Uncalled Anger

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Thimble Blindfold Skids

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Library - Xaviers

During after class time, some harsh words lead to anger

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Janie is one of the few that enter the library after classes. Not to read, but because noone is there then. With her, a small basket, which she places on a table in the very back, sitting down in front of it. Soon single threads pull themself free from it, wandering up to the ceiling as she started to do some of her solitary training. Which means, forming some sort of odd spiderweb from polyester yarn by weaving it together. The actual training in it was after all not the weaving itself, but how many threads she could move individually without losing control or oversight... That was the tiring.

Ruth came tapping along with her cane as she held a lace project in a folder in one hand. Tilting her head she began a path toward a seat apart from thimble to give the other girl some space.

It's not that nice of an evening. Cold, cloudy, and like it's going to start raining any moment. It's a good evening to stay in. Find some place to curl up, read a book and just...relax. Hence why Sally enters. An old pair of comfortable sweatpants, X-FACTOR down the legs, paired with an old faded long sleeved t-shirt with X-TERMINATORS across the front. She's got a pair of black fuzzy slippers on her feet. She pauses just in the entryway of the library, looking over the other students, offering Janie a polite smile, before she ventures forth a little more, starting to head right for the Fiction section. A good mix of classical and modern literature held on the shelves.

Janie does not so much as turn the head a bit, before she looks back up to her work which was building up in midair. Thread after thread... Wait... "You did it again, didn't you?" she asked over to Ruth, remodeling the weave somewhat. Instead of looking like a spider web, it became to come apart again. It was not fast, but it was moving. As Sally passed she gave her just that short nod, waiting for Ruth’s answer.

Ruth turns her head toward Janie "Forgive my saying so but it's not nice to assume the worst, please I'm not a bad luck charm so if you would I would appreciate not being accused all the time, thank you" a slight grown on her features before she tilts her head at the soft scuffing of slippered feet. "Who is that please if you don't mind my asking?"

The blonde pauses, "Sally." she calls over as Ruth asks for her name. It's a polite tone, a touch authoritative, but she goes back to her book perusing. Scanning a shelf, and then another, hrmmming as she peers at the titles before her.

"You just have no idea what telling someone what will happen does to them." Janie answered, tossing the unweaved yarn threads down the hallway without entangling them. "Nothing personal, just want to make sure you did not peek in something private. I do not want to know the names of my kids or how many I will have one day." she adds then, looking over to Sally "Dunno." she did answer to Ruth just before she got the answer.
Ruth frowns toward janie with a soft snort, clearly hurt all the same "You'd be surprised what I know, yes sorry but you don't understand and you don't want to, believe me. What I say about what I see is only what I think needs to be known so out can bee changed, tip of the iceberg if you will, thank you yes but don't worry I'll stay away from you..." opening her folder to begin hey lace work ad her fingers glance over the weighted needles, then she pauses with a puzzled expression "Sally...hmm...nice to meet you, yes, if I might ask please what had brought you back?"

"Look it from the other side, Ruth. You see all the stuff coming; to you it is normal to know. To others it is frightening to know what will happen. Tell somebody his family will die from a car accident and he might never enter a car again, even when the incident that you spoke of is long gone." Ruth did say she saw her going to a concentration camp once... "Back?"

"I do mind." she states, a touch on the defensive there. "Ultimately I'm joining the staff of the school, i've got rather extensive field experience so likely will be aiding in your training and power control instructions." she calls over, a touch softer as she resumes her book browsing, moving to another book case. Looking over the books there...

Ruth sighs sadly and closes her folder "My apologies then, please forgive me, I meant no offense" them just ducks her head with a soft shake toward janie "I'm sorry but as I said I know very well and you don't understand, my apologies please but if I explain it may well come out ad complaining and I don't want to put that burden on anyone, thank you" pushing her chair back, she got to her feet and took up her folder and cane "I hope you both have a goodnight please thank you" and turning toward the door

"Careful there is thread on the floor..." Janie remarked as she was already winding it up one by one. "Some people wait for the impacts still." If she sees future, can she be wrong after all?

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