Unexpected Resistance

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La Sombra and Sandman

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02/21/13 17:14

East Village - New York

Sandman and La Sombra stops some criminals.

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It was a bright, sunny but slightly cold day here at the East Village. Tanya was just leaving a store with a small bag on one arm as she zipped her coat up, humming a little spanish tune to herself as she walked along the street towards the bus stop, puffing a few times "Its always so cold in this city. WHY does it have to be so cold." she mutters.

Surprised to have the afternoon free after a meeting of superheroes was cancelled, Sandman has decided to explore parts of the city he does not know too well. One of those parts being the East Village, he saunters down the street, coincidentally walking by the store which Tanya is just leaving.

Glancing up and over at the slightly familiar gentleman, Tanya smiles warmly to him for a moment as she slows a little, trying to get her jammed zipper up while the sound of running footsteps is heard behind both.

Startingly fast, a man zips between both of them at a speed usually reserved for Bolt, or the olympics. On his way by the woman, his hands grab at her handbag and before she knew it, he was off like... well, a bolt "Hey! My bag!" she shouted, then turns to run AFTER him, even with the obvious speed difference between the two.

As she smiles at him, Sandman smiles back, but any further interaction is halted by the Bolt-like man. As the man speeds off, Sandman sighs as his arms seems to elongate and turn into sand, extending and going out at a speed that matches the runner.

Outtrun by the arm, the woman slows to a stop after the man, who had looked back at that moment. He yelped, ducking the first grab of the arms with that same speed, barely keeping out of reach "SH**! Sandman! Charlie! I need help!" he shouted it seems to a nearby compatriot. From around the corner where he'd been heading, a second man comes about, and winds up as though pitching at a baseball game to fling a small blue sphere at Tanya, one that rapidly grew into a large iceball. Her eyes widened and she dropped to the ground in a splits, it barely missing her head as it flew now towards Sandman.

The one arm continues after the runner and as the blue sphere of ice comes towards Sandman, his body forms a large gaping hole for which the sphere can go through. The hole forms for Sandman to avoid contact with it.

The two thugs were realizing they were quickly over their heads at this point, the first one still desperate to avoid the hand. He finally flung the stolen bag at the hand behind him in desparation "Take it back! Just lemme go! Augh!" and at that point, he was caught.

The other one scowled at the hole created, the ball having vanished after a short distance, bursting into a cloud of fluffy white snow. While his compatriot was caught, he lifted a hand, ice-boots forming around his own buddy's feet "Let him go no! you aint taking my buddy!" Charlie shouted, solidifying the ice to the ground, other hand glowing blue as he faced it towards Tanya and Sandman, the woman having climbed to her feet, her clothes shimmering an odd dark coloration in places, face set in tense, strung lines.

With the runner caught, Sandman uses the elongated hand to lift the runner off the ground, “You’re not running away.” He offers and as the ice-maker makes his threat, Sandman forms a mace with his other hand and elongates it out moving it wildly in an attempt to strike the ice-man out.

The ice held the runner firmly to the ground for a few moments, before it broke - luckily before the runner's legs did as he kicked and tried to escape the hand. The Icemaker Charlie, hisses, aiming another shot at Tanya, this one going much faster, and smaller than before.

Almost instantly though she had lifted her arm up and a blade had appeared, slicing the iceball in half harmlessly and sending the peices skattering. By this time, Charlie had had enough and turned to run, finally abandoning his buddy as he sends a last blast of ice shards at Sandman before he daringly turned his back.

With the sand mace missing on the first swing around, Sandman manipulates his arm still trying to strike Charlie, even if it is from behind. And as the ice shards fly towards him, Sandman moves the runner in front of himself as a shield.

As Sandman moved his buddy into the path of the shards, Charlie heard him scream and turned about, blanching "No! What the hell did you do THAT for? " he shouted, now quite angry, ice forming randomly all over the street as he loses control and focus. Even Tanya looked a little shocked.

The runner who is filled with ice shards is flung towards Charlie, “You love your friend so much. . .here catch!” Sandman hopes to toss the friend into Charlie and with his other swing the sand mace again.

The two thugs collide, clattering to the ground, and the mace only bruised them up more as they rolled. Charlie 'caught' his buddy roughly as they slid over the ice now, and they try to scramble to their feet, one bloodied and iced, the other one, Charlie, bruised up quite a bit. Tanya winces at that, and calls out "Leave now! While you still can!" in warning tones, her accent thick as she backs up af ew steps, still wielding the blade.

“. . .or we can capture them because they may do it again.” Sandman quirks his brow at Tanya. With the sand mace only bruising them, it transforms into tentacles and attempts to snare both evil doers.

A glance to Sandman,a nd Tanya pauses, looking sheepish at that. "yes. That works too. I will call police and ambulance if you... ah." she pauses, watching this with somewhat a horrified but fascinated look, moving forwards now fearlessly as the two were secured, to retrieve her bag and pullout her cellphone.

