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Jean Grey, Blindfold, Firestar, Cyclops, Marrow, Mercury, Radiance

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12/16/12 13:44

Xavier Mansion

Firestar calls Xavier Mansion to ask for permission to visit Ruth Aldine at the school, is invited to come over, and gets a sense of what the school is like these days

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The phone rings at the Mansion, when someone picks up, the voice on the other end may or may not be familiar according to who answers. "Hi, this is...erm...Firestar, I got to visit your school a few times in the past. I recently came in contact with one of your students, and wanted to know if it was okay for me to visit her at the school?"

Jean answers, and you can almost hear her smile on the other end, "Oh, Firestar, of course. You can definitely come up for a visit, it'd be nice to meet you. About when are you planning to come up?"

"'s been a while since I last visited the school, I'd love to stop by and have a look around, but really, whenever Ruth Aldine isn't busy with classes would be good. I made something for her," Angelica answers, sounding a bit nervous as she speaks, probably a result of not having expected to be allowed to visit.

Jean laughs, "Well, Ruth would definitely love to visit with you, I'm sure. She's a bit busy today, but she will be around later. However, you are on the short list of people I wouldn't mind visiting, so... whenever is convenient for you, miss."

"Thank you so much!" It sounds as if Angelica is truly touched by the gesture, "would it be okay if I stopped by, just for a quick look? Do you know if Professor Xavier is in?"

Jean ahs, "Professor Xavier is not available, but I'm currently the acting Headmistress of the school, and I can probably assist you." She hmms, "I do have similar... talents, as the Professor."

"Oh, I hope he's in good health, and thanks for the offer, but it's not so much the talent, as the man. I just wanted to thank him again, for, well, saving my life...," Angelica chokes up a bit, taking a moment before clearing her voice, "sorry. I didn't mean to get emotional on you.'s okay if I stop by for a short visit?"

Jean lowers her voice a bit, "It's alright, and please, come up. I'd love to meet with you. Just fly into the courtyard if you like, we'll be happy to meet with you."

"Who's coming?" Says a soft baritone voice behind Jean. Of course, she likely already knows he's there, but nevertheless. He peeks over the woman's shoulder, trying to get a glimpse of whomever the current number was, and asks, "How're you, hmm?"

Jean Grey glances over her shoulder, and smiles, "Firestar, actually. She struck up a friendship with Ruth, and wants to see her. I told her she can just come on up." She leans up and kisses Scott on the cheek, "Sorry, I just was trying to decide what to do with our Morlock in the basement, and going through the part-time faculty admissions. There's Ambrose, and there's... someone else." She gives Scott a bit of a concerned look, not quite letting it slip through the link as she rises to her feet, sending a telepathic message to the person on monitor duty that Firestar will be coming into their air space.

"I'll be there very soon, thank you," Angelica says, and true to her word, it's not long before a fiery streak is noticeable in the sky as she descends into the courtyard of Xavier Estate, dressed in her Firestar costume, which some may recognize from the bits of exposure the New Warriors got in the media.

"Morlock in the basement, hmmm?" Scott asks Jean, his voice dry, before pecking her on the cheek as well. "I had heard about that." Shaking his head slowly, he glances towards Jean, "And why am I worried about this 'someone else'?" He asks her lightly. As he waits, he idly tucks his hands into his pockets, leaning against a handy surface. When Angelica arrives, his gaze flickers towards her, and when she lands he nods, "Good evening."

Jean smiles, murmuring, "Later... not right this second hon." She waves towards Firestar, gesturing towards her, "She's secured for the moment, until I can have a long talk with her about whether she wants to be at the school. With how she was dropped off... well, I think it might be best."

"Good evening," Firestar returns the greeting, though she seems a bit uncertain for what one might expect of a superhero, maybe something to do with Scott's presence, and some residue awkwardness from her first meeting with the X-Men. "I hope I'm not ruining anybody's schedule with my visit...just wanted to have a little look around, for old time's sake," a rather amusing thing for a teenager to say, but they do feel at times they are every bit as experienced as adults.

"Of course not," Scott says smoothly to Firestar, before nodding at Jean, "All right," he says easily, before shrugging. "Probably right," he admits to her. Glancing over towards Firestar, his lips quirk slightly. "I can understand that, certainly. Missing the place, I mean."

