Unexpected Lessons

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Cyclops, Hepzibah, Kisha, and Wolfsbane

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06/29/12 13:40

Library - Xavier Mansion

Cyclops devises some lessons for Hepzibah and Kisha. Wolfsbane shows up.

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(OOC Scene started before I arrived. Log starts as Cyclops enters the scene.)

Kisha tilts her head. "Why would you board another ship? Why not vent the atmosphere and let space do all the hard work for you?" she wonders. "Or is that not considered sporting? I guess there is the issue of force fields and space suits... What I wouldn't give for a few months taking apart a nice alien warship."

Hepzibah is talking with Kisha, the Mephistoid just holstering one of her guns. There are journals and almanacs spread out over a table, but the two are more interested in their conversation now. "Too many doors to open." she replies. "Then need get air back -in-. Easier just fight instead."

Hearing the conversation as he enters Scott looks over Kisha and smiles, “Well, Nemo. We may be able to scavenge some parts of an alien ship for you to use purely for your academic studies. . .or perhaps create something in the Danger Room, a virtual lab for you to use. . .once I create certain protocols for your abilities, that is.” Dressed in his blue and gold costume with golden visor keeping his optics blasts in check. Scott looks to Hepzibah, “Ah nice to see you both touch base again after rescuing Lifeguard from Deathbird.”

Entering from outside, Wolfsbane has little trouble picking up on voices and scents over in the library, a couple more familiar than another. She begins to move in that direction, though first she stops in the kitchen for a bottle of water. It'll be a few more moments.

Kisha glances over at Cyclops. "I would much prefer you use my actual name," she notes dryly. "I only agreed to a 'codename' for the schools record keeping and even that seems suspect given that anyone gaining access to the confidential files has likely had access to the student files and knows everyones names."

Hepzibah turns towards Scott once she sees him, bush tail swishing. She balances lightly on bare feet and grins broadly at the sight of him. "Hello, Scott Summers." she greets. "Hepzibah need talk. Questions about money, I. Want dance. Want drink fizzy liquid. Want pretty picture box." And here she stabs a clawwed finger towards Kisha's cell phone. "Need money for things, yes?"

“Thankfully, the mansion’s systems are top notch with some of the greatest minds at work. We have things in effect to prevent access being wrongfully accessed, Kisha.” Scott offers a smile and looks to Hepzibah, “How are you adjusting to Earth, Hepzibah?” She answers his question with her own regarding currency. “Oh I see. Well, we can give you access to the pretty picture box and some of the things you have mentioned, but you probably want your own with the ability spend it as you like.”
Scott hmmmns as he looks her over. “Well, the X-Men and staff are given stipends. Perhaps we can find a place for you within the institute. An alien teacher could be interesting. What would you think of that?”

Kisha has a sudden horrific flash of Hepzibah suggesting some of the hypothetical situations she mentioned to Cyclops and winces at the very notion. "You might also want to get someone familiar with history to give Hepzibah some pointers, she's been trying to read up on world history but that's the sort of subject most people need a tutor for."

Hepzibah looks QUITE pleased with Scott's suggestion, the alien woman beaming from ear to ear. "Hepzibah teach?" Oh yes, he actually suggested that. "Teach combat, I. Shi'ar tech and piloting." Yes, she likes this more and more the farther she goes on. "Teach piracy, too. And shooting."

Nodding his head at Kisha’s suggestion, “That is correct. Hepzibah, you have full access to our facilities to learn up on Earth, but perhaps, being paired with someone to go along with you on some outings to show you the hang our human mannerisms. Noting Hepzibah’s excitement, Scott hmmmns, “Well, I had thought I would teach piloting. But I have to admit flying the Blackbird and X-jet are very different than the Starjammer. . .if anyone is a better pilot than me, it would be you.” Scott looks to Kisha, “How about this, ladies? I think I have an idea where you can both work together. Kisha, we can get you limited, very limited access to certain Shi’ar technology. Hepzibah will work with you and supervise you with the technology. Hepzibah, Kisha can tutor you on the mannerisms of human on the planet. You can both work together. Also, Hepzibah aside from working with Kisha, you can teach a class on interstellar life. What do you think?”

And here is where Wolfsbane steps into the library, wearing a basic Xavier's t-shirt and shorts, barefoot. The brace is no longer worn on her right knee but there is the sling still in place for the left shoulder. She holds the open bottle of water in her right hand, naturally. "Afternoon, ye lot," she says with a brief smile.

