bit. Dinna all stand so close tae each other." She hits another one toward the back of the court, this one coming toward Janie first.

Thimble jumps after the ball, trying to get it up for one of her teammates. "get it over!" she sais as it makes a high arc towards the center of her fields side. One of the other students gets it over, just the moment as Janie hits the ground as she had to jump after it. Standing up she sees the ball coming a bit short to hit the net. But she is in no position to get it over from her still crouched position. Maybe just a slight push so it hits the upper rim...

"I thought I said nae powers," Wolfsbane reminds as she makes a determination based on the path of the ball. It just doesn't move like that naturally. "Naebody's getting in trouble if ye dinna get it back over a' all. This is just practice. I want tae see ye working together an' calling oot who ye're passing th' ball tae. Noo let's keep going," she explains, looking from face to face as she attempts to tell by that alone who the guilty one was. Then, she nudges the ball over the net to their side once more and names are shouted "Janie!" comes one boy's voice as it heads her way for the last hit over.

Thimble smirks as she stands up again "You said noone needs. But you didn't say noone uses them. Slight difference." she remarks, not telling exactly she did. There are several telekinets on the school and others that can do wind after all. As the ball comes to her she jumps for it with the hammer-technic again, barely getting it over the net "Jo!"

Wolfsbane looks at Janie for a few long seconds, shaking her head in what may be amusement. "Ye know what I meant, but I canna blame ye over a technicality." The ball is hit around a bit longer as she watches to see how they cooperate with each other, then she changes tactics. "All right, noo let's all o' ye get in a circle an' I want ye tae practice hitting it around tae each other, every other person. Call who ye're aiming for an' see how long ye can keep it in th' air without any o' ye needing tae break th' circle."

Thimble eyes as the tactic changes, trying to keep the ball in air whenever she gets targeted. However her aim is harder for her smaller size. "jeez.. that is harder than on the field where you may move."

"Aye, but th' more ye work a' it th' better ye'll be over time, just like it is with each o' yuir powers," Wolfsbane explains, standing outside the lines of the court while she watches them. "Naebody knew how tae control what they could do right away. Th' Professor's first students all had tae learn an' so did I when I got here. But we all got better, an' so will ye." So it'd seem the hitting of the volleyball itself is purposeful not just for them athletically but it has an application to other areas as well.

Thimble frowns as she has to jump after a ball that comes too high "hey, I am just 4 and 11, how shall I reach THAT one?" she remarks as she misses it and has to pick it, sending it to Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane smiles briefly, using the insides of her forearms to bump the ball back into the group, watching a while longer as some do better than others in terms of control and accuracy. Finally she says, "I think that's enough for noo. Th' rest o' ye go on back inside or do what ye need if ye've got other places tae be, but I'd like tae speak with ye a minute first, Janie."

Thimble sighs as she gets called for a word. Did she got caught for her trick? Getting closer she looks up to the larter instructer "what's it? not enough performance?"

Wolfsbane shakes her head after the others have departed, one going off to the basketball court to shoot the ball a bit. "Na so much tha', but have ye done much with sports or athletically in general?" she asks.

Thimble shakes the head slightly "not nessecarily sports. At least not in a team manner and not in a sportive way." she remarks. She was pretty fast and a bit over average in toughness, but she was not too sportive. "what about it?"

Wolfsbane nods to this, her steps leading her away from the courts, both basketball and volleyball. "I was curious more because o' th' teamwork side o' things. That'll be a big part o' what ye do here an' even just a team sport like this is good for learning how ye work with others."

Thimble eyes the partly feral carefuly. She has no idea what to say on that. "okey?"

Wolfsbane just answers with a brief smile, her fangs visible simply because they're there. "Ye'll see, I think. Noo go on if ye've got other things tae do."

Thimble nods as she walks back to the showers. "homework calls." she mutters.

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