Jean smiles, "Yes, I don't think I was here... I'm Jean Grey, and this is Scott Summers." Pretty obvious, really, but she makes the introductions anyway, and she offers Firestar her hand, "It's good to meet you, and I'm glad you could make it."

"Well, it's a very special place, I can't even begin to tell you how important it is...the work that you guys do here," Firestar offers with a faint smile, trying not to sound too admiring. "I'm," Firestar introduces herself in kind with a sheepish smile, feeling a bit silly to introduce herself with her codename when she was offered a first name. It is a force of habit, being an unregistered mutant and all.

"I don't know," Scott says after a moment's thought. "I wouldn't say it that way, myself. It's not our work, we just help out. It's the students' work." He focuses on the school, yes. He shrugs a shoulder. "Nice to meet you, Angelica." The man's soft voice trails off slightly, and he shrugs again, offering a wry half-smile.

Jean nods a bit, "I think we set up the targets and let the students hit them." She then adds, "We do want to make sure people are prepared for what's out there." Her eyes flicker over to Scott, and she places a hand on his arm, giving him a warm smile.

And speaking of students, here comes one just now: the ever-glowy-eyed Seth. He's sporting clothing for this time of year, and he's got in his hand a guitar magazine. And given the mesmerized look on his face, he's scanning one of those articles. Of course, it's the holiday season, isn't it?

Jean Grey pauses, about to say something to Seth, then she tilts her head, "Oh dear. I need to head to the medbay. You're both welcome to come along, if you want." She then turns and heads back into the mansion, moving rather quickly as the doors telekinetically open ahead of her as it might not be an emergency...but it's definitely something that makes her hasty.

"Oh no, is someone injured?" Firestar asks as she hurries along Jean Grey, feeling honored to have been given an invitation to join her.

Jean Grey pages: Seth lifts his head as the word 'medbay' echoes in his head. "Wait... medbay, what...?" He folds that guitar magazine and follows after Jean. (ooc: still posing from previous location)

Jean is making her way through towards the medbay, telekinetically opening and closing doors as needed as she is moving very briskly, her mind echoing to Firestar and Seth, >> I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to find out. We had an... unexpected guest in the medbay we were making sure was okay. << And at that precise moment, the medbay doors open, a pinkish glowing field surrounding Jean as she strides in, Firestar and Seth on her heels.

Mercury is currently at Med Bay, keeping company to Marrow. Marrow is tightly restrained on her medbay bed, with lots adn lots of bone splinters littering the floor. Mercury is currently seated next to Marrow's bed, with a tray with an orange juice bar, a glass with a straw, and two sandwiches on a plate next to her on a small table, as the two girls talk.

Firestar keeps quiet, letting Jean handled the case she was called for, though she does keep close by to offer her help should it be needed. She looks curiously at Marrow, wondering why the girl is restrained.

Standing at five foot six, this slender girl could be just another highschooler from New York. Even with her bright pink hair, cut brutally short and spiked back a bit, she could just be into alternative lifestyles. But then you would have to notice her skin, a pale purple hue that does not fit any ethnic group in the world. It it hers and hers alone. Well toned and muscled, she is definately an athlete, perhaps even a bodybuilder. Her eyes take in everything around them, lavender orbs simmering with an inner fire of spirit.

The next thing you might notice.. or perhaps even what drew your attention, are the bony growths she has protruding from her purple flesh. Knees, elbows, both have hard bone covering them, and her forehead as well, with the growth wrapping around to shield her temples as well. Her back is protected as well, with four long shards of bone, each three foot long and heavy looking.

At the moment she wears a tight fitting dark green top, a cross between a tank top and a sports bra, holding her modest chest immobile. Further growth of those bony plates have come in under her breasts, protecting her upper ribs, and the top leaves her hard muscled abs exposed. Her pants appear to be lighter green lycra or spandex, as they hug her every muscle and curve. They are split a bit at each knee to allow for the bony growths there. Her feet are clad in two toed tabi shoes, matching her pants and wrapping around her ankles tight.

Seth follows not long after Jean, instinctively looking around for a brief moment. He looks at the restrained girl on the bed. "Who's that?"

