Unwanted Suspicions

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Blindfold is met by Namor. Jean gets protective. Blindfold and Jean discuss much afterwards.

Blindfold, Jean Grey, Namor

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07/15/12 21:00

Cove - Xavier Estate

Blindfold is met by Namor. Jean gets protective. Blindfold and Jean discuss much afterwards.

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-----==[ Cove - Xavier Estate ]==---------------------------------------------
A big shimmering blue lake expands out into the open, touching what looks like distant islands, but they could be simply hills that border the lake. The sun reflects off it, making it sparkle and shimmer. There is a dock by the boat house, along with a large tree with a rope dangling from a thick branch. The lake looks so inviting and refreshing.
There are gentle soothing noise all about. The gentle rolling of the water lapping against the shore edge. Birds singing merrily to the sun. And at night, crickets sarinade the moon.

Blindfold was by the water sitting in the grass trying to relax and clear her head as she sat with legs crossed and her can folded in her lap. After what happened in the dager room she was a little rattled, luckily this time no one had been hurt

Namor appears on the horizon to the south, flying at the leisurely (for him) pace of about 30 mph. His angle of approach takes him to the lake, where he slows and descends before dipping himself into the water. After a few moments submerged, Namor rises into the air a few meter above the surface and then hovers towards the shore, peering at Blindfold as he approaches. "So you are one of Xavier's?" He says, tone familiar in the I-remember-you sort of way.

Word of the Danger Room malfunctioning met Jean swiftly, and she is still hard at work trying to gain a better understanding of why. A brief consultation with Hank McCoy later, the headmistress utilizes her telepathy and finds Ruth outside. She comes from the southwest of the mansion grounds - the Memorial Gardens specifically - adorning casual attire, and upon finding her student, emerald eyes grow wide and her pace quickens. "Ruth!" Jean shouts from behind, "Step back. NOW!"

Blindfold turns her head to the voice of Namor before rising to hr feet at Jean's command and stepping toward her voice "Hello, Ma'am it's good that you are here thank you, yes. I think perhaps, we have Namor before us? It has been some time since he last came, I beleive, thank you, yes" but she nodded her head with a polite smile toward the man

Namor slows to a stop, now 'standing' in mid-air still a meter above the water and at least a half-dozen from Blindfold. He quirks one eyebrow, looking at Jean. "Ah. And here is one of the 'upper classmen', as it were. Greetings, Marvel Girl."

When Jean arrives, she stands less than mere meters in front of the student - she is practically shielding her, an arm pulling Ruth behind her protectively. A small glance traces the younger telepath before returning to their visitor. "I would ask you what Namor is doing here, but I'll settle for asking him that myself," she says, directing her comment to the Atlantean. Then, she adds, "I'm more of an alumni. What is your business here in our backyard?" She knows they are not actually in the backyard.

Blindfold smiles up at Jean warmly before 'peeking' round her at the stranger but she kept quiet as to let 'the adults talk'. Well..least for now.

Namor's expression reflects his emotions admirably. Irritation, then understanding, and finally resignation. All backed up by an enormous confidence bordering on arrogance - and some would say more than 'bordering on'. "Purely a social call," he responds finally, moving one hand as if to wave off the question. "I had thought to refresh myself in the waters here, but then saw a familiar face." He gestures now at Blindfold.

"I'm sure a phone call would have sufficed." Jean's tone is full of fire, her eyes and general expression one of biting confidence. The arm still outstretched suggests a mother protecting its children. Another glance goes to her student at the mention of her face being familiar, and then it returns. "What is the real reason you have graced us with your presence?" she asks.

Blindfold puts an arm around Jean's waist and tilts hr head at Namor "It's...not his first visit here Ma'am, I'm sorry, my apologies. He's looking for the professor, if you pardon my saying, thank you." her voice nervous and shy

Namor's eyes blaze briefly. "Some things are best discussed in person, Grey." He practically hisses. "The Prince of Atlantis does not--" he cuts himself off, expression cooling visibly as he remembers himself, as Blindfold's words register. "--does not carry a cellphone," he finishes finally, tone wry now. Then he shrugs easily. "Excuse me. The child is right, I have been here before. I was seeking aid of the sort Xavier is known for. And he did mention I was welcome to return. At the time I thought it more than a mere courtesy."

