Undoing One More Day

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Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Doctor Strange, Rintrah, Wong, Mephisto

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02/14/13 00:00


Spidey and Mary Jane are reunited, never to be torn from one another again.

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Years ago, Doctor Strange cracked reality when he "One More Day'd" Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson-Parker. ( http://sniktbub.wikidot.com/2011-01-20-hero-s-return ) That crack has been expanding and has allowed more other-reality and other-dimensional beings to pass into the prime reality with greater ease. Thus threatening the world as we know it. Such threats are that of Lilith - who was once trapped within the Levithan; a prison the Atlanteans were sure would last forever. However, due to the rift in reality, Lilith was able to escape.

Mephisto was correct when he challenged Strange on his potential victory, claiming that it would never be. The banishment spell that Strange wove had traumatic and long lasting effects. While it did serve to banish Mephisto to another plane that would serve as his prison (until he could later escape), it would also eventually take Mary Jane into the eternal void. Thus removing her from the prime reality and undo the last two years of her life. Parker would become devastated. Yet, his memories would fade and he would continue to live his life as if nothing ever happened.

As the fracture within reality continued to spread, the prison that held Mephisto was weakened. Mephisto escaped. Having vowed revenge on Strange and Spider-Man for their acts against him, Mephisto began his mechanizations toward their undoing. He started with the Quadraverse - one of the more magical dimensions that was a favored of Strange. There, Mephisto would wreak havoc and lay waste to many leagues and its peoples. (November 2012)

As a side effect of Mephisto's return, Mary Jane Watson-Parker too would return to the reality. Confused and devoid of much of her memories, she would become lost in the bowels of New York City trying to reclaim her life /before/ Peter Parker. For she too did not recall the events that lead up to, and occurred after her wedding to the web-slinger. Mary Jane was re-discovered by a modeling agent and tossed back into the world of the runway (December 2012). Not yet featured on magazines or billboards, Mary Jane would find her revamped career rewarding; yet she was still missing something.

Meanwhile, Mephisto continued his wave of destruction and distraction. He desired Strange's unwilling attention and removal from the prime reality. Thus giving Mephisto free reign within the prime reality to usurp much power and influence of which Strange possessed. Mephisto noted that Lilith was doing a very good job of if, so Mephisto decided to take an alternate route - the torture and demise of Spider-Man.

Trickery is one of Mephisto's strong points so he ran Spidey ragged for the next month with various conflicts, engagements, and defeats. The Spider-Man was at wits end in the last days of January 2013. Having been pulled in 18 different directions, the web-slinger could not find a moment's solace or a chance to identify with real life (which was crumbling around him).

That was until Spidey was in the midst of saving a runaway subway train doomed to fly off the elevated tracks of Brooklyn (which happened to be on Valentines Day (February 14, 2013). One occupant in particular of that train was none other than Mary Jane Watson (unknown -Parker). During the skirmish with the Lizard within the engineer's cab of the train (while trying to pull the brake lever), Mary Jane burst into the small room brandishing a steel pipe. She whacked the Lizard over the back of the head and gave Spidey a chance to save the train. That's when their eyes met and the memories of their shared past came flooding back.

Overwhelmed by the loss and regaining of memories, Spidey knew that Mephisto was back and up to no good. After a long reunion kiss, Spidey swung Mary Jane to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum where they would find Wong and Rintrah, but no Strange (who was still in the Quadraverse). They all conferred and soon Strange would be brought into the loop through a magical communication across the dimensions.

With urgency and realizing what had been taking place, Strange returned to the prime reality where he would immediately rally his allies, and they would face down Mephisto. Thus dispatching the demon back to his Abyssal plane to lick his wounds and plot revenge upon the Sorcerer Supreme and the Amazing Spider-Man.

Reunited, their love was renewed and all the troubles of the second year of their marriage was water under the bridge. Mary Jane Watson-Parker and Peter Parker were once again happy and content in their love and Spectacular Marriage.

The End.

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