Jean actually smiles just a bit at the scene, looking somewhat relieved. "Seth, this is a Morlock. She was left, injured, at our doorstep, so she's been recuperating here. The restraints are... well, because we didn't know if she was going to be hostile or not. It's a precaution." She says that to everyone, as she has no problem picking up the surface thoughts, looking at Marrow and saying directly to the girl, "And I do apologize that we didn't finish our initial conversation, but you passed out due to the strain of recent events. Otherwise I think we would have gotten you set up a little sooner than this." She does sound sincere about the apology as well.

Mercury looks up as she hears Jean's presence, along with two more. "Her name's Marrow." she says, smiling, "And I think the bindings are a bit too much, Mr Grey." she says softly. She's not an evil person, she just led a hard life." she nods gently at that. "Can we get these bindings off?" the girl says, obviously having befriended the morlock girl.

Seeing the young Morlock in restrains, is obviously affecting Firestar, but she knows better than to judge. There must be a reason, the X-Men are good people after all, as she well knows from personal experience. She does edge a bit closer to Marrow for a better look, "do you know what happened to her? Was she under attack by bigots?"

"Vampire..." Marrow finally speaks, as she'd been eyeing all these people coming in and her hackles are rising. She doesn't know them doesn't trust them. The only thing keeping her from jumping up to meet them is the fact that her new freind Mercury seems to know them and is at peace with them. That and the Colossus-grade restraints they have her in, keeping her pinned to the bed. "I am hostile.. mostly because I woke up strapped to a bed without my knowledge or say so." She snaps back at Jean. "Wouldn't you be?"

"A... Morlock?", Seth asks in confusion. Then, he recalls the stories passed down through the grapevine. "Oh, right... That mutant community lving in the sewers, I remember now." He looks at the restraints, then to Marrow snapping. "I certainly would be..." And yes, the flashing of events leading to his mutant abilities manifesting does stall him.

Jean arches a brow, "Possibly, but we do need to be cautious. There are children here, and I want to make sure they are safe." She looks at Marrow, "But, as a gesture of good faith..." She glances at Mercury, then telekinetically flips the switch to release Marrow's restraints, before looking back at Marrow, "I would have done this before, but you had passed out before I could finish talking to you."

Mercury watches the exchange between Marrow and Jean, and she thinks about jumping in, but Jean takes it in stride and releases Marrow, which causes Mercury to smile, "Thanks, Mr Grey." she says, nodding to the older redhead before looking back at Marrow.

"Nobody would fault you for feeling hostile, waking up restrained to a bed," Firestar sympathizes with Marrow, but does leave the decision of whether to keep the girl restrained or not at the hands of Jean, Firestar is just a guest after all, she has no say. "So...everything is going to be all better now?" Firestar asks when Jean releases the restraints.

Marrow sits up as soon as the restraints are released. Or... tries to. The four bony protusions in her back have punctured the bed she lays on, and grown out at odd angles. Both hands get placed at her sides and she pushes, ripping the protrusions from her back with a series of sick popping sounds. She hops down from the bed next to Mercury, on hand on the girl's shoulder to steady herself. "They are perfectly safe. Mutant children are not on my list of shit. Nor are any of you unless you put yourselves there. She tilts her head one way, then the other, popping her neck audibly and loud. "My name.. Is Sarah. Marrow is a code name Callisto gave me for obvious reasons." She says, the four protrusions in her back are already six inches long and growing.

Jean glances over at Firestar, "All better, perhaps..." She looks at Marrow, "Sarah, then, if that's what you prefer. Are you looking for a place to stay, and perhaps to train?" She tilts her head at the now-released girl, glancing slightly towards Mercury before looking back to Marrow, "If you need that, it is something that we can offer."

Firestar jumps at the cracking popping sound when Marrow removes her bone protrusions, looking a bit uneasy, no doubt wondering if Marrow is in pain as she looks at the girl with a level of pity. "N-nice to meet you Sarah, I'm Angelica," Firestar offers with a friendly smile, going as far as to extend a friendly hand towards the Morlock.

Seth snaps out of it just in time to see the show Marrow puts on with her bone ripping shtick. "That... sounds painful..." And immediately shuts up afterwards. "Uhm, I'm Seth... Nice to meet you."