Atlantean blaze, meet American blaze. Jean peers at Namor as she responds, "Professor Xavier is away on business, and I am his replacement." She feels the arm wrap around her waist and her own arm falls to the side. "If you would like to discuss this further in private, fine, but not at my home with my children."

Blindfold looks up at Jean "He's an avenger Ma'am, please, yes." smiling to Namor around Jean's side with a wave

Namor gives Jean a baleful look. When she shows no signs of backing down, he inclines his head ever so slightly. "Very well. I will return another time." He begins to rise into the air, arms crossed, little ankle-wings the only part of him that seems to move. "And perhaps I will...call ahead." With a smirk, he tilts his head back and raises his arms in a more traditional 'flying' pose before accelerating and speeding off into the sky and then back towards the river.

"Lets head inside," Jean says before turning in Ruth's direction, making sure their visitor left in the same fashion that he came. When the student is able to finally see the expression on the faculty member's face, it is one of exhaustion and fading frustration. Turning on her heels, Jean starts walking in the direction of the mansion. "Do you know why he wanted to see the Professor, Ruth?"

Blindfold watches him go with a wave of her hand "Hmm, Prince of Atlantis..." then follows Jean "Are you alright Ma'am?" she couldn't 'see' Jean's expression but it showed in her voice "Yes, I do, Ma'am, thank you...I take you would like to know as well?"

"I'm fine. I should be asking you that question, considering." Considering the Danger Room is consistently malfunctioning and proves dangerous. "But yes," Jean continues, "Any 'insight' on what he might have wanted would be helpful."

Jean nods as she hears the quizzical words of her student. "Mister McCoy is working hard to fix the Danger Room's issues. Until then, I'm afraid, training will have to be held elsewhere." They begin to reach the rear lawn of the estate, heading northwest from the cove. "So, tell me how an Avenger knows little you, Ruth?" Jean asks abruptly, looking down at her student as if suggesting that she tell her the truth.

Blindfold nods "Yes, thank you, I hope h can find the fix, he as in the observation room when it went haywire and deluge appeared, unfortunately nothing he tried worked to turn the sim off but we were able to defeat Deluge" then sighs "For that I apologize, I know it was wrong but I felt a need to go out. I tend to get around the city a bit, more so before Mr. summers invited me here.. My apologies, I'm sorry Ma'am, I met him in central park, I've also met Armand and Mike, Keith, Amby, I saw Morbius once, and met the detective that was on the news as a 'super-cop' for her powers developing....and there was that Asgardian that never gave her name. I've scrubbed the foyer floor and gathering room as well, again Ma'am, my apologies, I'm sorry"

The elder telepath stops walking at the mention of everyone Ruth has encountered - everyone which the student could have been harmed by. Fingers caress the bridge of her nose as she closes her eyes, a small exhalation indicating nothing good to come. "An Asgardian?" Jean repeats, reopening her eyes in a bit of worry that Ruth is telling the truth. "I'm very disappointed in the danger you have been putting yourself in, Ruth, and until I can begin to focus on all of that, you are not to leave the grounds. Until further notice."

Blindfold sighs sadly and nods "yes Ma'am, thank you, I thought being honest was better than lying whether you could tell or not, but please you must know the information about each please, I feel you will find it quite useful. I know that it is a lot to take in, I'm sorry, my apologies ma'am. Though aside from the Asgardian they were all nice, good people, please I hope you can understand that"

"Tell me what you know," Jean simply replies, continuing her strides once again as they finally enter the mansion's rear lawn.

Blindfold smiles "Really? Thank you, yes, Ma'am. Who would you like to know about first, please, thank you" seeming to feel better even if she was punished.

Jean does not answer immediately, almost as if she is distracted with another conversation in her head. "Just start from the beginning," is her answer to the student, deciding after a couple seconds to choose one of the names. "The Asgardian."

