Visit with Father

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Visit with Father

Nightcrawler, Scarlet-Witch, Azazel

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2013/06/28 14:30

The dimension of the Neyaphem

Kurt sees what his father wanted of him

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Kurt and Wanda concluded their interlude a the diner by decided to go at their earliest convenience to the brimstone dimension where the Neyaphem have been 'imprisoned' for many centuries. Also the home of Kurt's father, and leader of these mutants from biblical times, Azazel. They had gone to a safe location for assistance in transporation to this dimension by someone with enough knowledge to get them there correctly as well as help give Wanda enough information so she could get them back. Also, the safe location was used to stop anything from tracing their teleportation back to Earth itself.

Stepping safely through said portal led to a dimension one might expect associated with demon-like mutants from biblical times that acted like real demons. There is smoke, brimestone, lots of rock formations and light cast from odd angles as if by lava or fire or illusion even. The ground is broken enough that there are open holes to fire pits and the like as well. It is spread out in all directions without a seeming visible horizon, so one could not tell if the world were rounded, or hollow, or simply an expansive, infinite flat plane. Not that they receive time to collect their thoughts, they are quickly greated as Kurt's presence becomes known and they are escorted, via teleport to his father's manse and asked to prepare to see Azazel himself who is convening a special court for such the case.

As they wait, Kurt turns to Wanda, "Well kid, this is it no turning back now." An understatement, the turn back opportunity passed them a long time ago, probably the moment they set foot into this dimension. Nightcrawler is only trying to make light of circumstance.

Wanda looks wryly at Kurt, "Oh, just wait, I'll have you meet my father soon enough…" She keeps one hand free in case she needs to cast a quick spell, the other hand is currently on Kurt's, giving his fingers a reassuring squeeze.

Kurt's own hand is turned to hold hers as well, making the gesture mutual, reassuring. "You know, I'm still doing the Charles thing," says the elf off-handed in a ponderance. Not that it needed mention, just conversational. As they wait to be told to 'enter the court' so to speak, the doors are thrown open and instead of guards or other Neyaphem, it is Azazel himself, as if not dallying, or pretending to show more respect that his offspring is here and its not a regular subject. "Nightcrawler wasn't it, and you've brought an offering, how delightful." He says, all red with his skull regalia/armor/whatever it is.

Wanda narrows her eyes, her free hand coming up as chaos magic flows easily through her fingertips, green sparks erupting, "I'm not an offering. Nightcrawler is my friend, and I'm making sure there's nothing fishy going on." She doesn't look rather happy at the thought of being an 'offering', as sparks almost seem to fly from her eyes as well.

"Regrettable," seethes Azazel playfully, as if a child disappointed while not hiding intentions of such on offering. Before his father can go on with the topic, Kurt cuts in, "Ja, vater, she is a friend and my companion. I have come at your request, tell me what it is you want, then we will gladly be on our way."

"Nightcrawler," begins Azazel slowly, as one of immortality might begin being pestered by mundane affairs of the mortal world, "Really, it has been some time since we spoke and this is how you great your Father. A shame really, but if you are in such a hurry, then really, we should discuss business. So be it," he waves a hand, walks towards the courtroom, expecting Kurt and Wand to follow, and continues to speak. "I know you've become aware that your body is a vessel, your friend … what is her name again, Dark Chylde … the Mistress of Limbo? She has learned of this, as has your wordly sister. I have need of this vessel, I have something you are to keep for me."

Wanda frowns, looking over at Kurt, "Magik? What does she have to do with this… and your body is a vessel?" She tilts her head, looking a little confused, as apparently she didn't get the full information beforehand.

Turning to Wanda, Kurt pauses as if he thinks he should of mentioned that now and realizing his mistake. His father seems to have time, or is smiling as if entertained it wasn't shared. "Years ago, when Amanda was Magik, she placed the Soulsword within my body, Illyana later retrieved the sword but also discovered I was one of the few on Earth capable of wielding the Soul weapons, such as the Souldagger that Pixie has." That is about as much as he cared to learn about the ordeal, not sure what Wanda might be familiar with. Azazel remains quiet for the moment.

Wanda nods slightly, "Alright… so you can wield these weapons… or items, when no one else can." She then turns to Azazel, "Which is why you have something for him to safeguard, then?"

A smile comes to Azazel then, more than before perhaps. Warm yet sinister all the same. "Yes, something to safeguard, a weapon … a sword of mine, it means a lot to me and I can trust no one else." So says the lord of the Neyaphem. Kurt ponders this, turning to Wanda, "I was the Soulsword's vessel for a number of years without ill effect." As if he doesn't speculate what could happen if he sheathed some sword.

Wanda doesn't look all that encouraged by that, but looks at Nightcrawler, "Kurt, it's up to you… if that's all it is, then it shouldn't be too dangerous." Her look to him clearly indicates she realizes there's certainly more to it than that.

Looking back to his father, Kurt nods, "I take the sword, we get on our way, things are square. No more of your friend or offspring trying to come after me right." Azazel nods slowly, grinning, "Of course, that simple. See, I'm not as bad as you would like to think of me." Then he brings his hands together, his left hand pulling up from the other like pulling a string up from the cup of his right hand. Rather than a string coming up, a red-purple sword emerges, whisps of smoke radiating like heat from it. Though no heat is really generated. He steps forward reaching to put a hand on Kurt's shoulder, as if to shove the sword in. Not point first but straightup and down, right into him all at once. Kurt squints a moment as if thinking it might hurt, but really it doesn't and after the affair is done Kurt is left blinking a few seconds after the act is done. "We can go now," he asks. "You won't stay a short while, humor me," asks Azazel, poignantly looking at Wanda.

Wanda shakes her head, "We should get back, relatively quickly. We'll be missed." She tries her best to ignore the look Azazel is giving her, looking over at Kurt, "Are you feeling alright?" Apparently seeing a sword inserted into him weirded her out a bit.

"He's fi…" begins Azazel, but Kurt interrupts, "I'm well, nothing noticeable at least. Just like the Soulsword." Though his yellow eyes look to Wanda such to suggest, the sooner the better on leaving, as he'd rather them find time to really talk about it and see what can be done about the sword and what he might really be carrying. "There you have it," says Azazel, as if everything is harmless really.

Wanda leads the way back where they came, not pausing until they are at the place to return. Wanda then concentrates on the mystical portal, willing it to open as she holds onto Kurt, "We'll be back soon."

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