Mercury nods as Marrow starts to get off bed, but blinks as she seems stuck. The sounds of bones breaking causes her to involuntarily wince, but she smiles as the girl finally stands up. When Marrow rests a hand on Mercury's shoulder, the redhead metallic girl gently helps the other mutant steady herself. "The school would be a nice place for you, Sarah." she then, now that she knows Marrow's real name, decides to introduce herself. "My real name is Cessily. Nice to meet you, Sarah." the girl says, smilng.

In just the span of time it took for that breif round of conversation, Marrows back bones have grown back almost fully. That's her name for a reason. Her pale lavender eyes fall on Firestar first and she nods. "Angelica.." She states, as much of a greeting the woman is going to get right now. Mercury is her freind, proved it by bringing her much needed food. Trust is hard won with Marrow. "If I stay it's at MY choosing. Nor more restraints.. no more medbay. I don't get sick and I heal quick. And I'm plenty trained thank you." She says, one hand on Cessily's shoulder squeezing a little at the girls proper introduction. But then her gaze falls on Seth. Ever broken a bone? Yeah it hurts. Alot. But it happens alot so you get used to it."

Jean nods, "If you wish to stay, there wouldn't be any restraints, and if you're not injured you wouldn't be down here." She makes a mental note to try and get Logan back from wherever he vanished to this time, then smiles a bit, "As far as training goes... we can see how you match up with some of our experts. We might surprise you with a few things of our own."

"I'm sure you're very good, Sarah, but you'd be surprised...there are truly evil men out there, and they hone their skills everyday to better hurt our kind. You can never have enough training," Firestar advises, so she doesn't sound forceful, but rather more suggestive. She is after all still a teenager herself, despite having more experience than most teenagers.

Mercury smiles at the gentle squeeze on her shoulder, and she nods to Marrow, "It wouldn't hurt, Sarah, to spar against the martial instructors. Worst thing that can happen? You find you still have stuff to learn. Best that could happen? You kick them in their behinds." she winks, and she reaches a hand to gently pat Marrow's hand on her shoulder.

"I heard the sound of bones breaking...", Seth's voice trails off for a moment. "Nevermind. Forget I said anything." He shifts his weight from one leg to another, not very comfrotable with the whole of the situation.

Marrow clenches her jaw, she's being told she's not good enough. That Callisto and 'The Hill' and Weapon X aren't good enough. "Skill..." She says quietly, her eyes shifting to Seth, at the back of the group in the Medbay. Her hand flexes and the bone under her middle knuckle on her right hand distends and busts through her skin, a drop or two of blood falling free. The bone pushes out andshe pulls it free with her free hand, the wound closing itself in mere moments. "Skill I have." She says, and her hand twitches, almost too fast to follow. The bone shard is airborne for an instant before burying itself in the wall and belly of an anatomical diagram on the wall behind Seth, the dart having passed between his arm and torso and touching neither. She twitches her hand, itching as the bone finishes regrowing. "I have skill enough NOT to hurt anyone. You really want to see what happens when I do want to hurt them?"

Jean doesn't hesitate, extending a hand as Marrow suddenly finds herself suspended a foot off the ground, unable to move as she is held in a not-that-gentle grip. Her eyes narrow at Marrow, as she says, "You won't do that again. Clear?" Her voice is soft, but there's a tone of steel beneath her words, as apparently there are some things that she won't tolerate from students.

Mercury mentally curses! Everything was fine, and then suddenly the situation starts derailing faster than a bullet-train during an earth-shattering earthquake! "W-wait, ah, Ms Grey, please let her go." she says, clenching her jaw for a moment, "It won't happen again! Why don't you just leave the offer open, and I'll go show Marrow around? I think she'd love to get some fresh air now, don't you think?"

While impressed with Marrow's display of skill, Firestar has also been to her share of cruel and gruelling training session to prime one to be the best of assassins. It's doubtful many amongst Xavier's students faced what she had under Emma Frost while she was a Hellion, and so, Firestar just smiles at Marrow and quips, "congratulations, that diagram is dead."

Seth doesn't see it coming. Hell, he doesn't even /react/, from so lost in memories. Then, as he hears the *tchuck* sound of the shard burying itself behind him, he looks at it, then at Marrow, then at the shard, then at Marrow once again. "Okay, I thought Mr. Logan had his tendencies to lose it. This just takes the run for the psychotic beyond all effing recognition!" He pulls out the shard from the diagram, checking the bone structure out. Then, with his hand glowing, he closes his hand around it. There's a sound *fwoosh*, and when he opens his hand, there's not even a hint of ashes.