Grinning as the tentacles pick up the two, Sandman’s entire body seems to turn into a giant almost Satan like face and using the tentacles literally tosses the two culprits into his Satan like mouth and begins chomping away.

Tanya stops, phone half dialled, staring as Sandman does that "... or not. You will make sure he doesnt bleed to death though right? " she asked as the two now-screaming punks got 'eaten'. She stared at him, forgetting all about the sword still in her hand.

Noting Tanya’s reaction as he continues to show. The giant sand face makes an odd expression and spits out the two culprits who are not bloodied, beaten, and nude as their clothes have been torn apart by hardened sand, “No no. Call the cops still. I just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t try to run away. In the cold and naked, they wouldn’t get too far if they did.” He resumes returning to his normal self.

"ooh, okay." notes Tanya, still watching. She averted her eyes from the two's nudity though as she finished diallinjg quickly, speaking carefully and enunciating with careful clearness to the 911 operator so she was understood. "Yes. I will stay on the line. Yes... Tanya Riviera." she states, giving her details. While talking, she propped the blade against her boot and held onto the hilt as though it were normal to wander around with a sword while the two shivered. She kept a strong face, but she was obviously feeling sorry for the two "yes. I did have help. Ahh." a pause and she looks at Sandman as she moutsh 'okay to tell them it was you?'

Watching this whole interaction take place, Sandman actually chuckles to himself and when Tanya asks if she can identify him. He nods his approval and then makes menacing stares at the two naked and cold criminals.

She finishes the call and then holds onto it until the police arrive, which could take a minute or two in new york city "Thank you for the help. I do not think I could have gotten it back easily on my own." she notes to Sandman, peering into her back to check if things wre okay. Nothing broken, although somewhat mixed up.

“Not a problem. So you are a hero too, huh? I’ve met you before but I didn’t know you could do the trick with the sword and the outfit. What are you a mutant or mystic or something?” Sandman asks as he looks her over.

Going a little pink, she states "Would it be too cliche to say I am not a hero? " she asks awkwardly. Then she looks down at the sword, startled as though not even sure when it appeared, and the outfit too. She coughs and straightens a little bit more "This is... rather, I am La Sombra, restoring my family's honor through the generations from an incident that the living members had absolutely nothing to do with." oh yeah there was that bitterness. She tipped her head to him politely "I guess something of a mystic. It is not a mutant power, no. It is a family curse you could say. It is like the Hulk?"

Starting to chuckle a bit, “You know. You sound like that guy from The Princess Bride.” Sandman sighs at the end of the laugh and then notes, “La Sombra. That’s a foreign language right. . .what are you speaking Puerto Rican?” Stupid question from a stupid man.

"Oh, Inigo Montoya? " she asked, then twirled the blade with a grin "It is spanish. But he was spanish too in the movie. I havent actually SEEN that one. But I know the character. I get it all the time. " she notes with a shrug. " A pleasure for you to meet my alter ego. Its... semi-secret. Hard to hide at times but I do not advertise it like Iron Man." she heard sirens approaching. finally. A police and ambulance to take care of the crooks

“Well, it’s a good thing. You are owning the curse and still doing good things about it. But you can’t really control it or can you go back and forth between Tanya and La Fonda?” Sandman asks with genuine curiosity.

"Oh, I can." she notes as the police pulls up. The sword vanishes instantly "It... sometimes calls on itself, without me doing it. But I have found out I can also call it if I have to. Its situ... situational." she nods at the english word "Sometimes just calling the police satisfies the curse though. I wish I did not have to at all " she admits with a grimace as the officer nods to Sandman, while another one grabs blankets and helps the EMS tend to the two, both arresting and ensuring they wont die or get hurt. That would be bad for PR. "Hopefully someday it will be done for for good."

“Well that is up to you. The Hulk uses his powers for good. Or tries to. Hell, Cyclops of the X-Men or Rogue. They got it bad and they still do the good guy thing. You should maybe try joining some hero outfit group. Hey the Avengers really helped me out. Maybe it can do the same for you.” Sandman offers.

"Maybe. I have spoken to the Scarlet Witch, but she could not help much with the curse." admits the woman after their statements were taken. She gave her real name and phone number of course, standing there very politely as the two thugs were bundled off. "I hadnt considered joining a hero team. Is the ah... rather, are the Avengers seeking others? I do not know if I can handle meetings and arranged rescuing, but having the backing would be useful I think!" she remarks thoughtfully

“Well we are not currently having a recruiting drive or anything, but you never know. At the very least, you could be an ally. Hell you already know the Scarlet Witch. I might know some others who could help you out.” Sandman seems to have someone in particular.

Tanya nods as the police take off then, leaving the two alone. A few folk snap pictures as they go by, the woman watching carefully, then she notes "I will consider the offer and stop by the mansion again. I would appreciate it as well. " she then smiled at him "You have been very helpful today indeed. I very much appreciate it. Should we ahh, continue on our way?"

“Yes, that’s a good idea. I don’t like too many pictures being taken of me.” Sandman smiles, “Well, Tanya. Good working with you.” With that Sandman walks off in the opposite direction.

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