Blindfold purses her lips trying to think who she first met before nodding "The Asgardian, yes, I will tell you what I know though it isn't much I'm afraid, I'm sorry" taking a deep breath "She wouldn't give her name, just insisted on being called 'goddess'. It was when I met Armand and there was an ice cream truck. Not all of these people I met when I wasn't supposed to. Mike had asked Mr Summers for help and told me more then he was able to tell Mr Summers. Mike doesn't want it to be known because he feels it would end his career I'm afraid, and he isn't sure if he's a mutant but he travels thru people's dreams when he sleeps, he never goes into deep sleep only REM sleep. He worries about Armand, the long commute and thinks Armand's teacher is using their mental powers to manipulate Armand into staying but Mike knows Armand isn't happy there and doesn't feel like he fits in, simply staying because it's the only known option to him. Armand gave me and Vaughn his number, if that would help you, please. The Asgardian seemed to appear beside Armand from nowhere, I'm afraid, I'm sorry. Vain, arrogant, and somehow she could look at me and know I was what some would call a 'seer'. Ironic that term...she gave me the creeps though, I'm afraid. She met Seth as well then, commenting on what 'interesting friends' Armand was with. Then, she simply gave Armand an order for cup cakes and disappeared. At least I think she disappeared because I couldn't sense her anymore and I didn't hear her footsteps fade like normal, they simply stopped a short distance, I'm sorry, my apologies"

The headmistress listens to her student as they continue their journey - some on camera and most off. "Alright," Jean replies to the long download of information given from Ruth Aldine, her tone a bit perturbed, but cooling. When the mansion comes into a much larger view, the red-head finds solace in its presence. "I know you want to help these people, Ruth, but we cannot protect you when we don't know you are putting yourself in these situations. The last thing I want is for the mansion to appear as a prison for the students. Realize, however, that if you are to continue admission in the school, you have to follow certain guidelines that are asked of you. Do you understand?"

Blindfold nods "At least Keith is a quick one, he's new to the area and he's a gravity manipulating mutant, bit brazen though. Vaughn was there with Seth, Aramand and I as well, it was what Seth got in trouble for almost exposing the school" then nods her head "Yes, thank you ma'am, I do understand. You have a lot of responsibility to keep us all safe and a lot is at stake, mistakes can't be made. But if I had not gone to the rave Keith would have outed himself and horrible things would have happened. I am sorry for any trouble I have caused, it wasn't my intent..I just wanted to help. I only left when I wasn't supposed to twice, most of the people I've met have been either before I came here or during the evenings and weekends"

Jean shakes her head at the latter of Ruth's statement. "This isn't about everyone else at the moment," Jean says, in counter to the student's latter statement, taking a moment to survey the mansion grounds around them. There are few of the students roaming around to their own devices but nothing out of the ordinary.

Blindfold tilts her had at Jean puzzled, "But...I'm just on teen Ma'am, I'm sorry, I apologize. You have lots of other more talented and powerful students here, I'm just one and not very useful at that.."

"You're one of the best," Jean assures, a smile threatening to creep at the corners of her lips. "One who needs to find less trouble." Ironic, that.

Blindfold looks puzzled at that "One of the best? I'm sorry, I apologize but I don't think I understand...there's others more equipped for a fight then me" then nods "Those with most potential or biggest dreams always do get into the most trouble along the way...I promise though I'll stay away from Morbius, I don't want to see thru curtains of blood again"

"Trust me," Jean begins with emphasis, "You will learn your worth soon enough, Ruth. All of you students will, and that's the ultimate goal for you while attending this school." There is a slight pause in her words, as if reflecting, before she continues, "I know I did." The smile shows itself now.

Blindfold still tilts her head at Jean in that curious manner "May I ask how, if you don't mind, please ma'am? I'm afraid I'm never quite sure what time I'm interacting with, past, present or future"

"Your powers may make you special, but they do not make up who you are and what you can do without them." Jean gives multiple examples of her time as Marvel Girl, starting out with the original five X-Men, and progressing from that past to the present. "--I was not the strongest or the smartest. However, I knew my worth and utilized every ounce of potential I had to overcome any obstacles in my way. This is what we're here to teach you."

Blindfold smiles "Thank you, yes, from the little I know of hellions from Mike....I'm glad I came here. I'm still grounded though aren't I?"

"Quite grounded," Jean replies, her smile brighter. "Scott and I will talk over your concerns with the others and see what we can do to help. Until then, stay out of trouble." She continues to lead the path inside of the mansion, where she separates from Blindfold and heads in another direction, possibly Xavier's Office.

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