Marrow looks down, finding her self suspended. She doesn't seem too perturbed by it though, perhaps not her first run in with a telekinetic. But looking at Jean squarely, she accepts Firestarts compliment but shakes her head. Her gaze still on Jean. "No it's not.. it's mewling over a hole in it's stomach, too distracted to fight properly. Disabled and bleeding. Most humans lose all combat efficiency when hurt. And I didn't even touch him. Did I?" She asks, her gaze shifting to Seth as he incinerates her bone spike. ou asked me to spar with your instructors.. to see what they can do. That's a taste of what I can do. Share and share alike.. or do you not teach that here?"

"If you're clever, Sarah, and I think you are," Firestar offers her 2 cents, "you'll notice if this was an actual encounter, Jean Grey has you helpless before her. All your skills do you no good when you can't use them, you have been defeated," Firestar presents the perspective in a different way. If Jean Grey can do this much on a whim, what could she accomplish if she were aiming to down a foe?

Jean suddenly laughs a little, and sets Marrow down, "You, Sarah, have spunk. I like that.." She glances back at Firestar, "I'm pretty sure Sarah knows exactly what I can do. And I think we can teach each other quite a bit, if you're game for it." She looks at Cessily, and nods over to the girl, "You can go ahead and show Sarah around, if you like. If there's anything you need, just send me a thought." She does glance back at Firestar, giving her a brief wink as she seems to pick up the thought that was lingering there.

Mercury mentally sighs. This is going to be draining. Firestar's words help nothing. "Can we please can the animosity, please?" she asks, looking at Firestar, then at Marrow. "Please?" she asks, looking at the suspended mutant. Then she addresses Jean again when the woman releases Sarah. "Thank you, Ms Grey." she says, nodding, and then looks at Marrow again, "How about we go finish the sandwiches and juice outside?" she offers.

Seth sighs, shaking his head. In his mind he's thinking 'powder keg'. His reaction right now is not more than facepalming.

Marrow smiles at her shiny freind, turning her head to look at her as Jean puts her down. "I'd prefer a tour. If you don't mind.. I like to know where I am." She says, but she does turn to Firestar. "I did notice Angelica... But on the flip side.. did YOU notice.. that the spike was already in the air before she grabbed me? She'd either have had to deal with it.. or deal with me. Being that I hit the wall before she grabbed me.. I believe I'd have won. Assuming that was an actual fight of course." She tells the other woman. She steps forward, one hand on Cessily before her gaze turns to Seth. Didn't mean to startle you." As close to an apology as he's going to get.

"Of course, if you'll have me, I would love to join you," Firestar says, smiling at Jean and keeping her distance from Marrow, not wanting to rile the girl up any further. She's already looking like someone who has anger issues, and those kind are the hardest to approach. "If you say so, Sarah," is all that Firestar says to Marrow's argument on the target being entirely different in a real situation. It is for Jean to decide if she cares to educate Marrow otherwise or not. Firestar is only visiting, after all.

Mercury nods and smiles to Marrow. "Sure. I'd love to. I'll give you a quick tour through the mansion." she metallic girl says, gently pat-patting Marrow's hand on her shoulder, before she looks at Jean and the others, wondering if any of them will join the two or not.

Jean looks wryly at Marrow, "Assuming, of course, that my telekinetic field didn't protect me as well, Sarah." She grins, "But I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities for you to practice. Cessily, go ahead and show Sarah around. Angelica, if you want to go along, you're more than welcome to do so, or if you wanted to talk with me a bit longer, that's fine as well." She then glances to Seth, "How are you, Seth? It's been a little while since I've actually had a chance to talk with you."

"I think I'll let Sarah have some privacy with her friend, I could always get to know her better another time," Firestar says, as she waves at Mercury and Marrow, eyes shifting towards Seth, wondering if he is going to stay with them as well. "So...I met your student Ruth in Central Park, she's a real sweetheart, I'm so glad she gets to attend your school."