Kisha splutters. "Me? You want me to teach /anyone/ about people?" she asks incredulously. "You do understand that my people skills border on the level where I may as well not have them, right?" Then it sinks in that she might get to play with alien technology under the supervision of someone who just let her play around with a blaster pistol.... "Sure what the hell. What's the worst that could happen?"

As Rahne enters the room, Scott moves next to her and carefully places an arm around her in a half embrace in a semi-paternal affection. He looks over the wolf-girl. “I am glad you are alright.” His tone is sincere, but there is a hint of ‘we will discuss this further’ not a ‘you are in trouble’ but enough to make a kid slightly nervous. As Kisha speaks, Scott’s thought meander to TROUBLE. “You have earned the right start expanding your studies to the level of Shi’ar, Kisha. . .please do not abuse that. And trust me, Hepizibah has her own form of authority and discipline. She is known throughout the universe as. . .” He looks at the Mephistoid, “. . .someone not to be messed with.” He then nods his head, “Yes, alien life-forms. Mirage will teach on more on other-dimensional entities. I leave alien studies up to you.”

There's an admitted look of surprise at the embrace Scott gives Wolfsbane, who smiles briefly in spite of it before slipping loose without spilling any of her water. "I just did what I thought I had tae for someone important, but thank ye," she answers, leaving it at that for the time being before she flashes Hepzibah another smile in greeting. Kisha receives a nod. The two haven't been around each other much since Rahne returned. "I should have this thing off by th' end o' th' weekend," she says of the sling.

Kisha eyes Wolfsbanes injury, then glances at Cyclops. "What happened? If it's not too personal my asking... No mutant hunting groups out and about are there?" Idly she begins drumming her fingers against a bookshelf while replotting her escape plans. "If we're going to begin learning about aliens does that mean you'll be hiring a school wizard too? Because we have enough students making Harry Potter jokes about this place as it is..."

Hepzibah grins at the mention of her... discipline practices, and she shrugs. "Not kill captives, I. No students hurt for real." she promises. For whatever that's worth. At the mention of mutant-hunting groups, she looks curious. "Hepzibah not worried about mutant-hunters. Hunt plenty by herself." She licks her chops, then, showing needle-sharp fangs. "Learn Earth culture 'on the job'..."

“I am already working on a mystic teacher. I am thinking perhaps Amanda Sefton.” Scott responds to Kisha’s comment about magic. “We are a mutant school, but we have encountered so much beyond mutant/human issues that I want you all prepared for nearly every imaginable situation.” When Kisha asks about Wolfsbane’s weekend, Scott allows her to answer while he is aware of what he happened, he remained at the school to provide protection to the students. Scott then smiles at Hepzibah and nods.

"It was th' things happening in Manhattan." she says to Kisha, assuming she ought to know what was going on given the fact people were keeping the school as safe as they could. Yes, she went off and got involved, got herself hurt as well. "An' Mister Summers, I came tae tell ye I dinna think I'm cut oot for th' counselor thing." She gives Hepzibah a bit of a longer look, one showing curiosity as her head tilts. "This is gaunae go well..." she deadpans.

"Actually I have no idea what happened. I was very busy with a software project and I've been pushing the length of time I can stay awake as part of ongoing experiments I'm doing. Means once I get into a work trance a bomb could go off and I'd likely not notice," Kisha explains matter-of-factly. "I assume someone bad tried kill some other people?"

Hepzibah nods sagely to Kisha, being an expert since she's seen this on the news. "Yes. World end. Gods destroy Manhattan. Thousands die. Film. At. Eleven." she mimics back. Drawing her lips back in a wide grin, she glances over to Rahne and laughs at the deadpan remark. "Hepzibah survivor. Teach kids be survivors, I."

Blinking a bit as he heards the last bit from Wolfsbane, Scott hmmmns, “Let’s go talk privately, Rahne.” With that he looks to the other ladies present, “Excuse us, please.” He bows his goodbye as he gestures for Rahne to join him in his office.

"I'm na really in th' mood tae.." Rahne begins, but she stops when Hepzibah answers and puts her own spin on the whole thing. However, there's no smile whatsoever from her at the attempted joke, just a grim look. "Aye, many people died for somethin' senseless." At Scott's prompting she merely nods and turns to go off with him, body language subdued.

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