Seth shrugs to Jean, "I'm getting by. I'll be visiting my mom soon, though I'm kinda worried about that. She wants to introduce me to her friends." He shakes his head. "Hadn't that much fun coming since getting bullied for being a mutant."

Marrow nods to everyone, then takes Cessily by the hand, all but pulling her freind along, very eager to get more food and to leave the sanitary stench of the medbay, disinfectants and stainless steel. Smell of isolation.

Mercury chuckles and follows after Marrow, walking alongside the morlock girl. "Well, want to check the insides, or outside first?" she offers the girl now that the group has broken up and the two are on their way for the tour.

Jean Grey ahs and smiles at Angelica, "I see, well, we can definitely go to the foyer, as the medbay isn't exactly the best place for conversations. And Ruth is very sweet, though admittedly a little bit of a trouble magnet." She looks a bit impish at that, then gets more of a straight face as she looks at Seth, "So you were looking at guitars... do you play? I admit, I haven't tried the guitar, but I am fairly proficient on the piano."

Angelica nods in agreement, before stiffling a chuckle, "a trouble magnet? A sweet girl like her? How?" It doesn't seem to fall in place in Angelica's head, but she's sure there's an explanation, as she sets to follow Jean to the Foyer, though she slows down at the exchange with Seth, listening quietly.

Seth nods, "I play. Got myself a real nice one, too. My dad gave it to me a few years ago, around..." And again, his voice stops. He sighs, and his fist tightens. "Nevermind. Holiday season just doen't taste the same any longer."

Jean Grey glances over at Seth, continuing the conversation from the medbay, "I understand, Seth. It can be difficult, very much so." She looks back to Angelica, and smiles at her, "And the New Warriors have been making some waves. Good ones, that is."

Blindfold comes in tapping her way from outside dusted in snow. There was a new snow-mutant od Beta Ray Bill reading a story book out in the courtyard.

Firestar follows alongside Jean Grey, "yes, we try our hardest, I'm sure you know how difficult it is to be taken seriously as a teenaged superhero group. When we took down the Juggernaut it really helped us gain more respectability. Night Thrasher is a very good field leader." When she spots Blindfold, Firestar smiles brightly, "Ruth! How are you? It's Angelica, you remember me, right?" She asks as she moves towards the blindfolded girl to give her a warm hug. Not literally, even though she could.

Seth decides to move on from that part of the conversation, and into brighter tones. "So, you play the piano, Ms. Grey? What musical style? Classical?"

Jean Grey smiles over at Seth, "I do. I teach different styles, classical and jazz here. It isn't all psychic resistance and combat tactics here." She then looks at Ruth, "Ruth! It's good to see you."

Blindfold turns toward jean and firestar with a smile "Hello Miss Grey, Angel, ye I remember thank you, it's nice to meet you both again" hugging firestar close. "Hello again Seth it's nice to meet you again, yes thank you. Would you like to help me buid snow-mutants in amusing poses in the courtyard Angel, thank you please?"

"I'd love to help you, Ruth," Angelica laughs, not having expected to get a bit of fun activity out of the visit and one that is very well art. "I spoke with Ms. Grey, and I will be allowed to come see you, Ruth, I am making you a little sculpture like I said. When it's ready I'll bring it over."

"Hiya, Ruth! Sorry, I've been kind of a bookworm, lately", Seth says. "Trying to improve my grades some." He looks confused to Jean, "Snow-mutants...?"

Jean stifles a laugh, "Er, yes, instead of snow-men. Snow-mutants." She gives Seth a wry expression, "At least, I don't think we have Calvin and Hobbes-que snow mutants out there. But with the school, you never really know."

Blindfold giggles noding to Seth and points toward the window "I made a snowman with slashes in his chest and his head rolling on the ground, then made a snowman of Logan sniffing Rahne's tail. Bill is reading a story but I still have to build the kids listening, yes thank you. I have to send out an email to everyone so they can pick numbers that corrspond to everyone's names and we can have a secret santa, yes please" then turns to Firestar "Really? Oh thank you yes it's appreciated"

Firestar giggles as she hears what Ruth has done thus far, "oh...? And did Mr. Logan see it yet?" She shakes her head, "that should prove amusing. How about Kitty? You have any ideas for a Kitty snowman? I'm thinking half phased through a Kurt snowman?"

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